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100T steel @JoshNissan Toronto, Canada

Professional VALORANT player for @100Thieves || for CS Tips & Tricks || business email || DTA

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Can't even prac @PlayVALORANT plz help Game froze during loading End valorant task Close any programs using audio… shit first strike is announced and I know less about it now than I did a week agolive ranked games @gmanchew_tv @FPLCircuit of course @vanitycsgo is camping CT spawn with a nova
Watching the finals of rng x nsg invitational then playing some ranked forgot to post in time and now it's too late @scourge_val I won't say for certain but I've definitely been noticing it for 2-3 weeks. I'd have to go back to scr… @scourge_val i get this i've noticed when jiggling angles for 10-15 seconds even without combat. haven't looked at… freezes during loading screen. Kills my windows audio service. Need to end task for valorant, restart voip pro… @zetNf @vanitycsgo such asI didn't think anything could be much worse than playing icebox. Then I DM'd on icebox. Yeah man, sick experience.
6/8 correct. LG and RNG suck I guess. Unlucky. Will do preds for playoffs @trey_tck @caseyfosterTV @T1 @GODaZeD You're looking rough in the diamond leagues. And I'm not saying a diamond in the rough.Ahaha nice preds idiot @berberdude Ok cool man thanksGroup A: GenG + IMT Group B: c9 + andbox Group C: FaZe + LG Group D: T1 + RNG Haven't played all of these teams in…
2020 @careyfrozt bringing back the guy that did seasons 1-4
@vanitycsgo @leaf_cs @nitr0 gimme my glock fade back you can't even beat one team
Good changes with regards to DM and Ranked queue. It was mind blowing how a diamond 3 was good enough for radiant y… @wippiecs maxIM
2020 ranked games before prachave to make a call before I go live
@seangares @KnightsGG @Hiko @n0thing @karbonMAYne when you copy paste tweets it makes line breaks in between tagged peopleWon the @KnightsGG #BoomerBowl 2-0 in the grand finals This was too easy. Send some zoomers my way to handle next… a zoomer at the start of the tourny now a boomer !boomerbowl resumes now @Hiko You wrote wrong time noobThx for watching, I know it was a little different with the delay and the long gap between the games but I apprecia…
They hosted a tournament for boomers cause we remember how awful tournament delays used to be. Another walk in the park @onevoltage hiding your bonerEZ 1-0 so far on today's games. The other team was so scared they peed themselves when they saw we were in their gr… @RPTCSGO @Stewie splinter dickPetition to call skye's wolf ability "warging" RT to signFUCK 10AM matches, that's all.1080p/60fps 60s delay boomer bowl w/ @n0thing @karbonMAYne @Hiko @seangares they're all s… @onevoltage Has it already been two weeks?Playing with my fellow old men I might pop my stream on a bit earlier to "warm up" @SimplyVeebs @vanitycsgo But I don't get this context. What is he trying to sayAgreed 100% NS after they whiff on you gg after you win a half 10-2 GH when you come back to bring it overtime hf… @vanitycsgo I missed it :( @diceyzx @Hiko Nah gonna watch with friends sry
@Parasite @NZXT it's from ikea. I mix & matched an underframe with a tabletop underframe : Idasen Tabletop : Gerto… of course thanks to @100Thieves for making this happen but let's be real they don't want me playing on 80fps in a gunfight on bind step: another monitor Thanks @NZXT for the new gaming PC I7 10700k and RTX 3080 It retires my 6 year old PC…👀
Select your preferred server and improve your ping Select your preferred server and improve your ping Select your p… queue lowered from 6 tiers to 3 tiers, for tighter matchmaking Rank queue lowered from 6 tiers to 3 tiers, for… no stream tomorrow btw, errand day
best sova on 100t
2020 forgot to tweet that I was live oopsies. a few more hours we go
supes @careyfrozt Why u do dis @ChaosEC I literally had the widest shoulders on chaossup
I accidentally leaked the roster yesterday when responding to someone who asked about asuna and dicey in relation t… to the zoomers. We have our roster filled out now and it's time to get working! the 100t roster for 100 subs @camcsgo @AlexExamples Learned from the best
on time every day @strattacaster @PlayVALORANT sup then @strattacaster @PlayVALORANT pros or radiants allowed?
@chrome1k @sunglasshut I haven't tried in-store service. Only online. Not even a response. @chrome1k @sunglasshut In-store order placed aug 29 Received from UPS Sept 10. Sent first email to customer support… @chrome1k @sunglasshut I went in store and said "I want these frames with different lenses" long story short, they…’m still looking for full time opportunities in Team Management, Strategy or Marketing! I have 5+ years of Adverti…
Retweeted by 100T steelWhat's the best way to get through to @sunglasshut customer support to someone who will actually respond? I've sen… valorant
Retweeted by 100T steelMMM LET'S SEE WHAT WE CAN FIND UP HERE> Sponsor / brand friendly game > Adds an anal probe to the game the landing inaccuracy with rifles I never thought was a huge deal. Maybe this is actually a huge raze nerf si… Viper on the other hand, she needs to stay alive in order for the smokes/walls to stay up and therefore she ta… think that Viper is on the cusp of being viable. I think one of the lingering issues with her is that compared to… think the changes to the awp (oops I mean OP) are good but changing all the weapon values AND the price in the sa… a good day everyone
Retweeted by 100T steel @sunglasshut Do you guys normally ask for my email and order number and not reply for an entire week? Now the coun…
@NaToSaphiX the amount of times I've had bad fps in game and wondered why then alt tab to figure out wtf is going o… chem with @Hiko Is that a 10 gallon hat or are you just enjoying the show @BethCarriuolo poggersAh yes, the best. @Mendo That article the dude wrote after that NYC Microsoft store event that people blindly believed but luckily I… about a subject for more than 10 seconds = ranting Do anything other than laugh = malding Say anything to your… people upvote factually inaccurate comments on reddit just because it fits their narrative? It's happening again.
@BethCarriuolo @vanitycsgo @ChaosEC Just as chaotic as I remember @vanitycsgo @ChaosEC i come?She's not my girlfriend Live btw @vaultah @ropzicle @bymascs "I'm so hungry b/c I haven't eaten all day" "You can't say that, think about all the p…
@GODaZeD That's true, that's pretty trueboomer btw I should do stretches so I don't hurt myself sites over the cypher/kj bottom frags calls other team cheaters baits on attack never uses leersDiamond Reyna Insta-lock optimus PRIME vandal
live btw was told I would get a call back in> Make a call > Wait 5 mins through all the automated messages > Hear "mailbox is full" and get hung up on > Call a… focus on broadcast quality, and qualifiers. Good. This game is way too young to start handing out invites to t…