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Josh 🐯 Hill @joshtigerhill North Little Rock, AR

Network engineer; last-place marathoner and tiger-suit pianist who has a military brother, visited 49 states with his wife, really likes tigers, and raps. #COYS

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@EmilyAnn152 Yep NLR :) they were specific, had to put the city I am living in when the episode airs. No "hometown"… @acthomasca Not a requirement, though the governor signed some deal where cities can pass an ordinance allowing bus… @MolyGuaca @B52Malmet Happy that you recognize that :) if only someone else did... lol @EmilyAnn152 Well, it's "my neighborhood Kroger," and I live in NLR, so there's that...- Yell +10; 17.5% of 57 46 of today's new cases had no county data. 64% of Arkansas' counties had at least one ne…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @MaskTheOzarks @AsaHutchinson @ARSecofState @ARGOP @ArkDems You totally called itJust found out that my neighborhood Kroger has a confirmed COVID-19 case among one of its employees. We get probabl… @MolyGuaca @B52Malmet Excellent use of the proper acronym for the United States Secret Service :)
Kudos to Arkansas leadership for announcing today that all Arkansans who are wary of catching COVID-19 can vote abs… some tweets with the tagline "Mask It or Casket" and now I'm extremely disappointed... myself, for no… @TankaaK Thank you for saying redcap and not redhat - RedHat is really cool and I work with them each and every day :)
@ProfWehrman Okay I've never heard of "Northern Liberties township" and away I go down a rabbit hole :) @swhouseworth Great point! Kinda like how Kimmel that time called it "Trumpcare" so people would sign up for health insuranceFriendly reminder that the Lone Ranger wore his mask over his eyes - not over his nose and mouth. @ProfWehrman Fascinating! Now I'm curious how "Providence Plantations" became the population center over Rhode Isla… is upping the ante on his charity game. 👏
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @ProfWehrman Newport, RI? Seriously?To put this in perspective, there have now been more cases of covid-19 in the US than the entire population of the…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @TankaaK Seriously? Where did this happen?So why me and my team on campus then?
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @IanMorrisonCO Best of luck against Hickenlooper and the incumbent. Realistically, I think you could pull maybe 5%.… @STIsmail @JulianCastro And about one-fifth of the population density. @GregLeding Supporting @clarketucker 100% for Arkansas State Senate! Clarke is an excellent statesman and leader, a… daughter’s school told parents today that an employee tested positive for Covid-19—and that the Arkansas Depart…
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Nice to found out that a statement, simply saying that the lives of my family and me matter, is now considered a "s… (n.) - any item, reported in reputable news outlets, that reflects poorly on the current resident of a house,… if everyone in North Little Rock, Sherwood, and Jacksonville died in the last three months... ...that's…
It may be the last day of June, but #pride knows no calendar. Remember: you are the most awesome person in the world at being you!One of the largest cities in eastern Arkansas is named for Nathan Bedford Forrest. I played American Legion basebal… custom 2019 #TournamentOfChampions scarves are fantastic! Watch Steven Grade's game today and catch the tourn…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @Jay_OBrien Definitely thinking it will be regional, some areas will try to shoehorn sports in, others will be more… @Tyler_Gee8 @NathanBrownUCA @kencollums @CoachGunnellUCA Congratulations!!! @Jay_OBrien Not sure if you knew, but Morehouse College canceled all fall sports four days ago. Just want to make s… @ArkansasCovid @AsaHutchinson Thanks to you for highlighting those divergent trends! @EricaLScott @buzztronics @austintylerro @ask_Steven @JohnPresloid @annekegarcia @whoisalexjacob @KenJennings
At a risk of waxing political, let's imagine that: - our second-largest geopolitical adversary places bounties on… you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, then you're probably at higher risk of sever… At this business, Seymour Pine led an action that caused Storme DeLarverie to yell "why don't you guys do someth…
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@ABigThingBadly @W_Lewis_Black @LearnedLeague What Vivek said :)Hey y'all. Let's try something. Instead of griefing at people who don't wear a mask... about we thank thos… took me nineteen seasons from my first @LearnedLeague match day to make it to Rundle A. Sounds about right, con… @ArkansasCovid IIRC Calhoun County is officially part of the Camden micropolitan area, and Ouachita County doesn't… @ArkansasCovid Not surprising, as Little River borders Sevier and Miller and Bowie (in fact, last I checked, Little… don't think it's coincidence that the below thread is exactly 46 tweets long...
@ArkansasCovid Amazing that Calhoun County still has not recorded a single case. Monroe County is not too much bigg… COVID-19 Testing will be held at Shorter College Tuesday, June 30 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Short…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 HillThe #DaytimeEmmys Award in GAME SHOW goes to... Jeopardy │ @Jeopardy #Jeopardy
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 HillJeopardy! won Outstanding Game Show, and Alex won Outstanding Game Show Host. We're honored, @DaytimeEmmys!
