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All views my own and nothing to do with the Beeb. Just so's you know.

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@GraysonLarry 😳🤣Hell Yeah!! you’re looking for plants and nurseries who do mail order and deliver to your door this is a brilliant source of…
@LizNulty2 Try @hardyplants You don’t have to shop local and they’ll deliver x👍 you @hardysplants for my delivery today! So eager to get going in the garden and these beauties digitalis x v… you are able to safely go for a stumble outside & you NEED to shake yourself down to feel alive/different This i… @DavidNWriter Ooh.. We’re going skiing! Exciting... 😐Thank you @jowhiley for talking so honestly about the impact of coronavirus on siblings and families. The dilemmas…
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@HazelPriorBooks Looking forward to chatting on Monday!!! 👍If you are a carer or a Sibling of someone with special needs you might want to give this a listen. Recorded it yes… @gibson_heating @BBCRadio2 @ProducerAnna77 @eleanor_kifvel I love this!! Thanks so much. Need more ideas for vinyl… @chris_magz Well done you 👏😘What better way to help the #NHSheroes ?? Thank you @RealMattLucas for being a constant ray of sunshine ☀️😘
Just reflecting this evening & I want to thank all of u who listen to the show on @BBCRadio2 We are so grateful to… @EmmaBullimore @BBCRadio2 Thank you! Heading home for some Tiger King action! @EmmaBullimore @BBCRadio2 I was going to read this out then I realised I’d cry if I did! 😘Heya!!! STORYTIME KLAXON!!! If you’re looking for some wise and soothing words tonight, we have the wonderful CAREY… you Karen!🥰 If anyone needs some calm and great songs this evening. Join me at 7pm @BBCRadio2 Set yourself a… @ruth_hunt We are definitely best friends 👍👏🏃‍♀️
@PhilWilliams @whit_kaz @BBCRadio2 You are so lovely! Great to have you as part of the radio 2 gang xx @whit_kaz @PhilWilliams @BBCRadio2 That is unbelievably kind and lovely to read. Thanks so much - much love xx @shelleysilas @clarebalding @alicearnold1 @SalARich I mean I hate myself when I’m running so I hope I don’t get on… @alicearnold1 @SalARich @shelleysilas Oh My!!! I heard @clarebalding saying she’d been doing the #Couchto5K and I n… shout out to @jowhiley who is encouraging me every other day to run via the #Couchto5K BBC app. Highly reco…
Retweeted by Jo WhileyAnd there we have it!! This is why you should choose me as the voice in your ear with the#Couchto5k App. And the s… Birthday @aanightingale The original. The best. The coolest. First Lady of Radio and the inspirer of so many… @HerveyBrookes @jowhiley Working in a hospital for people recovering from Acquired Brain Injuries and other severe…
Retweeted by Jo Whiley @HerveyBrookes Read all the messages last night & now I understand your message more. It’s a dire situation. I’ll p…
@gregjames It will happen. And it will be FANTASTIC ❤️ @sjshardlow Excellent! X @indiaknight @BBCRadio2 @ProducerAnna77 Thank you xx @sharonlhanley @BBCRadio2 @ProducerAnna77 Thank you 😘 @joseph_elliott @gregjames And we LOVED you for it!! ❤️😘 @StigAbell @gregjames You know it! @gregjames That day we let the kids down 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @AnnieMac @BBCRadio2 @ProducerAnna77 Awww. Love back at you Lady 😘❤️Thank you ⁦@gregjames⁩ Whatever happens in the future, we will always have Swashbuckle. is the coach I didn’t know I needed #Couchto5K
Retweeted by Jo WhileyAnd we are LIVE on @BBCRadio2 This is how me and @ProducerAnna77 roll these days. Making safe radio for your list… promise tomorrow I will wear mascara & may even shower for u but today I will be mostly looking like a grubby gar… @jowhiley here’s the link which falls off on Twitter
Retweeted by Jo Whiley @jameskingmovies Morning gorgeous 😍 Talking to Jake not you Kingo.Thanks Emma. Follow @longblondejude for further updates on his progress., like everyone at the moment are having their own struggles due to the Coronavirus. My son has been campai…
@vixhunt75 Same same!! Bottomless stomachs! @jowhiley @emmalayfield2 @HachetteKids And if you’re daughter wants to learn to draw frog or cat, my wife Sandy, ma…
Retweeted by Jo Whiley @_JimField @emmalayfield2 @HachetteKids Hey Jim!! Love your work and I’m so glad we got to talk about the Oi books on the show! 😘I also had this realisation until I looked into my empty fridge the day after I’d just stocked it up #bigkids for the mention @jowhiley - Loved @MumfordAndSons Marcus Reading a story Just now - back to making boxes 😍an…
Retweeted by Jo Whiley @andywburrows GorgeousHouse near us puts these bears out each day, doing a different activity every time. It’s all I live for currently...
