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steel @JoshNissan Phoenix, AZ

Professional VALORANT player for @T1 || for CS Tips & Tricks || business email || DTA

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@JoeMar Big @tarik made top 32 in the vct open qualifier, really pushed my limits as a player and i couldn't be more proud. top 8-16 for 2023 for sure!!As promised, I'm matching the $5k won from the recent Valorant event to giveaway $10k across my Socials. 5 people…
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2022 playing some val hoping for normal human beings @dynamicval thx for the invite @dynamicval dude ive been waiting for you to turn on your stream but you just bait us with this and don't even come out to play @Average_Jonas twitter NPCs
@autumnkorea unlucky i hate winning @PapaSmurftv cheesecake
@hazedCS @GODaZeD i feel like you should be realizing this well before 2 years. you should know within 6-12 months… @hazedCS @GODaZeD in cs back with CAL open and stuff it was pretty apparent if you were on a team with people of eq…
websites in 2022 that load so slow that you go to click on a link and the site moves so you click a diff link Pog @MrAdamAp First pic looked like the mill lpkane bought @Nadeshot Never used controller and no pain with kb + m gaming ever (yet?) @RealStrongLegs They wouldn't even have to code npc's I got a list of them @Asunaa must be nice
@Meekel @pansy latte from cafe nero > anyways @pansy honestly i was super unimpressed with pret every time i went there for lunch. everyone would hype it up and i just wouldn't get it @Prestonisgone dude i'm really going to town on this food though @Prestonisgone ah ya and then the jett is through b flanking me even though my cypher is A-link staring at the entr… @tdawggVAL thank you for your service @Prestonisgone don't even remember the game, just another blur. what did i get tilted about
@MikesHD_ @st9llar wdym i think the ranked players are WICKEDthis is what i call an omen diff ranked enjoyed 69 F four
Retweeted by steel @Silenx_x just have fun it's just a game
2022 in the trenches @robw1z @Cloud9
2022 discovering bugs @SPUNJ @CSGO @Vanityxz @neT_valorant can i play or am i not good enough
i discovered a couple of bugs recently, this is the harbor ulti bug that would lag servers out i still need to put… come get someprobably the easiest ace clutch i've ever had @JaxsenFPS @sarah_frags @OCEAN_tK @willminder Do that toxic rage boomer steel he's so annoying I always mute team chat when he's in my game
I must keep reminding myself of this
@tdawggVAL @ValorLeaks lmao busted agent @TheMaelk @rmarti33
controller player @collinwth @AeroValorant Hope everything went well with the scan @AeroValorant @collinwth RAE WILL SEE THIS STOP DELETE IT**volume warning** This same player says "muted the team because too many comms" No comms, no aim, no brain :(
2022 positive vibes @ddkesports came back from the dead twice and turned heads. ill do it a 3rd time @tdawggVAL rofl
@thwifo @ANDR0IDX23 you guys don't get it. it's from before your time playing some val ranked but there is only a limited amount of fun so when it's used up i'll play dota
valorant ranked until i'd break twitch/riot tos then switching to dota @ddkesports telepathy
@SirScoots @profdrmartin @BritanniJohnson
Playing boom tv select tournament with friends (3 minute delay // teammates are muted) @Thorin oh shit there goes the planet
Playing select tournament with friends (3 minute delay // teammates are muted)🪒 @Crampeet @dynamicval @SnoodFN I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not? @dynamicval @SnoodFN he said talent & rank. you can't give me the 1-star for the rank and ignore that it asked for… @GregLaird i feel like it's getting younger every year @dynamicval @thwifo @boomtv @branchies_ no attention span = we lose easy games = steel bad igl GG @ScrewFaceVAL Ty I will put this in my folder @LotharHS You shouldn't harass people @LotharHS Worst part about it is most of the community operates like this. Amnesia for anything that happened prior… @LotharHS It's just a game just have fun @LotharHS So many bots in the replies wtf @thwifo It's not gambling though all good @Poach Coming @chetsingh @ethoz It's ranked just have fun not everyone is paid go play if you don't like it why do you play @hazedCS cherish this moment this happens once every 6/7 weeks
@GhoulZapper TRUE @redbullgaming @T1LoL tough loss, sorry to all the fanswatching people flip flop opinions in esports never gets old playing val ranked i don't kn…
no stream today but you can watch my latest stream highlights from semi-recent here: lots… @boxrTailored TRUE @Average_Jonas Twitch chat You can't please everyone At the end of the day if you're doing something with another… @WTFmoses How do you know it's real if our eyes aren't even real? @PhonzieVAL @spookyaddison All good. Best wishes bro
Retweeted by steel"I didn't peek. I jump jiggled for info" against a potential awp (OP) when we know where 2 of the last 3 enemies ar… @PhonzieVAL @spookyaddison you know nothing about my personality all good though
2022 VALORANT RANKED POG O SO MUCH FUN I HAVEN'T SEEN A SINGLE PRO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT IN THE LAST… @Ban_Val Let who? @Ban_Val GL @Trainwreckstv @xQc True, actually true. @Hiko @FrosTvsYou Ok as an aside I'm still triggered about this photoshoot where they took a fucking mirror and sen… @Hiko @FrosTvsYou don't know how we lost a ranked game earlier. duelists are the only agents that can buy weapons and we had 3 duel… @leaf_cs icebox and pearl too! @BxbyJ_ @MikesHD_ always knew you had no girth
had emergency im back now @thwifo @DaniVAL__ he said pros playing val now, might switch to dota depending on quality of gamesI've spent 5 months playing nothing but valorant ranked daily sorry for taking a week break by playing Dota don't w…
@thwifo @realmocking mad @realmocking @thwifo you two got some deleting to do @JoshNissan @flexinja u got one of the worst mentals, skeddadle outta here steel😂
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