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@littlelurkio ❀ @Smooheed ❀ @DirtyNerdy5 You have a great face @TheRealDee71 Surprise me @DanniPiper ❀ @hunkybloodydory Handsome bastard @kinger79 Hi Amanda ☺ @musicntats ❀❀ @TheKanehB @Crazy_ButCute2 😁Oh God. I just had to explain my tweet. Send help.
Retweeted by JP @_ghost_em Voyeur bastards @TheRealDee71 Gimme face @NatashaLink1 @saylahachey You look spectacular
Fargo, only it’s the past 4 years.
Retweeted by JPanyone with "follows jesus" in their bio that currently follows me must REALLY be hating my account
Retweeted by JPI dislike anything involving assholes.
Retweeted by JP @inkr3dibl3_k Looking good, man πŸ”₯ @DanielAshley13 ❀ @CharityBarrios ❀ @SeductiveSassy DAAAAMNevery beautiful human i know wears a scar that tells the most beautiful story of survival
Retweeted by JPUsing commas correctly makes you sound like less of a serial killer.
Retweeted by JP @notyourtigress πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @Pretty_As_Sugar ❀ @mommygalore ☺❀ @Ivana_Knapp You always look so good πŸ”₯ @Bliss_Missed Great picture πŸ”₯ @evangeline_dawn It's a deal, Capt @Feisty_Ginger_6 Me too @DesireeHoogerh2 ❀ @Ms_Ka_Renee ❀❀ @rn_murse 😁 @manicpixedreem You just proved my point there πŸ”₯ @mistrustme1 The footprints you leave in this world are incontestably beautiful @clurichaun16 Noice @SteveM3235 @Feisty_Ginger_6 ❀ @ohgeorgeishere You're a handsome man, George @Feisty_Ginger_6 Hot girl in nerdy t... my weakness πŸ”₯ @therealinstereo You look great ❀ @polyannie01 Double face and extra cute! @manicpixedreem You have a fantastic good face tho. @mielf71_miel So friggin beautiful πŸ”₯ @SummerloveX0 😍πŸ”₯ @emily_tweets Love you, Emusely @StressfordPoet Hi pinkies face πŸ˜πŸ‘‹ @ScorpioShatasha @JMokely πŸ”₯ @evangeline_dawn That's exactly the look I'm going for too @Snookem420 You're a whole lot of gorgeous πŸ”₯ @mommygalore Looking good Pam πŸ”₯ @mielf71_miel Where's that flawless face, Miel? @emily_tweets You're cool in the most gorgeous way, Em @88_JonWayne Handsome dude @justrebecca3 Love that face, Rebecca ❀ @ScorpioShatasha @JMokely Hot girl in nerdy T... πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @shanroser You look fantastic ❀ @SusanThatsMe Looking good, Susan @MWhaleyus I can't sit still for very wrong @evangeline_dawn Ngl... I want fuzzy pjs ❀ @CameronPaton @QuiteTheCurious Thanks man @SummerloveX0 Wanna make out? @sjdimondgirl You have a gorgeous face! @realsusandixon You fancy πŸ”₯ @teamjohnson0405 ❀ @PantherSamanth1 Come on, sir or madam! @Whiskey4one ❀ @HABlackwood7 Top shelf beard, mate @ClassicTina827 ❀ @BegoniaLuv πŸ”₯Your third @ wants to see your face. Ok... it's me. I want to see your face.’m busy working on myself. *passes out from dehydration*
Retweeted by JPI hope this email finds you in that moment when you're trying to get out of a stranger's way and they do the same,…
Retweeted by JPMy presidential button would summon a giant mug of tea with a splash of honey, accompanied by a long squishy hug
Retweeted by JP @thatstheway77 That's my thingI’m so confused when religious accounts follow me Seriously. God does not need to see this!
Retweeted by JPI thought we agreed on How to Save a Life, but he was talking about The Fray; I just wanted my thighs to replace his headphones.
Retweeted by JP @StressfordPoet Hot! @writeden 🀭 @ohgeorgeishere That makes way more sense. I call it de-drying @StressfordPoet We don't need them anyway @StressfordPoet The big one on the left foot. It's the tricky nail to clip @emily_tweets I like who you are. Moar pleez @writeden That's sweet. I'm not actually naked tho. It's a gag @emily_tweets Emily you big flirt @StressfordPoet Baal gets his tho @StressfordPoet Baal needs a strong husk @preston_mcelroy No worries. I talk like that almost exclusively @emily_tweets I'll do it! Idgaf @BabaforNoah 🀭 @StressfordPoet Later tonight works for me @writeden Why not?! 😑 @preston_mcelroy It's a dry skin thing @JennGom40697618 Maybe next Thursday @SassyKeeper 😏πŸ”₯ @StressfordPoet Go nuts @duhzintmattr @J_Motoki That's what my nana always said @Steve_in_B_A No @frenziedandfine 😏πŸ”₯ @notyourtigress You do you boo. On cameraGeneral: The fate of humanity rests in your hands Me: *picks my nose*
Retweeted by JP @aalokhao @MsApricus Deal