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@vsirnate Hahaha. Very true! @gauravkapur @Sdoull @cricbuzz I tell you, we need to get together soon! @veenavenugopal Learnt whatever I know from my Venu sir.Just another reason why @vijaylokapally is a legend. question yesterday which I managed to mess up a bit, there was one 'ev' among the 'ov's' for Bulgaria. Today's… birthday @NovyKapadia. I have so many memories of our football days together in the 90s. Be well and take care. @rakeshfilm Haha. Scarred your growing up years! @adityajoshipura I haveworked with Gautam and written extensively about his contribution if you would care to read.… @aniketmishra299 Hahaha. Who knows!This is truly such a special day for India. Can never forget the thrill we felt that an Indian was in space! 2011, Dhoni won India the World Cup with this huge six. Six years later, PV Sindhu beat Carolina Marin to win th… @akh4737 Not really. True @KadambariM @Lavendermist15 Lots and lots and lots of love. Hugs.
@ofnosurnamefame @SachinKalbag @tanejamainhoon @ShashiTharoor Master Gyaan was a nice touch! @yellareddy @KalyanVarma @amoghavarsha Done @IndianfootballH @menezeshenry1 @debayansen @ClaytonMurzello @rIndianFootball @NovyKapadia @MarcusMergulhao @MayaSharmaNDTV @vasista_manu The picture I posted was from Dhikala in Corbett. This particular lady goes by the name 'Grassland wali.' @IndianfootballH @ClaytonMurzello @rIndianFootball @debayansen @NovyKapadia @MarcusMergulhao @menezeshenry1 @Bazmccullum This one's worth it! @MayaSharmaNDTV @vasista_manu I just found out. Fascinating. I always thought it was MP/Chattisgarh/Maharashtra or UP/Uttarakhand!Starting something fun with @SonySportsIndia for all you sport fans, the #SonySportsQuiz! If you are ready, let's… @vasista_manu Just surprised there are so many. I think it shows that Karnataka conservation is doing a great job.Project Tiger started on this day in 1973. Between 1875 & 1925 alone an estimated 80,000 tigers were killed in Ind… @BishOnTheRockz I never thought of that. Intriguing. @BishOnTheRockz I remember that.
@sruthijith @veenavenugopal Don't encourage her! @RamaNan56576333 No, he survived that, many years ago. @zwerubae This was in Lucknow. Trying to remember, 72 or 73. I need to check. @zwerubae He was! @mls01aer Absolutely! @nilanjanaroy @mrajshekhar I was just thinking of the Grapes of Wrath when those pictures came in. Staggering human tragedy. @IamJainAbhishek Yes. @kashyab_vikas My father was a Brigadier. @BanerjiSougata It is. Thanks.And today, when I am in trouble, I always ask myself if I am prepared to wear the blindfold, instead of sitting aro… decided to go for the operation. But in the days before that, he would wake up, blindfold himself & walk arou… doctor said that he had just 15% sight in one eye. And the other needed an operation if it had to be saved. It was touch and go.There was plenty to think about when ma was in the worst stage of Alzheimer's, walking around feverishly all day, a… he always said that those were easier to deal with as he never had to think of what he was doing. Like a reflex… father would have been 95 today. He was around for 90 good years and in those years, he saw quite a bit of life.…
So many great stories of compassion. They will not be forgotten."The best in the business"The best on this business on something vital for Indian sport. Do listen.'s Vincent Van Goghs' birthday today. If you feel unappreciated, take a look at the painting below. Though just 9… @atulhegde @priyankasehgal7 @ashoklalla @theanjan @royshouvik @Sanjay_Tripathy @NataliyaSaxena @SoniaMinochka @atharvaapte198 Right. Apologies. @PragyaTiwari @prempanicker Happy birthday @prempanicker!This is a great watch. And Karthik is batting in his Nidihas Cup form. @damnitayush Not sure.You can't make this up! @TheSanjivKapoor And she's happily married now to a property developer.It's the legendary Eric Clapton's 75th birthday & I was thinking of how he could find something positive in any sit…, I express my gratitude to the American cinema, to the motion picture association who have given me this award a… have learned everything I've learned about the craft of cinema from the making of American films. I've been watch… of course, I got interested in the cinema as an art form, and I wrote a twelve-page letter to Billy Wilder aft… I was a small, small school boy, I was terribly interested in the cinema. Became a film fan, wrote to Deanna D… Speech from his bed in Kolkata, just a few weeks before he passed away. "Well, it's an extraordinary experienc… March 1992, Academy Awards. "To Satyajit Ray, in recognition of his rare mastery of the art of motion picture… from the front. So many heartening stories coming out of this as well.