Retweeted by Jo Whiley @NRFCROCK Thanks for this!!! 👍First gardening lesson digging up the veg patch and she’s broken my fork!! @SundayTimesLC I’ve never heard of any rhymes! The best lesson I got from the sport relief challenge was to concen… @SundayTimesLC @ThisisDavina Can we keep this going? Film/tv recommendations for families with older kids?
@SundayTimesLC We did that last year!! Magical. Have you watched Knives Out yet. Successful family viewing for all tonight 👌
@jameskingmovies ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @SundayTimesLC @NetflixUK Our family viewing last night!!! @richie_anderson Go Go Richie!!!!feela like a lifetime ago ❤️
@JarkiiMonno @BBCRadio2 Loved it ❤️ @Rosyhardy62 @RobHardyPlants @hardyplants Going to place my order this weekend - save me 9! xx @Willduggan @OsmoSophie Thanks Will! @natalieasprey Thanks!!! Will doHey gang - hope you’re doing okay today. Sending love to you all 💙 Looking for a quiz type thing to do with my broo…
@katebaker309 @BBCRadio2 I managed it without crying!!! 😂 Hope your brood are all ok x @TasAbdullah3 @TheVersion @thekillers @Dawn_French @BBCRadio2 I’m so happy to hear that the show has helped you Tas… @oliverbarnard @shaunwkeaveny Hello @oliverbarnard 😘We know #OurNHSPeople are always amazing, but at the moment they’re even more amazing than usual. At 8pm, join…
Retweeted by Jo WhileyWhat @TheVersion said!! On air right now with added @thekillers @Dawn_French @BBCRadio2 @TooBIonde @VirginRadioUK @GrantStottOnAir @forthone @sarajcox Thanks!A lovely thing @jowhiley has been doing on her show is getting famous storytellers along at 7.30pm for story time!…
Retweeted by Jo WhileyDear @IKEAUKSupport Hoping you can help. I tried online but it gave me a headache. My daughter has a refund card wh…, please: ▶️ Stay 2m+ away from others ▶️ Stick to designated cycle routes ▶️ Respect the speed limit…
Retweeted by Jo WhileyIt’s vitally important that people observe these guidelines if we want to keep the parks open. Parks bring much joy… are brilliant!! Can absolutely recommend these - we loved them at Xmas time and will be investing a new pack…
Priceless!!! the day in bed today because frankly I’m exhausted and feasted on Knives Out followed by A Cinderella Story.… @LisainEdinburgh @BBCRadio2 🙏😘The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet! There are lots more in the series - by @TomFletcher @Streathammum @SundayTimesLC @BBCRadio2 Aww Thank you 🙏 😊 @Parker_stace @Dakers86 @TomFletcher @BBCRadio2 Listen again on @BBCSounds tomorrow!!!Also *EXCELLENT NEWS KLAXON* On tonight’s @BBCRadio2 show the fantastic @TomFletcher will be reading The Dinosaur… evening crew. Just to let you know that if you need a friendly voice & some gorgeous music to keep you company/… @CarolineHirons Deal. We have storytelling at 7.30 so that’ll do nicely. The lovely @TomFletcher today - The Dinosaur that Pooped a Planet @CarolineHirons Hang on a minute?? 7pm you say??? You know this means war...A VERY important message
Retweeted by Jo Whiley @Dawn_French @GenialProducti2 Just set a series link! @40Dawn This is gorgeous!❤️ @FrannieM36 😂😂😂I’ll go for @radiohead Just (session) @Manics Penny Royal Tea (session) & China Drum Wuthering Heights. Honourabl… @so_bad_ass Totally. And they’re rare!!Listen, there had been many protestations/tears before this miracle happened. That’s why I was so happy! & their Come Dine With Me - theme 70’s skate scene - last night while I was doing the @BBCRadio2 show ❤️ to my son (3rd year of Uni) giving my daughter (year6) a history lesson about the French Revolution this… brilliant! So good to read this. Loved meeting you x @HerveyBrookes @dan_usztan Just checking!! Lots of love xxx @hayleycole77 @jowhiley @krispykremeUK @lovebravissimo are offering 50% discount to NHS staff x
Retweeted by Jo Whiley @HerveyBrookes @dan_usztan Just checking whose voice you have in your ears as you do you couch to 5K? 🤔!!! Xx
@gregjames EVERYONE should follow Matt Lucas. He brightens my day every day with his posts. Gorgeous man.