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Happy birthday to @MichaelVaughan, that amazing leader of men. @sidvee HahahahaTerrific stat. The changing of the guard. innings from Ruturaj Gaikwad. This IPL has just thrown up so many exciting new prospects.And in this one, the Magic Carpet, Cacofonix is not here as he is performing in India!KKR playing match-ups with left hander after left hander against Jadeja and Sharma. But Morgan bats left as well, s… shall we three meet again, in Thunder, Lightning, or in Rain? When the Hurley-burley's done, when the Battle… @ddey67 @RepTodayMag Bah! Congratulations!61 years of Asterix comics and those banquets in the village in the last frame. Of friends and food and drink and s… v #Bumrah in the super over? #Gayle’s tactical move v #Narine? Watch @virendersehwag, @MichaelVaughan,…
Retweeted by Joy BhattacharjyaThis is perhaps the most lucid and easy to understand illustration I have seen of how Covid actually spreads and h…
@lutam619 @amitvarma Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You have brought meaning to my life!Much later, he would pull out my IPL pictures as well. But at least in this case his victims walked into his lair a… his hosts to listen to 40 mins of a person they didn't even know. When I once called him out on this, he… he would visit Bengali families in the area whom he located through the telephone directory, sweets in hand and… father was actually the worst culprit I knew. My sister Jhumi had just moved to the US and she had sent an audio… were sharing holiday pictures on social media, and I was remembering the days when we would be terrified of… @puneetpsingh Thanks, this was a terrific team!The LA Dodgers winning the baseball World Series suddenly reminded me of a question Neil O'Brien had asked. The Dod… @SarkarMania Jadon Sancho also played some early matches.Three years ago to this day, we hosted the finals of a FIFA U17 World Cup in which we had record breaking crowds, w…
@Wriddhipops @SunRisers Congratulations. Amazing innings! @merin_kumar Absolutely.Mitch Marsh, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Kane Williamson and now Wriddhiman Saha & Vijay Shankar. It's been a horrific set… @IamCK12 It is. My bad. @hemantbuch has corrected me, they now allow substitute keepers without opposing captain's permission. @hemantbuch Thanks. @hemantbuch Ok.Rishab Pant can hit just one shot like that last six and remind you exactly how much ability he has. Ridiculously good shot.Shreevats Goswami keeping for SRH instead of Saha which indicates the injury or strain may be serious. Also, sporti… @Wriddhipops, what an innings. Such a terrific team player, such an amazingly positive cricketer. @PreranaLovesKKR And to you and yoursSRH playing desperate cricket. Love how they are going about their game. @hemantbuch @SandeepMall AmazingIt's almost showtime! Have any questions from #SRHvDC game? Tweet them using #AskCricbuzzLive and watch your favou…
Retweeted by Joy Bhattacharjya @rajukane Thanks.Sanga selling a dummy to Shehzad. Very cool! @vinaykashy @bhogleharsha Thanks!The tribals hesitated to attack, and that give the Indian troops that crucial breathing time to set up a defence. A… other story about this campaign was the amazing bravery of Maqbool Sherwani, who went around on his bicycle tel… Instrument of Accession was announced that night and the planes started taking off at 5 am on the 27th. The Si… most important objective was the defence of Srinagar airport, as long as Srinagar could be supplied by air, Kashmir could be defended.The unit that was to take the first brunt of the attack was the 1st battalion of the Sikh Regiment, commanded by L… announced the requisition of all civilian passenger planes on All India Radio, and Biju took charge of the op… 1947. The instrument of accession had not yet been signed, and thousands of tribal troops had started advan… finally left early, as he had a morning flight, but we got to know from the restaurant staff that he had also qu… couple of hours just flew by while he regaled us with his cricket anecdotes and the the misadventures of his cric… and Lee chatting about Ashes battles over their steak, Kohli catching with his India fielding coach, Trevor… I wrote in 2013. Happy birthday @KumarSanga2. "IPL opening ceremonies are a bit like college reunions. Af… 2003, at ESPN Star Sports, we first developed a domestic cricket rating. And the 1st person to feature on the 'P…
This Kings XI Punjab comeback story is truly turning out to be a 'sarson ka saga.'Your father would have been very proud of that one @mandeeps12! @srini_ramamohan they know @SportzrideCric @surya_14kumar should have been there. He deserved to make it.One of the biggest developments in the announcement of the Indian teams to Australia actually impacts this IPL. If… slip in place the 13th over of a T20 match at Sharjah. Not often you'll see that! counter-attack from KKR for the 2nd match in a row. And a different pair from the previous match. Brendon Mc… @Sportingabhi @MdShami11 Yes. Just what I was thinking.Test match style bowling masterclass from @MdShami11. Perfect outswingers. KKR have a mountain to climb now!Have to babysit these mischievous children all evening 🤓 It’s not easy being the village elder I tell ya.
