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In the most recent Israeli election, writes @joshualeifer, the Palestinian-led Joint List achieved an unprecedented鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferI still don't believe Netanyahu is a twelve-dimensional chess player, but the way the current govt is shaping up --鈥 @arash_tehran @the_drow That is the hope, but it will require the creation of a new party + extra-parliamentary ins鈥 @the_drow @arash_tehran And worse in terms of number of MKs
@TomerPersico 讗讻谉, 讗谞讞谞讜 讘讘注讬讛 专爪讬谞讬转 驻讛"There is a real global fascist axis on the rise鈥攎aybe even further along its arc than 'on the rise' implies鈥攁nd I鈥 the deaths that have already happened, nor the deaths that will, were foregone conclusions. They were the r鈥"Painstakingly, the Earth spins, and as it does, / I look out into the world inside an incubator" A poem by Choi S鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferRule of thumb: Always read @HenrietteChacar
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferThis crisis is revealing the deep cruelty of the US ruling class.
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Retweeted by Joshua LeiferAlso, Avigdor Liberman, who had it out for Netanyahu, who had designs on eventually taking over Likud, has been red鈥 Netanyahu is a uniquely skilled politician or his opponents are uniquely feckless, a year of elections has鈥 @Istanbultelaviv Yeah, each round of elections is more catastrophic MeretzIsrael Labor Party chairman Amir Peretz reportedly called party activists this morning to lay the ground for joinin鈥
In the most recent Israeli election, the Palestinian-led Joint List achieved an unprecedented show of strength, wit鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer @DKarol @yeselson He did not have the votes because he could not get his party in line despite having ample knowled鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer @Istanbultelaviv @Yair_Rosenberg @alexbkane Gantz's options were obviously limited, but he did have a choice in how鈥 admire this from @JewishCurrents. I think @joshualeifer is right: "People want to feel and think through what鈥檚 h鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferFor more than a week, Netanyahu and his Likud allies have thrown Israel into uncharted constitutional waters in the鈥 @JesseLehrich Yes, I don't anticipate much of a career for him after this.Gantz seems to think that he will be rewarded politically in the future for this kind of self-sacrifice, especially鈥 Lapid has left the Blue and White party's Whatsapp group. of the lines of attack against Gantz was that he would crack under pressure. Turns out, that was true.Meanwhile, in Israel, Benny Gantz has decided he'd rather join a Netanyahu government, literally fracture his own p鈥 @Istanbultelaviv I sort of miss the mustache, though
This is unforgivable."One thing this catastrophe is teaching us is that, in a pandemic, no one is well鈥攁nd that thus far the rules of th鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferSo much of this was preventable. Part of the necessary political work is fighting back against the sense that there鈥, there is only one rule in a crisis: 饾櫏饾櫎饾櫋饾櫈饾櫓饾櫈饾櫂饾櫈饾櫙饾櫄 饾櫄饾櫕饾櫄饾櫑饾櫘饾櫓饾櫇饾櫈饾櫍饾櫆.
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferIt's the middle of a pandemic and the people running the country have just give up. @matankaminer by working together, I meant agree to form a government that would unseat NetanyahuWe strive to be transparent with our readers at @JewishCurrents. Here's a recent discussion we had about what chang鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferOver @JewishCurrents, we've been thinking and talking a lot about what it means to work toward the creation of a be鈥 response to Covid-19, the Jewish Currents staff has been re-evaluating our relationship to work, and to politica鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer @matankaminer because the ability of Gantz and co to play hardball back has been limited by their desire for a unity govtAn entire political party and an influential segment of the media have been so dedicated to upholding the unequal d鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferI'm not sure if what's happening in Israel is a constitutional crisis or just a kind of constitutional hardball, wh鈥
When the pandemic finally passes, it will be incumbent on left movements not simply to hold those responsible--whet鈥 is true that the past two decades have been marked by successive crises, and that's given rise to a certain gene鈥 to see Likud MKs telling Edelstein (and Netanyahu) to drop the constitutional hardball @Maricohen95's piece on incarcerated people during #covid19 lock-down is harrowing and essential.鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferI'm working on a piece for @JewishCurrents about housing organizing in this period of rapid economic collapse,鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leiferwhen "lighting also looks better" means we've moved from mortuary ambiance to clinical brightness faction of american elites are openly arguing that we should sacrifice at least a million of our citizens to keep鈥
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If you ever wondered if it's labor or capital that keeps the economy moving, we have our answer. It's labor, and ca鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer"We are sitting ducks, locked in. We know that if the virus gets inside, we are done," Stevie Wilson. "We鈥檙e askin鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer鈥淥ur jail population鈥檚 dropped like 20% in the last couple of days. It鈥檚 been an ongoing issue for a few years now,鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferAs the Covid-19 crisis escalates, incarcerated people across the country describe a climate of fear, uncertainty, a鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifergovernor "Bird"'s run as a "Progressive" list for the World Zionist Congress was an interesting experiment. It was the firs鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferA terrifying yet necessary round-up from @ishaantharoor presumptive Democratic nominee does not look well. @mmschwartz and Passover is in two weeks
