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had to pull over to lean out my car to puke this morning. how’s your day going?You’ve smoked weed 3 times a day for the past decade and you’re surprised your mental health isn’t stellar??
@Mako I’m so sorry Mako, We all love you <3 @highashales Are your eye brows green? I love it..... @FavsPriv I clocked into work, barely took a sip of my coffee and thought “daniel needs to wake up to this” @FavsPriv Your own wordsDaniel said he’s such a heavy regular at Burger King that they know him by his order. he walks in and they already… wanna see it @may_wedda LMAOOO @jcupisinnocent I hate politics timeline. I know we’re adults and woooo politics and future of our country and all…
I made this in a fastrac parking lot. someone please helpthis the nut video with sound on y’all always talking about? for the love of god shut the fuck up is the funniest video ive seen in so long you got big ass monster ass huge ass front teeth that you can see no matter how open your mouth is. you deserve the world @Jolyne_Cujoh69 @SamjaySJ @g7byy You woke up on comedy central mode 😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 @Ym3k0 That appears to be a dog that was made, through evolution, to withstand very cold temperatures @peterxinping How does he do it🔥🔥🔥🔥 @SamjaySJ @g7byy LETS GOOOOOOOOO @koordell Boooooooooo @Tellemmmmm men just talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talkChristians are ICONIC for contradicting themselves... but doing so in the same paragraph gotta be a new record feel like daniel got a whole wife and 3 kids he’s hiding from the TL @c1owngod Good morningg
@Nefertidddy wtf @xoxabstract old but i like this one would’ve called him a thug and thanked the FBI for assasinating him you filthy rat should be more then acceptable to talk shit about people that died. if you did fucked up things i don’t give a FUCK that you’re deadWay to dishonor your father’s legacy, Meghan.
Retweeted by Jac @dagostlno shut up fat midgetI put this on tiktok but i wanna put it here too @tammyindacut Not a single lie was spoken though, christianity is a plague @lyssiu ты такая красивая, я забыл английский, пожалуйста, помогитеI’ve seen a lot of police cars like this and it’s the slimiest thing i’ve seen in a. while. they’ll have the “polic… @amanduhh_pls MEalso everyone saying "the cgi was soooo bad" i thought they did a fantastic job on eren's titan cockthe gay orgy between all the male titans was super weird tho. not really on brand for this showthat new aot goes bonkers @HarryButAverage this shit's been photoshopped so many times event he real one looks fake @genericndboring ah okay, send the fucker my apologies then @genericndboring didnt that mf kick you in the head?? @wydstepbrOoke Imagine being a simp for a dude named tedward 💀💀💀💀 @Wittle__ How do we compete? @jasminericegirl I promise women dont simply watch anime for male validation. especially validation from fucking losers 🤣💀 @jasminericegirl How can someone be so desperate for a gf with the same interests and then hate women for having your own interests???
@JhbTeam i’m putting you in a coma for $30 @guxieoven it's worth it @guxieoven Nah there's gotta be banging ass content there. ther ehas to be. I must see it @slayerjordy ive tried thrice today. im down so bad @guxieoven yeah her onlyfans 50, wanna split?that $50 looking like less and less money @vialxx YOOOO @notchaselyons I used to go crazy on dark brotherhood quests @Wittle__ The hell is wrong with youWe still never found out why Dr. Disrespect was banned... @Ishlachan Hiiiii @HotTopic4Way No they arent @soIitxa Oh brother @bluntjedi Eh fuck em, do what you want. also what color are you actually doing? @bluntjedi I think this would actually look CRAZYYYY good on you :] @dracubina Yeah usually at the end of a long work day every thing will annoy me @bluntjedi Red @fandomhuub Damn you werent supposed to see thislol wwyd if we kissed? @zasshhuu He looks like an account that cheats on his wife with a mistress that pegs him and puts in on the hub @silvasalavisa Simple logic man @carobini you look like this @SolisHugo Yeah but if were being honest. if not the majority, then a large portion of guy gamers are super insanely sexist @SolisHugo a lot of guys were pissed that GTA6 is gonna have a female main character @optiuh she puffin out dust @HarryButAverage Yeah religious people are pretty dumb @leahdb98 Morning Leah!!! @babieyoda I hope you get hit with katrina 2.0 this summer @babieyoda Hey @Notintheface1 The skilled labor job that i work now is not early as difficult as the customer service job i worked before handFrost's Rust videos are better then the entire marvel cinematic universe @no9mi He literally doesnt even look like a real person LMAOglad they finally stopped fandumhub @MeIixo Lemme see your cock @HarryButAverage @notchaselyons I want whoever made this in federal prison @lollipops it's always at you... never with you @no9mi Yeah no never @SamManlol Happy 38th birthday man!!! 2 more till the big four oh!!! @notchaselyons @Froste damn them things THANGING @KittenElise @xddchill Add some garlic and onion powder, salt and pepper is necessary as well
@SafeWebUser They’re so mad all they get to use are kitchen knives 😭💀😭🙄 @g7byy @LilNasX Ayo???????Me and the homies getting the covid vaccine @dagostlno @d4am_ You’re going to hell
@notchaselyons You can’t look me dead in the eye and say that the shit keto people eat is healthyketo should be specified as a mental disorder @BeefedUpBro you’re sickYou not REALLY in a relationship till y’all pee on each other feet in the shower 😂💀💯 @HarryButAverage @cryb0i @senpaisarai i once knew of a guy in my town that did this. turns out he was a pedophile @SPOOKYCHRXST that shut looks nice @myhandsbecold that’d be pretty sick but i’d figure haunting people would be boring after a while @trippyelf holy moly @pixlgirlfrnd Hi My name is Josiah