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JP @jpbrammer Brooklyn, NY

Chicano engaging in jotería. ¡Hola Papi! @substackinc. Myself @Most. Writing a book @simonbooks. Rep'd by @AnnieAHwang Email:

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minding your own business on twitter is an extreme sport
Retweeted by JPHeterosexuality is Legal on Chromatica, but not ideal.
Retweeted by JPuna loba en el armario tiene ganas de salir aaaoooo
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Retweeted by JPare you considering? do NOT. thinking? well, correct it. we do not yet understand the FULL dangers of PONDERING. @rosedommu your public warnings if I ran a country @jpbrammer INSPIRATIONAL: This Fabulous Queer Latinx Doesn't
Retweeted by JP @ernesto_arrocha this is such a rare interaction wtfInstagram is cutting out the middle man and just straight up trying to sell me textiles now like I'm a court dressmaker to the queen @AnthonyBLSmith u r right @AnthonyBLSmith well @LQSeaton yesa lot of weird things going on here in but the aura of the fridge is the most sinister. dunno how I know but I do. the Queer Latinx Who StoppedI said Rain On Me
Retweeted by JPmy tombstone @thepubprobably yes exactly @briskwalk those felt queerthey had a clue for "what's the" and I put "tea" and it wasn't right I really do hate it herethe nyt crossword is so oppressive sometimes like how do I tell it I'm not straight and simply do not know or care @AnthonyBLSmith @hernameisjuan off topic but would u ever watch a rudemption season with early outs? @AnthonyBLSmith @hernameisjuan honestly "redo the season but plus Katya" is a fine format for me @AnthonyBLSmith @hernameisjuan I bet that more or less happens like how All Stars 2 was essentially season 5 plus Katya lolI miss pretending to be engulfed in my laptop when my friend walks into the coffee shop so I don't have to look at… shit, my cubes!!!’RE READY #RainOnMe
Retweeted by JPIm gonna fucking shit
Retweeted by JPI don't know I am depressed @boners I think about this quote all the time it's so serious but also the term is so funny @ChrisDStedman @acechhh lmao but this is ur fav huh. yikeswhen will this Judas of a body let me sleep before 3 am @acechhh that's right @ChrisDStedman @acechhh letting a man (the celestial seasonings sleepytime bear) come between us I see lol. funny @jacksonfitz11 that's taste luvIf there were a pod that would put me to sleep for four months I would simply climb into it @ChrisDStedman @acechhh we can't all be twee and folksy like u and the celestial seasonings sleepytime bear some of… @ChrisDStedman @acechhh maybe if he did his fucking job"I can only rewatch Hunter X Hunter so many times" is only true in that at some point I must die😪I am beautiful and good @jpbrammer Me after reading
Retweeted by JPI am being crushed by the weight of my sins and I would have it no other way. optimism is the great tyrant who uses… I read it and still think humanity is fundamentally evil and irredeemable. I myself am wretched and well beyond… llorona watching me and my cousins play by the river
Retweeted by JPGay people love to listen to music
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Retweeted by JPoh @puppyteeth yes I hate it"Klobuchar being vetted doesn't actually mean anything" oh so you hate Latinas @stevemorris__ we can't all be like you! @AnthonyBLSmith fuck... @whyangelinawhy klobuchamente... beeeesame...Elena Klobuchica Del Apartamento Cinco Docedime la Klobuchisme @Gveskoyeno no it will be Elena la Klobuchaztecano hay que llorar, mijito la Elena "Guadelupana" Klobuchancla del Gran Chaparral getting the last "risa" yet again... no me digas...
Retweeted by JP @vogueenvogue sadlythinking about the anadarko boys. i hope they're well
Retweeted by JP @eclarkginsberg I can't find her tbh because we all called her Twitch and I thought her real name was Beverly but a… think she's a queenthinking of my high school classmate who said "my people built that" referring to the gothic architecture of Notre-… your calendars try NOT to read this to the tune of sk8er boi
Retweeted by JPLana is fully out of control today
Retweeted by JP @ChrisDStedman thought you had coffee colored hair.... ?reading how I describe my first girlfriend in my book as "pretty" with "shiny brown hair" ... ok f*g...carly rae jepsen releasing all the dedicated side b songs
Retweeted by JP @bfrodriguez_ this is it sadlywriting out what I want out of post-quarantine life in an attempt to manifest ita nice, ambitionless young man, firm of body and too soft in spirit to have ever learned contempt @ChrisDStedman @CatapultStory omg you came out of retirement!!! oldI wrote an essay for @CatapultStory on social distancing and how "real" our digital connections are. It's also the…
Retweeted by JP[The Boy Is Mine voice] my book is donethis serve... plans /// 2020 @SidneysABG ah amazing. is it safe for gay travelers do you think? @mlatibash I really hope to see it one day! everyone especially loves the food I hear @travisl_97 oh god @acechhh fuck around and find out. rip thojust feel like they'll have tapestries there @travisl_97 omg what @SidneysABG everything! @briantashman thank uIf I can ever travel again and if I get the money one day, I really want to visit Tbilisi, Georgia. what's happenin…
Retweeted by JP @CallyGingrich @USinHolySee You are truly a breath of fresh air!!!!
Retweeted by JP @sprinnyC I've needed to bring book drama to my gay friends for so longmy favorite thing about these two people I hate is that they hate each other @whyangelinawhy apologize to the working man @JazzDeeTweeted It's such a specific kind of demon child too like not usually outright evil. more wiry and too much of a handful @whyangelinawhy got hiss ass (what ass tho am I right LMAO burnt)most people probably know this word tbh but I think it lives a special life where I'm from where it's reserved for… this word is v rural oklahoman
@kim_lindman @zlikeinzorro @brownbookworm so yes my answer is angels