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I figured Barr was the guy who wld do everything in his power to service Trump up to the edge of criminal conduct.… @neeratanden Guy who writes for way examiner and quillette says gab are definitely doesn’t pander to the right!Excellent news for Rudes! >> Exclusive: Trump lawyer Giuliani was paid $500,000 to consult on indicted associate's… @petersterne it’s the conceit that everyone has to live by, that the President isn’t as bad as he is. @sbg1 He's a "i don't want my hotel business to suffer" witness.👇 @StevenJDuffield sometimes there's no way to get high except on your own supply @brianbeutler And they shld be. But for our evaluation of her, obviously if the details are THAT bad, why didn't she speak up earlier?👇Precisely. Exec Priv is powerful tool to give legal cover to someone who is trying to avoid testimony. But if the… of the corndog @andrewsweiss @Shteyngart apropos of firtash👇 @edbott Indeed, one can stay in a Sondland Hotel or serve and protect the constitution of the US, but not both.2/ Obviously, a witness can choose to follow White House's lead for any number of reasons. But doesn't seem there's… con law types can chime in here, is it not the case that exec privilege is almost entirely a matter of allowing… important and grounded legal reasoning here against the White House's wildly broad assertions of privilege. @npfandos @Susan_Hennessey It's notable here that the first footnote, tied to an argument put forward by George Was… like a pretty reasonable fear if you help Trump commit crimes Fort Worth officer arrested, charged with murder in shooting death of woman
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the senior administration officials convincing axios this all makes sense, Twitter was not going to be the place for a generous send off to Harold Bloom. lol. and yeah. @neeratanden not to put too fine a point on it but the US has a big military. It could shut down the Turkish invasi… @normative I think you see that The Atlantic is supposedly the analog to Fox News and pretty clear the first three… @JSchanzer @RadioFreeTom Probably better for you to not talk anymore. @RichardEngel lol. exactly. what did they think was going to happen?Yes. Beautiful beaches. Good food. Lots of history. And democracy!
Retweeted by Josh Marshalllol. so much could be straightened out if Trumpers had just paid attention during School House Rock of michael cohen plot arc proceeding along nicely @MarkSalter55 @realDonaldTrump have to be aspirational sometimesCurious to see if Podhoretz either applauds or bothaides the presidential snuff film.Nobody shld be coddling Fiona Hill. Maybe she will be willing to help her country get to the bottom of this. But an… yourself here is pretty bold and a surprising act of self-awareness. Who says adults with personality d… @JakeSherman @leahmcelrath Looks like the President's incitement is having an effect.New Quinnipiac poll: Acceptable for POTUS to ask a foreign leader to investigate a political rival? Acceptable 24 N…
Retweeted by Josh Marshall @realDonaldTrump our generals, not your generals. try being American. @RepMattGaetz @RepJerryNadler @RepAdamSchiff do you need help? @RudyGiuliani lol 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 ... noun, verb and 9/11. @ojdunford Also, I’m actually a business owner and founder. You appear to be a lawyer. So don’t give me any malarkey about “progressivism”. @ojdunford No this is dumb. Actual competition is great and drives the efficiencies and positive effects you descri… @arapahoemissy That’s great. But it has no actual effect on anything. I’m more concerned with results and how socie… Downplays Reported Escape Of ‘Easily Recaptured’ Islamic State Prisoners via @TPM3/ capital, monopoly control over distribution networks and scale in computing, server farms etc. to enter other bu… A few people have asked in this thread. So here's my answer. How to deal with Amazon in its core retail portal b… @arapahoemissy Nope. This is why we have anti-trust laws. This is not a good opinion. @joelmcglothlin Complicated question. As a online sales portal, maybe maybe not. The issue is really whether it is… @xtorol Not really. Amazon Fresh debuted in NYC in Nov. 2017.This is the new GOP argument. Impeaching the President has made him so mad that he's endorsing war crimes and betra… are the remarks I gave in the opening presentation:
Retweeted by Josh MarshallI’m starting to suspect these people may be racists.
