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MS Principal, passionate about leadership, learning, risk taking and people. 2017 MOASSP central district principal of the year

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A1 as an administrator I can sometimes find myself between disagreements between staff. This can be difficult tryi… @conniehamilton @awfrench1 That cup is greatMO is showing up today! #hacklearningGood morning I’m Jove s MS Principal from MO #hacklearning
Spent DEAR time with these kiddos today. #MSHUskerpride @SteinbrinkLaura @hartel30 @gruffcorn13 What school were you working with @SteinbrinkLaura @hartel30 Iowa kids are so smart. I should know I grew up there. Sound like a fun time! @SteinbrinkLaura Great Idea! @TedHiff Ted how are you? @debbiefuco Glad to have the time tonightHello all I’m Jove a MS Principal from Central MO #moedchat @Mr_Lisek They are one of my favorite things I wish there were more of themA3 I think a bit of that is simply experimenting try a couple of things and get a feel for what is effective and wh… @skeeTX Great point! @Mr_Lisek Glad you mentioned EdcampsA2b Observing other teachers is a great way to pick up some awesome ideas and skills #MSChat @miss_ketner Good luck getting connected in chats is a great startA2 taking part in edchats, reading books and blogs, talking to educators at conferences #MSChatI’m Jove a MS Principal from MO #MSChat
Kindness doesn’t need to be a grand gesture. Sometimes it’s just giving a few moments of your undivided attention. #WorldKindnessDay
Retweeted by Jove Stickel ED.S.A4b I use these times to self reflect and build capacity for the future. #celebratedA4 I stay positive by not letting things build up. I need to vent and discuss with my peers and family to keep me… @MelissaRathmann Thank youA3 I use a lot of self talk and reflection about my why and my goals #celebratedA2 I speak about my story, journey and goals so people know my passion. If others see you are committed it can con… @teachchoice Central MO about 30 minutes East of KCA1 My grandkids give me the most joy. Priotizing them by giving them more time and making sure they know they are… PLN I’m Jove a MS Principal from MO and the favorite part of my day is greeting students at our front door before school #celebrated @MilnerJodi We have a customer one we use I try to send a text to parents after making any good news call with our picture, post those pictures on a hall…
Retweeted by Jove Stickel ED.S.A1b we also do positive office referrals #betheone @posickj Lol @SaccoEric Me as wellA1 we post on our social media as well as giving positive shout when we see them #betheone @posickj I live in a Van down by the river @BlossJulie Love it! Always nice to have an Okie in a chatI’m Jove a MS Principal from MO #betheone
@RichHayzler YES!!!!!! @STrautie Yes!!!#CultureED
Retweeted by Jove Stickel ED.S.A1 I believe student choice is huge. Allowing them to pick their topics or ave a menu of things for them to choose… @SteveWatts_ Iowa is my Home state. Glad to be amongst the good guys tonightHello I’m Jove a MS principal from MO #cultureed
I got an unbelievably great thank you card from a staff member today. The words inside saved my day. I’m so thank…
@Sunk_87 @desautels_phd I went to high school with @MilnerJodi she was a year or two younger than me @townsleyaj Thank you, if I played as well as the joy it gives me to create it in my heart I would probably be doing a stadium tour. LolA6 also this dog is a huge factor in my self care #iaedchat @bethany_stod Good tip @townsleyaj @townsleyaj here is a little clip for you @townsleyaj Lol well This Christmas I will have been playing for a year I’m not very good but I’m learning. @LaneWalker2 Yes I think this can be a great tool for teachersa5 When a detention is unavoidable (the S threw a pen cap halfway across the room), then I write an informal one (o…
Retweeted by Jove Stickel ED.S.A6 I play ukulele, listen to a lot of music and are sure to do something fun out of town once a week #iaedchat @townsleyaj Thank you!A5 we process with our students once the situation has deescalated and make it more of a reflective process #iaedchat @zeitz That is a great practice @SOGeneralsSupt @danpbutler Outstanding pointA4 we often give students opportunities to recover in a room with possible. We also try to triage with students an… @MrsPteaches3 Yes!!!Q3b I take my ukulele to work and if I get stressed I will stop and crank out a song or two to focus #iaedchatA3 You need to practice self care, find a hobby or two and intentionally set time aside for yourself. Find and acc… I ask all Ts I work with to give up the first 20min they see Ss each week to ask them about their weekend. You…
Retweeted by Jove Stickel ED.S. @Sunk_87 @desautels_phd Marion county against the world I graduated from Pleasantville and UNI. @BriannaBautis18 Yes! @MEMSPAchat @danpbutler Missed this chat last week as I was supervising basketball but hoping to catch it this weekA2 we share our stories and we focus on relationships first. We visit with kids and great them at our doors we wor… our district has participated in poverty simulations, our building has done a great job of sharing our stories w… and good evening. I’m Jove a MS Principal in MO trying to keep my eyes open for as long as I can #iaedchat
Good morning I’m Jove a MS Principal from MO #hacklearning
@JoveStickel Ss had to talk only in Spanish and had to sit across from & engage with all Ss in class. Constant move…
Retweeted by Jove Stickel ED.S. @Hahne_Elyse Yes yes yesGreat chat today I’m coming away with a ton of great things #LeadLap @SteinbrinkLaura Cool idea @SWebbCVSD @jillrt Good stuff the offer is always open in our building as well @SteinbrinkLaura Yes we tried speed PD one time it was like Speed dating with PD it was fun and was a way to get a… a great idea @msshaw27 @KatieNovakUDL This is so Awesome!!!!People you are killing it today I’m blown away so many great answers #LeadLap @SteinbrinkLaura Phenomenal answer @SteinbrinkLaura Thanks lady I willA big leadership moment came when our teachers worked through our Grade Level Teaming meetings seeking positive sol… @SteinbrinkLaura I wish I’m off coffee, come to find out when you drink to much of it it’s not good for you LOL 23 days with no caffeineGood morning, I’m Jove a MS Principal from MO. Trying to keep my eyes open this morning #LeadLap
Save the date! Join me for the 1st Twitter Chat of the new @ParentSquare Learning Network #PSquareLN happening next…
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Such a great idea and a fantastic way to give your students a voice and ownership in heir learning @MelissaRathmann Outstanding!!!!!! @MilnerJodi Great answer #Pleasantvillekids #AgainsttheworldA3 this begins day one in our buildings and classrooms by doing ice breakers and creating opportunities for student… A safe classroom is where: 1. Focus is on relationships 2. Culture of supporting each other 3. Educators model…
Retweeted by Jove Stickel ED.S.A1: In a psychologically safe classroom, students feel comfortable asking questions, failure isn’t feared (think “f…
Retweeted by Jove Stickel ED.S. @MelissaRathmann Thanks glad to be hereI’m Jove a MS Principal from MO my favorite place to be is in my chair at home. #celebrated We must work on building relationships with our students everyday. This can’t be ignored or overlooked #BeTheOneA1 I regularly wear different hat into classrooms and tak on different personas and make puns or tell lame jokes th…’m Jove a MS Principal from MO last trip to the eye Dr was 6 months ago #BeTheOne
@RossCoops31 A6. A solid PBL is a trifecta: (1) Ss learn the skills & content while (2) developing their SEL skill…
Retweeted by Jove Stickel ED.S.A6 It gives them an opportunity to individualize their own learning and explore their own interests, work independe… one obstacle is students need to have check points and feedback along the way as well as their own reflections.… a great way to take student ownership to the next level is have them present their projects to people outside of… we want students to carve out multiple paths to the same destination, we first need to know what the destination involves. #CultureEd
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