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Crisps are what is holding me back in life. @Naina_LDN @RemiBurgz 😅 init 🤦🏽‍♀️Power cut during self isolation 😬😬Hey big ed... long time no speak 👻 @AKS Also loved AC Slater. Still call him that to this day hahaZac all the way’m still weak at Joe Exotic casually walking into that gift shop and telling those customers, “okay I’m gone be ho…
Retweeted by Jourds @parisjadex Great title tbhI’ll call it ‘the cunter’
Retweeted by Jourds @Travel_Up SORT IT OUT.
Retweeted by Jourds @parisjadex Write one on me. Thanks - managementI can’t stop staring at it. It’s still creeping me out. My child is the exact same human as @Drake’s son. It’s conf…
Retweeted by JourdsMy flight to Bali is Friday (obvs can’t go) and @Travel_Up ain’t replied to calls, emails, social media messages or… @houseparty It’s Carole baskin
Retweeted by JourdsDay 17: morale is weird
Retweeted by JourdsAll Houseparty accounts are safe - the service is secure, has never been compromised, and doesn’t collect passwords for other sites.
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Bitch, what the fuck did I just watch? You can tell by the look in his eyes, he know he snapped.
Retweeted by JourdsTo anyone currently bingeing #tigerking on Netflix: I spent four years working on a podcast and a long magazine st…
Retweeted by JourdsEveryone I wanna talk to is in locked rooms! Open up hoes
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@MrPlay Yay. ThanksHow do I watch American series in 🇬🇧.... this VPN ain’t working @ohjoewalker Crying LOOOOOOL @harrisonjbrock @HarrisonClark92The trailer for Titanic is a landmark in cinema history. No words, just watch this. Absolutely magical
Retweeted by JourdsOne of the funniest things I’ve seen all day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by JourdsLol everyone needs to watch this @jourds_
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HouseParty has made everybody horny loooool
Retweeted by Jourds @MrPlay @blacklightning Is that good ?Tiger King on Netflix was great! As much of an asshole they all were, Joe Exotic is a rather interesting character init
@jourds_ Well I’ve never seen you hang up so quick. MY FOODS HERE... beeeeep
Retweeted by JourdsDo you ever order food and then forget about it. Then get surprised when the food comes and how much you’ve ordered @KerimO1234 🇯🇲The snitches on these Netflix documentaries are ruthlessJust ordered a takeaway wooIsolation update: my mum told me to get on dating apps when this is all over. I screamed.
Retweeted by JourdsMy barber just called to confirm my appointment tomorrow. He said one customer at a time 😂 I cancelled. People ar…
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Apparently you can report people who are breaking lockdown to the police LOL ooooooooooop these snitches ain’t gona get stitchesThe weather looks nice today, I think I may go on a vacation today The Republic of my back garden 🎍🌿
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Apple juice is so sexy when it’s cold omg
Retweeted by Jourds @HarrisonClark92 Better Houseparty me 👀 😉 haha @marcslife Nah. Just @parisjadex 😂How irrelevant is anything materialistic in your life now, like for everyone. How unimportant is that expensive wat…
Retweeted by JourdsJust come off from having a Houseparty argument. WTF is going on 😂Chris Brown on TikTok now. Y’all finna lose all y’all challenges. It’s been fun.
Retweeted by Jourds @NicsMonique @parisjadex @Whitley_Ruchea See you there ladies @__kingJr Press n hold app n you can sneak in @parisjadex 💯Damn my boyfriends job really said for the next 2 weeks if they don’t want to work they will get full pay but if th…
Retweeted by JourdsHavent tried to make myself look presentable once on Houseparty & today might be that day 😆Boris can you pls explain how the ticket mans a key worker. cause this cockroach is still active
Retweeted by JourdsTried to use the ‘sneak’ onto Houseparty function yesterday and got caught... somehowIf McDonald’s don’t use Return of the Mac as their theme song when they re-open then all this will be for nothing...