Retweeted by Josh MarshallAmazon has apparently run our local/regional grocery delivery service, Fresh Direct, out of business. As someone wh… @hirschorn or his non-mafia daysTrump's Ukraine scandal is just part two of his Russia scandal. Teaming up with the same folks all over again.… have a hard time with rules @TPCarney @daveweigel this is simply another backdoor way to embrace Trumpism.At Trump’s Doral Club, Vid Showed POTUS Massacring Political And Media Foes
Retweeted by Josh Marshall @RudyGiuliani You certainly had a big surprise waiting for them!So what fresh crimes and hells do we have today?You just sent 1800 US troops to Saudi as mercs on Friday my dude
Retweeted by Josh MarshallFWIW, that axios read out of the Trump/ Erdogan phone call sounds like bullshit.
Retweeted by Josh Marshall @RachelLarris @petersterne @AdamWeinstein It’s also belied by the original tweet, which was pretty straightforward support. @HeathaT Agreed. This was the most and least plausible spin and Axios ran with it with total credulity. Embarrassing.Trump/Ukraine is just the Trump/Russia story that never ended. Trump went into business with the 2016 interference…
Retweeted by Josh Marshall @backwards_river agreed"The Chinese watched with…admiration as Moscow sowed chaos…in the 2016…election…One Chinese official told me…Russia…
Retweeted by Josh Marshall @wholelottarosee yeah, pre-Trump mindset @backwards_river Believe me, funny isn’t the word that came to mindwelp. that’s disturbing. @LizMair Didn’t ring true on several levels. Not least of which is that none of it seemed like a bluff has been cal…, that axios read out of the Trump/ Erdogan phone call sounds like bullshit.So now the Kurds allied with Syria (and by extension with Russia) to defeat Turkey. Trump and Erdugan got viciously…
Retweeted by Josh MarshallPro Trump conference at Trump resort shows Trumper mass murder snuff film meme in which Trump does a mass shooting… men firebombed a homeless encampment in Los Angeles, igniting a blaze that jumped an eight-lane highway and bur…
Retweeted by Josh MarshallTrying to hire Gowdy being ridiculous in the first place is a pretty key part of this story. is just the Trump/Russia story that never ended. Trump went into business with the 2016 interference… @realDonaldTrump @greggutfeld @GregGutfeldShow @FoxNews the circle is closing. you don't seem late and low energy. via @TPM
Really important point from @joshtpm: Giuliani is Totally Reliant on Bill Barr’s Crooked DOJ via @TPM
Retweeted by Josh Marshall @joshtpm @TPM "The White House has a say"
Retweeted by Josh MarshallDefense Secretary Says Pentagon Will Comply With Subpoena In Impeachment Inquiry via @TPM👇 @RadioFreeTom Mindboggling this is happening, isn't it? And we appear to already have gotten artillery brush back p… @AdamWeinstein Yes, and also people tend to be as smart or as stupid as they want to be. Few people get to their ma… @AdamWeinstein Precisely. Someone wants to keep his hotel chain. @edbott
Retweeted by Josh Marshall @edbott the noose tightens the pace of crimes increases.Been saying this for at least two years but: Facebook is a conservative outlet. When conservatives criticize, they…
Retweeted by Josh MarshallThis never happened. I think he’s talking about Kirkuk. Which is in Iraq.
Retweeted by Josh MarshallCritical work being done here to ensure our democracy will survive.
Retweeted by Josh Marshall @davidfrum There will eventually need to be some sort of truth and reconciliation type commission to unravel all of…👇 @lrozen Yes, one part of this is that it is probably v hard for mil to make sense of directives/agreements that don… @mathowie And even if they (for no clear reason) thought that was too dangerous, just bullhorn in and tell her to come out? @gtconway3d Have they heard about the FCPA?BREAKING US Def. Sec. claims Turkey is 'likely to expand its attack further South" than planned & that Kurds are tr…
Retweeted by Josh Marshall @anildash Feel like I’d do better if I knew fabrics better. But sweaters are usually knit and stretch and sweatshir… man literally lies about everything. Or he’s nuts. And I don’t suggest that lightly.
Retweeted by Josh MarshallOn 4chan, “some right-wing trolls and anti-Semites fawn over Ms. Gabbard, calling her ‘Mommy’” via @NYTimes
Retweeted by Josh MarshallFun fact about Louisiana - the first and second rounds of voting in 2015 had similar total turnout, but vote histor…
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