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Mario Kart: Live
Retweeted by Trick Flair @glorbis @badbadnono just throw the whole phone out and get a new one. boom problem solved. youre welcome. @KELVlN_FILTER cant remember if all 4 of those have ever happened w/in 30 mins sjnce ive lived her, but def 3 of those 4 @esimmers yes. is a great platform for thisTrans people are working class. And in the majority of states the only protections we have from being fired at work…
Retweeted by Trick Flair @KELVlN_FILTER chicago: hold my old style, watch thisthe expanding brain meme but all the panels are captioned "fuck resident advisor" @PontiacGunfire i decided that its actually @mcmansionhell's troll altBeing a teen was hardcore in 1960
Retweeted by Trick Flair @BettyDevoe remember that spot up in rodgers parks in the warehouse basement? cool place, too bad the dude running it was a shady creep @BettyDevoe we have prevailed over some very adverse circumstances @thealexbrooks i do NOT want to fuck resident advisor. i am simply, not attracted to that website. sorry if this offends @Bandcloud NEXT DAY'S FUNCTION, HIGH-CLASS LUNCHEON @PontiacGunfire @FullscreenDream dont sleep on this cover @FullscreenDream @PontiacGunfire @glorbis spooky castle with animated bat wings @w_amadidas 😏😉I think I got infected with something. Luckily, it's contained with the mask but it's pretty nasty.
Retweeted by Trick Flair @anthrolucretius @jmatthew42 lol no idea @clubemotional ALL I REALLY WANT IS @ODBeef lets play shooty games soonImportant thread
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Retweeted by Trick FlairFREESTYLE ROCKED
Retweeted by Trick Flairso far my favorite thing about quarantine is: not going to any truly terrible fetish play parties lmao @KELVlN_FILTER *rolling eyes* "ughhhhhh FINE there's 28.3 grams to an ounce so CLEARLY i want about 1.8 grams" @KELVlN_FILTER hahahahaha @KELVlN_FILTER why. why would you say 'half an eighth' buddy that's just a sixteenthThis is Christopher Dorner, a veteran who gave his life on the battlefield. Think we can get him to go viral this M…
Retweeted by Trick Flair @JewishWorker isnt this the exact best use case for like a zoom meetingFuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss!
Retweeted by Trick Flair @jp_bse I also hear he donates most/all of his pay cuz he doesn't need it. Great dude
Retweeted by Trick Flairif i were a major brewer looking to keep my brand pandering to LGBTQ concerns i would simply create 'Miller Bi Life'personally i think it's great that shaq enjoys djing. good for him. @extinctdaemon ^^^ this mf said 'there' @anthrolucretius @jmatthew42 Bepis®if pinhead from hellraiser worked sales at a plumbing suppy house, he'd say WE HAVE SUCH PIPES TO SHOW YOUif pinhead from hellraiser was a travel agent, he'd be like "WE HAVE SUCH FLIGHTS TO SHOW YOU"
Retweeted by Trick Flairif pinhead from hellraiser sold leggings he'd be like "WE HAVE SUCH TIGHTS TO SHOW YOU"
Retweeted by Trick Flair @gluten_shrine if wayne brady was a cenobyte he'd be Pain Brady
Retweeted by Trick Flair @aerielist i mean.... there are no victory conditions and the point is basically to see how long you can go before… @aerielist one dude has been monomanaically working on it for like 18 years, full time, supported by donations. its amazing @aerielist dwarf fortress is a goddamn legendary game. here's the best, brief summary:
@ilanabryne "more adidas sneakers than a plumbers got pliers/got more suits than jacoby and meyers"this is my gift to you today, people of the internet
Retweeted by Trick FlairBREAKING: doja cat joins ISILwhat beastie boys lyric can you not stop thinkingn aboutRIP drummer Jimmy Cobb
Retweeted by Trick Flairnew headerhmmm what's the most upsetting thing i could tweet here... ah yes "Brony M" @ztsamudzi goddAMIT now i have this stuck in my head. i'm about to trepan myselfNothing more american than being a nazi fighting the soviets in two separate wars and then dying on behalf of the U…
Retweeted by Trick Flair @ztsamudzi fuck paul simon and his mediocre softrock @RussellELButler synthesizer, in ya butt @zapatistarising (i have not seen the show and i do not plan to. same with the bare grills guy) @zapatistarising i keep getting told that i 'would love that show!' and i keep asking myself what have i done wrong… DMX Krew has so many good tracks @KELVlN_FILTER i dropped outhere brothers in an electro mix just to see if i had the guts. you can do literally an…, when Karens take a walk with their dogs off leash in the famous Bramble in NY’s Central Park, where it is clear…
Retweeted by Trick Flair @extinctdaemon imean.... you saw how i did with Other People's Money @extinctdaemon if i wasnt broke i would do the same thing @aerielist you're gonna love dwarf fortress @OzKFodrotski yes, YES @aherman2006 @vaberg Love this for her.
Retweeted by Trick FlairGolf is terrible. Easily the worst "sport" ever created
Retweeted by Trick Flair @glorbis i prefer to believe that tom is simply, a buffoon of great proportions @extinctdaemon to refute feminism with Facts And Reason in a series of 17 hour-long videos on youtube, none of which ever break 100 viewsGod, inventing Shabbos
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Retweeted by Trick Flair @ElSangito damn this is a deep cut lmao @extinctdaemon lmaooooooooooooo>Some guy that was out for a jog
Retweeted by Trick Flair @vonhonkington YUP @blucu @_noncompliant_ damn @wtyppod i'm convinced it's kate wagner's troll alt @ElSangito depression mode jaypee means bargaining with myself about brushing my teeth lol @ElSangito wow this is real innovation. i'll have to try thatSilicon Valley is just one giant collection of the dumbest people in the world
Retweeted by Trick Flair @Lubchansky cc @movesigg @funranium hahahaha i just watched this in like february @FARCED well.... HI! @FARCED oy hey i thought you deleted! @ZeroSuitCamus the japanimatrix coz it'll be those japanime cartoons @HoratioSkald @mitdasein i could explain what shot peening actually is but it wouldnt be very funny, coz it's very boring @slapheadsydney lost my virginity to the first le tigre album and that explains everything that has happened since
@ZeroSuitCamus very inconspicuousGah, I wish I could've seen this show. Look at these installation shots.
Retweeted by Trick Flair @SimpsonsQOTD @OzKFodrotski flanders got CAKES @nsfwonks @HuntressXT the statue of liberty is made of copper and is not combustible. checkmate.Hello! Are you tired of seeing design blogs posting cyberpunk masks & "post-Corona design solutions" involving gian…
Retweeted by Trick Flair @Cato_of_Utica its sundayI’ve maybe heard numerous stories about how people who are taking 50 times the normal dose of hydroxychloroquine pr…
Retweeted by Trick FlairI'm fucking this guy's wife
Retweeted by Trick Flair @LudiBellorum omg @jack_ha_ YIKES24 May 1856: As a response to pro-slavery forces ransacking the city of Lawrence, Kansas (founded in hopes of makin…
Retweeted by Trick Flairseeing a lot of particularly bad opinions on the TL today. can y'all stop