Retweeted by JourdsMum told me to shut all the windows in the house because a helicopter will be spraying disinfectant tonight.. I wi…
Retweeted by JourdsDo people realize they can just buy a Brita instead of 100 cases of bottled water or ???
Retweeted by Jourds @parisjadex You entering chats from now on like.... many people have joined houseparty in the last 24 hours. My home page is giving me a headache 😂
The random people that join on house party is wild 😂
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System up with the top down. Got the city on lockdown!! #LockdownNow
Retweeted by JourdsMans never been in UK when its shutdown ay?
Retweeted by JourdsConsidering the way some were turning up on the weekend, I think BJ has been very fair. BUT if you still don’t li… this is how lockdowns work. They close everything and try to give you some freedoms. If you man don’t take t…
Retweeted by Jourds @MSoEazy Nah ppl haven’t been following. That’s why he’s doing lockdown nowHoping you do a colores tour and bring it to London when things settle down 😃 LOVE the album #AskJBalvin @JBALVINIce Cream van. Really ? @__kingJr @Travel_Up Country is on ban list n travel up ain’t answering calls. Luckily I’ve just got an email from… after watching nothing but the BBC News channel for the last two weeks
Retweeted by Jourds @__kingJr @Travel_Up Tryna get my money backWait but how?
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All mi mates in different locked houseparty rooms. Hmm. Now who do I gatecrashDay 8 of quarantine
Retweeted by JourdsGastritis 🤯Jill Scott - A Long Walk.
Retweeted by Jourds @Missfalusi Yes. Asaptually @parisjadex Rebuke @KerimO1234 Honestly 😂How’s randoms from my 2002 life tryna add me on Houseparty. No thanksLearning dance routines to Tik toks is a skill in itself 😂 this is my daily workoutA fully forced lockdown with fines and curfews, is the way it’s gona be because some don’t wana listenWe’re in the midst of a global viral pandemic, but for some, it’s just a normal Sunday. #Social_Distancing 🇬🇧
Retweeted by JourdsPowerful. And if you think this is America and our cases are worse rn..! who are throwing ‘quarantine/corona’ parties should be arrested. They are wilfully putting hundreds, maybe t…
Retweeted by Jourds @Naina_LDN Can’t wait. We had such a great sesh last night 😂There’s so many people moving like they’re invisible to this virus. Socialising and hosting parties. That’s fine, c…
Retweeted by JourdsYes. Coz people ain’t taking it seriously thinking about the change that can potentially happen in two weeks is very scary.
Retweeted by JourdsWhatever your age, for now it’s better to #StayAtHome and minimise contact with other people! Yeah it’s probably bo…
Retweeted by JourdsSo my flight to Bali is on Friday and @Travel_Up have disabled their phone lines, DMs on Twitter, Facebook messages… 🔒 Wake up on this fine Sunday morning with @jourds_ 💥 Some Green Tea Peng, @Yazmin_Lacey ,…
Retweeted by JourdsA quarantine party defeats all purposes of social distancing.
Retweeted by JourdsThe only time I accept the word ‘bitch’ being used is if it’s in Drag or Gemma Collins is saying it 😂Both Germany and Spain are on lockdown. Why aren’t we ?? This will all backfire if carry on like we are
Retweeted by Jourds @AKS AgreedDay 5 in isolation: I’ve put a different beer in each room of the house and I’m pretending I’m on a pub crawl
Retweeted by Jourds @AKS Literally. Slap dash attitude - it’s what will keep us in the shit for longer. They actually need to impose total lock down and finesWe managed to practice social distancing while still serving our homeless community. ❤️❤️🙏
Retweeted by JourdsDaily Houseparty sessions have been keeping me sane @Naina_LDN Omg get Houseparty haha 😂 @AKS Babe ME TOO! I’m seeing it all over social media and I’m being such a judge rinder. It’s actually not okayYou’re being asked to stay indoors and not socialise for a serious reason and I’m hearing people are arranging hous…
Retweeted by Jourds @Whitb_xx Babe this is what I’m thinking. The stories I’ve been seeing on Instagram of link ups and parties is craz…