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Writer, world builder, & producer of Film , TV , comics and Video games. Known for writing HARLEY QUINN- PAINKILLER JANE & more.

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@JoanneStarer Turn off the computer then and go relax. @ThomasJane is the best thing about #TheExpanseCheck this out: HARLEY QUINN and THE BIRDS OF PREY #1 (Pre-Order) ā€“ Limited Signed version | PaperFilms TIME: You can pre-order an exclusive, limited - Triple Signed #HarleyQuinn and The Birds of Prey #1 signedā€¦ out Bernie in a tutu in the new tease for #BirdsOfPrey @danthemcmahon Hmmmmm
@urbanbarbarian I like where this is going. @Karen_Tansley They do not have leaves till the top so mites wouldn't kill them, but thanks for the link..learned a lot. @TheMakCave Doing it tomorrow. Thanks. @5O3PDX we do not water it. The sky above. Been that way for over 30 years.Friends: Get out this weekend and check out RABID in a theatre near you!!!! and support two talented writers andā€¦ @El_Fotofilico it doesn't get leaves till it goes super high. these stalks have no leaves. @BatmanLeser Sorry...found that out.Anyone an expert in Bamboo? I got some dying and cannot find out what is causing this. they are dying from the topā€¦ reason I loved HEAVY METAL magazine when I was growing up is that it introduced me to some of the top Europeanā€¦ Cotillard makes every movie she stars in so much better. @ErikJLarsen That made me dizzy. @DelfiniJoe Didn't know that! @crusherjoe I have enjoyed many a drink and experimented with drugs- otherwise how would I know which ones are any good? @TheRealMrSweary Not one bit!!To my friends getting credit card statements or alerts, check them 3 times because there is a wave of bogus statemeā€¦ @geoffkeighley @CouRageJD @Valkyrae @birdsofpreywb Hmmmmm @zenametal Yet the shape.... @missmatlock @HavenHuth @BillyTucci @olivegarden lol...Why Being Free From The Joker Was Important For Harley Quinn In Birds Of Prey, According To Margot Robbieā€¦ @laptopracer Ugh, sorry @ArnoKikoo Wonder why.... @KingofToons Geeze..... @AdriMusk She should be happy you spared her. :]ENJOY and pass around!For all my friends: THE ENTIRE EPISODE 1 OF HARLEY QUINN- @AdriMusk @FrankTieri @urbanbarbarian @bernardobri I like them raw/Happy to be such influencers. lol...'s Bonnie Hammer Gets Candid on Her Whirlwind Year: "I Ain't Going Out to Pasture" via @thrHollywood Reporter Critics Pick the Best Films of 2019 via @THR @thesteveorlando Go for it. we are all here pretending to be adults. @DanielKalban I used to not eat seafood, then had fish prepared grilled or blackened and really like it now. @AtomicBuchner BACON. MMMMMMM @DonalTDeLay Do you like olive oil though? @BlackHatMonty Our town voted in a "TREE HUGGER" that has been planting new trees all over Town. She has limited poā€¦ @urbanbarbarian I actually do. I just don't know any other ones, except the double. @LegendaryAsshol Would you like me to tell you what to and what not to post? I am pretty sure you wouldn't like that. No? @scott_springer Yes. You are an alien. You never tried it? @BlackHatMonty Local government should be called out for that. @LegendaryAsshol You don't get to tell me what to post or not post on any level, time, or space. You are only the bā€¦ do not drink Tea, or Coffee. I do not smoke cigarettes, eat eggplant, and have never eaten at a Taco Bell. Whatā€¦ also delete my political posts all the time, in case you were wondering. It's my way of leaving the conversationā€¦ lose a lot of followers because I engage in politics once in a while. I disagree with a lot of people. Disagreeiā€¦ @DanielKalban @ronwlim I really think this is a mental health issue and thats what people should be focusing on.I agre. Amanda can design if you guys need. ;] @bendefeo Yeah, no mirrors in that guys house for sure.Day 1: Win a Harley Quinn Book and Mask box set from @AmandaRantsAlot and @jpalmiotti
