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Presenter @virginradchlduk 6-10pm wkends 📻 @bbcderby. Journo @metrouk, The Hook & more. 6x @SRA awards inc 2x Gold. Tattoos, plants & loud music make me happy.

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@olliewb I’ve preferred my thirties infinitely to my twenties if that’s at all reassuring! @jj_phillips1 Congrats Jessica!Join the Church Of Salem this Halloween season, our debut EP is out via Roadrunner Records on the 23rd October. R…
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧Throwback to my old sewing business - @jenmadethis. Just found one of the infinity scarves I used to make, with the…
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A very 2014 outfit (I made the dress) and only two tattoos on my arms! to my old sewing business - @jenmadethis. Just found one of the infinity scarves I used to make, with the… this was fun! @VirginRadChldUK 6-10pm this evening! Chilled out tunes, all sorts from @LewisCapaldi to Nirvana, @FreyaRidings,…
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧On @VirginRadChldUK 6-10pm this evening! Chilled out tunes, all sorts from @LewisCapaldi to Nirvana, @FreyaRidings,… would like to wear this all the time please. @Rowenaaaaa Gorgeous! @taleahbean I have chevrons all over the place 😂 flat is black white and red with chevrons, accidentally Twin Peaks… proud of home grown, home made vegan cream of tomato soup.’m switching back and forth between IDLES and Deftones today too. Don’t make me choose!I have the most ridiculous dressing gown that is the warmest thing ever, AND I’ve put the heating on today! Making… brilliant is the new single by @NBThieves? Watch the full version of 'Real Love Song' played live in session o…
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@Adam_English_ Second vote for this! I shall have to track it down. @_MarkGibson_ @mew Ooooh that’s lovely!After a weekend off I’m back on @VirginRadChldUK today and tomorrow, 6-10pm, if you want some relaxing tunes for yo… @elsieve1962 Sounds lovely! @AmberCarnegie_ Yesssss @alexbcann Ooh thanks!Don’t judge please, but I’d love some red wine recommendations! I’ve only ever had sangria or mulled (I know, I kno… @Andr6wMale They didn’t have it today but I’ll check back, thanks! I got an orange IPA and a German wheat beer. @thesturge Hahaha it honestly made my day! Apparently I cheered the cashier up as I was so visibly happy even with a mask on 😂Oh my godddddd did a victory dance at finally finding basil in the fourth supermarket I went to, and a man laughed at how excite…’ve only just discovered there’s an Aldi right near my flat and excuse me while I have a little cry at how much cheaper everything is. @AmberCarnegie_ So sad I can’t drink any of them! Stupid dairy allergy. @mattforde Filth! @mattforde There was a salted caramel brownie one too!Trifle flavoured baileys and a gin glitter globe bottle anyone? Loving the festive stuff already (although don’t sk… swear some companies only do returns where you have to print the label at home, so you won’t send stuff back. I l… need these. Except I don’t know how to skate. I feel like I would break every bone in my body, too.
There should be more cats gatecrashing interviews, tbh. @franhealy of @TravisBand in today’s Metro.
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧Bored of kitchen livestreams? Try a fort in the middle of the sea. @Pendulum are back and @Garethmcgrillen
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧 @hellinhighheels Yesssssss love a bargain! Got a lantern from there the other week too.Halloweeeen shopping except I’ll use the ghost tinsel and wreath for my black/red/goth Christmas tree 🖤👻're aware of reports that people are experiencing less engagement than usual. We looked into this and found that…
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧 @russellthevoice Thanks for your time Russell. It’ll be in the Metro soon.Last week it was Monty Don, today I interviewed Russell Watson @russellthevoice - my Mum is thrilled I’m talking to… one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Vegan apple and cinnamon pancakes with ice cream and syrup from P… @Radiobex @vipxo @SteveJordanUK Never!Hey guys sorry I haven’t been posting on here for a while. I accidentally drank a glass of water and am no longer d…
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧Can you tell I’m excited for autumn and winter as I get to wear outfits like this and I have a ridiculous collectio… @BobbieHallTV @PPaulCharles posts regular updates as does @cheapholidayexp on Instagram.Bored of kitchen livestreams? Try a fort in the middle of the sea. @Pendulum are back and @Garethmcgrillen should be more cats gatecrashing interviews, tbh. @franhealy of @TravisBand in today’s Metro. AT THE TINY MEDAL via
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧For anyone else who thought they’d been shadowbanned yesterday! Instagram broke. @safewordsophie I thought I had been too! hair! Black and red, what a surprise 🖤❤️
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧 @AlixFox This is glorious!
