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Jason Pamental @jpamental East Providence, RI

husband, designer, tinkerer, typographer, speaker, cyclist, author: Responsive Typography (, invited expert @W3C, walks Tristan & Tillie

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Water, color, sky #sunrise #daybreak #quiet @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
@oliverturner @HenriHelvetica @stefanjudis Well, if I’m going to be typecast, being pegged as a font of that type o… you for the kind words! I completely agree re: the conference overall—I really enjoyed every talk Stefan! Really glad you liked it (and such a good conference too!) #btconf of dawn and love (fresh fluffle edition) #RoughCollie #love #sunrise #daybreak #troublemakers #doggles @ Tur… @cafuego @phdiamond97 Peter. @cafuego @phdiamond97 Heathen.
when you eat fries do you put the ketchup
Retweeted by Jason PamentalThe edges of ice and light #RoughCollie #Rambling #dawn #sunrise #puppers @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail is a proud milestone for us and the state! We couldn’t have done it without our design and development partner…
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@normanposselt @ryanlesser Those are all video game titles Ryan was involved with over the years @AhoyLemon @ryanlesser It was utterly fascinating! Even more interesting was the adaptation of video game interacti… @robweychert @ryanlesser Because asked about inspiration for a game like Guitar Hero being air guitar, and as soon… got to find out the there’s a @ryanlesser / @robweychert connectionListening to @ryanlesser tell the story of the creation of Guitar Hero at #PVDUX - thanks so much for sharing it!… @kosmar @glyphsapp I’ve had good luck with woff2_compress
@kosmar It is a good one! I've used it in a bunch of demos, but hadn't checked back lately to see how much it's bee… the Triumphant with another 25min on the treadmill with no issues with his stride. Such an amazing improvem… pups & a wonderful normal: the first morning we’ve been able to walk over and do the whole ‘usual loop’ and b…
@sarah_federman Very solid point, but worth considering when mapping said DS to content elements in any sort of CMS… on the tweets #AEASF this week is off to an amazingly good start. Very excited to say I'll be speaking there… @PaulAnnett Uma LautWe are excited to announce that #JSCAMP 2020 will be held at @Fira_Barcelona Montjuïc, one of Europe's most prestig…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalReflecting and reflections @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
The beautiful normal (holiday card photo meditation outtake) @ Bridgham Farm - East Providence Land Conservation Tr… @agyeidesign @chrissam42 I should be here—keep me posted!
@chrissam42 @agyeidesign Just getting back from my last conference trip for a while. Would be great to meet you. When you in town?Passing along the edge of the world #ConfTrekking #AlmostHome #dotCSS @ Keflavic Iceland rainy départ (just past the Jetsons-like habitrail of CDG) #ConfTrekking @ Paris Aéroport - Charles de Gaulle (CD… days left! 🎯 #typeparis20 Apply before the 14 March 2020 to learn type design with @jfporchez @mathieureguer
Retweeted by Jason Pamental @devdevcharlie @dotJS So bummed I’m going to miss it (headed to the airport already) but was great to meet you finally!And so it begins: #ConfTrekking on homeward to my wonderful @ellendiamond after a fantastic few days here in Paris.… @jeremias Air Supply?! Really?!
@ZachWeishar I’m not a heathen Zach 🍻Sitting in a British pub in Paris, listening to AC/DC, drinking Belgian beer. As you do.I am so incredibly excited about this! It was such a treat to collaborate even a little on these with such an amazi…
@LukyVJ @frontstuff_io @dotCSS @ireaderinokun @hakimel @DavidKPiano @chancethedev Both were magnifique! :)Getting a dive into Darwinism and style inheritance from @hdv - fascinating history of CSS evolution #dotcss additional resources on legibility and readability in typography are books & talks by @Sofie_Beier (… forgot to add this in my talk, but I just wrote a big intro to #VariableFonts on @24ways that just published toda… @philhawksworth @frontstuff_io @dotCSS If only you knew someone who could help you with that... ;)‘Typography is not just about reducing friction to increase text readability, it is also about sometimes increasing…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalHello #dotcss friends! Slides, code, and loads of resources from my talk on #VariableFonts are right here: important tidbit from @emplums about design system code decisions @github “a little duplication is better tha… @jina But of course! Ask @Una about it ;) she has tested it thoroughlyTFW your browser-based talk on web typography isn’t loading web fonts when viewed on the conference laptop... (sort… super excited to talk about #VariableFonts to a really large number of comfy new friends at #dotcss impressed with the thoughtfulness with which @hakimel approaches every detail of the UI. Sometimes wheels ne… @CSSInRealLife @24ways You know you can always ask if you have questions :) @CSSInRealLife @24ways Thanks Michelle! @philhawksworth @24ways Cheers Phil! See you in a bit :) @StuRobson @24ways Cheers Stu!My daughter who has cancer is into making bead/mineral/gem jewelry and has requested some rare ones for Christmas.…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalThis might be my most in-depth intro yet. Thx @drewm for indulging me :) (and so happy this is out the same day as…
