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Queer. Comic Writer/Colorist/Reader. Seller of comics at @TheBigBang_ Opinions are my own. He/Him/They/Them Contact:

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"The City We Became" by N.K. Jemisin, how do you get one of the stars of Derry Girls to be in your ad and not go for a whole Denny Girls thing? @hillsideboyy I'm sure she's just busy and you'll have a reply soon ☺️ @hillsideboyy Aww, I'm sure she hasn't! @Nadia_Shammas_ NADIA! YES!February 9. #batman #jokerwar ⁦@DCBatman⁩ ⁦@DCComics⁩
Retweeted by JP Jordan @inthewakeofdawn Same, he was incredibly charming and wholly different from his Teen Wolf days, so made me have fai… @inthewakeofdawn It's like you're getting his visuals but the people involved make you think you'll also get the heart behind them tooXermanico with that 15-panel grid. You love to see it.
Retweeted by JP JordanSpider-Gwen finished 🥳 #Marvel #marvelcomics #spidergwen #digitalart #artistsontwitter #artist
Retweeted by JP Jordan @OliverSava Stephen Donnelly apologises to Catherine Connolly for ‘unf***ingbelievable’ incident. Interestingly, the…
Retweeted by JP JordanSakuga Sanders
Retweeted by JP JordanAre there any illustrators / comic book artists / colourists based in Galway? If so, please let me know.
Retweeted by JP Jordan @IanFayArt Nabbing that last one for future memes @Ciaraioch CIARA THE FANCINESS J'ADOREY’all fumbled Bernie Sanders TWICE?! And expect him to dress up to this gathering ? Y’all lucky he came 😂😂
Retweeted by JP Jordanhistoric
Retweeted by JP Jordan @Casparnova @sievish And over here in Ireland too, though we do use it for it's standard definition a lot too118 | Mrs. Doubtfire with Wren Dennehy aka @AvocaReaction Wren joins us to talk about representation, Robin Willi…
Retweeted by JP Jordan @The_LogLady I hope they knew when they chose it. I really do @The_LogLady "Fin"tan. AmazingI love Marvel and other comics, and I wanted to expand my activities outside of Japan so I can help comic artists.…
Retweeted by JP JordanBREAKING: Stephen Miller has officially began his 27-year hibernation beneath the town of Derry, Maine.
Retweeted by JP JordanIt is January 20th, 2021.
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You telling me that's not Brendan Gleeson reprising his role from The Guard in that first photo? Pleasure derived from another person's misfortune. Shonenfreude: Pleasure derived from the the youn…
Retweeted by JP JordanSeeing all of @20EyesBrad's colors for COUNT @ once is really something. His palettes, skies, and landscapes are tr…
Retweeted by JP Jordan @oedipussyy It's a proud moment @LucyToner Because just maybe, if we're really good, they'll bring their companies here and not pay a cent in tax for the privilege @oedipussyy 🎶 slurry shark du du du du du 🎶Maybe you were unaware that the people who run the Lincoln Project were the architects of racist voting laws, and g…
Retweeted by JP Jordan @oedipussyy Bog shark. The best kind of sharkA whole industry was created. From books to social media platforms to pundits. All obsessed with Trump with no real…
Retweeted by JP Jordan @oedipussyy Live footage of me post bog butter @keeevy_ For the puns!When this is all over and I can finally go back to visit Newgrange
Retweeted by JP JordanAnyway, here's the president of Ireland on a BMX.
Retweeted by JP JordanHoly shit over 10k. Thank you to those who have donated and shared!
Retweeted by JP JordanCORRECT ENERGY ALERT!!!!!~
Retweeted by JP JordanI said what I said and I’ll say it again
Retweeted by JP Jordan @VanessaIfeoma Amazing @oedipussyy There's an X-man whose power is manifesting gold balls out of nowhere, and he was called Gold Balls. That could've been me! @oedipussyy But now, if someone happens to eat it and get superpowers I'll be be so peeved! @oedipussyy ... perhaps!Barron walking downstairs for breakfast
Retweeted by JP Jordan @oedipussyy But think of the power it'll imbue me with. The power of lactoseGave it to him like 3 weeks ago and still waiting on notes wtf
Retweeted by JP Jordan @oedipussyy BUT I MUSTLatverian fur collar.