@claremackint0sh The Worrying Postcard of Gladys Rice#NewProfilePic this. @autisticgardner Thank you!New hair! Black and red, what a surprise 🖤❤️ 'kangaroo word' is a word that contains the letters of a related synonym inside it, such as BLOssOM, cHickEN or hoNOuraBLE.
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧 @GraceMcGachy @truffleshuffle_ @cakeworthystore! They’ve got a Haunted Mansion one too.😍😍😍 Disney Villains jacket of dreams! guys - I’m looking for your help! We need staff for a couple of really exciting restaurant, bar and retail proje…
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧Experiencing the classic freelancer cycle. 6 weeks of working every day - the “argh, too much work” phase. Now I ha… is great and very useful. @DerbyUni students up for coming on @BBCDerby this weekend please? DM me if you're interested. #journorequests
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧It’s crucial that @RishiSunak’s statement tomorrow supports live music. 210,000 people rely on concerts and festiva…
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@lisalovescheese @sophiasgaler Free to chat if it helps and I’ve retweeted it too as I have lots of radio/doc people on here. I only… need help from radio pros on how you go about structuring a doc 😓 I have so much info I'm struggling to…
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧 @HarperArd That’s their way of saying monogamy only. No nudge nudge wink wink “close contact”. @v1car Finding live-streams etc is my job so thank you but I miss real gigs!I just want to go to a gig. Any gig. I’ll go to the opening of an envelope if a band plays at it.HELLO THERE THE ANGEL FROM MY NIGHTMARE
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧My wife has her home office in the basement and mine is on the top floor of the house, so rather than shouting up a…
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧 @firstdirecthelp Mine isn’t working. I’ve force closed the app, cleared cookies and also restarted phone and receiving error message.
an tiny, autumn-loving ghost
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧Metal baking, now making a cake of Tom DeLonge, best #GBBO ever.That was an excellent suppressed fury face. I’d have cried. #GBBO @Matt_Lee_MPL Absolutely!Curd immunity? #GBBO
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧Lottie listens to viking metal when baking. I want her to be my friend. #GBBO @burnyourbones I bloody love it. M&S do a great vegan version of baileys.Wooo! @2000trees ticket purchased.As an aside. I’ve done 7 day weeks for the last 6 weeks - time off is essential at this point. Also I’m doing an in… upside of a freelance job cancelling this week is sitting on the balcony today making the most of the last nice… to be a duckling falling asleep with a flower on it’s head
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧 @wesleymallin Enjoying the fact my brain presented me with “water christmas tree!” when it went through the colander bit 😂 @mattyfwhite Oooooh! I want this.
🚨🚨Brilliant Job Alert🚨🚨 Fancy working ⁦@VirginRadioUK⁩ at the Top of the News Tower? We’re looking for an experien…
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧 @Ibee51 It’s at Darley Park!Apt new tshirt! 🍃
It’s felt like a mini holiday, despite not leaving Derby. Got to explore some new areas I’d not been to before as I… in Lego form.
Retweeted by Jen Thomas 📻📝🎧Forget the balcony, I want a hydrangea garden. is a great thread from an intensive care doctor. A must read. Clear and authoritative, with reasons to be hop…
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First weekend off in forever and having a very nice time. in Lego form.
It’s easy to find the goths in the office at BBC Derby, as they played The Cure and there’s me and @wesleymallin humming along. @dancooledaily Thanks Dan!