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JoJo @JosiahCSGO New Orleans, LA

FPL/Premier player for Mythic. Good cs player but better shitposter. I STREAM OFTEN AT

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I will always stand by my idea of shooting rockets filled with cum into space to see if we can jumpstart evolution.…
Retweeted by JoJo @nate_rett58 Thanks u a real one @nate_rett58 Thanks for avenging me. Did u get my shirt back as well? @parks2214 @RyanAtRBM made with memeatic @MuensterGG @BnB_pt2 karma for beating me and stealing my drip @agmFPS @JonahP_ damn i woulda swapped if i knew cake was involved @fl0mtv @ESEA just saying the closest we got was when i had dualies
@HighCoastES @stamjna Wait actually tf is this @stamjna How would they catch me I'd just roll awayThey really beat me then stole my fit tho wtf before scrim in an hour then match right after that! @slowiscool Bruh what kinda shit u gotInternet gone out twice in an hour I just wanna dm @Pol0cs @CAJUN_CS Dude making up shit and still put 78 adr tf @fl0mtv @BLASTPremier Go take a nap we got a match @HighCoastES @MythicRebornGG @Bewbiecs @6motm @ben1337cs @TheRealPwnAlone @rcfcsgo @MuensterGG Mfs will do this but won't even follow me smhIn honor of beating @MythicRebornGG last night, we will be wearing the Official @JosiahCSGO Jerseys for our match a…
Retweeted by JoJo @Pol0cs @swishcs Soon you will be able to afford a rearview mirror so u can read chat 🙏 @vooCSGO @HHandyj p90 has shapewood skin its worth @HHandyj @vooCSGO Nah u a ho @HHandyj @vooCSGO P90 better armor pen and more bullet @MuensterGG @HighCoastES idk what u mean i was feelin myself cause that shirt @cettobincsgo @MuensterGG @HighCoastES yea i be dripped outLost 2-0 to @HighCoastES. they are so sexy and talented omg. @ben1337cs @MythicRebornGG @BnB_pt2 @Recon5Org ggs mr ben @HighCoastES @MythicRebornGG @6motm That's what he gets for not linking my streamGot his ass with @ESEA premier playoff match @6motm @MythicRebornGG @ESEA @fl0mtv Dude?!
@JonjiJlc @6motm @Recon5Org Dont wish him luck dude wtf @tr3cherouz @vooCSGO No I almost got kicked from fplc over this I won't back down @6motm I'm popping these gl match tonight! No scrim beforehand so I'm just chilling prolly some dm and brushing up on nades. @vooCSGO did u know the mp9 and the p90 have the same firerate. p90 meta is coming soon mark my words @NartOutHere ur the bestestonly W na is getting today apparently @_BrianCS @MatthewCElmore code POOR40 for 40% off on sodas store @Mauisnake u gotta admit tho i be branding myself better than anyone else out here @Mauisnake im not even sure if i know anymore @MatthewCElmore sodapoppin merch @el_jack0 @nate_rett58 @monsyera of course @monsyera @nate_rett58 We are laughing with me not at me right?.. right? @switchyqq Fit lookin clean af @chloe_hime7 Who u think took the pic @nate_rett58 🙏 boss babe @nate_rett58 its called branding sweetie look it up @1hadofhfo It's sodapoppin merch @_BrianCS Why would I want to breed lmfao @khaosbob i be dripped out fr @tytybowbow yesYall fuck with my hltv pic? I think its pretty WICKED personally You’re the first tree someone sees when spawning in a Minecraft server
Retweeted by JoJoGod I need a caffeine sponsor I am perma tired @caseyfosterTV i know that if i died i can just yell interp does that count? @MuensterGG Idk i rode a dinosaur to six flags one time. Anything is possible in my dreams @MuensterGG yeah ur getting first rounded buddy
Mythic scrims 2 days in a row omg wow. @insaneck @ThirdImpactGG Yes @el_jack0 @ThirdImpactGG Thanks it took like 2 months cause I got burnt out and didn't open it for like 2 weeksOh yeah new video is out! Bunch of old awp clips from when I was on @ThirdImpactGG. Havent been able to play all se… @snooze Sup @chloe_hime7 @NattyFPS mood @C0J0M0 @xX_N07_Xx Bro there's like 3 na teams it ain't hard @MuensterGG @MuensterGG Wanna lay in bed with me @Birdyfood I can't handle this unfulfilled loot porn @Birdyfood Well what's in the rigs @swipR_ I asked but they say no. Apparently they said since it's a cable line when it gets busy it just kicks peopl… made it a whole 4 hours before my internet died! But dont worry the isp technician says everything is fine so t…
SO EASY FOR CADIAN @Zellsis Bro u watched to much history channel as a kid huh @JERICHO Lmfao I can force myself back to sleep forever. Sleep 20 hours a day frequently cause I'm a beast @freehitboy @fl0mtv @NathansFranks Imma delete this for u @slowiscool I used to eat like once every 3 days cause I'd just forget to eat until I got nauseousLeaked image of @fl0mtv after getting sponsored by @NathansFranks'all ever have sleep for dinner? Like you lazy and don't wanna make food so u just go to sleep so u don't gotta eat @ariessqc @brett_csgo im just better lol @PoisonCSGO Owned @its_skippr take ur time i guess @fenomnx @brett_csgo P90 TO THE MOON 🚀🚀🚀 @PoisonCSGO NO FREE CLOUT @XzenCSGO @brett_csgo HEELYPEEKGet shit on @brett_csgo. god im so talented
U guys are the best support players @JosiahCSGO @bron_exe @PoisonCSGO @xx_n07_xx
Retweeted by JoJo @parks2214 @RISE_ESC 😀Actually starting a game now smile @CooperCSGO Look like the pillsbury doughboys jacked cousin @JDubsCS @bron_exe @PoisonCSGO @xX_N07_Xx the cash cup. 90s delay Puggin it with @bron_exe @PoisonCSGO @JDubsCS @JosiahCSGO
Retweeted by JoJoAttempting to stream the cash cup. 90s delay Puggin it with @bron_exe @PoisonCSGO @JDubsCS @xX_N07_Xx @piethrouer @JTcsgo @_BrianCS OH this is what brian meant when he said he gets top now @HexTCSGO @_BrianCS @piethrouer U need jesus is what u need @RealStrongLegs What a good thumbnail shout-out to that guy @_BrianCS @fl0mtv @NathansFranks @ATT @MythicRebornGG @alexiaraye @Sydeon tru @fl0mtv @NathansFranks @ATT @MythicRebornGG @alexiaraye @Sydeon We lose everytime to your subs
Internet suck so I had to go outside... I think buddy enjoyed it tho @_BrianCS @PanYijingFlora @RyanAtRBM Fr just order a salad on the side tf is this shit @PanYijingFlora @_BrianCS @RyanAtRBM Is that fucking lettuce?!?! @Random_Randy202 Yeah everything goes out