Retweeted by Jimmy Palmiotti @BadWolfLil @GailSimone @ruckawriter @ashmasterzero @BurnettRM @neilhimself I will be no help since I have not read many. @thatalexyarde @karasoth @washingtonpost Coming in Feb from Black Label. Thanks for the nice words, but there is soā€¦ every town in this country should be doing right now is buying up real estate to make more green spaces. Driviā€¦ @SugarSchweetz @AmericaWoke1 @HarleyMovieNews Bad press is press. people already made up their minds about the moviā€¦ TIME: You can pre-order an exclusive, limited - Triple Signed #HarleyQuinn and The Birds of Prey #1 signedā€¦
Retweeted by Jimmy Palmiotti @ErikDavis Where are you finding all this?Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security via @wiredAt 5:45 in the AM I took this photo from my window. it was the moon setting behind the trees. So beautiful. @TomTaylorMade True, since I was kid actually NY in the 70'sToday... and sadly every day, we learn more and more what goes on in our President's head when he tweets. @TomTaylorMade He is an embarrassment to the world at this point. @J_Deschenes @karasoth @washingtonpost Did you see he already deleted the tweet? lol... @chrisarrant Harley and Bernie, together. @matthewsardo True. Good seats. @SugarSchweetz @HarleyMovieNews let them boycott anything they like. Does not matter. Honestly. @OwndDay @washingtonpost Is that #6 on the "how to be a bully and alienate yourself from society" chart? ;] @AltNewsMedia @washingtonpost Grow up. @SugarSchweetz @HarleyMovieNews What it shows the comic companies making these films is they should spend less timeā€¦ holidays! @PitchAFett @CTropes @GailSimone @bryanedwardhill Thanks buddy. I am just cleaning out my brain on this daily.The moon outside my window this morning is just amazing. TIME: You can pre-order an exclusive, limited - Triple Signed #HarleyQuinn and The Birds of Prey #1 signedā€¦ @Kevmastime @JoeQuesada Nice! @consequence Oh my God! Oh... who cares?I collect comics. I understand the need to have certain books slabbed by guys like @CBCScomics and @CGCComicsBlog .ā€¦
I think it may be time to drop a giant squid on a major city.Happy SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN #12 Day, by Crom! As a life long fan of the sullen eyed Cimmerian this was a thrill forā€¦
Retweeted by Jimmy Palmiotti @IrishIKnew @AmandaRantsAlot @JoanneStarer I am too short for that @warrenellis @superfanpr Hey Warren, Happy Holidays from Amanda and I! We see our books, downloads and original artā€¦ like @AmandaRantsAlot takes a break with her pal @JoanneStarer and some of Santaā€™s reindeer.šŸ˜
Retweeted by Jimmy PalmiottiThe ever-changing back-issue comic market is now driven by technology and arbitrage. READ: ICv2: Comic Back Issueā€¦
Retweeted by Jimmy PalmiottiGo Jim!!! did you do tonight? @ Disney's Magic Kingdom
@Divs_and_Comics @opalcity There was. Sorry you think differently. Watched every day. @HarleenHero @CarlShinyama @AmandaRantsAlot That was one story that we ignored. Nothing against the talent involvedā€¦ singer Marie Fredriksson, who achieved global success in the 1990s with hits including 'It Must Have Been Lā€¦
Retweeted by Jimmy Palmiotti @Ghoul_Daddy Same.It was at this moment..Simon realised his lifes work dancing, has been wasted..... Wait till the end Sound Up šŸ”Šā€¦
Retweeted by Jimmy PalmiottiComic Books To Read To Prepare ForĀ 2020ā€™s Superhero Movies via @cinemablend TIME: You can pre-order an exclusive, limited - Triple Signed #HarleyQuinn and The Birds of Prey #1 signedā€¦
Retweeted by Jimmy Palmiotti @TriforceBlade @birdsofpreywb No black mask....but many other characters. @FrankTieri @TheHarleyHub It's a good thing. He steals each scene.LIMITED TIME: You can pre-order an exclusive, limited - Triple Signed #HarleyQuinn and The Birds of Prey #1 signedā€¦ in Sweden have created a liquid that can absorb solar energy and store it as a thermal fuel for as longā€¦
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