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Josh 🐯 Hill @joshtigerhill North Little Rock, AR

Network engineer; last-place marathoner and tiger-suit pianist who has a military brother, visited 49 states with his wife, really likes tigers, and raps. #COYS

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Most unflattering holiday gift for your spouse?
@runflamingo *nods* @EntMisbehavin Okay see I have never seen or read any Harry Potter so thanks for that tip :)Of course they fed this particular account that particular promoted tweet - right at the start of the world's large… I'm interested in Harry Potter all of a sudden... @buzztronics @MissAusten @KenJennings @bradrutter @whoisalexjacob @JeopardyJulia @tweetophobicpam @monica_too_
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill#Jeopardy Contestants as Harry Potter Characters: A Thread Co-authored by @buzztronics and @MissAusten
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @alandcory In fairness, I would not have wagered it all on "Literary Characters." I would have wagered $5803 of my $12200 @joshforsythe *burp* excuse me, sorry :) so you and another Minnesotan J! alum have something in common now - thi… @VaughnWinchell And Shakespeare. And artists. Definitely artists. :) @lendico Maybe I am misremembering and it was The Sims (not SimCity) that used simoleons... (I never played any The… @lendico I first heard simoleons while playing SimCity... fun times @ask_Steven *hugs* :) @runflamingo Hahahaha nice :)Between "Here Kitty Kitty" last week and the Tigers category this week, the writers are really giving me flashbacks… @mfc248 Awesome job! That's a grrrrreat time for your first 10K =^_^=
@whatthefritz Good luck to you too, Lizzie! You've got this :) @joshforsythe Oh come on! You're undefeated and untied against me and you know it :)We have the #MussBus We have the #VanHornVan Will we soon have the #LaneTrain? #wps @hog_fan_12 Thanks! I just might wear my home shirt, haven't decided yet, I don't want to ruin it with sweat hehe,… @KittrelCoyote Thanks! @joshforsythe Thanks! Also, best of luck today ;)Breaking in a new pair of shoes for this weekend :) they have a 6.5 hour time limit at the St. Jude Memphis Maratho…
Today is Giving Tuesday! Friendly reminder that 100% of donations to the @lustgartenfdn go directly to pancreatic c…
LearnedLeague is back! Time to try to dig out of the relegation zoneUpper level trolling right here @learnmegood Same for Richard Spencer, former Secretary of the Navy, vs. [redacted]TFW you realize you just replied to something that is over four years old as if it is a brand new tweetTAM brags on #TAMauthor Dargan Ware "One of the best books we've ever produced! WE LOVE IT!" #5Stars across the b…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @ManerWare I knew Jimmy Dean (sausage) was a singer, but I couldn't name a single song by him @nattydelightful @Euphtacular @zer0bandwidth Michael Jordan v. Michael B. Jordan @kijani_lion @bucktowntiger I also failed the Millionaire testMine was "Security Question Rock" by The Hackers Wait, Dad. Don’t you remember the time you told me “If you ain’t first, you’re last”? Reese: Oh hell, son,… @akamomteach I'm not good at 80s pop culture, or even 90s, or even 2000s lol @BackesEric Ouch all the way :( @donnieshopr17 Let's do it :)Maybe I should have threaded these tweets instead of RTing myself like a Twitter n00b me totally would have turned down a multi-million dollar contract to be on a game show, yeah, soun… you asked me in high school if I would rather make it to the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions, or make it to th… only does Josh Hill play for my favorite team, he went to college at a school with a tiger mascot - that guy is… @LastNamePam Got the chance to watch Grambling play at Louisiana Tech this year - was a great game and even better halftime!Josh Hill the game show contestant, and Josh Hill the NFL tight end, are totally not the same person - and I just f… @trev0r_m @cartilagefree It would have, yes, but I guess they didn't pay that any mind lmaoHow bad am I at entertainment trivia? It was only recently that I learned Jimmy Dean and James Dean are two differe…
Glory Glory Tottenham HotspurMost single-family homes built since the 1980s aren’t designed to last a day longer than the mortgage.
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @ChristineWhelc1 @netflix @buzztronics @Jeopardy Tiger suit pianist checking in =^_^= (per my interview on 5/3/2018)Bottom line: if we win the rest of our matches by sufficient margins, we finish in the top four. Period. #COYSOMG @LastNamePam just followed me and I squeed out loud in the middle of CVS <3 you're so awesome LaKedra!Come On You Spurs!! @SpursOfficial @NBCSportsSoccer #COYS #MyPLMorning #LittleRock @CityLittleRock #Fasslerhall
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill#MyPLMorning’Orleans?????!!!!!! Nobody buy this.
