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just jovonnie. @JovonnieC Charlotte, NC

living & sharing thoughts. morehouse grad. gentle giant (6’4). just figuring things out like the rest of the world.

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@KingBobbyDeal I love it here 😂 @pyrvmid_pvpi 😁 @KingBobbyDeal this how i wanna leave the bar. @pyrvmid_pvpi all you do is slander us. 🥺 @pyrvmid_pvpi i don’t know how fair that is with your head meeting my nipple, ya know? @KingBobbyDeal ard, where we going? 😭 @pyrvmid_pvpi does outside feel like it’s open again? get your ass back here, cold. i’m tryna’ stay in the house! @Drew_WhatItDo @arjaythefifth I got you. @arjaythefifth @Drew_WhatItDo yeah, i started a virtual book club on here last year that has dissolved but i wanna… @Drew_WhatItDo yep, I use Amazon! & that was why I started reading again. After college I was over it, but post 5 years is time. Lol. @Drew_WhatItDo “All boys aren’t blue” was a good read & super relatable to the journey of navigating who you are &… @Drew_WhatItDo 🤣🤣🙈 i gotta be more covert @Drew_WhatItDo wayment, you saying you’ve noticed me being sarcastic? 😯 lol @imakeelit congrats keel!!! @_RnBKid lol, i actually love it too but he drags it. @Drew_WhatItDo Same. Vvv weird at first but I was like they can’t think like this. They just can’t. Plus I’m fluent… @kennethkyrell happy birthday! 🎉 it’s really a lot of y’all causing chaos in the world. wow. 😂 jk. enjoy the day! 🎈laughs to start the day >>> lmao. y’all make sure you enjoy this friday eve!my daddy is so sarcastic. lmao. like sir, answer the question directly. [doesn’t help that he passed it onto me.… @_Theswaggyone she retweeted & liked the one about sarcasm. & then her previous one was about disagreeing with miso… @_Theswaggyone this looks like a whole bunch of sarcasm. if you’re reading the entire conversation, they’re laughin… @_Theswaggyone i think she’s jokingly trolling lol @treysotrigga of course! i hope the day was great. @Neyzus_ glad you’re safe. @hisgoldenchild @Official_Tink yeah. lessons, CAP, & rush be kicking my ass too. @Neyzus_ oh no, are you okay? @treysotrigga happy birthdaaay 🎉🎈 @___kmg lmaoooooo @manmanatl they do lie 🌚 @pyrvmid_pvpi @rudeboiiromeo stop skipping the details lol🔮
Retweeted by just jovonnie. @rudeboiiromeo @pyrvmid_pvpi it’s a lil funny, that’s all. I’ll be back to minding my music & tweeting song lyrics… @pyrvmid_pvpi @rudeboiiromeo i guess this is one way to get the job done. @PrinceCharmingP a trendsetter. @freaknasstii980 @CjHouse_ also, good recs. but heavy & not feel goods at all. lol.i just wanna lay back, spend my baby money in his maybach, i deserve that life. fuck. it’s that line for me. @CjHouse_ they’re not very romantic but they are good. “i care a lot” on Netflix was surprisingly the best movie I… @TheRossYork lmaooo, it’s okay, I’m here to support the fellow talls 😂 @ayokobean see you got a good ear on ya lol @TheRossYork kinda but also, i can eat it up a lil bit on real life when I’m drunk & comfortable lmao plus I’m tall… @Chacarlo yep, all that 😂 @TheRossYork same 🌚 @KingBobbyDeal i’m really just stuck on how i got excited about this old song w/ a twist & she won’t drop no new shit so we gotta do this 😂if y’all wanna listen to the whole thing. [plus, i’m not tryna’ take anyone’s credit. y’all get testy about that.… mix i didn’t know i needed *proceeds to whine up* @DevanTHoward @DamnYouKakarot @ComeOnVegeta 😂 @KingBobbyDeal 😂😂😭😭 get out @DamnYouKakarot @ComeOnVegeta lmaooo. it’s okay. my jokes always come across wrong. it’s my awkwardness. @DamnYouKakarot @ComeOnVegeta remember when they were trying to make a think piece about how ppl date ppl that look… @DamnYouKakarot they was just tryna’ attack you & @ComeOnVegeta for being twinsies(weird ass ppl,) now you laughing. 