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@dracubina i worded it badly actually i can sleep in actual complete silence if i can get it but the problem is i l… @dracubina this is completely unrelated im just wondering if u also have the same problem but can you sleep in comp… @dracubina i might be the only person to ever experience this idk why i shared this @dracubina sometimes it can be pitch black and ill have my eyes closed and i will have little episodes where my bra… @dracubina live picture of my room before i go to sleep @Darkpitqwc @dracubina well ur name isnt lightpit for a reason 😂 @dracubina how do people sleep with any amount of light it has to be pitch black for me @bIadedance @simpberrys oh i didnt see @bIadedance @simpberrys i havent been on league today @bIadedance @simpberrys literally where @saburo2k congratulations my friend @bIadedance @simpberrys the games before @bIadedance @simpberrys when are you gonna teach me how to play @bIadedance @simpberrys the game after: @Froste you arent wrong @JeffThrow @nmgreen57 @darin11 @Froste its the method he is using his giant cock to distract the opponent @Froste hes working on it @mrs_poggers what happened @dagostlno @dracubina what u sending her bro @liImorg Boooooooooooooooooooo @Froste u got it next timemy aim is improving guys i kinda went mode for a second here @KissShotuwu @Umbre_osu
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@saburo2k @CrypticNotAlone Crying @aweynu can’t believe u replied not once but two times @yoasobifanacc @aweynu nah bro like i deleted my own tweet at this point she ruined it @asoingbobert Ginobob sup @asoingbobert @notchaselyons asoingbobertington @notchaselyons when u do that it makes u look like ur literally on 1 hunger @notjirge @notchaselyons LMFFFF no wonder the girls hate u now @notjirge @notchaselyons were u one of those kids who snitched on everyone and made them follow the rulesActually my heart is skipping frames rn It kinda hurtsFeeling real dangerous off this mcdonalds large caramel iced coffee @notchaselyons this shouldnt have made me laugh so hard but its so true @notchaselyons valorant is arguably the same but made it even better @notchaselyons they KNEW that shit wasnt lasting bro 😭 they milked the shit out of those couple of weeks in the spotlight @notchaselyons i think if they did it right it could have been big competitively @notchaselyons that game had potential fr @notchaselyons battalion 1944 devs really flopped no capgo ahead and laugh at this tweet until all of the sudden im in federal prisonhaving a job fucking blows im about to just start doing credit card fraud @notchaselyons this shit is so fucking lame @notchaselyons work @notchaselyons gm @poopcacclious @slamongfIobo @may_wedda sleeping dog 🐶 @poopcacclious @slamongfIobo @may_wedda heres my dog @poopcacclious @slamongfIobo @may_wedda Why yung gravye u pedo @poopcacclious @slamongfIobo @may_wedda Need gravy with my mashed potatoes @poopcacclious @slamongfIobo @may_wedda Yo @Darkpitqwc thanks man @Darkpitqwc wait this sounds like i would order them if it wasnt for my parents wait thats not what i mean @Darkpitqwc im capping that is a one way ticket to get kicked out of my house @Darkpitqwc i will never @Darkpitqwc i have changed. @rekyuvenated @Darkpitqwc DUDEjoshttd method sheesh
Retweeted by joshua @Darkpitqwc dude chill its actually the osu methodVOLUME WARNING!!!
Retweeted by joshua @Darkpitqwc HOLY SHIT LMFAO @sigh60 @Darkpitqwc nah i didnt lemme see @Darkpitqwc @sigh60 what time @Darkpitqwc @sigh60 @Darkpitqwc YOU WILL PAY @sigh60 @Darkpitqwc DUDEUDUEDE CHILLl @Darkpitqwc @sigh60 thank god he is private @poopcacclious @sdjg89 @sigh60 infected and exploded by aqn @poopcacclious @sdjg89 @sigh60 Down bad @poopcacclious @sdjg89 @sigh60 AHSDFG SADGLMASDFo @prakdip sup prak dipper @grownpapa nah fr @grownpapa listening to ariana grande 34+35 @Darkpitqwc dude@ @grownpapa sup grownpaper @sigh60 hi i didnt see this ur aweosme @Darkpitqwc DUDE WHATS WITH THE GIF LMFAOSOD @rekyuvenated united @lolztehtroll interesting @TBEJaw @TBEJaw who@is sugandeze @TBEJaw how do you know @expIicityy thanks man ur awesome @tsukubanw ur the goat @bIadedance ur power 🥶 @fatalex yes its me the best osu player thank you for the compliment that is true @Gavpai damn @fatalex fatal ex fat alex sup @Gavpai i assume his car is fucked too if he went head on a tree @Gavpai hope hes ok :( @aweynu thanks ur awesome 👍 @Leoffspriv thanks ur the only real follower i havewho is my friend @rekyuvenated @Aireuu @idkeeeee this is the method @rekyuvenated @Aireuu @idkeeeee imagine but with pulp @Froste @Twitch @TwitchSupport free harry @JOSSI4H Mmmm im hard @dagostlno U dont miss gino @dagostlno @Gavpai @dracubina @FuzYKarma Crying dude gav hit her with friendly fire
@may_wedda @Froste No clue dude u got giga ratio owned @badeuosu i see it