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Josh Raby @JoshRaby Nashville, TN

A lady in my local newspaper once referred to me as a “Yo-Yo Idiot Person.” I write and direct stuff.

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@MelissaRussells Next time double impostors @MelissaRussells Got it. And fair.Thanks to everyone who played with us tonight! Had a blast. We will do this again soon! @uhnet Just typingPlaying Among Us! Join me with code CZFERQ @MikeRoyce I can’t imagine anyone I’d rather meet less!FEELS GOOD TO BE GOOD, OWN ITHELL YEAH LET’S FUCKIN GOOOOOO“Stop reliving your 2016 trauma every day and get pumped to whip some ass” is not the most popular democrat mantra… of the Democrats quote tweeting this are saying “Don’t believe the polls, vote like we’re behind!” so allow me… @thekuhlest Not a hint of hemming or hawing.Man he’s really great in this whole interview. I’m impressed.Listen, I know Joe ain’t Bernie or Warren, but it feels goddamn great to have a candidate saying raising taxes on b… kids asked if I was bringing pizza home from work so I did one of my favorite things, which is to talk like them
Also: vote for Biden. Gonna be a lot easier to do stuff like this come January if he’s our guy. And we’re gonna nee… many of you know, I spent the first 3 months or so of the pandemic as sales exec for a company providing rapid a… news: I am now working with a company capable of providing accurate PCR testing with a 24-hour turnaround… to me that he’s decided to spend one of the last days of this election going to a state he’s not gonna mo… year ago today @NinaBina4Peace Yes, the joke is that Mark Meadows is helping Biden more than Trump
Retweeted by Josh RabyJulia is talented and kind. So be kind to her talent!
Doing this at a drive-in bc it’s the responsible thing but the honking as applause...I can’t stop laughing picturin…
Retweeted by Josh RabyThis reminds me of how in the 90s they used to sell t-shirts when you went to X-treme or Cornerstone that had the S… shit you not, I got Rawlins Rollins on it now we didn’t even call it anything but we should’ve called it bubbleboxingWhen I was 20 I worked at a factory called Baxter Services and all the shirts said BS on them, and every payday we’… wants to play Among Us @niccolethurman @baddestmamajama Ohhhhh. No I don’t know how to see them and never want to. @baddestmamajama @niccolethurman Very specific things bother me! @baddestmamajama @niccolethurman I don’t think you understand that I would be happy with 100 or 10k but 9,938 was making me want to die @natfinnonE We are locked into friendship now @niccolethurman @baddestmamajama It’s only the single digits that bothered me. I can hold here happily for the rest of my life.Thank you for getting me to 10K so I never have to look at those little numbers at the end of the follower count againFor real about to watch Borat 2 for the second night in a rowIf they’re doing this for Biden, you just think real hard on what they’d do for someone they likedThem babies is pissed up I'm crying
Retweeted by Josh Raby @colonelmortimer Look if my dog is gonna talk she better not only do it once where no one else can hearI go through phases, like everyone, where I get nervous about the 3rd. I was in the middle of one tonight, and then… I AM SO CONSTANTLY IMPRESSED WITH MY LADYThis was gorgeous pt 2 was gorgeous pt 1
It’s free. It’s live. It’s a musical. It’s theatre in the age of Covid. And it’s tonight, in an hour. It’s also dir… @SimpforWonho @itsa_talia So many conflicting flags @itsa_talia I bought it for a second, but if it’s a joke, why did they lock down? I can’t make sense of this at all.She immediately locked her account so who even knows what is going on2020 has worn me down so much I can’t tell if this is actually a congressman’s wife telling me she can see the futu… @bdgrabinski @BeccaHigginLUV This year has worn me down so hard I bought itI love this Joe of Myth they’ve created: frail, failing, beyond coherence — but also Galactus, eater of worlds well I’ve got the gift of discernment and guess what it’s telling me about your story wonderful review from Siddhant here @SpenceNicholson Yes!The US political establishment really doesn't get it. Americans WANT to transition off oil & gas to clean energy. I…
Retweeted by Josh Raby @baddestmamajama @nikkitruckee It’ll go Trump but by less. I’m just happy we’ve got turnout. We should always have… got me hooked on Among Us @maxthegirl I think you may be carried by the written portions even more!The same way my grandmother transitioned from a rotary phone. They stopped making the fucking things. buddy in Michigan tells me this dude is running the laziest campaign he’s ever seen in his life, so I’m surprise… cede the crown 8 days of early voting in my county, whose turnout is so bad historically that the NYT wrote an article about… are 26,000 oil and gas jobs in Pennsylvania, a state with 8.6 million registered voters. Some folks on here a… @1followernodad Depends on the time of yearWas leery of BORAT 2. How could it live up, etc. But man oh man. Not only one of the funniest movies in a long time… up, is “May all your shits have antlers” the best line I’ve ever heardHope he does this on the 3rdThe reason the “who won” is in bold in all his screenshots is because the president of the United States is online… is on some shit so strong it turns you into the guy from the Micro Machines commercial Biden’s big “gaffe” of the night was saying we need to transition away from oil, so let me take a huge sip of… thread on this. @wolfmanwalter13 No clue. Maybe. She’s got a long future.I think both parties are doing AOC the biggest favor on earth by devoting so much time calling her crazy, stupid (r…
No such thing. Scare the shit out of your kids early and often. @zachheltzel @daveweigel But how amusing it would be @Cilly247 @SiUttley It’s out, and he looks like shit @zachheltzel @daveweigel Zach, I think it’s likelier that you’re seeing a normal contraction (in only a couple poll… @JimJarmuschHair Agreed!Thank you @JimJarmuschHair and @JoshRaby
Retweeted by Josh Raby @JimJarmuschHair We are on the same wavelengthDoes this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? @dr_soz Yep! @dr_soz Batman Returns and SupermanNow I wanna watch HULK, so instead I’m just gonna listen to the HULK theme (the third best superhero theme)Does this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you?’ll never forget the first time I realized other dads didn’t kiss and hug their sons this way, and even as a young… think this tweet pretty much sums up the entire conservative moment and the root of what’s wrong there @JimJarmuschHair Guess what scene was playing when I tweeted that @BDavisCollins Easy about it, too. Ain’t any kinda push. Just right.You know who’s great in MONEYBALL? Everybody. Everybody.
Between Toobin, Rudy, and Ft. Bragg, this is somehow simultaneously both the Horniest Week and the Least Sexy Week in twitter historyThe real deal here is we expect too much out of presidents regarding policy. That’s what your legislators are for.… care about policy as much as the next guy, but you see a thing like this, and... it counts for something. I mean… were on the set of our Quibi series Toolbag, a mature reimagining of the Inspector Gadget legend, when we got th… @RepMattGaetz Shut up RickThe first time I saw this movie, I saw it three times in one day. The first alone, the second after I commanded all… @bader_diedrich @samstein I ever actually run for office I make one solemn vow: my emails will not look like I’m trying to get back togeth… was in a manager meeting yesterday at the pub and it was pretty boring. You know how I passed the time? By doodli… you just knew the Toobin thing was gonna yield the most deranged take of the year