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Phil Ogden @jphilogden Fort Agápē

I'm a farmer who loves Jesus/my bride/my kids/good storytelling. Encouragement dispensed regularly here. Creator of @TheThingforAWD. I find joy in directing.

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@BogeyGuyC @JaimePrimak @linzertorte05 @TheThingforAWD Sure. Talk here? @rbripley I hope this is okay Rob, but I voted early and for Biden/Harris. @JLisaJay Unless it’s 1960s. Or 1360s. Or...😂 @HarbertKatelyn @ginagemeni @lisagemeni @Carleey @Jeremy__Stewart @IvonneSpinoza @KetchupSnowman @ditty1013 @IvanaGrahovac1 Armageddon it?Be kind. Drink @FieldworkBrewCo @CalebHero 2 wing 3 @CalebHero I’m a 2. @britttbanks WOOT @Gennefer The S1 finale gave me such story whiplash I never went back. I take it I should. @Gennefer I’ve only seen the first season of Succession but his episodes are *chef’s kiss* @Gennefer Is it Mark Mylod?
All I want for Hallowismas is for @LizAlps and @IAMSadeSellers to come to the next thing. And a pony. @Carleey *hugs* @DialNforNicole welcome back. @JJSmithPrime I get that. @JJSmithPrime Or Judd did know and was spinning trying to figure out his next move. @JJSmithPrime Which truck?I...just don’t think I can put into words elegant or majestic enough to describe how good the pilot of Watchmen is. @DanielleNicki @austinfilmfest Steven Soderbergh said something during the Out of Sight commentary that always stuc… @ginagemeni *hugs* @NoahHarald Fair. @NoahHarald I have a N95 respirator and I would wear it to see this in the theater. @SamWritesMovies @mustbe_themonet I haven’t writing anything in 8 years. Am I a writer? Yes. By this metric, you’re definitely a writer. @leahwelch19 @HRLipscomb I keep hoping Hailee will submit to the thing. She is busy tho☺️ @mustbe_themonet I did direct the first thing but it’s come so far now that I think it’d be like a house fully fini… @mustbe_themonet It may happen sooner than you think😉 And thank you. Actor dropped out day of so I filled in 😊 @prex4 @BogeyGuyC I’m guessing the other 7 were @becauseivy but I don’t have hard data on that. @mustbe_themonet This is the very first thing I ever wrote and directed. I never really tell anyone, or show it, be… @ditty1013 47 for TFJ. It’s incredible. @BogeyGuyC 105 views for Southern Fried. I’m so proud. @ditty1013 That very thoughtful actually. 😊 @ditty1013 They are and I totally didn’t. Well played though.I’m so close to making my movie! I just need $2,255! If you love horror, especially werewolves and you feel we need…
Retweeted by Phil Ogden @fritchbeetle Blueberries > white chocolate chips4 different shorts by 4 immensely talented #femalefilmmakers #ff @jygodoydirector…… @BenStarkFilm @estarcarr Wait. WAT? @JLisaJay 13th century? 14th? @shannamdavis Ferrreal @saalon Trump showed restraint by not humping an adult star on stage.After the last debate we adopted this lil guy, so please enjoy this moment of puppy therapy if you need it:
Retweeted by Phil Ogden @theerinmaher Yeah, I just...can’t. @Carleey Stunning dahhhhling. Simply stunning. @estarcarr It’s so good.I watched the Fellowship of the cast bonus feature off LOTR today and I really want to make art where there are opp… to mention he’s an incredible director to boot.One of the coolest things about getting to know @Jeremy__Stewart over the past couple months is just how much our i… @analydiamonaco Nah. Already voted.
@TovaUmetuka @ElainaCScott Magnificent.20 views away from 1000 for our teaser trailer! Have you watched it yet? #tvseries
Retweeted by Phil Ogden @RachelSL Well played, husband😂 @RachelSL That’s an even BETTER story. @RachelSL I love this story. @JLisaJay Which one is it no reason... @hastedaction @onesingleheck I can’t wait for you to got back and watch the pilot now. Your brain will explode. @HapDagger And not stuck on “Reddit”...Moods and veiled hints... #TheThing🎶Someday the truth’s gonna lay us bare / we’re gonna raise a glass to the past and say / it’s only when the straigh… @hastedaction It doesn’t look like anything to me... @Carleey *hugs* @ditty1013 *hugs*Darlings, a moment. I don’t really think any of us are okay right now. We’re all trying our damn best, and that i…
Retweeted by Phil Ogden @HapDagger Ah, gotcha. What’s the pitch, if you want to say. @hastedaction When you get into the back half of the season, and you need someone to swoon with, I’m around. @hastedaction Sooooo good.Here are a couple more sneaks of the photo shoot. 🥰 @hastedaction What season are you in?
@Toepick5 find the *way* people communicate, the awareness of little things that hearers do that are deaf insensitive, and… @rikkipoynter I just finished ep3 of DeafU, and know you did a video on this but I haven’t seen it yet, so if you’v… @HapDagger do you have pilots just piling up on a desk or writing one? What’s your WIP? @Toepick5 I’m funny. @MissDestructo @AmyVernon If it’s not Scottish, it’s CRAP.Any news you can report on things cooking for you? @LByock Remember that time you wrote on Watchmen? That was awesome. @JeffLieber Just wanted to say out loud how proud I am of you. Thanks for being here, spurring us on to be better people. @rbripley @DanielleNicki I am so proud of you both!!! @prex4 You would have to pay me a quibi amount of money to see Dawn of Justice.
Retweeted by Phil Ogden @TheKelseyKyle, Tonya To Die For Gone Girl your next triple feature night. you're welcome.
Retweeted by Phil Ogden @prex4 Zack Snyder can get a movie made, and is successful, I don’t want to take that away from him. I don’t enjoy… @prex4 I just didn’t want to give that movie more money 😂 @TheWittyGirl @heychantehey This conversation is magic. @ditty1013 W o w @GabbyDabbyDoo It’s so good. Well, first 4 seasons anyway. @ditty1013 Was it a Samsung furnace? 😂I asked our photographer for a headshot. I just ended up laughing which I suppose is very on brand. @Toepick5 Is it Social Network? 😉 @prex4 $690,000 so people like me can wonder whether Zack Snyder now a DC character, as the poster suggests. @ElementalAmber @MsCrisis Gotcha. I’m VERY familiar with the UK one, which is why I asked. @ElementalAmber @MsCrisis The UK show or the Amazon one?I honestly struggle to understand the merit of this Justice League re-shoot already. Then adding Jared Leto. Feels… @Toepick5 Is your first Trouble in Paradise? @ArielOfficial Michelle Obama but yes...😂 @ArielOfficial You never cease to amaz meeeeOur 1st trailer is now live at please watch & share! Help us make our sizzle reel the best…
Retweeted by Phil OgdenAll I need is $5k to make this movie happen. Please donate ANYTHING! $5 helps more than you think. Retweet. Share.…
Retweeted by Phil OgdenIf you haven't checked out ep2 of the thing, it's now in magnificent 720p. Enjoy... @Toepick5 Isn’t she also in All About Eve? I need to see that still...