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Jason Pamental @jpamental East Providence, RI

husband, designer, tinkerer, typographer, speaker, cyclist, author Responsive Typography inv. expert @W3C, walks Tristan & Tillie (he/him)

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Monday moments #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #quiet #moments #dogs @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
Why should you care about typography? If you're looking to build a high performing and scalable website or mobile…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalAre your fonts helping or hurting your site? Project managers and #uxdesign pros, register and join us: Design exp…
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Woot woot! My employer @oomphinc was just named as one of Rhode Islands' 2020 Best Places to Work by @ProvBusNews
Retweeted by Jason PamentalUnder 15 seconds is the average time a user stays on a website, via @CrazyEgg. Are your fonts helping or hurting?…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalA little break in the rain clouds #sunrise #quiet @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
@Mandy_Kerr There's a whole lot of my favorite people there :)This is really beautiful. Really powerful. And really necessary. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this and… as it ever was #HappyPlace #RoughCollie #Ridiculousness #love #doggo @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
Wrote a bit about the first week with my new bike for the shop that built it: Spoiler aler… little bit cooler, a little bit warmer #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #DogsOfInstagram @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
Haircut! is shocking. Why isn’t it being more widely reported?!
Retweeted by Jason Pamental @snookca Still my favorite 🥃Happy 10th anniversary, web fonts! 🥳🎂 📈 Web fonts are used on about 80% of websites, according to HTTP Archive dat…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalAnd we're revisiting the topic in the 2020 edition, coming out later this year! Coauthored by @jpamental and…
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This is going to be a ton of fun, and hope will be really useful in getting you and your teams working well with… (on) Mondays #love #RoughCollie #Rambling #dogs #puppos @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail @HenriHelvetica @vazac I feel so bad for the team trying to fix this. Thanks to @steven_p for the tip to get a micr…
@ckslye @steven_p @Garmin If it’s not on Strava did it even happen?! (I’ve been logging my rides there for years, a…
@steven_p @Garmin That’s exactly it. Amazed that never has been documented, but have to get one of those cables now. Thanks! @HenriHelvetica @Garmin @GarminFitness I debated posting too, b/c I empathize with them for the current situation.… feel bad for the tech team @Garmin, but decisions about how it works & software quality were weak points all alon…
My contract with Netlify finished sooner than I was hoping. I'm going to really miss my teammates and the great thi…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalOn her own time, and he’s on his #MorningPassages #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #dogs @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
Yes! focus #love #morning #quiet @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail’t sure how we could top spending our anniversary last year in Barcelona, but somehow tdsportsfacts & phoebedi…
I can’t wait! This is gonna be fun :) content and technologies that are created to comply with accessibility guidelines and standards, ensures that p…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalMorning’s passages, fast and slow #RoughCollie #Rambling #mostlySlow #DogsOfInstagram #love @ Turner Reservoir Loop… @hanabel Yikes! I hope they didn’t clean out the cooler while they were at it
The walk is going swimmingly, why do you ask? #RoughCollie #Ridiculousness #doggos #dogs #puppos #love @ Turner Res…
@gabrowitsch @koeberlin Congrats to all of you @fontwerk - looks like a wonderful bunch of folks and beautiful designs!
@Sharper67 Jealous!
