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Joshua 🌹 @joshsoupy Glasgow, Scotland

I do housing and homeless policy stuff on a 9am to 5pm basis, so I do. Views are my own. Retweets don’t equal agreement etc.

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if i was a director of Sub Club moaning about not being able to access the furlough scheme and appealing for public…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹A dastardly act of sabotage to a bill that would have controlled private rents. Tenants have been left behind in th…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹Tom Meighan is a vile domestic abuser who like many others has not suffered any real consequences for his crime. Hi…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @GTDT42 @Bankieboy73 @jasmclaughlin2 @ScotsFootyCards Lovely lamb chops! Giving @nathanhardy1 a run for his money
The Truman Show is filled with a crazy amount of little details so here's a thread of some of my favourites:
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@nathanhardy1 Working From Home #donttelllisa @nathanhardy1 I’ll bring the biscuits! is utterly fucking insane. major tory donor and pub owner dictated when pubs opened again. Not research. They dont care about health. They…
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@mr_hoy94 Yeah I bought Friday tickets. I think it may have, which is crazy eh? @mr_hoy94 Used to be loads of crackers on Gallowgate, unfortunately most are gone now. Saracen Head is still great… @mr_hoy94 Pub crawl needs to include McChuills then the Sarry Heed before it pal!...and now before we open the pubs to ensure thousands more die, a moment’s silence will be held. @GypsyTravellerM @Roma_Voice Safe to say you haven’t been consulted! Sorry this has happened, and solidarity 🤝People really aren’t going to be convinced if they’ve decided to call it this due to the brewing methods of the beer. @Fractures87 Seems to be a scramble to delete everything online about it due to backlashI’m genuinely interested and would appreciate seeing the methods and findings of the market and community research put into it.Would be interesting to know if the new bar at BAAD is a) owned by a gypsy traveller or b) the gypsy, traveller, an… @stevenmclean1 Offt. That’s absolutely horrible. On one hand I feel sorry for him, he is the product of being such… day I see his tweets I think about blocking Darren Grimes, but his constant absolute fuckery is hilarious. He…
Self promotion is awkward but I’m really proud of this video we put together as @LGBTLabScot. It explains GRA ref…
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@janerichsen Whenever I pointed out the fun they were always so offended. Art can be fun! 😁Friday's events in Glasgow cannot be understood without understanding the role of the UK Home Office. It is their i…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹friendly reminder that kylie jenner just bought a 36.5 million dollar mansion in california and refuses to pay her…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹Two years ago, Naomi Hersi, a black trans woman, was murdered by a man she met on a dating app in London. Her name…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @IanxGray One of my favourite places. Have you been to the John Lennon memorial garden just beside it? @usgolf95 Looks like Sonic’s skull.The No Evictions Network is deeply shocked and saddened by what happened today at the Park Inn Hotel. Our thoughts…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @NatashaConn @BookRiot Cheers Natasha!
Asylum seekers aren't 'illegal immigrants'. They're people fleeing from the most brutal conditions in the world. Mo…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹my husband died in the street (not murdered) bystanders took pictures one of which was shown to my 11 year old daug…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹Absolutely heartbreaking to see asylum seekers in temporary accommodation going through more hell than they already… who are into YouTubers are for the absolute watching.
a story in two parts:
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @fuckalienzz It was good fun. Went up to castlemilk then back down through Fernhill and up to Hamilton and then str…
@stephenbucomedy I’m still laughing at the “you’re a very talented artist, Eli” quote from the Babadook episode 😅 @ComradeFisty I can imagine mate. Not easy with the wee man. I’m fine pal frustrated with some home working but cou… @JCAnderson79 @heyalan Only thing scratched was my ego. @jasmclaughlin2 Just to clarify - from my shoes, not my seatbelt. @jasmclaughlin2 Nope I’m all good! Just came off at the lights. Couldn’t unclip in time. @heyalan Yes. Yes it did.Massive shout out to me for falling flat on my face off my bike in the middle of Rutherglen town centre. @ComradeFisty Hope you’re coping ok pal ✌️Someone has stolen my bike from my close in govanhill. It’s my only mode of transport so please keep an eye out for…
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I not only drink but also know what a pub looks like. I want to go back there when I know it's safe for everyone,…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹Me: God I miss going to the pub with my pals Boris Johnson and his lying Tory scum: You should go to the pub now!…
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@dongooldie Greenock Catman’s wean.This is really interesting and helpful. I’m such a font snob that I walked out a lecture in Uni which started with… would like Ash Sarkar to host a show called “Explain it to me like I’m 5”
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@realDonaldTrump You’re the president of the USA, you fucking lunatic!!!!! @GTDT42 @jasmclaughlin2 We were just sleeping, pal. @GTDT42 @jasmclaughlin2 Hawl, easy on the 2002 business. Still hurts us Bankies. @roland_slice Lewis CapaldiAndrew Lloyd Webber is trending but lets not forget the time the multi-millionaire flew half way across the world f…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @plasticworldd @charmlessman_ @_jggg Fuck sake, total fly on the wall into my Friday nights.
