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Military Advisor: film/TV. Counselor @WritersGuildF oundation Veterans Writing Project. |Actor🎭|Writer⌨|Veteran🇺🇸|Goof🤪| #PreWGA

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@shaene @JuliaLewald @DeptVetAffairs IMO it's not a matter of catching up. It's a matter of not being actively held…
@StarlettHill What about veteran/writer/actress Drea Garcia @thepuertopina ? @ScriptsByJames Staff Writer on a JJ Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron NBC Series. Writer, director, and producer of commer…
Retweeted by Joshua Keller KatzTV/SCREENWRITERS! Fun opportunity in dark times: I recently said getting notes on scripts from pro writers is BEST…
Retweeted by Joshua Keller Katz @shaene @JuliaLewald Not the @DeptVetAffairs @JeffLieber Fort-get-a-bout-it be a part of the club, there's a secret hand shake and a fort!
Retweeted by Joshua Keller Katz @JeffLieber We already follow each other, but I think this is part of that reason. I say to give a thing a name is… @patsweetpat Ah yes, from the historical "fireside shats" 💩🤓 @Gennefer @MeggyGarol I heard the original company name was Vomity, but it didn't test well for some reason. @elviggity Pretty sure that's a Thai soup name. 🤔 @LoveKatieCronin So many twists, M. Night would poop his pants. @LoveKatieCronin 1hr (6 ep) true trime about a missing woman in a smalltown, her husband accused of causing her dis…
@_mdickson @heavymeta3000 @ReallyMighty Congrats you two! @shimoda_don @Jenn13Jenn13 @marcuscouch's get some early birthday love for my grandma who is about to turn 101. Here's a photo taken earlier today.
Retweeted by Joshua Keller Katz @mizmulligan @thegarygraham Bundaberg is best, IMO. @NikkiGlaser @vincentkiki3 @pedsdoc97 @Geziandme @meenaharris Also a federal felony if caught, especially if ill. I realize this… @meenaharris Order online using something other than Amazon, and from another country, like Canada or UK. Orders ca… @pattonoswalt Reminds me of: @mizmulligan @thegarygraham Do you like ginger beer? If so, I have some recs for ya! @shimoda_don @Jenn13Jenn13 @marcuscouch Another example: forecastle/focsle. While focsle, fo'c'sle, or fo'c's'le is… @shimoda_don @Jenn13Jenn13 @marcuscouch Yep, taught us that in bootcamp. A lot of terms used in the military came f… @Jenn13Jenn13 @marcuscouch @NavyTimes I wrote "XX"!😜 @Jenn13Jenn13 @marcuscouch @NavyTimes You did know; went through the same basic training as me (around the same tim… @Jenn13Jenn13 @marcuscouch The nautical term is properly spelled: "under weigh", as in "weigh anchor". "Under way"… @thelukepenn Crap. I just realized that my birthday is, a week. @niladri_m Comedy & true story/IP adaptation screenwriter who also served in the United States Navy during two wars (OEF & OIF). @KingDavidFilms If you have to add "don't die" to your screenwriting process, you're REALLY behind your competition. @pattonoswalt @MeredthSalenger Whatever happened to true romance, like shouting to each other while on the toilet? @MagsVisaggs @VDOOZER @Secretoriginz I just use the last name of the most recent person arrested for doing something ludicrous i… @Jenn13Jenn13 @marcuscouch Could have also been from coming in contact with contaminated supplies. Military often b… @marcuscouch @Jenn13Jenn13 "Under weigh" is proper nautical spelling. 😉 @SydneyHoffner @thegarygraham I think "Mayonaise" might be mine. @elviggity They were probably misogynists. @ItsLaDarrion @rodthompson I mean, if they proofread their tweets, they're ahead of me.🤓
@dgrounds @rmayemsinger @ChrisSumlin out to the military vets in our #WGFVets program who are currently meeting with their mentors and groups via…
Retweeted by Joshua Keller Katz @MerrillBarr @MorganicInk Yep. This. @MorganicInk @TreyCallaway @valleyrelics @Gennefer "Zold!"*wrote "one" twice. I think I have to self-impose a rule that I'm not allowed to tweet from my phone anymore.🤦🏼‍♂️ @heatherAtaylor @NetworkISA @StoweStoryLabs @Clayton_D_Smith @JLisaJay @jimpicariello Mazeltov, may all of your fut… you're a screenwriter and you don't come out of this with at least one one completed script, you're going to be…! I know things feel really uncertain right now but here's something good. Pitches are happening. I got two s…
