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Josh Scherr @joshscherr Santa Monica, CA

Current: writing for TLOU2 / Past: Co-Writer Uncharted 4, Uncharted: Lost Legacy / Cinematics Anim Lead: Uncharted 1-3, Jak 1-X / SJW (Short Jewish Weirdo).

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@austin_walker @bombsfall Posted this earlier: @aaronlinde @catacalypto showing up at their office like @catacalypto don't read any of the reviews. some of them have minor spoilers for act V. @alex_navarro yessssssssImportant: @_drewilson a-yup @Jkooza YESSSS @Jkooza I played the Switch version, works great, though playing this on a big screen with a good sound system was kind of a trip.
@lauraehall Cannot wait to discuss it with you!! @Dualshockgenius yeah you will @_stephenbell_ you’d betterI have now played the complete KENTUCKY ROUTE ZERO. It is a straight-up masterpiece of interactive narrative. There… moment of silence @bombsfall this scene in particular remains one of my favorite moments in any video game, ever @Beckylooo @DaveMetzger It’s really amazing. Very experimental (but successful) interactive narrative; there are no… @Beckylooo @DaveMetzger Also highly recommend Kentucky Route Zero - kind of like if David Lynch, Flannery O'Connor,…
@Beckylooo @DaveMetzger And for indie side scrollers, INSIDE is brilliant. @Beckylooo @DaveMetzger But of the ones on your survey, Outer Wilds, 1000%. Really one of the best games I’ve played in years. @Beckylooo @DaveMetzger I’ll send you a download code for Uncharted 4 if you remind me on Monday. :) @bombsfall I don’t like to play favorites, but this is one of my favorites @bombsfall ah, just saw the start of the thread. :) @SidPhoenix2211 @bombsfall kentucky route zero @bombsfall just wait @crystalmmo You are playing correctlyHERE. WE. GO! 🙌🙌🙌 The #ImpyAwards are *TODAY*! The stage is set for an evening of celebrating all things…
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@CindyLiuArt That’s too bad - sometimes if a game doesn’t have the option to add a reticle, I’ll stick a piece of tape on the screen. @Marianne_Hayden @JimJagger It’s mostly Airplane style humor but there miiiiight be a few inappropriate bits, my me… @JimJagger Thanks, man! This one’s wall to wall silly humor, lots of fun. :)This game is very, VERY silly and you should play it. @SahilBajaj1997 @maryknews DO IT
@BBW_BFF oh dang, you're right - welp, my watch list just got longer... @BBW_BFF Just noticed The Piano's on the Criterion Channel site!Students who want to be game writers! This is an excellent gosh dang opportunity!!
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @rianjohnson same energy @YingjueChen I need to get back there pronto
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@lizardengland @stcymsn Seconded!Hey twitter! We have an opening for a ⭐️Narrative Designer ⭐️ on our project! Permanent, full-time, onsite in T…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @liamesler I dunno man, maybe you misread "spiders" as "spirulina" and grabbed the wrong bottle of protein powder? @Glenn__Kenny yessssssss @TheSugarVenom Dead Parrot’s a good one for starters - maybe Argument Clinic, Silly Walks, and certain bits of Holy Grail as well... @TheSugarVenom I was 13 when Flying Circus first started airing on PBS. Might be time to show my (8 year old) daughter a few choice cuts... @TheSugarVenom You taught him well! How old is he?
@EmmaKidwell Welcome to your late mid-20sWe're streaming the CTR remake! Go hang out with @arnemeyer, Joshua Bradley (graphic designer on our team), Natalie…
Retweeted by Josh ScherrAny of my longtime friends will tell you Monty Python was a huge influence on me growing up (apologies to my 8th gr… @catacalypto I need to start my replay of I-IV so I can jump right into V @catacalypto Nah I think I was just already shaking with excitement at the imminent release of KR0 @KingsmanGadget I think having my dog in the bed acted as a buffer or something, coz I usually feel these things @booncotter 🐬🎇✨❤️🌈if anyone needs me I'll be right here @EmmaKidwell NOSE
ONE. MORE. WEEK. is so cool. (Lots more panels in the thread.)
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @coyotehackles @stirpicus @SquanchGames @JustinRoiland @tanyuhhhhhhh That's awesome, congratulations!! They're lucky to have youse.
Clarkisha, once again, providing valuable work, for free. Read the thread for a bite-sized, informative breakdown o…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @zusty @jesawyer Mulholland Drive = still good @patrickklepek My favorite of 2019 (with DE a very, very close 2nd). Enjoy!Inspiring.
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I love this. Cc: @Jeremy_Yates @soria_sancho @Mike_Yosh & our amazing animation team @maxfolkmax Happy birthday, dude! :D @nickfolkman Happy birthday Nick, and presumably Max!This may be controversial, but I think the belief that one must be "passionate" about what they're writing screws u…
@_DaveMullins btw, you absolutely have to try out the Nintendo Labo kits. THEY ARE SO COOL. @_DaveMullins I put over 120 hours into BotW; enjoy! @lucyjamesgames @CorneliaGeppert @jesawyer @GameSpot @studioZAUM Yes please!guess I should try to get some sleep ah god DAMN IT criterion channel why you do this to me @catacalypto
@maryknews @maryknews "have you heard about... the story diamond?" @selmaleh ❤️ x 1,000,000,000 @TJFixman @Anim8der it's like you said -- @Anim8der @TJFixman and a year or two younger than me. @johnsweeney2147 @ScottLowe @lanibirdtweets right??!?!!?!?I just backed the ever-loving hell out of this. Watch the trailer and you might do the same. (thanks @Ekanaut for t… @aac oh dearthink you misspelled "lust"
This is a BARGAIN, and all proceeds go to the charity. Hollow Knight, Void Bastards, Hand of Fate 2, the Framed gam… @Ricardofpd @KingsmanGadget I mean... I wouldn't have spent 22 hours playing it if I didn't like it. :) @KingsmanGadget yeah, you do. :) @KingsmanGadget I explored the SHIT outta that lil' solar system (was my GotY, btw)My talk was accepted! I'll be giving a postmortem on Kine at GDC this year! It has been a hell of a ride building…
Retweeted by Josh Scherr @lauraehall 😀👏 @Beetlenaut I’m guessing those people don’t have kids :)More accurately: 1. Sekiro Shadows Die Twice 36 hrs 2. Sekiro Genichiro Boss Fight 10 hrs etc. #MyPSYear2019
@bombsfall <3 so sorry, Scott. @hownottodraw It was released at a busy time, so I had to zoom through it. Maybe it's time to revisit it... glad you've been playing! @hownottodraw Have you played A Short Hike yet? You need to play A Short Hike. Takes < 2 hours, charming as heck. @Teanah @brockhaurd go to Ginger's afterwards if you've got room for more food - it's right across the street & it'… @ed_solomon @MikeDrucker Had a similar moment when my daughter was 3:
@A_i @cardboardcompy 👀👀👀👀 @itsJenSim Queen’s Gardens! Greenpath! cannot WAIT for Silksong, probably my most anticipated after KR0 @itsJenSim not me, nope *googles 'hollow knight sheet music'* *sits down at piano*