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Joshua Pugh @JPughMI Lansing now, Petoskey next

Alleged political operative. Currently comms + leg @ForOurFutureMI. Alum of @MichiganDems, @ProgressMich & @BarackObama. Fan of @LeBatardShow & @DierksBentley.

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@ebaerren There’s an eject button just to the right of where the disc actually goes inThese girls in front of me at LCA are here to see DWade and they can’t figure out how he spells Dwyane to tag him on Instagram
Lansing’s time is now @johnsellek And honestly who says no to that idea @johnsellek Very limited audience for this jokeIf Trump gives the SOTU in Lansing, cable networks should be forced to nationally air a post-speech panel of Skubic… where due: these selections indicate this will be a good faith effort to work across the aisle on real refor…’ll never forget the time Snyder marked MLK Day by *checks notes* whining that Democrats were politicizing the Fli… @AceAnbender What happened in 1997, sir @grahamdavis I’m seeing a lot of issues there @KernelEnchilada How could I forget would like to thank Republicans for nominating a barely literate clown for SOS whose name I’ve forgotten @samanthasetula @breinapugh This was good until grandpa joined
I know who WOULDN'T lose at home to Syracuse tho.. (Shoulda Never Gave Me Photoshop)
Retweeted by Joshua PughUndermining national security to own the libs.
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @grahamdavis Did you share your office with A Whole Lot Of People?Go to hell. And when you get there, say hello to Joel Ferguson @AyeVeeGee @PeterSpadafore This is a pretty weird change in that (I think) it’ll be supported by the NIMBY enemies… this is just a terrible whitewashing of all the other ongoing issues at MSU. It would’ve been better to not men… @raywert @zackstanton And the one vote was going to come from an alleged Democrat. The news coverage trying to pain… @ACoupleThoughts Should bring back Kellen Moore just for the sake of the good old days @ACoupleThoughts Ruddock***Boy what would Lions fans say if this was our guy @pheasantpants Oh no
Go away Joel“Democrat” @aaronkfoley Today in Joel Ferguson:’s shoes are sweet is interesting. When Gov. Snyder vetoed a different one of these grants his spokesperson said it was because t…
Retweeted by Joshua PughLaura Cox’s Twitter is a delight1st Lady Obama WH guest, Common, who raps about cop killer and other violent lyrics-but he's an important "positive" poet ?!!
Retweeted by Joshua PughAwesome concert by Kid Rock. Its was a mixture of his hits and some covers...he performed great! Lots of fun!
Retweeted by Joshua PughHmmm @AceAnbender got off the road, I miss anything in the news?Laura Cox is so obviously lying about her advocacy for this. Who outside of a James Bond movie says they neither co… @gkern Much easier than a successful double doinkWhat exactly do these people expect it’s going to be like when they get into politics many hours are we talking here man @elSicomoro Buried lede: the low tire pressure light is poorly designed and should be fixedWe need to shut down Michigan State until we can figure out what's going on
Retweeted by Joshua PughKeep lobbing grenades at us and be surprised when we hate you
Just like he didn’t do horse trading, right? Casey can go ahead and stop wasting Blake’s prime any day nowVery little could ail any NBA franchise that a game against the Pistons won’t fix question: was there pizza for the Clemson players? Trump told the press there were burgers, pizzas and french fries
Lasinski, Frederick, Marino, Wittenberg, Gay-Dagnogo, Yaroch, Hammoud, Rendon, and Webber all supported a bipartisa… @Bobhunt5 @mattyglesias Some good ideas in your replies - I wonder how many 50-64s get news from Facebook as oppose…’m sure Snyder left fun little messes like this for us to clean up all over state government I audit this via video conference @ACoupleThoughts @PartyCatOlivia Hahaha yeah very much same @PartyCatOlivia Julia Garner crushed it too. I screamed when I first saw her. She was so good on Ozark and so good… @PartyCatOlivia I had to google to make sure she wasn’t from the Midwest because the accent and mannerisms were so excellent @jgoldstrass @MiLB I guarantee he’d be playing in front of more than 3,501 in Lansing in MayThe former Senate Appropriations chair will now be lobbying his old committee. He left elected office 13 days ago.
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @bauncechill Being a Michigan basketball fan in like 2010 was the loneliest shit on earthI’ve been thinking about pretty much this daily since ehh March 2015 just missed the last 90 seconds of the Michigan game and I’m extremely confused @hooverstreet’ll still win
Baseball writers scolding Kyler are telling on themselves and I now understand why there hasn’t been more coverage… @Kyle_Feldscher @tigers rooting for Andy Reid in a championship game like is fraudulentReminder that no Democratic priority will pass nationally until we get 50 or 60 votes in the Senate @OC_MBasketball your livestream is down FYI 😤
Congrats @AudibleDong cursory Googling to learn about Oklahoma’s QB situation has taught me that basically every QB at Oklahoma and… Boomer public policy preferences since Reagan have been generational warfare and rich old people won
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @gkern @AdamBitely They’re a season away from being a season awaySheesh @DetroitOnLion Wonder what happened in that 1/1 game 😣Boy I just can’t understand why young people would be so upset with older generations
@EricPetee2 @AceAnbender I〽️fowars !!!!!There’s no excuse for this. He had to know this is wrong. His excuse is flippant and arrogant. There have been a nu…
Retweeted by Joshua PughTonight the illegally parked car in my neighborhood is … Joel Ferguson’s Bentley!!! aged well @mikeproppe UH OH I PROBABLY DESERVE THIS THOUGH, Snyder looted the store on his way out Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder repeatedly said he's no horse trader when it comes to signing bills. Then came…
Retweeted by Joshua PughHa so this is timely look, it’s Brooks Patterson using white nationalist language in describing Detroit and Oakland County… unity tour at the loft this weekend folks @LansingMIFacts
@NateAtkins_😍😍😍😍😍😍 @MetaWootenPeace First thing that stuck out to me too. Man…….Last week Gov. @gretchenwhitmer took steps to keep small businesses competitive in Michigan. By leading a small bus…
Retweeted by Joshua PughLame duck watch has gone mainstream folks cc @saminglot #mileg #milameduck @ryanfelton That seems fine and normal!You really don’t realize how much football we have on demand for weeks and weeks until it’s a Wednesday in January… thought it was strange how @onetoughnerd constantly talked about how being governor in 2032 would be great…n…
There is an amazing ad on daytime ESPN. It’s for a new news app and this young woman says “I only got my news from………where exactly is the myth’s all we ever wanted. Just had to get rid of a few Republicans to get there. is already a frank communications exemption in the foia law. Total straw man
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @DavidEggert00 Appears to be a shift from what he said in 2012:
Retweeted by Joshua PughCongrats to this guy on being named vice chair of the MSU board government shutdown is hurting working families, our country, and is no way to govern. Join Michigan's working…
Retweeted by Joshua PughScouting trip with @CraigDMauger thanks to the Breslin Centet secondary market