@uspindia yes @Bhaskarghoshal Ad taught at South Point @DPrasanthNair Daughter was a prof at JNU iirc @RandomCricketP1 He was something else in his prime. @sleepyhead148 I don't know enough, but I would love to.. @subrataiam Absolutely. @ilovemithunda There are quite a few Bengali Dutt's as well. It is an anglicization, like Ray for Roy. @prempanicker Thanks! @Shubhamdbest09 Staying indoors. Not quarantined specifically.A true renaissance man and a towering genius in his time. And a principled man, not scared to go to prison for his…"When we went to Italy, it meant we would have to spend at least one day on viewing each sculpture. We had hired th…“Mr.Dutt as Othello was rather a pitiable sight, with his voice gone, his breathing laboured and his bulk enormous.…"I have developed a technique of shutting my mind off, switching it off, rather. I will not be able to tell you eve… one of India's finest comic actors in films like Gol Maal, and Hirak Rajar Deshe. The irony is that the marvel… his 91st birth anniversary, a thread on one of India's greats, Utpal Dutt. He could speak 8 languages and they s… Mar, 2004. When he crossed 250, Sachin warned him about trying to hit a six before reaching 300. He reached 29…
Do play. One of the best cricket quiz masters in the country. Good questions, great balance, and he's also a great…'s a big big gesture. Akshay Kumar has set the bar now. @AnupamRavi4 @nassercricket You should have said hello!Happy birthday @nassercricket. Being able to laugh at oneself is one of the greatest gifts. This is from 2017 if I… @gauravkapur @OaktreeSport We need some. Go for it.The amazing thing was that 4 wickets in 4 balls still did not get him the MOM award outright. He shared it with La… Vaas bowled a single run over at Kallis and Peterson. Malinga came back, got Kallis to edge off his first ball… anniversary of one of the most incredible fight backs in cricket. 2007 WC, South Africa need just 4 to win aga…
The kind of hacks that make such a difference when you're on your feet for twenty hours a day saving lives and risk… @saurabhkhosla World War II weapons is an interest area. Not much else that I know! @James1940 Mind you, the He177 might have fared a bit better if they hadn't tried to make a four engined plane a dive bomber.Taimur's potty is prime time news! One of the few times I am unhappy about not watching news programmes. This woul…! @joydeepfive @swingswami has been amazing for Bengal these past few years. @hemantbuch With Thoiba on the left.A few years later, he bowled Bengal through to the finals. There are too many kids like Mukesh out there and not en… night Joydeep was busy with the other trials, but Waqar told him Mukesh was the pick of the bowlers. At that s… sighed, walked back to the nets. Mukesh put on a pair of battered spikes and ran in and bowled two deliveri… just a few years ago, he was hanging around a trial from morning to dusk one day, hoping for a chance. When the… that this Ranji season is over, it's time to tell the story of one of its better performers. Mukesh Kumar took… @gurneyhf @absycric @AaronFinch5 Nah, too wide. What about "which Nottinghamshire based, Renegades left arm seamer… @PragyaTiwari @yasser_aks Hahaha! I miss not missing Krishi DarshanSo heartening! @DrJoyeeta Take care. @jamwithsam @sbilgi @sachin_rt @RaviShastriOfc Yes. He and Jadeja opened.