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I believe in love and rage. Digital @EdMarkey. Socialist, very angry, VERY tired. 18, he/him, tweets my own, not my employers. Tweets auto-delete.🧥

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@devpant_ i’m sorry i’m literally just a lanky white boy there’s only so much that fits metwo people who were huge parts of my childhood lost today. so much pain. heartbroken. sending all my love to the f… @time2ryot @Nick_Roberttss vegan cheese only this tweet remains bad @ahitsnicolee tall @afterglowgrande honestly was trying to flex my quads but yea that tooNaya Rivera will be missed so much by so many. She was a friend of GLAAD and even hosted the GLAAD Media Awards twi…
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@b_music4life WWWWWWW CONGRATULATIONS!!! @lxzdanelly y’all forgot about polo @andrewbfeldman ANDREW YOUR MINDDDDThe mystery begins August 1. Go to to buy your ticket today.
Retweeted by joshua rush @lctheders @JoeBiden @HowieHawkins @JohnWMcCarthy this is what i’ve been telling you about the gen z vote @terrygtnguyen carrds are so cool it’s how i built theyre so fun!!#Students2Stay is a movement for all students at risk of detainment, deportation, & visa complications. It started…
Retweeted by joshua rush @angeImcr iY’ALL: Students at our schools are at risk of detainment, deportation, & visa complications, and it’s just another… @roxierichner THATS THE COOLEST FUCKING NAME ROXwear a MASK more followers u get the more miserable life becomes
Retweeted by joshua rush @chrissyteigen @EdMarkey hey chrissy wanna do a phone bank shift? @JackGreenspan02 @DylanBasescu @tltamn delete this lmaoi am so tired of copaganda, it’s fucking cringe
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@abhiprofen me but hebrew omg nothing but pain @PaightenHarkins baby!!!(I’ve already sent them financial support and will be continuing to as long as their instability lasts! Just trying…’all I don’t do this often, but two of my friends were kicked out of their homes this week, identification held ho… @MightyKreskin @CehBeachActual @KWintie @chrisiousity @freiherrKvK whatcutting open the lincoln project to reveal that it is not, in fact, cake. instead, it is a bunch of republicans who… @iskandrah i survived the purge🥺 @rpyers @banditelli @ProjectLincoln thanks for confirming that we live in hell, rob @banditelli @ProjectLincoln and yet Rep. 4Congress only made $0.3M? politics is truly a rigged game @cxarli @ProjectLincoln they’re literally just neocons looking to score positions in the biden admin so that they c… @banditelli @ProjectLincoln 5.3M in independent expenditures ... was it worth the twitter clout? was it worth the grift?Friendly reminder that despite @ProjectLincoln acting like a fighter against Trump and corruption, they’re just ano… @jennychen8601 @AmandaMWestlake GOOD MORNING 51 DAYSKeep her name trending. She still hasn’t been found. Bring her home #FindNaya
Retweeted by joshua rush(to the tune of I COULD HAVE BEEN TURBO?) i could have been RUSH?? @theylienart hiiii let me know if there are any ways i can help out!! @presidentwil i’m not even kidding i want to cry about muji closing @lilgrapefruits yeah ❤️
Retweeted by joshua rushcalled out❤️ police and increasing safety aren't just compatible, they're interdependent.
Retweeted by joshua rushplease let me know if i am following your abuser and i will cut all ties absolutely no questions asked. and if you…
Retweeted by joshua rush @GraceFStan @pawlbologna @FernandesGrace YES
Retweeted by joshua rushYou’ve seen the Salt Lake City mural with the faces of people killed by Utah police. Here are their stories:
Retweeted by joshua rush @ElsieKFisher YOURE RIGHT ANS U SHIULD SAY ITThe number of abusers in the Gen-Z progressive space is staggering. I’m tired of so-called “feminist” men victimizi…
Retweeted by joshua rushWether you are voting for him the in the primary or not, I don’t think one can deny the legacy @EdMarkey has left o…
Retweeted by joshua rush @b_music4life love u too blaine 🥺 @RaphyJacobson @DanielaFinlay her platform is that she rocks and tweets a lot @DanielaFinlay it’s too late i filed the papers for you you’re running @DanielaFinlay for nyc city councilplease tell me my family isn’t cake
Retweeted by joshua rushImagine if our government had bailed out the American people the way it bailed out corporations.
Retweeted by joshua rushguys would y’all mind going and bothering liv for a lil bit to destroy her mentions @SmurfVlogs nothing new at all king lmaoo @israhirsi @GabeSekeres haters stay mad, i stay winningwtf i’m being slandered we considered that when protestors destroyed a cop car they were just trying to make sure it wasn’t cake
Retweeted by joshua rushresponding to chapo's stance on prison abolition: a thread (1/27)
Retweeted by joshua rushABOLISH THE POLICE FOR BREONNA TAYLOR is out now!
Retweeted by joshua rush @BenjiKrol benji come to salt lake city i’m making it next week @AndrewSolender @MiddleBrownie @GBinEP what’s bofathe movie villain the actual villain
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valid @zupergurkan @claudiamconwayy The land is not ours to put faces on, it belongs to the Lakota. @time2ryot no cooked fruits are great...slow smoking watermelon looks disgusting but i will reserve final judgement… so when are we taking down mount rushmore?
Retweeted by joshua rush @dykepikachu good content make the serotonin go woosha little over a year ago i received this dm. every day since, ive lived in fear
Retweeted by joshua rush @terrygtnguyen @dykepikachu art should not warrant explanation but my interpretation is that vox writers are former… news today: 📉📉📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📈📉📉📈📈📈NEVER MIND PHEW top Democratic aide tells me that reports that Congressman John Lewis has died are FALSE.
Retweeted by joshua rushHis chief of staff tells me that @repjohnlewis is still with us.
Retweeted by joshua rush @stopmargarita tweet is deleted, i saw the alma adams tweet, waiting now for infoNEVER MIND MAYBE?? wow. really hoping he is still with us @dykepikachu @terrygtnguyen @thethandi_way me: no i was a zionist and then i gained some understanding of the world and stopped being dumb zio… the last time: It is not anti Semitic to be anti Zionist. There are plenty of Jewish people (practicing, not p…
Retweeted by joshua rush @presidentwil he is the blueprintProperty destruction is not a proportional response to murder. It’s actually like an extreme underreaction
Retweeted by joshua rush @Neilfan12 The city’s golf budget is $8,000,000. They’ll be able to handle $200k in righteous anger. @utahmads and have you SEEN the nibley park course?? that’s costing us EIGHT MILLION???this rocks i am so proud of my city for standing up to the politicians and started that have failed us and our neig… @castielnaturaI the ones who stayed 🥺dropped back down to 119.9k followers from 120k for this tweet and i wouldn’t have it any other way💗welcome to my t… @TraegerGrills how do i make a smoked watermelon and will you support me in this endeavori have a smoker and my dad is going out of town for a week...i can’t host a party because covid but i can sin in an…’m gonna make the smoked watermelon i will update you all once it’s made one of my dear friend’s brother was dragged out of his apartment in front of his children, and arrested…
Retweeted by joshua rush @WongKarWax delete this shit mfIf I were a voter in a 100% safe blue district, I would simply support the most progressive candidate and stop maki…
Retweeted by joshua rushimagine ur showing someone your favorite tik toks and they pull out their phone and start responding to a text how… without parole is one of the cruelest parts of America’s criminal justice system.
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