@nickjonwoodward Hey Nick! Glad you're liking the course. I wrote more about using @bram_stein 's FontFaceObserver…
@mattFrankJames Not sure how I got this lucky but I’ll take it! @Sharper67 Thanks man! It was a pretty fun ride :) planning a long one for Sunday 🚴🏼‍♂️Less data, easy to support older browsers, and faster time to first paint! Let’s do this :) @steven_p Yep - 12spd even! Crazy stuff, and crazy light!And... some pics here :) Bike. Day. . This is a pretty amazing day, and a stunningly nice bike to ride. Still floored that it’s going… Bike. Day. (pics will surely follow. _many_)Near and far, little and big #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #quiet @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
@tberno That is literally the first memory I have of Cooper Black. On a blue t-shirt sporting the nickname 'Wyatt T… fear that this kind of thing may be happening more and more as the WH administration tries to make these totals l… air and warmer moments #RoughCollie #Rambling #morning #peaceful #dogs #DogsOfInstagram @ Turner Reservoir L…
Once again: when you design/optimize around the most vulnerable, the entire population benefits. If only our govern… before the rain #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #peaceful #dogs @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
@grillitype @ThomasPhinney Wow. That’s a doozy. Thanks for tracking it down tho! @grillitype @ThomasPhinney Wow that is weirdly specificThanks to @Milltag 's inspiration (and successful pre-order of some rad new #cycling kit) now enjoying an afternoon… @ThomasPhinney @grillitype I'm betting the answer is the bug they uncovered in Chrome :( Here's hoping for a speedy fix!“So she helped design the contact tracing tool?” I asked Marc Benioff. “No,” he replied with a laugh. “She designed…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalDesigners! Learn all about how #VariableFonts can help expand your design voice, improve #Accessibility, and impres…
Retweeted by Jason Pamental @MeBethanyAndrew Not much of a secret really 🤣 @cliener Not sure I can comment on the appropriateness of technology gifts for significant others but they do sound pretty nice :)Sunlight and blossoms and delightfully normal #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #dogs @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
@toddlibby These definitely won’t fall out, and the transparency feature is what makes them work for me at all. Wit… out some new AirPod Pros and while still on the fence re: the cost/value, I have to admit that the sound qua… @kskeene @eaton Previous tweet reported as a fraudulent claim - the dog @theyusetools MSFT was famously bad at having teams work on individual features of apps, programming languages, wha… @theyusetools That is weird. @theyusetools I don't ever really look at the web interface, so not sure what changed. But they are using Google Sa… Great Collie Rebellion, day 4,972. The Monster hath lain in repose in the lake now seems a fortnight or so unti…
So here’s Roger Stone explicitly asking @realDonaldTrump for executive clemency on the ground that Stone refused to…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalHey Perth Devs! We're looking for pawsome developers to join the small, pet lovin' team working on Australia's most…
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First cup... #coffeecoffeecoffee @borealiscoffee #yum
Been waiting for this email since you told me about the original when we met in 2014! @Cowburned @Milltag #CantWait hi! Just wait in’ on some friends #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #NoWereNotListeningToYou #LovelyTerrible @ Turner…
@campbellgraphic My biggest computing purchase while in college and starting to freelance was an AGFA Arcus II scan… cool that flew under the radar in this launch: Stripe is using Söhne as a variable font! It allows them…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalA second axis for 'squooshy'?! SQSH
The Great Collie Rebellion, Day 3,257. Had to coax the Monster from the depths again while She just looked at me li…
@toddlibby Thanks Todd! Always nice to see you around :) @noemistauffer @fresh_fonts Congratulations! @toddlibby You can leave it off, no worries! @sarambsimon @Kevin_Lumpkin Now I have to try today's puzzle. Feels like I've crossed over now into design/tech/cro… @devdevcharlie Thanks Charlie—for sharing, and for sharing all that you do. Sending all the hugs and good vibes I c… Typography News Nº48 is out. A little more nervous, a little more excited. Exploring light & dark modes, user p… sharing secrets love #RoughCollie #Rambling @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail @markboulton I’ve got an example or two ;) case study coming on work I did with a Canadian agency implementing them… @beep 🎉 🎂 friend! (Am I doing this right?! Meh. Happy birthday!)
@retypefoundry @HAndelblatt @DrMarioRGarcia It looks lovely. Would be amazing to see the design translate to the we… @carlsmith So sorry for your loss Carl. Sending love to you and your family 💜Looking yonder #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #dogs @ Bridgham Farm - East Providence Land Conservation Trust
@rachelandrew Maybe it was a power cord for an old Linux server in a previous life ;) @kristenmeinzer Such a good thread. And it’s the ‘elite’ (read: private) schools who are having their unsustainably…
Hard same. And can we talk about just ‘Why?!!!’ ???
@sarah_edo @seldo It’s scary for all of us; just some ppl are unwilling to realize it. It’s like everything we’ve g… revisited #MorningRituals #RoughCollie #Rambling #peaceful #love @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail @MrPaulDriver The collection is growing! Haven’t checked in to see how usage is going, but I’ve had good response t…
@jensimmons Here's an example of that, just using a CSS shape polygon to 'cheat' the effect: @jensimmons It would let us be much more creative with editorial layout ideas that could still be very responsive @jensimmons A way to wrap text around another piece of text (like a heading) and have the wrap follow the line-box.… @PixelAmbacht @ArrowType The UI that @ArrowType showed is very helpful but also requires a lot more manual interven… @PixelAmbacht @ArrowType I think this is the heart of the issue. When you have one axis, the number of buttons/name… excellent discussion going on around #VariableFonts, #UI, named instances, and how to correlate axis values an… @pgconstable @visualgui @PixelAmbacht @letterror I was just thinking that: the nearer to an instance value, use CSS… a great project, and huge inspiration for what's in store for my home state of Rhode Island :D