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U of Alabama Law Professor|@MSNBC Contributor|Obama US Atty in B'ham|25 year federal prosecutor|Wife & Mom of 4|Knitting a lot while watching the future

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Was Trump really concerned about preventing corruption in Ukraine when he asked Zelensky for a favor? Evidence sugg… failed to produce Mueller Report materials on Jared Kushner, despite a court order to do so & w/no explanation.… was a historic week, and @talkingfedspod is up to the task with an ALL NEW episode, dropping Monday, with the ki…
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If America is truly to be a country of the people, by the people, for the people, then the people cannot be silent.…
Retweeted by Joyce AleneKnitting & politics at #vogueknittingliveNYC with @perfectconversationalist & ⁦@kdarmo⁩ Lots of love for ⁦@MSNBC⁩ a…’s all she said.
Retweeted by Joyce Alene @davidgura Sorry @davidgura You're not getting a hat if you talk to me like that!Read this thread for a great example of a sharp-eyed journalist noticing something amiss, asking the right question…
Retweeted by Joyce AleneNewly released: AG Barr dropped in on Giuliani meeting with Assis. AG for the Criminal Division. @JulieZebrak's ana… @davidgura Yum! Why am I not having lunch with you? @GinaSpadafori @neal_katyal @mayawiley @BarbMcQuade Could not agree with you more! I'm grateful for all the people… it's obvious. If Trump was running a legitimate foreign policy, the Senate-confirmed Secy of State, Pompe… @SRuhle These proposed cuts harm school children, including those who need high quality nutrition at school, becaus… @ChrisLu44 @KatiePhang @DeeTwoCents We missed you Chris!Important Issue Starr arguing that key first hand witnesses can’t testify cold in Trump’s Senate trial, without prior interview…🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Joyce AleneBest dinner with @DeeTwoCents & @KatiePhang
The implications of the Dershowitz/Trump position: Trump & any future president can keep witnesses from testifying…’m with 👇🏼 addition to longtime friendship & support from Alabama Senator @DougJones, Biden now has support in Alabama from… @rfaraon @Gaslit_Nation @kurtbardella @realDonaldTrump My first year of law school. @kurtbardella @realDonaldTrump I remember when Ketchup became a vegetable.For those who are willing to shrug off impeachment because the phone call was "just Trump being Trump," at the end… @jwoolmanq @CevallosLaw @AliVelshi Oh golly, Danny & I wanted to, but Ali made us behave..⁦@CevallosLaw⁩ & I are joining ⁦@AliVelshi⁩ in a few mi tied to discuss impoundment and impeachment. read these tweet profiles everyday. They always kick me in the gut. Thank you @AuschwitzMuseum for making sure we…
Retweeted by Joyce AleneI’m just going to keep retweeting this until the senators start talking about it.
Retweeted by Joyce AleneImagine having all of the money and privilege in the world handed to you and you still wake up mean.
Retweeted by Joyce Alene @MuellerSheWrote I think it’s problematic to speculate. To guarantee the integrity of the SDNY prosecution & invest… we discussed last night on @TheLastWord, it’s a bad idea to be the lawyer when you’re also a material witness. J… needs to be saying this under oath. @siouxsiespal @maddow 🙏🏼 @SciVizKrista @Lawrence Thank you. I appreciate it.Parnas says @SecretaryPerry called @RudyGiuliani on his way to Zelenskyy’s inauguration in May to find out what mes…
Retweeted by Joyce AleneWhat I didn’t say on air but was thinking the whole time watching Chief Justice: what upsets me so much is that the…
Retweeted by Joyce AleneDOJ has had those messages in its possession for months. It suddenly discovered the need to investigate them now, a…
Retweeted by Joyce AleneWhere is @SecPompeo ? When will he stand up for Amb. Yovanovitch? Retweet if you want to hear from @SecPompeo.
Retweeted by Joyce Alene @DakiniBliss @AriMelber @TheBeatWithAri @MSNBC Thank you. MSNBC has wonderful hair & make up artists.
