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Joshua Conkel @JoshuaConkel Los Angeles, CA

TV/Play/Movie/Book Writer. Witchy Gay. Horror fan. Dog dad. @sabrinanetflix @unfortunatetv @curmudgeonsfilm

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@rosedommu She did it for us @exadyto Oh no! @Chris_Coffel Omg I didn’t know arrow did it! I’m buyingWhen are we getting the @Criterion edition of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark? @jamesholod He didn’t give it to me but I stole Tony Kushner’s umbrella once @jamesholod Jobs @cotedesure KJH had it! Yeah, it seems like it was a marketing test. The design was by Daniel Clowes, which is amazing.Ricki Lake @cotedesure @TerwillikerInst I only saw that once, when it was new. @mattdeanmarsh That's major! Well done.We had an OK Soda machine at my junior high in the PNW and my friends and I would call 1-800-I-FEEL-OK from the pay… @Humanstein We had an OK Soda machine in my junior high in Washington. @blackinkjar Love this iconic snobby duo @msdanifernandez I am so old. Mine was Alisdair from the 80’s Nickelodeon show “U Can’t Do That on Television.” @jholtham Imagine seeing that statue and then saying, out loud, “that’s so cool. That’s so cool.” @TerwillikerInst I’ve always meant to read those. @KBQWrites @rachsyme Ritz is the best @qeelsbeen I don’t know where she gets this stuff. @TerwillikerInst It’s it’s own terrible movie. Almost nothing about it works. @lapdogofficial You could go “Edie, Edie, Edie” and she was just deeply sigh and literally turn her back to you.My dog is kind of snobby. @JerryisjustOK I listened to their song Happy Birthday this afternoon @JerryisjustOK Ugh love that cover. @USAFirst1st @MccoulfMichael @LindseyGrahamSC But *for* killing poor people @HLRivera Transatlantic like a classic movie @johngary @AWolfeful I would love a screen captain. Thank you! @AWolfeful Feature writers have no representation in leadership and haven't made any significant gains in idk how long :( @KBQWrites It’s wonderful. @jamesholod Yes bc school started at 7:20. What a nightmare. As a #badkid I used to skip school to sleep
@macwrites Freddy or Hairspray for me @JerryisjustOK Imagine being an adult and even *knowing* the rating of a movie. @ruff_bluffs You look so peaceful3 republicans. Wow! Just a reminder where we stand, rich white gays who are turning to this party. @TheAlexMarco Hate this trend so muchThinking about death again. remembered that Cameron Diaz named her child Raddix. @daviswaldeniv Netflix @thetzechun Hi @StopTweetingMia Well. I do love follow through. @AndrewKLAUS This also describes Willy Wonka @StopTweetingMia Grateful to be unaware of this film. @harrycooke Condolences @AndrewKLAUS I never saw this because I felt I wasn't strong enough. @kbschroedy Who is "their"? Depp and Burton?Was there ever a performance so cursed as Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka? @SetDarcyFree Friday the 13th: Dracula is gonna suck so bad. @dervogelfamber Well, yes. I guess it’s a dumb tweet. @djmec84 Probably Shudder but from the big streamers, HBO Max is best @ThePrinceLogan Also the new Netflix Dracula @ThePrinceLogan I guess I mean bela Lugosi as Dracula specificallyI think Dracula is handsome and that’s my truth. @exadyto That didn’t even occur to meThis is a VERY good piece. @jessecrall The fact that we don’t talk about economic/class privilege on their own, not just as they intersect wit… @appodlachia Dorothy Parker @MyLifeInPlastic I haven’t
@SrslyChris I liked it @tanyaodebra @ryepastrami I liked it but I think I feel like the script was insecure about how terrible the charact… @ryepastrami For me, it was small things, like the opening when she gives the man a speech about ripping his dick o… @ryepastrami I might agree but there’s no counterpoint to her and I wasn’t sure how the movie wanted me to feel abo… @wilsonmj Yeah, I like those character BECAUSE they are awful. See also VEEP, Mad Men, etc @boysboozeblood Totally and, like, just do that. @BeaAnneD @adamj_griff Enjoy JupiterAlso, sometimes it’s fun to watch stories about people who are irredeemable and I don’t need the movie to apologize for them. @BeaAnneD @adamj_griff FOR EARTHI liked I Care a Lot, but feel super weird about some of its toxic white woman girl boss feminism. Like, if becomin… @VaughnDeF Wow @MichaelVarrati I love them @alex_abads If she were my colleague, I would write down that she was exhausting. @adamj_griff Sorry to be controversial but 6’8 is TOO TALL @KrisKelkar @conorsaidwhat @STFUParents @mrsamherbst He loves Color Theory. He's so up on things. @alex_abads Your mom is meBeen watching Lady and the Dale and - surprise surprise - this transphobic news anchor’s son is Tucker Carlson. @armorica9 Now it’s the traditional breakfast from Larchmont Bungalow @Madmaddingcrowd I'm not quite Gen X, but I'm from Seattle, so I got to watch "grunge" happen. A regional scene mak… @Madmaddingcrowd It's not really worth arguing about tbh because "alt culture" is something that, to my earlier poi… @Madmaddingcrowd Oh, I think it most definitely is, while not being perfect. @Madmaddingcrowd Yes. It does. @Madmaddingcrowd Like literally people's taste is not their own. @Madmaddingcrowd I like Britney and your point about women artists is well taken, but I'd also point out that peopl… @Madmaddingcrowd You're really obsessed with this. @_Cee_Squared Mine is from a dinerRosamund Pike’s haircut in I Care a Lot is really cool and if you don’t think so, you’re wrong. kink is finding one meal that I like and then eating it every day for like a year.I tweeted this but I can’t front. I really love his remake of Dawn of the Dead. @TheAlexMarco @RICHARDLNEWBY Oh. I’m not sure. @zachheltzel What does this even mean? @joshgowrite Into him @theheadknight Omg look at her! @HeyDoryen Sofia Coppola
Book Twitter, this was beautiful. @brdgllgn That’s true @ericeidelstein Brooklyn is the only part of NY that matters. @kalvinklaus A natural witchHot girl shit @exadyto I’m so much like her tbhSee also: book recommendationsDon’t ask this website which glasses look better on you. They will give you the wrong answer. Just come to me directly.