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Joshua Pugh @JPughMI Northern and middle Michigan

I tell stories and win campaigns @ForOurFutureMI. #YIMBY, #exvangelical, known to enjoy sports. Fan of democracy until @KaceyMusgraves ascends to the throne.

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@Allisomething I bookmarked your tweet asking for recommendations a few weeks back and then never went back...what’… sunset here at the @LansingLugnuts game #LoveLansing
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@LansingLugnuts Hey guys is there going to be a rain delay tonight???!?Shout out to BJs manager Charlie Montoyo for employing the same sunglasses/glasses arrangement as I do 😎🤓 @Allisomething And now I see you went to the game last night! That’s awesome, what a game to see in person @Allisomething You can probably get the Jays game on tv there. Toledo should be in Tigers local marketSecond Sportscenter appearance in as many weeks for our Lansing teams! @nickbaumgardner Wild to see all the criticism of Harbaugh on this from *checks notes* multiple MGoBlog employees and @sbell021Yeah I think the new guy @byAustinMeek is going to fit in just fine. Jansen shaved his dang mustache in the middle of a game. Lmao I love this team
@LansingLugnuts You should start tweeting this before every game 😆 one, they now have an ally in the governor’s office who isn’t making massive policy decisions just to boost the… @BrianOMahoney @LeBatardShow Brian, this take is almost as good as your pinned tweet @bblove83 @LeBatardShow @peter_king
@darth Remy does not have time for this okay @HighOPS Perhaps. My point is more that using *that anecdote* to illustrate how awesome and not-racist he was really misses the mark. @nickrmanes Put another way, when Blake Shelton sang about that “foreign car drivin dude with a road rage attitude,… for the good old days when a racist boomer said “he’s a Muslim” and John McCain interrupted to say “no ma’a… @nickrmanes European cars are okay by me. And I love a good wagon.I remain extremely bummed that the badass Gadsden Flag—a classic piece of revolutionary Americana—has been co-opted…
Retweeted by Joshua PughYour move, @LansingChamber @nickrmanes But if i was going to pick one to say “jailing political opponents is okay, but deportation is too far,… what you're doing and watch this. @LeBatardShow responds to the racist "Send her back" and "Go back to your c…
Retweeted by Joshua PughCry me a damn river @LansingMIFacts But seriously they should unionize.@mi_priorities “highlighted General Motors layoffs at Michigan auto plants, despite getting a $157 million tax bre… is launching a Michigan operation to collect stories from people negatively impacted by Trump’s eco…
Retweeted by Joshua PughThis is an insane take - the Republican Party will venerate Trump like they do Reagan today Lansing police officer fired for inappropriate comments, including saying immigrants “need to go back”… in Detroit would be a SCENE
Retweeted by Joshua PughTrump in Detroit would be a SCENE @aladnamedbrad I mean Rashida is the 2 seed but anyone who fucks with her is liable to end up on their back before they know what happened @IlhanMN has an amazing email team and I’m ready to up my monthly contribution but can I earmark it for increased s… @aladnamedbrad I meant a certain someone but point takenHe’s going to get someone killed. And that’s probably the point.
