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JuanPa @jpbrammer Brooklyn, NY

Chicano engaging in jotería. ¡Hola Papi! @outmagazine. Writing a memoir. Rep'd by @FolioLiterary Email:

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listening to the Kylie Jenner rise and shine video for the fifteenth time @toneill92 o r bwhen I vote for me, that is simultaneously representation and radical solidarityidentity politics is when you only vote for the person with your exact identity which is why I always write myself in at the booth @toneill92 give me this orb I need it for my apartmentI am losing my mind lmfao story is hilarious and really well spun—especially if you’re Catholic or hate Salisbury “steak.” Hats off.
Retweeted by JuanPaI dont believe I should be allowed to rest before I have whittled myself down to an exhausted skeleton. 'Allowed.'…
Retweeted by JuanPaall pink paint should be strawberry flavored!!!!"Food was one of the many theatres of war in Catholic school, where we children in our white and navy uniforms did…
Retweeted by JuanPaaccording to my family, my abuela is haunting everyone BUT me. she wants to keep the retweets from me so bad..... @salvucciodamico why is this me in the wintermoved into a new apartment yesterday and it's the first time in my actual life that I've thought "wow I'm glad I ge… morning Lorde stans let's dwell and languishFor @foodandwine, I wrote about Catholic school, Salisbury steak, and how trauma informs the body (specifically, th…
Retweeted by JuanPaAhhhh this from @jpbrammer cut deep. “If and when you do ‘settle,’ it should be because you mostly like something,…
Retweeted by JuanPaas president I will track down and destroy every last tweetsave us... mewtwo...avenge him did this and still not one question about it. cancel culture isn't real, rsvp’ing for Thanksgiving with family
Retweeted by JuanPaWe can’t normalize Amy Klobuchar, not after she killed the Third Hokage in a devastating strike against the leaf vi…
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For @foodandwine, I wrote about Catholic school, Salisbury steak, and how trauma informs the body (specifically, th… hey look, @jpbrammer pounding our hearts like so much salisbury steak.
Retweeted by JuanPai love @jpbrammer.
Retweeted by JuanPa @soalexgoes 😭❤️ @jonahbuu real hot peasant shitbeing a serf. getting fucking AMPED for mushroom season. scratching my arm on a twig and dying three days later. @erinfenner it reminds me that nothing changes 😭 rich people still eating trash to look fancyfor no reason I'm researching what medieval people ate on a daily basis and it's hilarious to me that the peasants… rodriguez and scarlett johansson having the same PR team is so funny skdjdjdjdj whole company probably has high blood pressure
Retweeted by JuanPalord forgive me... but it's time to go back to the old me... send Papi your bellyaches and your drama!! I'M HERE FOR YOU.“It hurts to be here, where I don't have friends, a community, a career, or people who appreciate and respect me, b…
Retweeted by JuanPayou can always try something else!! and sometimes the activity can benefit you regardless. NO I didn't meet anyone… I ever played D&D? NO. do I have a vague notion that it can help bring queers together? YES. we have a great track record with dungeonsthis week's ¡Hola Papi! is all about giving up and settling for "just OK" instead of "great." except no it's NOT... @samcorb @adamjmoussa @DiscreetLatino me on fire islandso sick of being known for my tweets when I have this giant ass
Retweeted by JuanPatried dressing up for a renaissance fair once and just ended up looking like Walter Mercado
@druidDUDE @bonappetit binch!!!!!storming into Sherwin-Williams and demanding they mix up their gayest color for my accent wall which I need because I'm gaymy eyes were bulging out of my skull from caffeine when I twote this I really thought I had something here @alyssavingan that nautilus thing in the hub?? had some iconic meltdowns there @alyssavingan ugh used to love crying in thereevery cake with fondant decoration is doing dragme after 1 drink at thanksgiving dinner
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@chick_in_kiev how do people like this even move through life like how does he plan to survive the harsh winter... @hamishsteele this opened my third eye omg @acechhh rajneeshpuram is ON the mood boardhonestly if you're an LGBTQ farmer pls contact me I want to help these people but I literally noped out of a farm so lmaoso far, over the course of two years, it's been two gay men, one bisexual, and four lesbians wanting advice on beco… enough, I've received multiple letters in the ¡Hola Papi! inbox asking me about moving to rural areas and far… I did cancel a baby
Retweeted by JuanPa @sam_traves "but it's just a baby" k lol maybe the "just a baby" should have tried "just not being a racist"[Cher "Believe" voice] Can you retweet and like all my posts
Retweeted by JuanPano I don't regret canceling that baby. I'd cancel it again. @acechhh this dangerous rhetoric will get her elected apologize @acechhh canceling that baby keeps me up at night. not because I feel guilty but because I'm still chasing that high...stay hydrated queen wherever you are @PeterKispert a novel!!!thinking about the time that woman logged on and said "how do I confront my racist baby"
@CraigSJ craig lkfjdslkfjdlkfj @macleanbrendan me rncouldn't be more excited to complain about being cold @acechhh again I ask.... @jpbrammer They’re the same picture
Retweeted by JuanPa @JeffLoveness I'm scared of blond people :(It’s almost like working a gig economy job, paying off huge higher education costs, living hand to mouth, while try…
Retweeted by JuanPa @yascel78 ❤️happy national coming out day!
Retweeted by JuanPa @kanyesungwest dlkcjsdkljckldsjkls vintage @acechhh queen as long as you're not the chantix turkey we will accept @acechhh me todaythese are muppets
This is the defence of Ben Shapiro from his fans that think I'm unfair for calling him homophobic
Retweeted by JuanPa @JMG_33 literally 😭😭I have never once been "excited to start this new chapter"grim
Retweeted by JuanPaoof... tweeted this a day too earlywhat @jpbrammer What it felt like for oneself vs. what it actually looked like to others
Retweeted by JuanPa @skeatings nightmare industry @jpbrammer
Retweeted by JuanPa @skeatings oh wow I wish more people did this sdlkfsdklfjnational coming out day @Whataboutblaine I saw someone on twitter say "finally a candidate discussing gay bathhouses and round the clock se… @Whataboutblaine what lol I just think it’s a funny string of words. where did I say it was homophobic or anythingbret stephens backed out of the event he was supposed to do with the professor who called him a bedbug because he w…
Retweeted by JuanPawhen someone hands me the aux cord at the party
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Retweeted by JuanPa @IanABoyd they weren’t ready for this one king @masoncatt every day I do @IanABoyd this is for my people who just lost somebody...hmmm I’m gay.... @liamjdaniell ROUND the clock...I thought y’all were shitposting but this is real... 🗣🗣 ROUND the clock sex