Retweeted by Joy BhattacharjyaWhat a way to come back @ahealy77! @ReallySwara :-) @thealokputul @sushant_says Yes, thanks, my miscalculation130th, apologies125th birth anniversary of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi. A teacher, journalist & later editor of 'Pratap,' who worked…
@SportzrideCric CSK is officially eliminated today. Now whatever they do, they cannot qualify.In the last four matches, sides have beaten teams ahead of them in the points table. KKR beat DC, KXIP beat SRH, CS… Australian whose brother played test cricket for England(Darren Pattinson), is bowling to a English test cricket… MI middle order engine room is a Ferrari! Hardik Pandya take a bow! Unbelievable hitting!On this day in 1415, the Welsh and English Archers cut down the cream of the French army in the Battle of Agincour… of the most wonderful aspects of the IPL is after even the toughest, most hard fought matches, players & suppo… @unknowncorner Not that I know.And if that last cover drive doesn't convince us all, nothing will.Clearly, the spark was there in the CSK youngsters! @Wriddhipops @MdShami11 Happy belated birthday Wriddhi. Have a great year! @hemantbuch @rohitdbrijnath On to. My fat fingers! @hemantbuch @rohitdbrijnath Happy birthday Rohit. Sharda Ugra and Rohit Brijnath on consecutive days. I think I am in to something. @unknowncorner Yes.He died in a duel with an officer fought over the honour of a lady. He was so sure that he was going to die in that…'s the birth anniversary of 1 of my 1st heroes. A man who passed away when he was just 20, the French mathematici… Kings XI Punjab continue their fairy tale run and keep their supporters hopes alive. @mandeeps12 plays through… came back into circulation and saw yesterday's matches. Was extremely impressed by how KKR took on doubts abou…
If they've ever needed Maxwell to fire, it's today.It's World Statistics Day, and I have to leave you with one cricket stat. Sachin Tendulkar scored 8717 internation… @_Dtalks It'll change. Worry not.'to get to a test double century'Happy birthday @virendersehwag. Few cricketers would try and hit a six get to a test double century and get caught.…'s amazing about Navjot Sidhu is his ability to transform. From being called 'strokeless wonder' after his firs… @Sukanta_92 They did not play two seasons.
@Dhonis_batman 2008, 2009, 2016,2018. @TheatreofDrea14 I think there's a season left in him. And he'll make it count.In their 11th IPL season, CSK fans finally experiencing what every other team's fans have experienced.20th October, 1968. Jackie Onassis got married to Aristotle Onassis. Legend has it that De Gaulle was once asked wh… a terrific idea. Getting a top sports crew to help streamline surgical procedures for children. h/t… @aleipus @lionsdenkxip Absolutely. A lot of character also in that team and support staff!Is Dhoni trying to hold his spin back for the last few overs. Seven overs left from Chawla & Jadeja? Can't see why else they're not bowling! @myselfadi There are references from many films, most notably Antonioni's Blow Up. That's why the park where the pi… have a son with special needs & I believe that everyone needs to be included. Meet Inclu, the mascot for… knew that classmate well, Ravi Ojha, and in 1994 I was torn between going to Mumbai and working with him or comin… 80s, a young film school graduate struggling in Bombay. A classmate comes over and regales him with stories a…