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @chartruze Same here :( definitely not going back to the office
@swhouseworth And if an intercollegiate rivalry in those other countries is called the Civil War, then they can do… @swhouseworth Have any other countries fought a Civil War over the enslavement of a race of people? @runflamingo @LearnedLeague Awesome! @thejohncuevas Yes it is... @ProfWehrman @godzellen Best shirts ever! I LMAO'd @ProfWehrman @JHUPress Whoo hoo!!!!!Who needs a new #Zoom background?
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @ericswheeler Thanks ^^Arkansas... And not just Arkansas... Whoa... @ericswheeler ...but the stat I'm the most proud of is this: my QvH has always been higher than 100. (One season, i… @ericswheeler Long time goal was 105 TCA - a .700 get rate - I missed 60% of the questions my first season, so my g… @ericswheeler Thanks! I've been trying... Just a few seasons ago I was one question away from falling back to D... @SpoonyC76 AWESOME! :)
@pastorbenhatch Sounds about [island just south of Britain]Wear a mask. 😷 That's the tweet., but featuring the first black SEC head football coach. The Croom Where It Happened. lady had her mask with her in her back pocket the whole time - it was hanging out of her back pocket - she just… mask wearing lady came back a few minutes later. The non-mask-wearing person tried to make excuses for why she… the state revenue office in downtown Little Rock near the capitol. Twenty-one people in various lines. Five of u…! Are! Going Up! I said, We Are Going Up!!! #learnedleague
@ScottBatemanMan Halfway decent so far but I'm not holding my breath and gonna go knock on some wood... @Arkie_in_CT @prizequizzer @rob_worman Same Coryat rules as always, but I have to get the clue before the contestan… so I'm clear - does the mandatory quarantine for Arkansas and eight other states apply to someone transiting t… @clarketucker Four states, my good friend. Kansas has quarantined us as well.Arkansans are persona non grata in New York thanks to state strategies that are not stopping Covid spread.
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 Hill @prizequizzer @Arkie_in_CT @rob_worman That's very good! My average Coryat when I first taped was 24,000 - and I did okay on the show... @prizequizzer @andythequizzer @rob_worman @Ryan_Bilger11 And risking anything other than $5 in that situation would… @prizequizzer @Arkie_in_CT @rob_worman I hope you do someday! I think you would do really well (wagering notwithstanding) ^^ @prizequizzer @Arkie_in_CT @rob_worman The word for that is haughtiness. @rob_worman @prizequizzer @Ryan_Bilger11 The alternate is not always guaranteed an appearance in next ToC... Pretty… @prizequizzer @rob_worman So Martin, you would have wagered big, in that same situation, in one of your weakest cat… @perezg1986 @Jeopardy In tonight's game, I got 27 right and 2 wrong overall. @perezg1986 @Jeopardy It was about 85% overall for all my games... but not as good on FJ (44% on those) @chartruze @Jeopardy Sorry, just now seeing this tweet :( I hope you enjoy the episode - and thanks for watching! ^^ @natsistasrock @Jeopardy This episode was taped on February 6, 2018 - but please continueHad I wagered more than $100 on that DD, I would have lost the game. cc: @prizequizzer the time of that DD, I had a "crush game", meaning I had more than 50% the score of my closest opponent, meaning… @PapiGrego @Jeopardy Thanks :) as we will see in a couple of weeks, art is not my strong suit ^^ @PapiGrego @Jeopardy @SpursOfficial Come On You Spurs!Setting the server room ablaze with his rhymes. 🔥 @joshtigerhill
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Cotton Plant, ARKANSAS native! @lshultz82 @Jeopardy That's an awesome picture ^^I'm back on @Jeopardy today! =^_^= @ArkansasCovid Excellent question! Didn't realize that was you while I was listening, but OMG!!! *so excited* THANK… asked Dr. Smith today about Washington County's continued low testing and high percent positive (29.3% today). Th…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 HillWow, Ken Griffey Jr. had a really damn good reason to never play for the Yankees. "Look at third base."
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 HillWe couldn’t wear masks for 3 months, so now we’re going to have to wear them for 2 years.
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 HillBig champions, big wins, and how they got to the 2019 #TournamentOfChampions! It's great to see all of these player…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 HillChamps, champs, champs! Tune in this week to revisit games featuring these 2019 #TournamentOfChampions contenders.
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If you are still wearing a mask when you go out, please retweet this status. I would just like to see how much comm…
Retweeted by Josh 🐯 HillIf the Supreme Court has never voted that you have the same rights as others, you have privilege.
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