Joining @AriMelber on @TheBeatWithAri in a few minutes.This looks, and the timing sounds, very political. @AndrewClark_aus @AlisonMorrisNOW @NBCnow_ Working on one now. It’s a lot further along than this but you get the i… Tide McQ! little quick knitting before I join ⁦@AlisonMorrisNOW⁩ on ⁦@NBCnow_⁩ in a few minutes. @brimamassie @kurtbardella @Morning_Joe @JoeNBC @morningmika @catrakowski @MikeDelMoro @dpierrebravo @WillieGeist🤣🤣🤣 doubles down-doesn’t know Parnas & Rudy has his support. @littleone7156 @maddow He wasn’t under oathIf the GOP believes Parnas was untruthful in the @maddow interview, the thing to do is to call him as a witness in… McSally, “you’re a liberal hack,” as she rudely brushes past @mkraju who politely tried to ask her a questi… always take pictures like this with people I don't know. Don't you? @KellyannePolls
Retweeted by Joyce AleneEven as a political matter, it’s far from clear that having Hunter Biden testify benefits Trump. But if we’re inter… only reason to hear from Biden is political. Legally, only relevant testimony should be heard. The 2 questions… says this, but he knows. is where the rubber meets the road. Will Trump try to distance himself from Rudy or not? Hard to do because of… @Mimirocah1 Yeah, but Trump trusts them to conduct corruption investigations so he can’t claim it’s a witch hunt 🤣Read this thread it's right on point.
Retweeted by Joyce Alene @LouisRBridgema3 @maddow Progressive truth telling by cooperating witnesses is common. It doesn’t mean they’re enti… the WH responds to the Parnas interview by saying he’s under indictment & unreliable, remember that Democrats di… Parnas downplayed Hyde (possibly to minimize his own culpability), it will damage his overall credibility. He al… @NBChristinaGinn @CevallosLaw @JillWineBanks @NBCNewsNow equal respect & appreciation for the likely degradation of the independence of a special counsel in this situa… Sen. Kamala Harris is calling for a pause to any judicial nominees while the Senate considers the impeachmen…
Retweeted by Joyce AleneAmazing Lev Parnas interview on #Maddow. Also, I’m disclosing that the lawyer for @DevinNunes wrote a letter saying…
Retweeted by Joyce AleneWith the caveat that everything Parnas says must be carefully corroborated & noting Parnas didn’t say one way or th… @ContraryMeri @11thHour Thank you! @medium_frey @11thHour 🙏🏼Coming up on ⁦@11thHour⁩ now that impeachment is only about the president. But to the extent others are potentially implicated in crimi… his testimony holds up, its absolute bombshell. The Senate must call and hear from witnesses but it takes invest… many instances he seems to assume people like Pence or Barr knew what was going on & the reasons for that need t… do you assess Parnas’ credibility? To the extent he’s a defendant in a criminal case & says things prosecutors… apologizes to Yovanovitch and says he no longer believes information she badmouthed Trump was true.#ThrowbackThursday (or close enough)
Retweeted by Joyce AleneParnas tells @Maddow he, Rudy, Victoria Toensing & Joe DiGenova we’re involved in getting information they could us… @Maddow interview of Parnas, at start of meetings with Ukrainian officials, he’d put Rudy on the speaker phone s…👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 authentic, this would be a pre-arrest statement by Parnas. Will be interesting to see if it corroborates what he… the work gets done doesn’t really matter when the evidence says you did it. now, @chrislhayes says he’s read the transcript of @maddow’s interview with Lev Parnas & he also implicated AG William Barr. @NicolleDWallace Just wow. What a day. What a time. Thank you for having me. An hour with you is the best therapy. @doppelgangbangr Parnas wasn’t arrested until October & this was March. Also, it was for a White House meeting as t… he saying he’s with Jay Sekulow? Trump’s impeachment lawyer? Not sure who Parnas is referring to when he says Ja… @awprokop This raises interesting questions about the relationships between these folks and who was in charge.So, Don Jr. was tweeting derogatorily about Yovanovitch at the direction of a Trump PAC official who took their ma… @Kellydeer1 I was literally expecting a Bob Vance refrigeration joke here. 😎 @JustBirdTweetin Thank you! @mayawiley His defense is shaping up to be “I’m too drunk, crazy & stupid to have done this.” I believe you have ex…’ credibility will have to be tested & proven. His claim is serious but needs to be corroborated with evidenc…
New from the brilliant @MiekeEoyang who you should be following if you aren’t already., Virginia became the 38th & last state necessary to ratify the ERA (there’s a dispute about whether it’s in t… @pithywidow @WindsorMann @ColleenIrishLas @TheRickWilson @KevinMKruse @RadioFreeTom You’re an A+ student @WindsorMann @ColleenIrishLas @TheRickWilson @pithywidow @KevinMKruse @RadioFreeTom 🙏🏼"There aren't any honest brokers... There doesn't appear to be any movement at Justice. Secretary Pompeo should hav…
Retweeted by Joyce Alene @WindsorMann @ColleenIrishLas @TheRickWilson @pithywidow Y’all are sweet @pithywidow I like timelines. They make evidence come into focus. @JaneMC @DeadlineWH @NicolleDWallace So, do you have German Shepards & Boxers? @ColleenIrishLas @TheRickWilson I’m really not, but thank you.