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I wear a disguise to look like human guys. If you don't like baseball, my tweets will probably annoy you. Co-Host of @TurfPod. Photo courtesy @_rallycap.

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@coolhead2010 Ha! They sure are. @coolhead2010 Are you sure he threw the CG and didn't come out in the 9th? @TorontoBison Yeah, that’s why I said half their games in the follow up tweet. @Canucks_BlueJay @_bkuhn_ @_ClintB_ @benturn22 @Ken_Rosenthal @BlueJays BC would have a better case if they still p… @Sean_Addis Not sure about Goodwin unless they're upgrading for real in CF. If not, the 4th OF better be able to actually play CF well. @Canucks_BlueJay @_bkuhn_ @_ClintB_ @benturn22 @Ken_Rosenthal @BlueJays Lies! @_ClintB_ @benturn22 @_bkuhn_ @Ken_Rosenthal @BlueJays Yup! Goddamn Wilpons. If they could just sign McCann, I bet… @BuffaloSojourn I'm not sure MLB ballplayers pay for their own medical bills anyway, so not sure how much of a fact… @JoshuaHowsam they’re also getting paid in US dollars, and in a normal year, are spending that on living in Canada for half the year
Retweeted by Chicken BooIf you assume a $125M contract, of which half is paid in your home team's taxes, you're looking at a difference of… hate hearing the "taxes are a problem in Canada" stuff. The actual top marginal tax rate isn't overly different o… the Mets please just sign James McCann already so that the rest of the offseason can move? @SaugaCityBesbol Well, you’re probably getting someone good if you’re including one of them in a deal, so quite high.
@SaugaCityBesbol I trade an OF. @clarke_gideon @BlueJayHunter @WinsAndFlosses Oh, I would too. He's popular (seemingly both in the clubhouse and am… @JDJays @BlueJayHunter @WinsAndFlosses There's only so much money you can spend. They have resources, but they're not unlimited. @WinsAndFlosses We need the sun to go down so that they can make a move and you find out 24 hours later. That's how this all used to work. @BlueJayHunter @WinsAndFlosses But in a serious answer, it does seem that way, doesn't it? @BlueJayHunter @WinsAndFlosses Unless he fails to recruit Springer! This is his test to avoid trade talks! @x24rocks I quite like it. Season 1 is great, season 2 starts a bit meh but picks up at the end, season 3 is good so far (2 episodes left). @BlueJayHunter @WinsAndFlosses At least not until AFTER they sign Springer! Man, that would be so cold-blooded.There really isn't a better active baseball writer. Some other publication is going to be very lucky. Miller is an inner circle Hall of Fame current baseball writer so thanks in advance to whoever hires him.
Retweeted by Chicken Boo @The_Road_Guy Ha! That's a good one to unearth. I laughed. @CaptMaverick85 @TdotsFinest11 Ha! That would truly shock me. @SaugaCityBesbol Well, they're also both superstars. I think Springer actually ages better, as he can move to a cor… @TdotsFinest11 The constant speculation has brought this all to a fever pitch. @jgoldstrass Very nice. @dillidarlin @s_win_smith Do they talk like they're from North Scotland? Because...that might be tough. @Mister_Spell I hope you like it! @WinsAndFlosses @BlueJays Can't cross the border, Gideon. Come on! @Mister_Spell Season 3 is better. Season 2 also picks up towards the end. We also found the early parts of S2 to be a bit slow @adambl555 Yeah. Very curious what his price tag will be. @PaddyGurks @dave_church I told her that you asked this and she agreed with me then we immediately started practicing. Startled the cat. @PaddyGurks @dave_church Oh, definitely me, but we both have a great time doing it! @dave_church And thanks! @dave_church Heh, we do too! We only have two episodes left in season 3. @hanianton The really interesting one to me is if they CAN sign Realmuto and a guy like Turner, then the trade fron…'ve been watching Broadchurch with my wife. So I guess I'm a detective in a small, seaside, English town. @hanianton I get that. I'm just saying Bradley Jr + IF is not remotely equivalent to Springer + IF. If it comes wit… @cooom @BVHJays @_bkuhn_ @WinsAndFlosses @KodiakRoland That was a one-off Black Friday deal. @hanianton Rather, if they got Springer. I'm not saying I expect them to get Springer. @hanianton I don't think it is, because I expect them to get Springer and still get a corner infielder/2B. @BVHJays @_bkuhn_ @WinsAndFlosses Traded AWAY Liam Hendriks. Gotta get that right or @KodiakRoland will get upset. But yeah, it was them. @Brad3906 I think that's the likeliest scenario, especially if the Mets really do sign James McCann. Where else is…*pokes Ross Atkins with a stick* Do something I'm bored
Retweeted by Chicken Boo @MattEv14 I absolutely think they could get another good player with those two. It wouldn’t be a $20M a year guy, b… @DavyDangerpants Your take is very valid. I just think that rotation would be enough with an improved offence. I do… @WinsAndFlosses That’s smart. Craig Biggio is still such a fixture with the Astros.What's a guy gotta do to get one of those Transaction Fridays?