@hankchizljaw @justinseeley @jameswillweb I’m so sad to hear this. James was one in a million, and I count myself v… @zachleat Gutted to hear Zach—hugs to all. She really looks like a wonderful pup. I’m betting that you all made her…’s that time of year, and quite a few advent calendar pieces are being written. I know of a few, but can you kind…
Retweeted by Jason Pamental @HenriHelvetica This is the 15th edition of @24ways (curated by @drewm ) and already off to a fantastic start!Coffee & slide prep. And coffee. Did I mention coffee?! #UpAllNightFlight @ Marlette Iceland long enough to get a passport stamp and a mediocre coffee. Now on to Paris! #ConfTrekkingOk. Last trip of the year: all aboard for BOS->Reykjavik->Paris for @dotCSS See you soon! #ConfTrekkingIt may sound like it’s just about the future, but it’s just as packed with references and resources for today: Futu…
SUPER excited to head to Paris tonight for @dotCSS this week! Will be sharing lots of #VariableFonts, dynamic…⚔️ One Variable Font to Rule Them All with Jason Pamental @jpamental #Typographer #DesignThinking #UX
Retweeted by Jason PamentalI will follow #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #snow #daybreak #dogs #dogstagram @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail @ireaderinokun @imAnushree @robyn_larsen @Brii_toe_knee @shanggyilim @mybluewristband Someone told us you were fabu…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalGet your talk proposals in. Only a few hours left! This conference is going to be fantastic.
Retweeted by Jason Pamental @Amys_Kapers I’m sure that I’ll be able to work with what you’ve written up but it would be amazing to see it all t… @Amys_Kapers I’m _so_ not kidding about having to read this more than once! And I have two projects to try them on…! More brilliance for Day 2, this time from the amazing @Amys_Kapers (I know I need to read this one at least…
@Amys_Kapers Congratulations! Well deserved!Day 1: Making a Better Custom Select Element by Julie Grundy
Retweeted by Jason PamentalIt's me! Very excited to be writing for a blog I've read for so many years. I hope this is a useful example of how…
Retweeted by Jason Pamental @fharper Rest up and get well friend! Sending good vibes
A little late, but thought I'd throw on my blue beanie for #BlueBeanieDay in support of web standards. Thx @zeldman @seaotta Hugs and puppers sent! undone by the kindness of @robdraper1 — such an unexpected and wonderful surprise came in the post. He captur… y’all are throwing money to massive corporations today, maybe you could support my little store! 📦 Everythin…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalA salutation to the sunrise #RoughCollie #Rambling #sunrise #NoFilter #daybreak #doggos #peace @ Turner Reservoir L…
There are people who wait, and there are monsters. Or just impatient snackers. @SaraSoueidan @AWWWARDS That’s awwwwwwesome! :)Henri is an exceptional talent: I've seen him close out conferences time and again with an energy that left audienc…
Retweeted by Jason Pamental#016 - @ScottKellum with Samantha and Miriam Last but not least is this great one with Scott. I really enjoyed thi…
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Also hoping there are fewer typos in the article than my tweets :/Sat down to write an article and somehow ended up with 4000 words. That's a reasonable, right?! #AccidentalBookWritingThankful for these two—and for all of you. Friends, fellow pup-lovers (and cats too!), and this year most of all he…
@KyleLemire1 @css @jlengstorf Cheers Kyle! Glad you enjoyed it. I know I had a great time recording it :)Fogland amblin’ #RoughCollie #Rambling #love #peaceful #fog #doggos @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail
@peterjlambert @markboulton With Mark I’d constantly confuse it with a reaction to particularly bad type combinatio… needs a Software Architect to lead our development team in creating software solutions that meet our clients…
Retweeted by Jason PamentalA much needed perambulation 4hrs/108km @Strava #FondoOfTheMonthClub N° 23 in a row #cycling @LaRossa Thanks! I have to also give credit to @monteiro there as well! ‘Design Is A Job’ fit well with what I was… @LaRossa That kind of language has always bothered me. Framing things with combative phrases and adversarial postur… into the day #sunrise #RoughCollie #Rambling #daybreak #dogsofinstagram #peaceful #yawn @ Turner Reservoir L…
@toddlibby Awesome. Always in your corner! @webmatter_it @BOEmedia @acirujano @btconf Thanks Giulia! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions :) @BOEmedia @webmatter_it @acirujano @btconf The video of my #VariableFonts talk there is already online, along with… early morning well rewarded #sunrise #DogWalk @ Turner Reservoir Loop Trail, have now done my part for the Thanksgiving decorating. #MonsterPlantAndTuckerTurkey
If for some reason @robinrendle is reading this tweet, I’ll say this for all of us: “please dear lord just stop. Yo…