This is exactly what we should be thinking about: a painful challenge in times of terror; a terror accelerated, dis鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferA good reminder that during a period of crisis, protest is all the more important. and needed piece from @_timbarker on the political and economic reasons why economists need to look beyon鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferFeels like the fact that US millennials' "normal" has been the 9/11 domertic security state, Forever Wars, a deep r鈥
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"Usually, the crisis comes and a new scientific and political regime comes with it. I fear that this is the opportu鈥
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"I fear that this is the opportunity in the state of emergency: it allows what should be the exception to become th鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer.@rschwartzburg spoke with scholar Eyal Weizman of Forensic Architecture about state responses to the crisis鈥攊nclud鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer.@alexbkane spoke with Ghada Majadle of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel to discuss the implications of the coron鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferToday at @JewishCurrents, we have two conversations, each speaking to an urgent aspect of the escalating coronavirus crisis:
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferNEW from me in @JewishCurrents: I called up Palestinian health expert Ghada Majadle to talk about the #coronavirus
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer"So we have to ask: Will we be able to control state power after the coronavirus crisis? Usually, we aren鈥檛 able to鈥 hope people are planning now how to react if the presidential election is suspended.
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferAs long as the pandemic continues, it will fall to ordinary citizens, civil society, to fight back against state ov鈥 like the US were criminally unprepared for a pandemic, despite ample warnings. Now, after its too late,鈥"Without reopening the Knesset, we will slide toward an autocracy run by Benjamin Netanyahu. Even in a non-democrac鈥, there it is.
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferI'm sure Joe Biden is still looking forward to working with these very ethical, upstanding Republicans.Senators should not be allowed to trade individual stocks, sure, but also senators should not exist
Retweeted by Joshua Leiferluv 2 be reminded that the executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie
little did I know that I'd start my mid-twenties the same way I started high school: shut in my room during a globa鈥[These measures are police and Shin Bet use of private cell phone data to surveil coronavirus patients]The Court ruled that if the Knesset does not re-open to carry out parliamentary supervision of the measures, they will not be permitted.Israel's Supreme Court has reportedly issued a temporary injunction against use of Shin Bet cyber-surveillance measures.From @joshualeifer, how the rightward turn of groups like the Anti-Defamation League dovetails with the breakup of鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer"To pry this opening wide, we will need to begin to replace the logics of capitalism with the logics of care, to ma鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer
Finding some much-needed hope in this beautiful piece from 鈦ArielleLAngel鈦. 鈥淲e will need to begin to replace th鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer"If this crisis presents an opportunity to admit to ourselves how thoroughly we鈥檝e been colonized by capitalism, ho鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer鈥淚 have fantasized constantly about freezing time...about a more intensive, isolated work environment, nestled in a鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferAmerican Jewish institutional leadership has long been on a rightward trajectory. Its alliance with the Trump admin鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer"To pry this opening wide, we will need to begin to replace the logics of capitalism with the logics of care, to ma鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer @StephenMarche Perhaps. Only time will tell.This, by @ArielleLAngel for @JewishCurrents, filled me with a curious sort of hope
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferIn the coming months, and of course years and decades, we will see whether the US-Israel "special relationship" wil鈥, editor of @JewishCurrents, on how she鈥攁nd the magazine鈥攁re beginning to think through where we are鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer"If this crisis presents an opportunity to admit to ourselves how thoroughly we鈥檝e been colonized by capitalism, ho鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferJewish Currents has been quiet for the past week, trying to make sense of the current crisis and respond to it purp鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferOver the past days, the question of what is 鈥渆ssential鈥 in our coverage has given way to two more specific metrics:鈥
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer"To pry this opening wide, we will need to begin to replace the logics of capitalism with the logics of care, to ma鈥 Currents Editor Arielle Angel reflects on what it means to be a magazine of the left right now.
Retweeted by Joshua Leifer鈥淢ost American Jews know very little about the institutions that claim to represent them, and the leaders of these鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferSo many friends and comrades from @BKBailFund, @NeverAgainActn, @JFREJNYC, and @NewSanctuaryNYC are working hard to鈥 sanctions have paved the way for a humanitarian disaster in Iran.鈥檚 the deal: Israel currently has a PM who failed 3 consecutive elections, leading a 17 months old interim gove鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferI just got around @joshualeifer's piece on how the reactionary Jewish communal leadership misrepresent the rest of鈥
Retweeted by Joshua LeiferIn this piece, I tried to sketch the American Jewish establishment's new ideological contours鈥