Retweeted by Chicken Boo @DavyDangerpants Why do they need an innings eater? They have so many MLB quality pitchers. They need guys who give… @glenallenchill He was injured. If he’s healthy (big if), he could be throwing hard again.I’d be happy without that trade though because I think there are some really high upside arms in FA (Paxton, Kluber…’d say this fell about where I expected. I’m fully on board with that type of offseason as I’m pretty high on Ray,… @DavyDangerpants SO injury-prone, but sure. @LucasCasaletto I’m equally into Turner. I think it’ll be Realmuto and then some trades. Would him AND Turner thoug… @LucasCasaletto No me either. I just don’t know that he’s enough of an upgrade to use the resources it’ll take to g… @LucasCasaletto He’s a superb inconsistent hitter though. The lineup is already full of those. Could use someone yo…
@westcoastbjsfan I honestly have no idea. Depends on how desperate the Cubs are to cut costs and what can be done t… @westcoastbjsfan Well yeah, if you get Springer and an ace, that's unreal, let alone adding a guy like Paxton to be… @miroch16 @TaoofStieb @JimGiffordEd I don't either, but I'm not 100% convinced of it. @NoahYyz Me too, but I bet the Mets get him.Heh, this definitely misrepresents what he said. It makes it sound like he's calling about Springer weekly, but Atk… @TaoofStieb @JimGiffordEd To me the question is whether he's enough of an upgrade over Grichuk to justify using you… @RaysMetrics I'd rather just sign Bradley if we're talking about elite defensive CF that can't hit. @jihad_raya_ Yeah, exactly. @Mentoch @TaoofStieb Heh, his dad was awful there! @Mentoch @TaoofStieb I'm not convinced of it. @jihad_raya_ I think his position is very dependent on who they get this offseason. Actually, I think Atkins said a… @TaoofStieb If they get a Lindor or Story-type, that would be a very interesting conversation. @NMazz_45 @IfYouCanHitEm I think it would be +++ Like, Groshans, Kirk and SWR just to start the conversation. @Jaysrallycap Yeah, that's just not true. The agents and teams themselves have said they don't know what the situation is for next year.CF looks like it's going to be a tough place for the Jays to upgrade if they don't land Springer. Jackie Bradley Jr… @elliottko33 I don't think they're really after Bauer. @NMazz_45 @IfYouCanHitEm I think Marquez would cost a fortune. But I would love him. @2021BZLegendary Renfroe has only been a good defender for one season. I think that was an outlier. I don't AT AL… @nickofthejays @RapsLeafsJays @HaileyRaily Did anybody take those Bauer comments seriously? He made them about pretty much every team. @2021BZLegendary The Jays can't really trade Grichuk until they get a CF. @jucojames I think Springer is a fine CF (not a great one) but such a good hitter that his overall value is still really good. @Erik_G_T @2021BZLegendary Ha! JUST a bit pricey (both in dollars and players going the other way). @2021BZLegendary That doesn't seem very realistic to me. They're not going to want both catchers and Pardinho is co… @IfYouCanHitEm I'm not sure that's enough for Darvish, to be honest. If they can get Darvish hell yes. Though they… @ETod09 Oh, I do (hence Musgrove) but the ask for guys like Darvish might be too high. I think Lance Lynn might be more realistic. @RianGupta11 Others have alluded to it. I think it makes all the sense in the world if they can't get Springer. It… @RapsLeafsJays @HaileyRaily I think he just wanted to get paid. I wouldn't assume he was angling for NY. @RianGupta11 Syndergaard is out until midseason. And they already spent some money on May for the pen. @Justorbs Heh, that almost sounds like one of the poll options! @2021BZLegendary The Rockies would be a very interesting trade partner. I'd choose Story since Arenado's contract i… @AlohaDeningham Well, the Jays are trying to get Springer. But if the Mets just decide not to be outbid, what other… @AlohaDeningham I'd start Stripling over Hatch, but that's not an unreasonable take. @RianGupta11 I totally believe it. They don't have unlimited money and George Springer makes all the sense in the w… @HaileyRaily It would definitely be a tough 1-2 punch. @RianGupta11 I happen to agree. @AlohaDeningham Over whom? @RianGupta11 Because they're not going to be paying for an upgrade over Gary Sanchez AND Trevor Bauer.I ask this question because I think this could be the most likely scenario. I think the Jays want to get a good CF… the Yankees get Bauer, then I think Realmuto to the Jays becomes even MORE likely. @_rallycap For you, it has no Grichuk in it. @kschischang He ain't in no rotation.I know without knowing who those hitters are this is tough, but hopefully the criteria for those bats helped a little.