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@jonmorosi @MLB, now everybody say “Cheese!” And look natural!
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @Jason1Goff News: U.S. hits all-time high in daily new coronavirus cases. - @washingtonpost
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldDo you know who was the worst interview I ever had? Pres Bush 41 ..he would take no credit for anything he had done…
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldI miss him as well!
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldThink about this. This is the best picture of Rudy Giuliani that he has for this liebait. a moron!!!
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @thebennettk Is this the 2nd part seventeen?Somebody needs to be fired for false advertisement @WWE
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @thebennettk Tim Whatley/Walter White @thebennettk Dynasty: @whitesox All of the great memories in my life involve Juan Uribe.Joe has the character and the experience to make our country better - but first, he needs your vote. Make a plan to…
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldReturn your ballots, folks.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldWe’ve got your back, @JoeBiden!
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @BauerOutage @astros Where are all the trashcans?Biden: 525 kids won't be reunited with their parents. Trump: Good Retweet the hell out of this!
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldWatching Trump talk for 10 seconds muted made it all worth it.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldNot surprising but sad that Trump will resort to anything at this point cuz America has turned on him. These relen…
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldBunny Kiss 😘
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldShoutout to the immigrants and children of immigrants making this country better even if it doesn't rock with us the way it should.
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @LWilz @Arrogantfrogbar No one individual should have that much gin, it is the 20s howeverLet’s go win this, folks.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldYUP — Trump “should have been negotiating with Nancy Pelosi, not golfing” -⁦@JoeBiden⁩ #Debate2020
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldIs it me or does Hunter Biden look like Greg Kinnear? @thebuffalojr @therecount Another lie, he always has at least 2Any lip readers in our mentions? What does Trump say to moderator Kristen Welker here? #Debates2020
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @KellyannePolls He didn’t even win this picture
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield.@ddale8: “Trump was better behaved tonight, but he lied way more.”
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldTrump in a nutshell. “I take full responsibility. It’s China’s fault.”
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldOmg. I missed this....can you imagine your coach saying this?
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @thebennettk they took your booger back @Martina posted in Columbia, SC
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldButtigieg: If they want to make this about the business deals of a government official, let’s talk about the Presid…
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldFolks, I just stepped off the debate stage, and I’ve never been more fired up and ready to win this election. Now,…
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @the_ironsheik Isn't Hogan always supposed to winRespectfully, please cut this out.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldGood to the last drop "We rescue ALL animals, though dogs need us the most. But we rescue cats, bunnies, rats, sna…
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldWatch out sharks, we got a pool dog in the house!
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldA child that is ripped away from their parents is NOT well taken care of.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldI worked for @realDonaldTrump in a top national security job. And I will tell you this: he went SO SOFT on Russia,…
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldBecause trump didn’t drop trou, take a steaming shit on himself, and then fling it all over the place, doesn’t mean he showed “restraint.”
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldTonight, the same ppl who whine about America being "too PC" and giving every kid a "participation trophy" are cong…
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield"With Biden, you'll have a depression the likes of which you'll never seen." What the hell has 2020 been then? #Debates2020
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldFact check: under the trump administration, 15 federal consent decrees across the country used as oversight into ov…
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield#DebateTonight #Debates2020 #TrumpMeltdown “I’m the least racist person in the room” tRUmp The world:
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @katie_cammm Utah Bourbon. Did Mitt approve?Donald Trump is the most racist president in modern history.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldLike any closing act near the end, all @realDonaldTrump can turn to is his old hit. #emails #windmillcancer #debateOh God he’s on Windmill Cancer
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldLet's be honest. None of us needed this to know who we're voting for.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldMy brother Brad just called in for my birthday and I have no idea what I said. 10 minute blackout. He’s battling gl…
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldWiley Coyote is bringing in children.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldBiden scores on the stimulus!
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @David_Leavitt It's in Blue print too!My father said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but wh…
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldJoe Biden is demonstrating the focus a president should have: on the people.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldTeam Trump wanted MORE debates?Joe Biden...looks...prepared. @ErikWemple @RF_P0TUS @seanhannity Does Sean realize that Trump is running against Joe Biden.This moment.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldGo Joe.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldHe’s a confused guy. He doesn’t know who he’s running against. He’s running against Joe Biden.
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @gregorybrothers VotersWho is going to tell The President that less than 40% of Americans have a 401k
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @thomasqjones It's like me running a footrace against a former NFL running back. I'll look dumb and slow and bad.But you're the president. High five @kwelkernbc !
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield“Kim Jong-un didn’t like Obama.” Donald Trump says this about Obama as if it was a bad thing. 🤣#Debate2020
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldCheering at my screen right now. Cheering. Go Joe!!!!!!
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @mckinneykelsey I want Social Distanced medicine, and pizza.If a vaccine was a few weeks away wouldn't a company leak it? @thomasqjones Offsides #45, 5-10 Years behind bars. FIRST DOWN.I’ve got a teenage son. He will be off on his own in a few years. I love him. I kiss and hug him like all fathers s…
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @WWEonFOX @KingRicochet Wait is this @otiswwe ? @MjfScarf The orange sun does that before it implodes. @joshgad @joshgad pride Trump takes in Kim Jong Un liking him is deeply gross.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldYou're going to protect pre-existing conditions? Prove it.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldHe’s going to cancel a healthcare plan without having one already? What was he doing this whole time? Lol #Debates2020
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @thegoodgodabove They have TVs in heaven?TRUMP: “We’ve already done something they could never do before...” ME SHOUTING AT TV: “Kill 200,000 people?!?” #Debate2020
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @MjfScarf’s not about his family or my family. It’s about your family. If you’re a middle-class family right now, you’re hurting badly.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldIs there a different Russia?Trump cares more about Biden’s son than he does about his or yours.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldWell admittedly he cares zero for his sons
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldStill grabbing my jaw off the floor that Trump went after...(checks notes) struggling families.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldMute button? @MjfScarf is truly Presidential right now. Trump is truly a batshit crazy lunatic who happens to have the nuclear codes.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldHear-here #StrongBad “It’s not about his family or my family, it’s about YOUR family.”
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldBiden strong in getting back to american families
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldBiden to the American people: “It’s not about my family or his family. It’s about your families.”
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield @JRubinBlogger I pregamed my drinking just like he prepaid his taxesGetting Torched.
Retweeted by Maker BayfieldMALARKEY MALORT SHOTThe moderator lets Trump tell like 100 lies in a row and then turns to Biden and says “I have a question for you, sir.” LOL, come on
Retweeted by Maker Bayfield