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after dinner dip I hear that New Zealand avoided COVID-19 by locking down
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @susanthesquark ahhhh come onnnn it feels so goodRemarkable both for the delay and the absence of credit to the original authors: The Three Cs were devised and publ…
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenakerleather sneakers don’t get hot and sweaty in the summer @blader When Deng Xiaoping visited the United States in 1979, Henry Kissinger told him "I think if we drink enough… @blader do you find that a lot or a little? 🤔 @clairlemon I was about to join but hygiene is just really important to me.there’s something super wasteful about the nicest seats in first class train compartments being nearly empty most of the time @gbrl_dick 🆒It's like 'Elysium', but elites aren't fleeing to an orbiting space station, they're just at an Airbnb in Sonoma wh…
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @gbrl_dick are those emails real? I am too lazy to investigate this @Austen @sullydish that made me think this was going to be satire tbh @benthompson I kinda want to go there now tbhthis is fantastic
@Jason @chamath @DavidSacks @friedberg that’s commendable @chamath @Jason @DavidSacks @friedberg there’s a rumor that one of you is an early Uber investor, can you speak to that? @timmolendijk 🙏Djibouti. Love this architecture. Clean, airy
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @AdamSinger people who didn’t like this movie weren’t worthy of watching it in the first place @DanielleMorrill to be fair this probably also captured all the millennial fantasies of “maybe we should just pack… this is what I call a lede. Superb writing from @web
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenakeratmospheric ui by
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @craigmod so many opportunities... @bolau_ congrats have to go back to school soon if we hope to avoid major long-term societal damage and further inequality.…
Retweeted by Joshua SchoenakerPresented without comment:
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @timmolendijk same!! (in summer)
@kimmaicutler and then when you’re alone some time later you can calmly assess and decide to disregard that opinion… @kimmaicutler imo you paradoxically have to be more selfish to achieve this because you always learn more and becom… much of an idiot are you when you like your red wine slightly cooled in the summer if you’re being honest? @SauraJohnston @jasonlk @levie it is on the roadmap I swear! the roadmap is just quite long.Europeans' out of offices are like "I will not be working until 18 September. All emails will be automatically dele…
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenakerthanks Paul, this made me feel good 😊 every American movie they're like "I'm saving $20,000 to go to Europe for a month this summer" what are these… @fraserdeans god bless awe @antoniogm views are the most valuable thing in the world. they quite literally give you perspectiveeven? are you implying Tony Soprano was not a highly skilled mafia boss? 😡 where I read it but this is a great one: "The new dream is to make so much money with computers that you do… Twitter was an actual place, WTFFFFFFF
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @fmanjoo isn’t this a Black Mirror episode?
That the blobfish is ugly. You wouldn't look so great either if you'd just undergone a rapid depressurisation of 1…
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @vanschneider hmmmmmm (love him) @matt_slotnick also not necessarily makes me want to hire people via linkedin tbh @matt_slotnick that’s pretty interesting info imo :) @matt_slotnick why can you see how many applicants there are?! @ChrisJBakke still a fun experience imoUnreleased photo of the HEY founders. @Apple, you really wanna mess with these folks?
Retweeted by Joshua SchoenakerWhew!!!! Definitely the hardest thing I've ever tried with CG, but here we go! Rigged photoscanned characters playi…
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @SimonHalimonov @petecodes @hipflat yeah exactly. if you’re not familiar with the destination it can be hard to jud…’s imago: design, technologie, innovatie Eindhoven’s realiteit: all night chasing comet #NEOWISE! had to drive an hour north of boston to get away from the clouds, what a si…
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @singareddynm mr. money mustache is my favoritewhy is it suddenly fine to shame people in public like this on twitter? (often there’s also something obviously wro… @ProfFeynman hmm if this is true, then we humans are all also alive and already dead? @sannewijbenga is alleen voor München lijkt het? @sannewijbenga ja precies, maar waar is dat... heb een tijdje terug zo in Tokyo gezocht en dat was een heel pijnlij… @SimonHalimonov @petecodes what do you consider "the normal rental sites"? thanks. @sannewijbenga have not heard of it! @petecodes true (I'm a little allergic 🥺) @petecodes -and @petecodes yeah, I've heard of this approach as well but it all feels too annoying and uncertain and to mee.g. googling "canggu long term rental" and ending up on shady looking websites built in 1998 where I have call som… do you go to find slightly longer term rentals, say 1-6 months, Airbnb or someplace else?My new standup special “Intolerant” is now streaming on Netflix! @netflix @netflixisajoke
Retweeted by Joshua SchoenakerJosé got taste 🤩 stared at the chart for an hour trying to see how he could turn it into an apologetic for the necessity of l…
Retweeted by Joshua SchoenakerSo excited to share our new Wind Data Painting series very soon! This is Wind of New York!
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @mhafez @Jason + all the work that went into eventually getting to the point where Travis Kalanick wants you on you… @ShaanVP perhaps most people do it this way and the ones you’re hearing about are actually not really working yet :)Most underhyped tech CEO? Might have to be Adobe's Shantanu Narayen. $ADBE valued at $220B, up roughly $200B from w…
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台灣清水混凝土第一人——毛森江 Mao Shen-Chinage, the Top Architect of Bare Concrete Con... via @YouTube 🖤 so goodUpdate to Swedish death by day-of-death trend + ICUs + new cases. Reported new cases down from June peak (at least…
Retweeted by Joshua SchoenakerMost children diagnosed with Kawasaki-like syndrome in Canada tested negative for #COVID19. In one hospital, only 4…
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @timanrebel yes, tof! succes, veel plezier, sterkte, etc. 💪kun je spam/phishing nummers als deze eigenlijk ergens rapporteren net als bij email? are two wildly different things, @nathanielpopper. How can you conflate them?
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker @JulianGijsen yeah, so scammywhat’s the best way to talk a would-be dropshipper out of it?actually just stop sharing personal newsletters and write your mother a letter maybestop sharing the top 5 hackernews links in your “personal newsletter” @boriquagato “it’s a new virus, we don’t know anything yet!”one of the fascinating aspects of the response to covid is the manner in which all past knowledge and standing guid…
Retweeted by Joshua SchoenakerUK v Sweden. Indistinguishable. Lockdown wasn't necessary. A £300bn bill and a missed school term for nothing.
Retweeted by Joshua SchoenakerOur app Dialup is fundraising. Instead of sending a deck, I started a chain letter and sent it to a few people aski…
Retweeted by Joshua Schoenaker1Password, but for normal people. There's no way I can get my mom to use that. @nikitabier can you order one after the series A or do you like actually have to make your startup successful and do an exit etc.Information wants to be free* (Seth Godin is still the best and I can’t believe I often forget to read his blog) @iankar_ thought about it—but you’d have to find a way to have someone other than the poor applicants charge for it, agree?
thanks to all Americans posting stuff like this making us Europeans realize how good we have it ☺️ @wesoudshoorn hm! @kekness @kekness hoi used to love meat, then I became 99% vegetarian and also feel great. I did cold showers for a year and felt aweso… time where covid-19 analysis done by twitter user name gummibear737 is orders of magnitude better than… @bvdstock @petersgoodman🔥 can just build whatever they want, haunting stuff
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