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 HillConfirmed. week in sports fandom for me =^_^= Tottenham Hotspur: WINNING Arsenal's opponents: WINNING Arkansas Razorback… by @whoisalexjacob and @JasonSterlacci I yell at that insipid @FilmTheoristsPH & @MatPatGT video that insi…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill
TIL Olympiacos is actually spelled with a C and not a K - my badTottenham Hotspur 4 Olympiakos 2 ✅ mean if I needed more reason to support @MarshallProj ... #Jeopardy
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Among many things, I'm thankful for my health and strength. The most valuable thing I…⚽| #Tottenham #Hotspur v Bournemouth 🍺| Fassler Hall, 311, E Capitol Ave 📆| Saturday Nov 30 🕟| 9am #COYS how being a piece of something negative is a very bad thing, whereas being "the [same negative thing]"…
@Arkie_in_CT @rouquinne @kirstenmorry @andythequizzer @grnwaz @PatKaChi Well, you're talking to a guy who just lost 6(5)-8(4) lmao @YoungstownSpurs @AustinSpurs Closest one might be here in Little Rock - three hours down the road :) @rouquinne @kirstenmorry @andythequizzer Wondering if maybe you can work a shout-out to your hometown in somehow wh… @rouquinne @kirstenmorry @andythequizzer Also - are you in LearnedLeague? :) @rouquinne @kirstenmorry @andythequizzer Is that where you're living right now? Because if not, that won't fly. You…
TFW you come up with the perfect tweet to send, and then you delete it because of legal contracual reasonsBRB updating my stat sheet to read "third ToC contestant _to_be_introduced_as_ from Arkansas"Just found out about Trevor Norris, a five-time champion and ToC semifinalist who was introduced as "a budget analy… and co-signed. This team is exciting - they play with the infectious passion of their coach - and I have… this veterinarian isn’t a footy fan, his graphic designer certainly is.
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill🌍 I'm watching from: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA 👥 I'm watching with: @LittleRockSpurs ⚽️ My score prediction: Tot…
Wondering what @MichaelAvenatti thinks of this :) @Ian_Gecko It's all good :) *hugs* @DLLeonine @LearnedLeague I would take six sports questions in a heartbeat :) six games questions, not so much
@Spikester81 Cube steak is totally outI heard a song once that had the lyrics "one trip to the Cube could have set me free" Well, if the semifinals is y… you ask me for the cube of a number, I will ragequit on you! You have to ask me to raise a number to the third power, k thxI'm moving to an open floor plan office next week because I complained to HR that I couldn't work in a cubicle anymore, too many flashbacks.Gonna chill out listen to some Ice Hexahedron songs. Today was a good day... "Catch me on the stage and I'm trouble… now on, I will not call them cubes. Too many flashbacks. I will call them hexahedrons going forward. @DLLeonine Lovin' it! #BotchedPots @AdamLevin94 I did first part of J!, the interview section, and then fastforwarded to DJ and did that and FJ in fullFound a Nintendo GameCube in my basement and I got flashbacks... ...that GameCube is in some landfill somewhere... @AdamLevin94 I spoke to my church and that's pretty much exactly what I did.
Saw a message in the @LittleRockSpurs group chat that one of our supporters won't be at the game in the morning bec…
Georges Braque - no, wait, never mind, he was a Cubist. out this podcast where Lindsey, Steven, and I chat with Kyle and Emily about our J!ToC experience together! L… @TheScubaPup Try this you’re looking for some insight into and some stories about the #Jeopardy ToC, might I recommend the Potent Poda…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @angelgirlruth Alex is a great person, just like your brother was, just like you are! We will beat this disease, an… @angelgirlruth @Jeopardy @lustgartenfdn *hugs* so sorry for your loss... hopefully thanks to us he will not have been lost in vain
Thread of the Day right here. is #WPCD! Join me & my fellow @Jeopardy #TournamentofChampions competitors in honoring #AlexTrebek & remember… James vs. Ken vs. Brad debate is fun and all, but Cindy Stowell is the greatest Jeopardy! player of all time an…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 HillToday is @worldpancreatic Cancer Day. We stand alongside Alex and @worldpcc to raise awareness for the risks and sy…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill
Louder for those in the back wearing red TOTTENHAM TIL I DIE! @BackesEric @ask_Steven @lshultz82 @runflamingo @_TriviaTalk It will always be too soon.