Retweeted by Joshua Keller Katz @mmillsrat @patsweetpat @OldFuckGCG Yeah, politicians are basically the stray cats of email. really miss my life from three weeks ago when I was sitting at home for days at a time, doing nothing, but by choice
Retweeted by Joshua Keller KatzThe same script that is currently in front of an A list director, has never gotten into ANY screenwriting competiti…
Retweeted by Joshua Keller Katz @jacobtaber @inkasrain Easy fix. Trap it before shabbos, don't reveal until after when everyone is in the room after shabbos. @MenachemSilver @Princesamuel107 I think I already wrote it...I just hope the producer agrees!🤓 @KealanBurke @OKBJGM @Barilla Okay, that's an automatic follow for life from me.🤓 @JamellPonder An initial query should NEVER contain a full script. Send a sentence or two about yourself and a logl… @johngary @OKBJGM @iabanon Don't worry, they're just filming my new 1hr Medical Drama: Pandemic Paramedics. 🤓 @KealanBurke @OKBJGM @Barilla @KealanBurke @OKBJGM Pride. A group of cats made out of noodles is called a pride...unless the noodles are by @Barilla @inkasrain Turn off the lights in a room with no windows before shabbos, then after sundown, lock everyone in there… @shewillz @MerrillBarr @JoseMolinaTV For sure, no animosty here❤ Anyway, my wife agrees with you that many Jackbox… @shewillz @MerrillBarr @JoseMolinaTV I respectfully disagree. Sometimes that game forces you to reset with 2 people… @DannyManus @nevslin @shewillz @MerrillBarr @JoseMolinaTV Jackbox isn't really an option for just 2 people. @JoseMolinaTV Any of Sid Meier's Civilization games. Both get on steam and can play online, cross-platform. I'll pl… @DanielJSeco You're not fooling anyone into thinking you're sane. 🤓 @_mdickson Don't you mean a quarantini? 🤓🍸
Congrats to @by_kamala and @SydneyHoffner for winning the two sponsorship spots. And thank you for both for your service! @by_kamala Done! Will DM you to get info. Congrats!You know what? I just got a residual check...I'm going to sponsor a 2nd spot for another US military veteran. Next vet to post. @SydneyHoffner @_mdickson Aw hell yeah Sydney! I'll DM you to get you set up. CONGRATS! @CherylPuente @_mdickson Aw, thanks you, that's kind of you to say. It's the least I can do. The real opportunity h… @CherylPuente @_mdickson Are you a vet Cheryl? The spot it still open. @MaeDay1204 @_mdickson @WritersGuildF Awesome! I hope to see you there...or in a virtual meeting, depending on future circumstances. @MaeDay1204 @_mdickson Thank you for your service, fellow vet! Maybe next time?Though registration won't open until… writers who are also US military veterans (or active duty/reserves) who see this, I'll pay for your participati… @leahwelch19 , can you recommend anyone?"It's the perfect plan. I'll distract the guard while you sneak in." - My Cats 😺 @VDOOZER @Slamdance When the script feedback is exactly what you were going for: "Tonally, this feels almost like… @VDOOZER @zachbraff @donald_faison I hope this equipment is going to be used for ADR on that Dr. Acula film I keep hearing about. @Dango_Forth Maybe they are trying to be helpful by offering their tails as brushes? @NILES100 Oh yeah, well my Dad at the CDC could beat up your Dad at the CDC! @TheRealZuber @Gennefer @Gennefer That's some bullshit...I'd shovel...into my mouth. delivered and installed a washer/dryer unit in our apartment today. I had an unopened bag of dust masks in my… a reminder that if your fellow self quarantining neighbors are being too loud you might be able to connect to…
Retweeted by Joshua Keller Katz @FilmCritHULK Watch this episode of South Park first: @MeggyGarol I always say: it's a good thing I don't write screenplays on my phone. 🤓 @Beckylooo Make doo?💩
@alexsaks That's a good place to start. Call me when you start putting your legs through the armholes of your tshirts. 🤓 @alisonlzeidman I'm a billionaire, and I can't help anyone. Wait...not billionaire...what's the word. Oh yeah. Illiterate. @KimmyMonte The Maltese Egg @DevonESawa @rage1 @johnniejae @weshoyot @patsweetpat @desireerm Great advice! So based on just this conversation, I'm going to… @beccaluau @patsweetpat @THR No thanks. But I'll block your for you passive-aggressive-laced hatred. Bye bye. @LizAlps Artichoke dip stuffed mushrooms and seasoned brussel sprouts. @beccaluau @patsweetpat @THR No one "harmed" has even read the comic. These are reactions to bits and pieces, not t…