😭😂 @NazClips & for those, i thank them for their future partner in advance. 🤞🏽 @NazClips stubborn(me too), avoidant of communicating through conflict(effectively; sometimes it’s not about an arg… @wowthatsdeana Whoops I thought you responded to a different tweet. Lmao. They get on my nerves @wowthatsdeana i’m just mama spidey senses be tingling or something because the way she’ll pop up out of the blue to make sure i’m not f… @DevanTHoward 🥺❤️ @DevanTHoward I didn’t even see this! lol. Thanks Dev, out of all these ppl on the apps 🙂 @lykeemyke @Just_KingCammm it’s me 😭
@rayne_justin @svedey_ @ShaquiseTeach thank you! @stefanartistry not unless god put it there 😭 @InThierry Happy birthday Terry! @KingDariuss_ @makingsofmalik 😭 @garcoxgang they gotta start leading with that then lol @rudeboiiromeo @2kRodriguez_ @_Turntupcarter 😭 sksksksk @rudeboiiromeo @2kRodriguez_ @_Turntupcarter wayment, i thought you meant like a gun range shooting session, gotta… @2kRodriguez_ @_Turntupcarter @rudeboiiromeo military? okay, but we aiming at legs & arms only. no real jail time… @_Turntupcarter @rudeboiiromeo @2kRodriguez_ okay, just lemme finish my glass of pat & ron. yes, i’m inviting mys… @rudeboiiromeo @_Turntupcarter @2kRodriguez_ @_Turntupcarter @rudeboiiromeo @2kRodriguez_ rock both of they world. @angelbaby795 the. best. i’m willing to die on that hill.why do i want hot chips & sour albanese gummy bears at 1:29a.m.? this gon’ be one of those insomnia nights, huh? 🤦🏽‍♂️ @ThereGoTerry of course 🤞🏽like a moth to a flame burned by the fire, my love is blind, can’t you see my desire? @ThereGoTerry you’re going to be fine. eat it up & good luck even though you don’t need it! @DigbyDeej dassit & dassall. & probably some polite thank you’s/brief convo from me. lmao. @LABLEU90 @rickyvasquezzzz you’re welcome! hope you love it. @ThereGoTerry what’s the thing thing? @TheTreyde i got a secret though... greater is coming.’t shit in my DM’s, i promise. trust me. @KingBobbyDeal of course [I] hear this. OF COURSE, universe. lmao. this is good bobby 🤞🏽 @rickyvasquezzzz but if i gotta pick i’m always going back to kissing you - faith evans or all the things - Joe.i really need next weekend. #bigmood @KingDariuss_ @makingsofmalik @majikpowerz__ this made me laugh out loud. lmao. i would never do that but i also know i won’t date anyone in that… @rickyvasquezzzz probably almost all of this playlist 😂 @TheTreyde lmao, why is this my whole life? folks don’t even know these past couple months been a mess emotionally. lmao. skin clear doe 🥴😁😂i want one of [those] hugs. you know? a hug w/ the right amount of closeness. for almost too long. mix in bodies w… @__iamjeremy @issameal10 oh nah. no libations on this school night. that was just about how addicting ginger ale is because it d… the fleet photo was the one. not the other ones. lmao. must’ve been the sleepiness that skewed my judg… @hoodopulence the ppl are voting for this one. I’ve heard a lot about that one, exfolikate, dermalogica, & just forgot the last one’s name @issameal10 why does it have to be something else, Jonathan? @jam_slow okay, that might actually be a replacement for my alcohol & rose witch hazel steps. @issameal10 ginger ale aka crack. @tryicecrwn3 lmao, see, i get that logic. lemme gon head figure out which one i’m buying though. @omgiigii *cues a gift from virgo* @__astrob0y_ lmaoooo sksksk @InThierry oh. okay. @ShaquiseTeach thank youuu! i have like 5 products to research now. lol.