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all podcasts are now illegal @timokuilder @JurreKuilder fucking finally regretted spending time in the forest 🌳 twitter on the other hand... @timdegier maar aan de andere kant, dan kom je uiteindelijk toch weer in het midden uit? hm @timdegier goed inzicht van Joe wel over dat Trump voor veel republikeinen is wat antifa is voor links, soort van g…'Our Future Is...' advertising campaign by Otis Elevator Co. (John Berkey, 1970s)
Retweeted by Joshua SchoenakerAnother episode of Brazilian interior designers are top tier.
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker went from "they'll regret their contrarian approach soon" to "actually it isn't that different" 👌 @seyitaylor i’m here is on track to make about $60 million this year 😳 @levie scarcity is a powerful thingIs there some way to get a google street view "tour", a video from one point to another to see what the route looks like?
@DrEades @FatEmperor @MLevitt_NP2013 incredibly tragic ripple effect are insane numbers @kwuchu that’s why I don’t get into public stocksgoals @JeroenArts84 @jelmerdeboer ja vet man, voelt as de oorsprong van alles.All greenhouse gas sources, compared. Air transport is surprisingly small, less even than landfill.
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenakeryesss @Reinier echt. ik wil ook helemaal niet iemand z’n woonadres per ongeluk zien als ik diegene google, wat ook vaak g… @JoshSchoen It seems that the theory is that we need to think of population immunity differently, even beyond Ab an…
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@BretWeinstein @bariweiss @joerogan I just rather he not have said “will never happen again”, should be allowed to… @tim_cook @Money23Green tim get your feet off the table @micsolana @paulg that’s when they still had orgies in business classhahah @RebeccaChandle1 if it’s more or less true that Sweden has reached some sort of saturation that stops further trans… @2irl4u our parents were on lsd all the time I think @RebeccaChandle1 right. those superspreaders are also probably the most susceptible and so probably “taken out” soo… @RebeccaChandle1 do you have more quotes or pieces of the text of this article? (not planning to subscribe to a Swe… @DavidNohejl @MahketVoodoo @wolfejosh and yes, don't want to be rude or ageist but I don't think it's unreasonable… @DavidNohejl @MahketVoodoo @wolfejosh are young people not involved in politics, ie only older people go vote and t… @DavidNohejl @MahketVoodoo @wolfejosh pfff, I feel for you. but seriously, how can it lead to these options? @MahketVoodoo @wolfejosh damn I just googled his real age, you're considering electing a 77 year old person as your… @wolfejosh not trying to be rude but, he also sounds really old and tired to me—why do you have such old politician… makes sense the year where twitter users named ‘gummibear737’ are more trustworthy than major news networks’t used shampoo 🧴 for over a week as an experiment. turns out you don’t need shampoo. @noahwbragg that feeling is the best @tlbtlbtlb @bgurley eg in Spain they’re seeing some increase in deaths now following surge of positive cases, but s… @loganbartlett it’s not a book, it’s an Almanac @NotZachDavidson @andreasklinger @chamath yeah yeah, I just wish the excellent Californian climate was also exporta… @andreasklinger @pt everyone needs to be a little more like Kanye. @jordancooper @cpaik you have to wear masks outside in the US? @shl we have to remember to always be on the side of creators
@mattyglesias has expert penis sucker written more reviews? @rickygervais there are some really impressive war heroes @rickygervais I wouldn’t go that far, at least better than 75% of them for sure. @justinkan @robinchan @goat_capital congrats, here’s some goats we filmed in the mountains of Morocco @firstround nice. this is the only thing you truly want at the very early stage as a startup. @awilkinson it sometimes seems petty but I think it’s because it indicates to you that this person probably is goin… @micsolana i guess we’re all just weird @micsolana every mundane human interaction becomes weird when you describe it in detail @boriquagato most likely the amount of cases in first wave is much much higher than we even think now, virus had sp… is insanewhoaaa @_EricHu #dadhumorlogos @f_hieronymus @lejooon @MackayIM exactly. @theSamParr agree. we need more Kanye’s in the world. not less @ded @ryanmjohnson nice, that means it’s almost time to unbundle again @TurnerNovak also just always exciting to see new consumer apps take off @spakhm mayonnaiseeven tea bags are turning into instagram lifestyle coaches now @timmolendijk @vdmandele in ieder geval vol zelfvertrouwen, die komt er wel @RF_HFC Exactly. For many kids, this insane overreaction is already a big part of their lives. Or so many elderly,… @ErikGelderblom nice oneechte mannen van het volk, hier kan iedere burger zich wel mee identificeren @wesoudshoorn precies @wesoudshoorn ja, alles tussen '50 en circa '95 eigenlijk 😬 @mattturck according to Kanye it's what The Y Combinator does toohuge if trueincredibly incriminating discovery, Elon Musk seemed to have learned things from other people snap dat ze toen haast hadden hoor)jaren 50 huizen zouden verboden moeten worden @WvSchaik Buying time to improve therapy, allow for vaccine development and whatnot is not bet hedging, it's gambling.
Retweeted by Joshua SchoenakerSweden spared European surge as coronavirus infections stay low be like "ff overwaarde pakken" @mgsiegler it seems you like movies where men tell other men what to doWhat stops you from coding like this
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @Stammy nice @joostlubach als iemand dat nu nog zegt is het verdacht trouwens... @joostlubach hahaha (shit heb ik zeker al minimaal een keer gezegd) @jnainabasti @zebulgar Lisbon and San Francisco have things in common; Portugal is also the closest to Californian…
"It increasingly feels like living in North Korea,'' says one of the last U.S. correspondents in China upon her dep…
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @TheLexTimes @VernTheLegend @ye I saw VC tweets saying he “needs to calm down” or something similar... wtf🌍 “According to UN estimates, the population of Africa may reach 2.5 billion by 2050 (about 26% of the world's tot… @kimmytaylor in lava! @MaxCRoser uhh it seems kinda true that daily new cases are not growing? @jelleprins je kunt toch ook zelf inloggen op die site om te checken? dacht dat m’n vriendin dat had gedaan @phenomstruck @IHME_UW @UWMedicine unfortunately :( @phenomstruck @IHME_UW @UWMedicine IHME has been consistently wrong and dishonest; completely untrustworthy at this… @phenomstruck @IHME_UW @UWMedicine IHME models have performed poorly: @phenomstruck @IHME_UW @UWMedicine cannot believe I live in a timeline where Kanye west is explaining the genesis of SAFE notes
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