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Joshua Conkel @JoshuaConkel Los Angeles, CA

Writer/Greyhound Dad/Hill Witch/Horror Gay. Currently on Netflix's @sabrinanetflix and @Unfortunate. Also, @curmudgeonsfilm. he/him

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@RaymondMcNeel My hometown. @RaymondMcNeel By lots @RaymondMcNeel A lot of beautiful small and medium sized towns. All of western Washington is progressive. I love Po… @RaymondMcNeel Washington is incredibly beautiful. @sullyhasthots @TheFlemishSeth @obrienjohnjack Seth you better explain yourself. @MatthewKBegbie Uptown Girl @PhilNobileJr Sorry for what I said about toners. @sullyhasthots @TheFlemishSeth @obrienjohnjack And your name is the Flemish Seth so I guess you’re from Belgium? Bu… is #TwinPeaksDay which is my chance to tell Twitter for the 1000 time that part of it was filmed where I grew… @TheFlemishSeth @obrienjohnjack Are you American!? I’m so confused!Balenciaga Summer 20
Retweeted by Joshua Conkel @sick__66 He literally needs to dunk himself in acid.
@jakelgiles Quirky tweets only for 12 years running. @JewyMcshebrew That specific expensive toner inspired this tweet. @Angelous8103 I have spent SO much money on this shit. @shaneisland It’s fake! @KBQWrites There isn’t one! It’s a waste of liquid and money.Toner is a bullshit skincare product and you shouldn't waste your money on it. #skincare #Influencer @SeanNarrates Antique store in Burbank. Corner of magnolia and Lima. 🖤 @BradGTweets @porterguy1969 I hate eggs @WStuartross Ew that’s the west side @ciphersavant You want avacado on everything? We got you in California. You want something that has carbs and fat? You gotta go to Arizona @LucindaLunacy It absolutely should. It’s my favorite cuisine easily. @Anddrrreeeeesss Thank... you? Uh @MFBarna Thanks for the tip! @johnjcaswelljr As you should. @BradGTweets @porterguy1969 I loathe breakfast burritos. @udontknowB @porterguy1969 I know I’m from there. @LucindaLunacy But when it comes to other fatty foods, LA really gets it. It’s just that southern food is a blind spot. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @porterguy1969 Maybe. They really don’t get the bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich here.Los Angeles, I love you, but I need your diners to serve buscuits and gravy. @MrJamesStapes Major @glee_writes I didn’t 😢Should I buy this My Pet Monster? (Keep in mind that I’m an adult.)
@exadyto People’s hatred for Sanders is pathological and their whole narrative about his followers is objectively f… @darkestflameboy 9 years @MozzleStead I’m a Warren guy too!Sanders' success has driven everyone on MSNBC crazy. It was bad in 2016 but it's WILD in 2020.The top two candidates are the most progressive. Time for so-called moderates to do what progressives have always h… @RaymondMcNeel I watched 2 minutes of the pilotI’ve been attracted to Adam Pally since Happy Endings and that’s my truth. @jakelgiles I hear HBO Max will buy anything. @ericeidelstein Silverback (where blue bottle used to be) @Neil_McNeil Sadly for me I’m pretty sure you were in middle school when this happened. @TomZohar I hope she’s dead. @LauraBedrossian Uh. Not if you aren’t already a fan since it isn’t streaming and you have to buy a box set. @Polidorable Truly @SarahKeelerB Tbh it was probably about that time. @Dolberdi She thinks she’s Carrie but she’s Charlotte. @SplathousePR No but that was the one before and it was SO UPSETTING.One time I was walking in soho and I overheard this young woman say to her friend, “I used to watch Sex and the City. But now I *live* it!” @LauraBedrossian He does the intro with the cryptkeeper too. It doesn’t really make sense. @JoshuaTonks It’s a Tales from the Crypt episodeThis show is truly wild. @trevorschmidt69 Wouldn’t know. @byrninlove Well, whenever I cum I *do* think about my grandfather clock. @beardyderp Cakefarts dot comThis Tales from the Crypt ep has a really weird Amanda Plummer sex scene where they both start screaming and it’s c… @macwrites Same! I miss it. @thehorrorchick I somehow missed it all and for that I feel very lucky. @GaylyDreadful @PhilNobileJr Oh God, I tweeted on Ambien SEVERAL times. @PhilNobileJr I’m in recovery so keep that in mind when you read all my garbage tweets. @djmec84 I don’t know why I feel the need but it’s true. Also, in person, I will tell off strangers at the first infraction.People tend to think that I’m either very snobby OR an eccentric shut-in so maybe like a 6? @BAchutegui That’s me!
Edie, an LA icon, is afraid of rain. least Ronald Reagan is dead. @SleepyPanda76 Can’t stand it. @jakefarrington Wish I could combine all my exes and make the perfect man to ruin my life. @jakefarrington Same!
Altman’s “Popeye” is unwatchable but the “He Needs Me” musical number is transcendent. @Letthead I love that city. @MCCisNauseous Love Quasi. I totally forgot this band somehow. @ShirleySTANson @BubonicClegg @charles_jensen Got itIt's never streaming so I just ordered the complete Tales from the Crypt complete DVD boxset and honestly, I consider it a tax writeoff. @thatwoof Literally the first two songs on the list @AJamiePierce It’s in the replies girl @audrealjade Oh I know. I love them a lot. @audrealjade I love it @LouisPeitzman I’ll take it! @spilledbagofice Always a good idea! @erikpatterson Omg yes!!
@GothBlairWaldrf Post punk is one of my favorite genres!!! @GothBlairWaldrf Covered but I love these.Ugh I'm making such a good L.A. playlist for my script (instead of writing.) #NowPlaying @taviagilbert Oops! I'll follow you permanently. That was some oversight. @taviagilbert Of course! @taint_behavin Oh wow I forgotPlease give me your favorite songs about Los Angeles and/or Southern California. (No SF songs please.)Here’s what’s happening on Charo’s Instagram in case you still aren’t following. @RVCBard They are literally the group that put trump in office.This has really been a year of white cis women suggesting to me that I'm not a minority and that is... not great.Defund the military and spend that money on people's indie films and off-Broadway plays. (I'm not kidding.) @mrsamherbst Enduring classicLaura Dern's skincare routine video for Vogue is my ASMR. @MrDevinHunter I love Bernie.Vote blue not matter who but... I truly don’t know if I can vote for Bloomberg. @FirstKnivesClub I was worried you were a young person who didn’t know about the movie and I was very stressed. It’… @FirstKnivesClub No. I was talking about the movie. @FirstKnivesClub I’ve never seen the musical.