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@OfficialAproto @leaf_cs I'm like 99% sure I've seen this before @chloe_hime7 nope shit used to be good but now its just meh. fuck worshipping a company that only cares about incre… @chloe_hime7 @Dykaz_ Syrson also never uses rifles but his scout is nasty so it works. @chloe_hime7 Tim hortons is trash now so fuck ur timbit I ain't calling it that. Like callin every chicken nugget a… @Osodankk @MicahBain Yea I'm somewhat of a culinary genius @tweissCS 1 @Osodankk @MicahBain Yea like this @refinnejle @Crashies omg congrats
Playin vs @RBG_Esports now pepehands kekw cash cup wit some noobs @_BrianCS u cant aim @1Mikey_tv #poggers #omgbigfan @_BrianCS @khaosbob Actin like u enjoy the game @RyanAtRBM @Cynil_ Man I've had 2 pairs of shoes in the last 8 years
Some tarkov then maybe some cs later who knows i cant tell the future @fl0mtv YUUP @ohnePixel @DonHaci @HLTVorg @ggbetofficial @Xtrfy @filqqq @moosemeatdealer god damn i can just about visualize the steak being seared @Zellsis bro it say it right there c is to switch seats @1knrcs 🤫Chill dm stream maybe some pugs if I can find some friends @tweissCS @jaysef7 Same @drewtheshrew1 Let's go
@daveycsgo Vertigo so much fun @jaysef7 Basically what u tweet everydayI chose a bad day to be literate @bplValorant @shoukrrrr @bplValorant @shoukrrrr Food dumbass @piethrouer Yea I'll just 1v5 my way through that shit u right @shoukrrrr happy bday ramen 🍜 @tweissCS Idk if I believe this anymore I seen the way u and therapist be lookin at each other @Nohte First hyperdash is gon and now this 😔dude puts in hours like no one else. if any NA CS teams are looking to break into the top tier this guy is definite…
Retweeted by JoJo @NartOutHere @khanslashblitzz Narts back poggersStreaming some tarkov rn maybe cs later. Tryna make some money after spending 3mil upgrading the stash
@HacksoMaxo its like 5 hours away from noon what u mean @HacksoMaxo liar ur not live right now @chloe_hime7 @Upmind_ even if he was alive thats a fuckin ct bud. u tryna tk the boys smh @Zellsis Nah man waters texture is its temperature. Ice water just be mad crispy @DTruxy Launch obs as admin @TriumphGamingGG @viz_cs god damn @viz_cs turn ur monitor brightness down @ohaaiii Omg u killed them too?
We love NA CS
Retweeted by JoJo @BoggsCS But I'm not an autobot @ohaaiii He had a family dude @viz_cs deserved man ur nuts @PanicCS_ Nah just use a triple a battery and its 80g noob @alxce____ Yo fr my gf made me do a skincare routine thing with her and got me feeling fabulousG305 >>> @crawfishcs @tweissCS Yea just started playin like 3 days ago @ez4trump Brian ur in her bio dude pog @tweissCS bro back when that new med room first came out i got 2 ledxs and 2 defibs in 1 raid i was geekin @coachswitchy @tweissCS @Blakerscs snoreline zzzz @tweissCS Started playing again* havent played since the weight change updates @tweissCS Dude I just started playing heck ur new updates @tweissCS hk 100 round mags always the meta @ez4trump That pussy fire my guy @ThebestAxel_F @koalanoob @fl0mtv @daveycsgo @adreN_Hoag Hey I'm working on it. Gained like 15 pounds so farBack again just lost like 2mil on a labs run sadge @refinnejle Yo that's sick
Streamin some tarkov in 1080p60fp I go get dinner wit my dad in like an hour so short lil stream but yea @fl0mtv @daveycsgo @adreN_Hoag sup @xner20 congrats on the payday @HighCoastES! @SCJREAL Stans of anything are mentally deranged @1pwny i wouldnt break anything im a nice guy
@coachswitchy @insaneppltweets Also that strawberry was not ripe at all smh @coachswitchy @insaneppltweets This takes 2 minutes. Deseeding took me 3 hours @piethrouer Ok ty for help! @piethrouer Define cheap @_BrianCS @gingaaCS @vanitycsgo
@6motm LMFAO @violento_o did the same shit @polar_burrrr Yeah u probably think cheerios are the best cereal huh. Gross ass mf @cettobincsgo I bet he gon care a lot more about tier 2 cs now
@nurfed25 Yea I'm kind of a big dealDm'ing 3 hours today and probably some pugs. Dual pc stream now so 1080p 60fps crouch but my autocorrect still changes to ducking 😭
Retweeted by JoJo @Am1racle being on stage at frag having to pee like 5 rounds into the match and then it ends up going to 6 ots and lasting 3 hours @ryanstoptalking @piethrouer @fl0mtv @MythicRebornGG NA lasted longer than chrisj at the end of the dayWHOSE CAREER DEAD NOW? @RyanAtRBM @Twistzz ayo update?
Everyone make fun of me for not having a bed frame but the boogey man ain't getting my broke ass @piethrouer @_BrianCS shouldve had an egirls simped over stat @dianeCSGO Havent been happy since he took it away 😔 @dianeCSGO Fplc admin said the opposite :( @dianeCSGO Actin like this isnt the reason for 90% of ur teams pausesI wish I was as confident as some of these owners on kitchen knightmares man @jam_csgo @CxziDanny @drewtheshrew1 dude i havent slept and ive dm'd for 6 hours already leave me alone @MuensterGG @TheRealPwnAlone I'll have u know I'm only slow mentallyOk we have dm'd 3 hours and watched 2 episodes of kitchen nightmares as breaks. Maybe this wasnt best idea @CoachRuin Cause I'm down badGonna stream myself dming for 10 hours since its the only thing in this game I enjoy atm. not straight there gon be… @6motm pretty sure streamlabs has a mobile app or somethin @6motm just stream hells kitchen off ur phone @fl0mtv @_BrianCS @CxziDanny my afternoon take is lookin real good in comparison huh @CxziDanny @_BrianCS so he can capitalize on all those guardian fans finally.@CxziDanny ?????????????
Retweeted by JoJo @_BrianCS @CxziDanny Bro i say dumb shit all the time but god damn why would u say that @FedExHelp @cuzeQ_ Smh gaylen
New video out now. First time using after effects/premiere pro but im happy with how it came out. :D Plan on making…
Retweeted by JoJo @MuensterGG U hate me cause I speak the truth