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Simpsons, Futurama, Gravity Falls, Strange Hill High, Mission Hill & Disenchantment. Major player at the sewing store®️

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Listening to the Smiths vs. listening to the Cure
Retweeted by Josh WeinsteinIf you were attempting to reach the South Pole in the 1910s, film equipment was essential. Scott and Shackleton bo…
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein @dailysimpsons @archermation @thatbilloakley @DaveMirkin Btw, title's a parody of "Lady Chatterly's Lover," a novel… @dailysimpsons We also wrote it 'cause we just love Grampa and Burns all the old folks in the show. It was an oppor… #OTD May 12, 1994, "Lady Bouvier's Lover" (S05E21) first aired on the Fox network. Dir: @archermation. W…
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein @alisonmartino This movie terrified me as a kid - I saw it alone in Sensurround®️(and no idea at the time that these were all models)😀 @AaronNadell @ditzkoff Beat me to it!👍
The 1959 #Citroën U55 #Currus #Cityrama #bus A #1950s #transportation wonder
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein#OnThisDay #OTD May 11, 1997, "The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase" (S08E24) first aired on the Fox network. Dir: Neil A…
Retweeted by Josh WeinsteinWho's your favorite Beatle on the Abbey Road cover? I like Desk Chair the best. Definitely the funniest Beatle. @MrTimDunn
@danieltroy95 @HardwiredSaw @thatbilloakley Oh my god, you're right. This is The Ultimate Blunder®️Josh I think we should retroactively fire someone 25 years ago for this blunder
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein @thatbilloakley I just like that it's taken 25 years to find this particular blunder. Who knows how many other blun… @mygoodbinch @killhamster @canadapoast @electricbeef I was going over all these screengrabs for our trying to sell… @thebouncingbird I swear, the best people have May birthdays. Happy Birthday! Made you a cake. @killhamster @canadapoast @electricbeef That's kinda what we're planning. @Coolygirl07 Lauren MacMullan designed the whole look and she had an absolutely amazing color team. Color all too o… @SpikeESpencer @staticbluebat I left a lot of great designs out! @canadapoast @electricbeef We're hoping it will!I ❤️ Mission Hill character design
@Rich_Fulcher Rich, thanks but nobody's gonna stop me cuz I'm...
Retweeted by Josh WeinsteinIf Columbo were anime:
Retweeted by Josh WeinsteinMe: I wish the mainstream would appreciate #animation properly, maybe treat it with the dignity and respect it dese…
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein @spacecoyotl @bobservo Happy Birthday, @bobservo! Here's some Million Dollar Birthday Fries but please hurry, they'… think there’s been an accident
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein @greendarmok It wasn't in our first draft, which rightly neded a fair amount of rewriting. We had just started full… if they met
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein @greendarmok I'd have to see the animatic to see if it made it that far or not. I think it was a wise cut, too. @bekyfrmtheblock That's one of my favorite jokes.👍im a bit late to the anniversary of Homer's Enemy but i HAD to draw something for good ol' grimey ⚡️⚡️⚡️🪦…
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein“I wash myself with a rag on a stick.”
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein @banditloaf I'm sure George knew of both military guys. @banditloaf I bet you're right and the writer who blurted it out (I think George Meyer) must've conflated those names! @NotRollergirl Sending out some Simpsons-based positive vibes to counter that Homer parasol feeling, I know very we…, there was actually a real-life inspiration for Col. Leslie R. "Hap" Hapablap? The name that took the room 3 h… @TurqMc @ThatGuy3002 Yeah, that's my guess for why it was eventually cut. We didn't need to go that far, tho it's really funny. @greendarmok I think that was actually a post-table room rewrite (it's a yellow page, dated the day of the table read.) @ianrw (We got kinda lucky. I think Conan would've run the show next but he left the show for some reason.) @SamGrittner Happy Birthday, Sam! May birthdays rock and/or roll. Here's a banana kaboom to celebrate! @JayKogen Got a Star Wars one: "Do they play smooth jazz at the Mos Eisley Spaceport Cantina?" "No, you gotta go…'s the 28th anniversary of "Marge In Chains", the 2nd episode we ever wrote. For a brief period, the episode had… @scarecrowbar @dailysimpsons @thatbilloakley @tubatron Cool, I'll take that. @scovert Close enough, happy birthday!🎉🎂 @dailysimpsons @thatbilloakley @tubatron Thanks, @dailysimpsons! I've never been described as "legendary" before an… @KenJennings Ken, you can try it out on our friend @StuckeyStop herself! She's reviving Stuckey's in a truly awesom…
@Megalomort @thatbilloakley Thank you! Actually, we haven't taken it out to shop around yet! Will be doing that soo… @VW Hey, @VW, When's the electric VW van coming out? Can't wait for that but I guess I'll have to? @bergopolis Happy birthday, fellow five-fiver! (Wish I had gotten treats from anonymous execs or producers!) 🎉🎂👍 @Tr0n_Weasley Ha, I remember when I started on the show and Homer seemed like a funny much older guy than I was and… @AOC Also, that photo looks like Trump just sat down there next to Cruz for the photo opp and couldn't wait to get away. @C0yZer0 Whoa, I had forgotten about this, thanks! Totally from my era of Sesame Street. I do remember the chef falling! @ronmanagernottm House of Love for sure and Inspiral Carpets and Grace Jones and... dammit! Just three? @commaficionado Whoa, House of Love (my #2 alltime favorite band) and Inspiral Carpets and Faith No More and Grace Jones and... @Blackzilla44 I recall that was indeed a Swartzwelder line. You can tell by the phrase "silo explosion". @Tardistan @dailysimpsons Yes, a major influence on the character, for sure. That character meshed perfectly with w…, I like bowling.
