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@davidgross_man not yet!love that this show decided to have francis II live past 16, what is history anyway???anyway,martha coolidge, penny marshall, joyce chopra, amy holden jones, lizzie borden, sara driver, kathleen collins, tamr… schoonmaker showing up to the editing bay
Retweeted by jourdainI have decided to unsee itI didn’t want to see this anyone have any common sense“a snack”’am can you stay on topic, no one wants your thirst ANTIONETTE walked so REIGN could run @AlannaBennett I went ahead and bought the box set!anne shirley forever!!! going to watch THE GREAT but turned on REIGN instead because i wanted to see my girl megan follows @sydurbanek 🌞 @sydurbanek pre-ordered @feraljokes lmaohow i met your mother really cross cut between ted blowing up a building and lily telling marshall she’s pregnant 😭a true daddy @ivieani @AfroTech happy birthday!!! 🎂 @schlockvalue oh wow!cleansing images of chi mcbride many films—like NITRATE KISSES—have never been released on DVD or streaming. an mp4 file of that film could make… imagine being mean to kyle when i’m way meaner than he could ever be. I don’t want to see any of your little wh…, back to how I met your mothername a more iconic duo than white people and being absolutely useless rhetoric spouting wastes of time“rad left” no, you aren’t.being racist and anti-semitic isn’t an ideological stance, it’s a cultural hatred based on no facts or logic whats… honey bear you said nothing controversial so how about you stop arguing with anons and get me some beer, please… should remember to put on chapstick before going live thookay I finally see his appeal of the many films that Camille Billops and James Hatch made centering on Billops’s family, SUZANNE, SUZANNE pre…
Retweeted by jourdainworking my way up to telling kyle to buy a case of beer, wish me luck!my emotional state is being held together with bubblegum and toothpicks. yesterday i cried because i couldn’t get i… @briannazigs imagine having taste that terrible!when non-black people share videos of black people being murdered in the street, do they see the faces of their lov…
Retweeted by jourdain @KyleKallgren @SaraQDavid 😍honestly... SPECIES used to make me horny.your point being have never seen TWITCHESi want to watch kiki’s delivery service on my roku TV. get it done! is not good enough to have john lithgow as a dad!!!ON THE RECORD is now streaming on HBOMax, so I would like to re-share my Sundance review of the controversial docum…
Retweeted by jourdainthis week on @badromancepod, @Jenn_Tisdale joined us to talk about rob reiner's RUMOR HAS IT (and make fun of Kevin…
Retweeted by jourdainthe energy is so off rn
Retweeted by jourdainokay YES character on this show: robbie amell playing a doglike boy named Scooby @_ANewLow only great white person was fred rogers. the good times are over!someone venmo me $5 as reparations for me having to look at this @/jourdainsearles offffffffffffffffffffffff
Retweeted by jourdainhad a blast on this episode!
Retweeted by jourdainwow i’m doing this todayokay, i’m watching how i met your mother. they finally found barney’s doppelgängeri’m attempting to spend an entire day without working and it is... very difficult, lolI wrote about the "Everytime" video
Retweeted by jourdainthis week on @badromancepod, @Jenn_Tisdale joined us to talk about rob reiner's RUMOR HAS IT (and make fun of Kevin… a quick scan and HBOMax has: - most of the original Godzilla movies - lot of Clint Eastwood - many Batman movi… course!!! we would love to have her THE RECORD is now streaming on HBOMax, so I would like to re-share my Sundance review of the controversial docum… don't get fios or starry in this neighborhood. sp*ctrum basically owns this neighborhood.I still think the whole thing shouldn't cost more than $80, but what do I know?the extra $70 is for faster internet & downloads since kyle and I both work from home and he has to render large filesremoved TV from my sp*ctrum bill and now it's at $130 a month, which isn't as big a difference as I would like but… @_grendan I honestly have to agree @RaxKingIsDead but he’s right, chris mckay does follow you lmao @RaxKingIsDead rax omgsome tweets need lotionshut up's very weird being poor and having everyone in my life tell me to stop working. like okay, how? it sounds nice a… love some advice from women older than me (I'm 27) who have been doing *paid* work writing online for much lo… also worry that if I take a break from pitching, even if it’s just a few weeks, that when I come back those opportunities will be continue this, here’s a piece I wrote on on ONLY YESTERDAY, maybe my favourite from the studio, earlier in the y…
Retweeted by jourdainI’ll be like “I need a month of rest” then i’ll have one good night’s sleep and be like nevermind, i’m good, back at itI think my problem is that I need permission to rest and do nothing. otherwise i’m up at 5am thinking I should be w… this movie @humblecore any number of these could be about me lol @nopecon ☹️ but i just startedso glad i got a set of all 4 movies to watch while our internet is out!watching THE PURGE for the first time and it’s really, truly dumb as helleyes wide shut is a date movieI promised I would start writing my book when I hit 20K followers so I guess I should make good on that?like when white girls couldn’t stop complaining about hot girl summer last year was just like “you seem to be into funny women in film, I think you’ll like this” and I did! first movie he ever showed me was DAISIES gross that i love kyle and his film taste so muchmale friends. we never talked about anything
Retweeted by jourdainseriously though, @WHMPodcast has been my favorite movie podcast since i was living in georgia. @FGC_Jesus and I wo… rented both JFK and NIXON so that I could punish myself for 7 hours and i can’t do it because our internet is out lmaoany movie about a mom who is exhausted important highlight: I do not think jack sparrow is fuckable. what is the rum equivalent to whiskey dick?
here I am on a very good podcast talking to some charming gentleman about an awful movie there’s anyone whose had it rough recently, it’s definitely the boyfriends of beautiful womenshould I watch the french movie with the 3D jizzone thing I frequently am is correct. very hard to carry that burdenuncut gems is on netflix men, what’s preventing you from looking like this?
Retweeted by jourdain @Pontevedrian nah you were just being sexist. have a lovely night!i don’t think you know what the term “feminist” means. what is it called when men make jokes about having to watch… @hostarastrology i think film twitter is just super sensitive about film related humor from “normies” and that everyone needs to relax