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Josh Scherr @ @joshscherr Santa Monica, CA

Naughty Dog | Writer/Narrative Designer, TLOU:P2 | Co-Writer Uncharted 4 & Uncharted: Lost Legacy | Cinematics Lead Uncharted 1-3, Jak 1-X | Short Jewish Weirdo

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A lot of people worked together, across design, programming, sound, environment, FX, animation, QA to get TloU2's g…
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@TheChrisYule @TheClaudiaBlack 😀
I don’t make an extra cent for saying this though you’ll save a pretty penny for getting it now. Chloe and Nadine a…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @ @Zlanier21 there, see? you've got this. @Zlanier21 best way to avoid this is to never turn in your work & keep telling people something about how the muse… I just finished reading @NewYorkStateAG’s 169 page lawsuit against @NRA and I’m shocked beyond belief at the lev…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @ @catacalypto oh I am SO checking this out, thanks for the heads up! @YingjueChen @AlfonsoBlaas 🎉 CONGRATS! Gonna watch it with my daughter this weekend. 😀 @aaronlinde @GameDevDan1 @TeaAndMonsters What Aaron said. The end result of everything we do would be slipshod & unpolished without QA.
@carolynmichelle @bombsfall "conflict calories" is an excellent phrase; thank you for bringing it to my attention @bombsfall @carolynmichelle "The opinion just sat there on the internet, in direct opposition to your beliefs, but… @bombsfall @carolynmichelle I haven't even seen the Blade Runner take & thanks to your tweets I know to mute those… @dinosaurrparty Be sure to order a few meshugga sandwiches and a large shanda to go @SamMaggs @davidgaider um what was so thorough and thoughtful. ❤️
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @ @_James_Cooper I was gonna say... @thedraegen @GTweetwood @SuckerPunchProd It also clearly defines what’s main quest & optional, so if you just want… @nicholaslance All the hugs to your little dude & your family <3
@artenvelope Haha, thanks! Y'all done good, man. Hope you're all getting a chance to relax & bask in some post-release glory. :) @DannyTRS It's good stuff. Even the intro/tutorial section before it really opens up feels streamlined compared to other open-world games.It was a joy to eat a chocolate mug cake and chat with @Grosstastic and @joshscherr about environmental storytellin…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @ @jpanimator @SuckerPunchProd Awesome man; congratulations!! @jpanimator @SuckerPunchProd Y'all should be proud; it's really really good. Animation not too shabby either. 😀 @DannyTRS - "fast travel" was actually fast - easy to tell main quests from optional - picking up items was instan… is an absolutely lovely piece from @AlysiaJudge on the stories told in the periphery of #TheLastofUsPart2. Tha…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @addendum: twitter your image cropping algorithms suck; let your users have the option to do it ourselvesA few more #GhostOfTsushima photo mode shots. Every single time I entered a field of flowers or fallen leaves I'd i… of course, I enjoyed the #GhostOfTsushima photo mode nearly as much as the game itself. The game looks so good… the main #GhostOfTsushima story just now; loved it! Apart from the beautiful settings, satisfying combat,… @Beavs um, GORGEOUS
Couldn't we all use a galactic road trip right about now? Next Stop Nowhere. Coming very soon, exclusively on…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @ @seankrankel oh whuuuuuuuuut @kumailn @MeltdownComics @emilyvgordon @jonahray @EdASalazar Holy crap. So sad. @aaronlinde @Zlanier21 What Aaron said. @bombsfall welp, guess I need to fire it up and watch this scene who needs to hear this but if someone on the internet calls your game "not a real game" that's a very good sign…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @ @SamMaggs @cynixy Aaaaaahhhh Aaaiiiiieeee Aaarrrrgghhh But... but... how? Can't be... can't be... @WritNelson At this point it would be more efficient to tweet about the games you *aren’t* working on. 😀 Also, congrats!!
G A S P . . . ! (also: friendly reminder the first two are brilliant & worth the $$ to rent or own:… @lauraehall I planted some mint in the spring and it is spreading everywhere; I’m so proud @BillyHarper73 Thanks dude! Real pretty game you got there. @MitchyD Electrifying, you say... good luck with the new thing! #GhostOfTsushima verticals is a nightmare but also incredible.