Shameful attempt by the Police Federation to 'both sides' a peaceful rally in support of desperate asylum seekers a…
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What is wrong with these people? How can you hate people in destitution so much that you want to attack them, just… is not what happened. Racists disrupted an entirely peaceful and legitimate protest by asylum seekers about be…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹Disgraceful scenes in Glasgow tonight. Racist thugs shame Scotland. If they break the law, they should face the ful…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @JockTamsonsWean Rookie mistake 😅 @jasmclaughlin2 Probably correct! @stevenmclean1 Will PM you. @hxnders0nn I get that people are looking for a cheap bike, but I was a bit suspicious. I’ll welcome the sale regardless!Put my old bike on gumtree and got 10 offers in 30 minutes. Am I missing something or are folk just really wanting a bike?
@nathanhardy1 😂😂 @PaulJSweeney That’s excellent. Never saw that before. @PaulJSweeney NAC is a great example. Joe spoke about it at Clydebank a few months ago which I unfortunately missed… @PaulJSweeney I worked on this project (and other council house builds) when I worked for NAC a couple of years ago… @jasmclaughlin2 Nah. It used to be great, but Strava is much superior now. @stevenmclean1 Considering leaving the party.* @stevenmclean1 I’ve been considering the party every single day since he became leader. I saw somebody say “if Tony…
Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Company Accounts show c£103M profit over last 5 years, but paid ZERO UK corporation tax. The tax…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹I’m on Strava if anybody wants to follow what I do with my bike and my running. Just moved to it from MapMyRun and… people arguing that hungry British children should be denied help in the school holidays seem to be *exactly th…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @PaulDock93 Trust me Paul, tying your shoelaces is the least of your worries. I’d be more concerned about ‘goblin penis’ references.A terrifying thing for anybody to go through at the best of times, never mind being an MP during a pandemic. Send…
Activists? I bet most of these guys have never lifted a finger in their communities.
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹Murdo Fraser, the idiot’s idiot.‘A small minority’ of what? The entire population? Capricorns? Because it absolutely wasn’t ‘a small minority’ of p…
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@JCAnderson79 @stevenmclean1 Bloody carry on more like?! @stevenmclean1 Why is there always one with a plastic carrier bag?
Haha awesome! You guys are so cute😍Remember when you illegally deported a bunch of people and some of them died and…
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Wow. Stormzy donating £10 million to orgs fighting racial inequality.
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @JosieLong Not sure if you’ve saw, but RMT erected another one just beside it.
Only one year to go until he gets a card from the queen.
If we’re gonna talk about the UK’s history with slavery, how about we talk about the MPs whose money + power comes from slavery? Thread:
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹Nothing symbolises white privilege better than four white politicians pretending to clean a statue for a photo op w…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @wullbert Offt. Shite man 😩 cruising on the NextBikes? @wullbert Lol. I was literally about to message you asking how you were getting on with this. Weird 🥴1) I love that he did this with Trevor Project. It shows how mindful he is of the harm her comments had on trans yo…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹Daniel Radcliffe responds to JK Rowling’s tweets: “Transgender women are women. Any statement to the contrary erase…
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Worst 5 a side team ever...
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fiat 500 twitter be like ‘police brutality is bad but do NOT hurt a horsey!’ and then immediately start outfit shopping for ascot 2021
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹If you’re one of the people who thinks throwing a statue of Edward Colston into the sea is bad, wait until you find…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹Priti Patel has shown more solidarity with the statue of a slave trader than she has a single refugee. Tells you al…
Retweeted by Joshua 🌹 @ZeynMo Been quite confused at police officers standing less than 2 meters away from people. Genuine question: are… @_rpmccall I’ll be doing my ted talk next month so you’ll see them then @euanlynch Joshsoupy my man