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THE HOWLING (1981) Cinematography by John Hora Directed by Joe Dante Explore this director's horrifying & humorous…
Retweeted by jourdain @EmilyMcWinter 🥳 @LilNasX a look! @MayorOfLA @LADOTofficial are you a mayor or a walmart @local__celeb omg yes @local__celeb you could do this look from witches of eastwick easily would i want a roommate who doesn’t pay rentrealized this year that i... actually... want... to have a kid??? why am i like this @lpbradley 😍😍😍i love her @miskeencore we’ll try that, thank you! @miskeencore he keeps sending this really lazy guy—we’ve had 5 treatments already and he hasn’t got them. we’re goi… probably should movewas going to get a bed bug treatment today but then the guy told us it was going to be like $2K and we had to be li… @alissamarie 👀“Oh Thor! Mighty god of thunder!”
Retweeted by jourdain @acgodliman yeah i liked it at fantasia fest!haunted house movies have gotten so serious lately @chrissyteigen who is this forCalling all Muslim screenwriters! Submissions are open for the first-ever #MuslimList, created in collaboration wit…
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@intothecrevasse good lordcan’t believe it’s been a decade since this came out @justiceaudre 🙏🏾 @karlogan_ @MuvaLean @iryssx_Ology thank you!i want to start following some movie makeup & VFX people on instagram. any recs? @BrionyPoisoned it’s so puremost songs about sex are inherently silly and that’s why i love them!!!!!!!!“birthday song” 2 chainz “bound 2” by he who shall not be named “anaconda” nicki a lot of ludacris songs, lol just rendered the rough cut of a video about COVID-19, government propaganda, and Fallout. It is one hour long.…
Retweeted by jourdaingetting festive against their will!
Retweeted by jourdainposting this just because yesterday was Tracee Ellis Ross’ birthday and today is Nia Long’s birthday.
Retweeted by jourdainsome good recent films to watch on @shudder this weekend: the ranger most beautiful island knife+heart la llorona prevenge mandy beast129, all ghost line-up @NikaLomazzo it’s true!tonight !! pretend you’re at the @hideoutchicago and tune into ze spooky Cosmic Country Showcase feat.…
Retweeted by jourdainit’s streaming on @Shudder!“The film’s conclusion seemed to be that Black women were to blame for their vanity and any harm that came to them…
Retweeted by jourdain @aaronmedwards inspiring does she use social media this way!!! @isabelzawtun 🥰being 5’3 is a curse @joshgondelman lolrude i can’t stream rob zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2 (director’s cut) @cowboypraxis @neoguristirfry i was about to say! a gorgeous personTHANK YOU SO MUCH! To be amongst my FAVES! It never gets old. ✨
Retweeted by jourdain @NickPinkerton wait i thought you were like 30 😭 @heykyleharris i was bout to say! @heykyleharris wait is this forreal lolbless me father for i am sober... it’s been two weeks since my last ediblelove scraping my knee in my own apartment like a romcom heroine @RaxKingIsDead oh noooo @catiescarlett86 no, they’re literally going to a baseball game. edward and his family are playing and bella is watching @goodjobliz what about a rolling stones movie @Addison_Peacock he might as well just take her back home if he’s going to act like this!!!lol OKAY dracula can we get to the baseball now??? edward is trying to do is convince bella to hop on his back so he can take her to the baseball game. why is it… Carter Is The 21-Year-Old Beyoncé Fan Who Became The Youngest Cover Photographer In British Vogue’s History
Retweeted by jourdain @criterionchannl 👀finally sole theatrical feature directed by Joan Tewkesbury (written by Paul & Leonard Schrader) is an intriguing, shag…
Retweeted by jourdain @kleemcadams a tumblr gif LEGEND @_beatricek omg I didn't know lol @betamaxinista IS he? I'm just not sure!a lot of people love the criminal minds boy, but I just don't see it for him, especially in this scarf she have a real personality? what is it @suchdainties no she's not in the movie, I was just talking about how johnny flynn is in a lot of movies and she isn't lolalso john waters shows up in one scene and asks for a blowjob ????? week on @badromancepod, we're closing out October with SUBURBAN GOTHIC, a movie about ghosts, arrested develop… i love sweet bebe flynn but it’s wild antonia thomas (his LOVESICK costar) hasn’t gotten the same big screen p… think i’m going to be doing more on-camera work in the future 🌞 @karenyhan @Polygon can’t wait to see what you do next! @virginiayapp it doesn’t feel genuinefeels like ari always has a new album? she moves at early rihanna pace @jusg928 exactly @hillcake it’s such a perfect noir!who would allow for this image! @hillcake which one lolSelf-isolation with Rohmer.
Retweeted by jourdainstill weirded out by country music loving trucker hat wearing gwen stefaniHOW ABOUT FUCKKKK NOOOOOO
Retweeted by jourdainrest in peace, sid haig 🙏🏾personally, I love being edited @Lubchansky @jayasax happy birthday to @jayasax who is a total babe!!! @Myntaford I agree
showing kyle HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES headache hat people made a headache headband 😁 that cardi b and noname have much better politics than most of their male counterparts 😔so glad i bought a ring light @JohnGritland because they go well together. decided to be Joan Holloway this year. meet your heroes (read the ingredients list on your favorite snacks)
Retweeted by jourdainplayed these at my birthday party last year—can confirm they rule, especially back to back