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @ @catacalypto oh my GOD wait wait wait this is the author who wrote the not-so-exhaustively researched Holocaust "fa… @catacalypto AMAZING & also I will now be quintuple-checking everything I research instead of simply quadruple-checking
@catacalypto (the Tacos need to step up their game and/or steal/seduce some decent players) @catacalypto @fiddlecub Oh WOW I remember this @SamMaggs Oh no, sorry! I usually watch it as a “well, at least it wasn’t this bad” balm. @SamMaggs @patrickjcarlson Nah, that’s in November :D @TheSugarVenom yup(note: he was only 49 when he was in Cocoon, considerably younger than his co-stars, but he looked the part)RIP Wilford Brimley, who was the same age I am now when he starred in Cocoon, playing a senior citizen living in a nursing home @SamMaggs @kierstenwhite yeah dog is cute but LOOK AT THAT WATERSLIDE
@brockwilbur So sorry, Brock. <3 @liamesler Enjoy your proper break properly! @Teanah oh DAMN, been wanting to try that place. Thanks! @Teanah this looks goooood where'd you get it? @ToblerPrime I like your lighting! :Dfine, here's one without a pun. I couldn't choose between the horizontal or vertical version, so you get both.…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @ @TheSugarVenom Awesome! Welcome back & best of luck with the new adventure! 😀🌴 @mondeparfait 😁 @MrPatrickDowns @brian_fleming
@leftie @efparkery 🤣 thank you both for this pun exchange; a welcome distraction. :) @efparkery @leftie Heh, I do the same thing :) @Shawnimator Heartily agree. I've probably split my time between photo mode and the actual game 50/50 :) @efparkery @leftie making puns can really get you engrossed in Tsushima @mattheweboehm thank you! I've been having fun playing w/that format, which is new for me. @emmakoch Thank you! :D Helps that the game is so gorgeous to begin with; I'm just futzing with the settings. My ti… @Nelsormensch @selmaleh @leftie it does take a lot of effort; I don't want anyone to think I'm just gonna coast on Tsushimafine, here's one without a pun. I couldn't choose between the horizontal or vertical version, so you get both.… @leftie I’m trying to get the most out of Tsushimamore like roast of Tsushima send tweet #GhostOfTsushima @NicolasVerge Congrats!! @lizardengland yessssssssssssssDon't read this article if you don't want to feel incandescent rage today. Absolutely jaw-dropping. This goes beyon… @antoun1000 @iFrankAbney @parleyment @netflix @WeAreNetflix @NetflixFilm @strongblacklead Fantastic news; congratulations!!Fuck today on general principle @vinixkun d'awwwwwww that's the best @ShannonTindle_1 "Pants...!"
.@Trojan_Unicorn was the best creative conference I've ever attended, and now they folks behind it have teamed up… @waltdwilliams "CAPABLE OF RUNNING THREE DIFFERENT SPEEDS" @waltdwilliams but superhero origin story (also, yikes, glad you're all right!)John spent his entire life fighting for justice and equality––and now he has left behind his marching orders for al…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @ffswhat am I getting myself into’s gonna tell em @shannonwoodward RE2 remake is 🔥 REVII is scary af, esp. if you play with PSVR, holy god P.T., if you can borrow a… @SamMaggs ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…
@catacalypto <3 @kchironis <3 @SamMaggs @KatGoodies @SYFYFANGRRLS Congrats Sam!! @thehighsign Your essay was passed around through several of my social groups; it resonated with a lot of people. M… @babelfishwars Aww, this is fantastic! Congratulations to you and @mastergeorge!! Awesome photos, too. ❤️⚔️🥂 @thehighsign Thank you so much for writing this - you summed up my feelings nicely. And by nicely, I mean with the… @M0RAG0T 🙏 thanks man! Having lots of fun with this mode. @adam_orth it's a pain, but you can rotate the camera 90 degrees in photo mode, then save out the image & rotate it…