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein @ThatGuy3002 Yes, that was from my love of that painting, also that it's not the most famous painting in the world,… @garethchughes Whoa, all these years, I never knew the painting was based on a poem, let alone thought to even thin… someone wants to buy this for me as a gift, I'd be much obliged - it's one of my favorite paintings and super fi… @DrawingRoomNYC Ha, well said. I'm mostly a sitting down grunter and moaner. 👌 @OnTheRails Thanks, Matthew! Yeah, I've actually taken a couple of lockdowny drives up to Malibu since. Now it will… @thegoodgodabove Thank you, God! I appreciate what you're doing these days. 😀👍 @mlejordan Ha, drive-by birthday greetings gratefully accepted. Thanks!!😀 @thatbilloakley Thanks, Bill!! Here's hoping we get to complete this and make Gus & Wally!👌😀🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @Joshstrangehill the genius, who among other things, plays one of my all-time favorite characters…
Retweeted by Josh WeinsteinAnd a very happy birthday to you, too, Mr. Julius!! 5/5 rocks and/or rolls! @MXTracy66 Whoa, is that true? That's kinda exciting! (walks very slowly toward IHOP) @EthanPersoff Ha, thanks, Ethan! Feeling right at the cusp of old. I can still kinda bend over to pick things up of… @GavinDYoung Oh, is today your birthday, too? Happy birthday!🎂 @neilrao I know, I'm almost 20 years older than him, yow. I'm rapidly approaching Grampa and then, not too long away, Mr. Burns. @VeronikaSwartz Ha, perfect quote, thanks!!😀👍 @ShaunMoffett Yeah, when I started on the Simpsons, I thought Homer was a funny, older guy - now I'm almost 20 year… @capnjunkie Oh, happy slightly belated birthday to you! Yeah, I'm planning a nap for later today. Seriously. 😀👍 @hEnereyG Likewise, thanks so very much, Henry!🎩👍 @csantos16 Oh, thanks so much, Carlos!😀👍 @01PatheticLoser Me, too! Thanks!👍 @staceyhopkinsga Ha, well said, thanks!😀 @AlexJRLynch Ha, perfect, thanks!👍 @LelaLee Yay, I love it. Thanks, Lela!😀👍👍👍🎉 @billkev Thanks, Bill! Oh my god, Brian McGee's ID and that song is one of my very fav Simpsons things ever.😀👍 @Nit_Smash Never took the onions off me belt! They're still there, bringing stink and good cheer. @Joshstrangehill Happy Birthday! Here is a photo of Bob Dylan on a train near Dublin on that very day (no, it reall…
Retweeted by Josh Weinstein @MrTimDunn Wow, that is the best news from 1966 I've heard all day! And to see one of my fav musicians in a dining… @theoldrepublic Perfect quote and thanks!!! @MugginsMcS Whoa, that's very nice. Thanks so much!😀👍🎩 @Ollotreb Whoa, cool. A very happy birthday to you, too. May 5th is kinda a great birthday to have. 🎉🎂 @JElvisWeinstein Why thank you, Most Excellent Josh Weinstein!😀👌 @msager Thanks, Mike! Ha, I remember when I thought eighth graders were old. That was, what, 70 years ago? @CMcIntire8 Happy 55 to you, sir! @KrisBunda3D Me, too. @NACHO2813 Thank you so much!👍 @Sara_Rose_G Thanks so much, Sara!😀👍 @sleezsisters Yeah, Adele's, also Michael Palin and Karl Marx, so not bad company. Thanks!! @Dempster2000 Thanks so much, Sarah! 🎩 @raulveiga Thanks so much , Raul!👍👍👍 @AllieGoertz Thanks, Allie!👍😀 @turkeydinner95 Love it, thanks!