@dustindwyer I’m sorry Dustin. I’m sure he’s resting easy. @JudgeQLillard @FortStChurch That is awesome, thank you for the link, Judge. I’ve only ever heard the story from To… Arbor Art Fair is the hottest weekend of the year AGAIN? What did those people do to god @detroit_jason I had to wear pants today because I had to be in the Supreme Court this morning and I’m NOT PLEASED ABOUT ITNow that it’s been endorsed by a Judge, I think it’s safe to believe this ancient Detroit tale. (Photo in thread) states have hiked a tax credit for the working class  — but not Michigan
Retweeted by Joshua PughSoooo which one represents Christ is in Arlan Meekhof’s former district. Rather than securing funding to fix a vital bridge, he grabbed $2 milli… of talk in the @MISupremeCourt about how to divine whether the intent of the legislature was to amend, even bef… of the day from (the very well compensated) John Bursch: “I do believe the legislature acts with integrity.” 🙄 #milegWhew, blaming Nancy Pelosi for Trump’s racism is a TAKE
❄️❄️❄️ always think, when I hear “I don’t have a racist bone in my body,” how close it cuts to national metaphor: it’s t…
Retweeted by Joshua PughOnce had a sweet slide to break up a crossing pass… and scored an own goal Epstein's foundation made an anonymous donation of $2.5 million to @OhioState in 2007. That money, along wi…
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @nickrmanes Also not actually a sentenceAh yes, Donald Trump, the uber savvy tactician who thought he could win *squints* Oregon, California, and New York god Trump saved this plant hot take is maybe Donald Trump is just an old, cranky, racist dude and not some mastermind who is skillfully man…
Retweeted by Joshua PughMeanwhile, in Ann Arbor…
I’m confused by this. Does Andy Schor owe us a statement? Rosalynn Bliss? Do we expect Michigan mayors to speak out… @keith_616 I’m disappointed in John Yob for not somehow owning any of these companiesJim Lower reported expenditures of $58,261 on *credit card fees* alone in his first FEC filing. assuming every sing…
Retweeted by Joshua PughCongressman Crenshaw was born in the UK and graduated high school in Colombia… 😏 is totally playing three dimensional chess, you guys"The so-called Squad might want America to have mile-long lines for stale bread, might want all cops to pledge alle…
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @sachalouise There’s a restaurant by my house with compostable straws that otherwise are just like plastic. They’re…’t be a scab. Don’t cross the picket line. #AmazonStrike #BoycottPrimeDayEach day on twitter there is one main character. The goal is to never be it
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Hate to seem exploitative, using the president's xenophobia as a hook to promote a book, but I'm glad…
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @dmbmeg The entire article is amazing. Our side is knocking doors and building mailing lists. They are…eating sandwiches at a country clubSeems like a bad sign for voter contact plans IMO
2019 think a lot abt how boomers are alarmed by what they see as millennial inactivity--our rented rooms, lack of purc…
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Lansing Chamber mail telling Lansing voters to support Carol Wood. My god."Do you know anybody between 10 and 18 years of age? There’s a decent chance they will wind up playing professional…
Retweeted by Joshua PughScam PACs: I don’t recommend calling Craig
@stephengresham @jmcbigwayne @LeBatardShow Depends on that charter plane IMOWtf are we going through right now if not a heat wave 56 days until the NFL's 100th season! #NFL100 ALL 56 regular season TDs from Matthew Stafford to…
Retweeted by Joshua PughA mid-Michigan county hired someone with no relevant experience to run their finances at the height of the recessio… birds / one stone solution to the White House's Census and social-media issues today would just be to make liki…
Retweeted by Joshua PughGood to see this asinine idea is opposed by the Republican chair of the committee. Unsurprising to see it’s sponsor…, Lee Chatfield continues to run out the clock on this embarrassment. I’m sure an expulsion vote is coming…
Did anyone get a pic of the “Matt McQuaid” chyron when it was actually Dante HallAfghanistan: 58% of veterans and 59% of adults overall say it was not worth fighting. Iraq: 64% and 62%, respectiv…
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @cjane87 My favorite have been the homophobic memes about Rapinoe that contrast her with Great Hetero American Kelley O’Hara 🤠 @AyeVeeGee They grow up incredibly fast, enjoy the hell out of the kitten timesFeeling feelings on a Wednesday over here @AyeVeeGee More pleaseRandom fact: Dude’s only public client is also Ohio State’s biggest booster and has his name on the football complex
Retweeted by Joshua PughOne thing being missed in this is Rapinoe kneeled in 2016. Because the patriotic work of improving this country doe… @ChasRiverDogs did Helen show upShe’s a bad person IMHO ActBlue isn’t really the game changer that Republicans think it is 2. “The Republican ActBlue” devolving into a… @SenGillibrand @EmmyA2 This is a good gif Emmywest michigan, we are about to spend 13 months watching at least five ostensibly grown adults beg Donald Trump to mention them in a tweet
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @lansingignite hope we’re still getting replays of the final two goals. Ya know, once your shirts are back onThis was the most ridiculous soccer I’ve ever seen. Three goals in four minutes of stoppage time. should’ve warned @ForwardMSNFC about the history this state has with the “revenge tour” #LANvMAD #YIKES @Phil_Friend NEVER MIND NEVER MIND @Phil_Friend Phil, they just figured out a more crushing way to snatch defeat from...well ya know
That’s Mr. Elma Nfor @sassandsarcasm Yeah and the 2020 campaign manager was the digital director last time