Retweeted by JP JordanFinally finished that #WonderWoman pic. Here’s the process. Initial doodle. Composition edit once I thought it had…
Retweeted by JP JordanI can’t believe Mike Pence has seen Gaga live and I haven’t
Retweeted by JP Jordanwhat if, fours years ago, Official Smart People had contextualized this instead of telling us we were horrible for…
Retweeted by JP Jordan @ComicBookYeti, all vampires are practitioners of the magical dark arts. They are, after all, neck-romancers.
Retweeted by JP Jordan#coloristjam Line art by @amyreeder Colors by me
Retweeted by JP JordanStep by step for my variant cover of “ Challenge of the Super Sons #1 “ From layout to colors! @DCComics
Retweeted by JP JordanI'm going to close my store on the 26th of January until around May so that I can focus on making some new art and…
Retweeted by JP Jordan @nolapfau Ooh nice!So…… here it is. I have been dying to share this with you for a long long time. Heartstopper is coming to @netflix
Retweeted by JP Jordan @SinProps Honestly, deserved @SinProps Oh that's a good'un @nolapfau What you getting? @IanFayArt Wait what????? @ChrisManji Good luck!"You come to me, on the day of my daughter's wedding, and ask me for a dramatic sound effect" - Don Don Doooooonnnnnnnnnn
Retweeted by JP JordanGotta keep Camp Crystal Lake pure~ 🔪🌊✨
Retweeted by JP Jordan @MattHTaylor I'm so sorry MattWolfwalkers KA: Emmanuel Asquier-brassart
Retweeted by JP Jordan
Oh man, we've jumped 50 followers in just a few days! I'm just 81 followers away from the next reveal... feel free…
Retweeted by JP Jordan"You come to me, on the day of my daughter's wedding, and ask me for a dramatic sound effect" - Don Don Doooooonnnnnnnnnnyoure laughing. i asked you who did party rock anthem and youre laughing.
Retweeted by JP Jordan#Marvel posted this art so here it is for the final issue of the current run of #BlackPanther #stelfreeze
Retweeted by JP Jordan @m3rtyn They really did!
Retweeted by JP JordanAPRIL
Retweeted by JP Jordan @slicedfriedgold @zdarsky Ooh yes please @cerandor Oh definitely do! It's gorgeous @mariekeyn Ha brilliant! @mariekeyn Ha, going on the list? @MargueriteS_IE Just landed with us! If you need a copy! @johnlees927 Was meant to be with us for Christmas but Covid/Brexit/The World In General being what it is meant it just landed with us nowOh lord, and just look under the dust jacket! "funded" he means "donated to" but when a rich guy from generations of political powerhouses says "funded" it ma…
Retweeted by JP JordanThe #Wolfwalkers graphic novel turned out lovely! have an unbelievable amount of respect for this person
Retweeted by JP JordanOompa Loompa Doopity Don't Ant-Man.
Retweeted by JP JordanBREXIT DELAY UPDATES: Good news, for once! The two late shipments are now in and your comics are in your pull list…
Retweeted by JP JordanSCARENTHOOD #4 is out tomorrow. All three previous issues are still available (The SECOND PRINTING of #1 came out l…
Retweeted by JP JordanA lil commission I did before Christmas 🐈
Retweeted by JP Jordan @Ciaraioch Can't be true, I'm from CarlowGo buy @Ciaraioch's gorgeous art! préachán dubh, or rook, along with its fellow corvids, has associations with death and war in the mythology of…
Retweeted by JP JordanI don't trust him
Retweeted by JP JordanNever pull your mask down beneath your chin. Yikes.
Retweeted by JP Jordandid any of you stop to think that ben affleck used dark magic to turn ana into a cardboard cutout and now she is trapped
Retweeted by JP Jordan @riteshwriter Same, arguably his best type of performance @olliegerlach Three excellent choices to be fair, OliverBLUE PERIOD GETTING AN ANIME, BABY!