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Joined Twitter 10/2/11 prac starts next week and it couldn't come soon enough. for now I lose my braincells in ranked @realmocking @careyfrozt not sure why this child doesn't put respect on your nameBACK TO VAL @nAts__ss happy birthday :) thanks for the raid! @Vanityxz Oi just avin a laugh m8 it's just banter innit bruv @Vanityxz Excuse me sir but I do not talk shit about my fellow competitors like you, I only talk shit about people… I can't even recognize @Vanityxz anymore. Where he got his ego from completely eludes me. He has changed a…
@realmocking back when he was good =/ coincidence?There is only Winning or Learning with my new @Razer Blade laptop, never losing. Game on the go without dropping f… click here for good luck @BillyB0bThort0n BothI throw a viper orb when the barrier drops. Before it lands it is already a 3v5. Round decided in the first 10 seco… back the years
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need whatever drugs ranked players take before games i'm at a boiling point @currydtx richard pryor techniquepart deux @Poach @Poach Both look good but comfort / quality might be different. I haven't seen a knockoff in store to try @WTFmoses @Poach It do look nice @shroud has one in his bg too. I've looked at then in store. Definitely want. But… @Poach casual eames in the house or is that a knock offexpecting delivery in the next few hrs, will do a 2-parter stream part 1 starts now people that get defensive and say "I called what I was doing" in response to feedback: is it OK for me to call "…'t wait for scrims again so I don't have to watch someone named carport sit bind heaven with an awp as brim when…
2022 please @MUNCHKING_ come save me
Locking in @ Camden Town
@TathagataBhat13 @ValorantEsports same @MUNCHKING_ The king @Sadzeih @jrush512 again, what's the bad light? that they gave an ex-player from a different game a second chance a… @Sadzeih @jrush512 t1 is reliable. not a single time through all of the bad shit that's happened have they come out… @Sadzeih @jrush512 i remember when we got banned in 2015 that we did not know for a very long time what we could or… @Sadzeih @jrush512 people are talking about roster performance and tying it to mismanagement and why they are not d… @Glorinsz sup @Sadzeih @jrush512 it just blows my mind that the community will simultaneously want orgs to pick up / scout new ta… @Sadzeih @jrush512 david clearly fucked up and made a bad judgement call but go on and tell me that giving people 2… @jrush512 "but they let crashies and victor go and look at where they are now!" i don't value the opinion of anybod… @jrush512 so yeah if we were to take frod's allegations at face value and form our opinion on t1 management solely… @jrush512 saya's underutilization as a management issue is a new one to me. i'd imagine the management bringing him…
@Sentinels @GeorgeCGed @ben1t_ Is this you speaking in the video? @SirScoots @VALORANTING Sup @CringeAf6 I know this is a troll account but I'm curious to hear why you think that @Vanityxz i got more clips. are we hungry for impressions?Watch here -> igl 1 tap aim god ranked demon @Vanityxz RIP. c9 Mocking when @ItsTypho @launders @LiquipediaCS @evan_emode @Vansilli Middle of winter and I was already packed to gtfo i was pissedI dunno man I feel like a lot of people came through the org and had a positive experience. Maybe I'm a little bias… AF
@currydtx not as meta as losing in opens. statistically speaking, more teams lose in open qualifiers than not. so w… @Vanityxz full sound, hide in corner. you gotta find the lower b tunns dust2 angles. Uhall pivot, b site cubby pivo…, I haven't played de_pearl yet but if valorant ported a tuscan clone that map would actually be insanely good @currydtx ahaha amazing. you don't like it when people int / throw / grief your games? at least he is filling viper… @currydtx tell me 'bout it
last stream for a 'bout a week @careyfrozt canadian vs us spellingdink = hs someone with a helmet and they live gush = hs someone without a helmet and they live a headshot on someon…
AHA his rendezvous got satchel'd so dicey couldnt tp outstill watch partying but updating about stream tomorrow -- will be late (after 2pm pst likely)nvm ranked players think trying hard = not funreclaiming my place
this lookin like a ranked game
@dapr lucky @TheValTimes the onion type parody / satire articles are funny. this is completely false and damaging of my reputat…> WATCH PARTY NOW @MUNCHKING_ LSD texturesHELP @FrosTvsYou early HoN this dude could 1v5 in the first 10 mins of the game @FrosTvsYou pick'ems :(who's a good boy
@witmer I'm just glad that exceptions and admin bias doesn't exist in esports anymore @witmer I don't have a favorite member cause they rage slammed the desk when we were beating them on an eco round o… @witmer Really showing your age with that comment That was the ambient occlusion Era of online cs @vinnerwinner That's weird I don't remember askingDe_season was my best map (with the one exception....) I haven't looked at pearl but the mini map gives me de_seaso… maps in and out is interesting but I wish they would permanently rotate haven and bind outLate stream start tomorrow, no stream next week june 21-26 or soI didn't think I'd see the equivalent to a DOTA2/LoL run it down mid inting but I've had one of those players in 85…
@JamezIRL bodies working overtime playing with the boys @currydtx @realmocking It's not even the enemy it's my teammates. I know what the enemy is doing I just can't beg m… @currydtx @realmocking Further evidence to prove I am better vs good players and worse vs bad players @realmocking I wasn't playing that, ntsuccessfully de-ranked back to immortal after 250 games in radiant would like to thank all the fans for their cont… @realmocking trash
@Vanityxz @leaf_cs what you gonna do, transfer me away? @leaf_cs DAE which radiant players deserve a pro team they're just as good as pros but aren't given a chanceposture check
@Apqatv Holy fuckwhen your teammate has the mental fortitude of a collapsible table you have to go palpatine mode @realmocking @Glorinsz @FBI 12 year old using twitter without parents permission and trying to message adultsMy dear friend Chamber, due to extreme incompetence on my part, I tend to be vulnerable to enemy flanks when execut… ranked to see how many people bought their accounts (social experiment) @Glorinsz @slowiscool Don't make me find the vid from lan of you trying to stack foldable chairs to get a height boost @Vanityxz @Glorinsz @slowiscool I heard about that situation too not only did this happen but he hired a british pe… @Glorinsz @slowiscool Heard he's toxic and gets mad at people in ranked for not trying or communicating in a video game
@dynamicval @GcxxiVAL Haha fucking idiots who would try in a tourny ????