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Joshua Pugh @JPughMI Lansing now, Petoskey next

I get the show. I work for Democrats. Fan of @LansingLugnuts & @LansingIgnite & @DierksBentley.

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@JarrettSkorup At this point CNBC has just realized these are good for clicks and is purposefully trolling us.@migop last month: Whitmer isn’t doing anything to fix the roads! @migop this week: We aren’t going to do anything… @DavidEggert00 This aged well, unfortunately #resistancenotresults to start scraping those “Results not Resistance” stickers off your cars eh @migop?[Vulture lays dying on Stephen A. Smith's carpet] STEPHEN: Bird, you need to understand this is about leadership
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @TWLTanner On the one hand, why would Bol Bol need cash. On the other hand (gestures broadly at Oregon Athletics) @ebaerren Yeah i found all the hand wringing about this to be really strange @amywrites_ Not sure I could do a one leg stand for 30 seconds right now without at least a little hiccupI don’t know how to fix baseball but for a start, maybe don’t schedule your big opening day games opposite the Sweet 16Like there’s a 75% chance Lee Chatfield and/or Triston Cole have done this to their kids enterprising reporter should start surveying state lawmakers on where they stand on vaccines claim to fame is one time I had tacos with these two
Way to go, Lansing! Mayor @andyschor and the @BWLComm are making Lansing a national leader in going green.
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @JarrettSkorup @ChadLivengood @nancykaffer Because capitalism isn’t inherently moral and sometimes the government n… all the bitching State did about their draw because OMG DUKE, of all of the 2-seeds, Sparty drew (per KenPom):…
Retweeted by Joshua PughWe’re so excited to make @lansingmichigan the first city in Michigan to power all of its 187 city facilities using…
Retweeted by Joshua PughI hope the guy who said hi to me this morning wearing a Liberty hat is a basketball fan @ChrisCoteESPN Gronk retired averaging 69 yards a game in his career
@jgoldstrass At least Lugnuts actually existAubrey Dawkins huh 🥴Defending Champs Villanova are in big trouble, but they have managed to score more points against Purdue than Ohio…
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @nikksashley I knew I taught you wellsurely this is the most Wednesday Night On BTN In January game the NCAA Tournament has seen in a while
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @nikksashley warms my heart to see Villanova getting absolutely RUN by Purdue @JoeDiSano @PeterSpadafore @sjdemas @tyschalter @LansingMIFacts Okay now we’re cooking with gas @PeterSpadafore @sjdemas @tyschalter @LansingMIFacts @JoeDiSano Yeah it was mentioned in a LSJ article when they ha…
@JPughMI Any serious political observer would know you never get those types of margins out of Florida, the fool.
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @summerduckz Holy shitThere’s a manbun here who has Florida +5.5 and folks, I’m enjoying his frustration @sbell021 Can’t blame him, he just wanted to see a team from Michigan make it to the Sweet 16 @thomasmorgan @saminglot Threatening to run against someone he literally told to smile more on TwitterShout out to Kentucky for the first free throw cover of the weekendHow does Rick Snyder feel about betting on Liberty University 🤯Anyone rooting for Liberty is a cop @MAGADelegate @saminglot @MAGADelegate @saminglot 🆗🆒 @MAGADelegate @saminglot Do you recall deleting all your tweets from your exchange with Sam last night?
@ZachGorchow Funny how much we’ve been saying that lately“Let us discriminate, or the kids get it!” @saminglot @MAGADelegate unblock Sam you coward urge you to run for State House next year. And unblock @saminglot while you’re at it. today is apparently the fifth anniversary of the day marriage equality was (briefly) legal in Michigan, here… @BFriedmanDC What about challengers to Dan Lipinski haSo-called “faith-based” organizations taking their ball and going home because they need to treat all families equa… more I watch these CBS #MarchMadness games the more I think: who the HELL watches this network!? Man With a Plan!? God Friended Me!?!?
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @DTab224 St Mary’s got the back door cover so I’m happyAnyone rooting for Villanova is a cop @bauncechill When Montana beats Nevada by 30?
Murray State / Florida State is going to be a good ass gameMichigan State’s path to the Sweet 16 runs through two double digit seeds, one of which they beat by 24 earlier thi… in the Grayson Allen jersey at Linq just whipped out his laptop and started crushing some emails in Outlook 🤔This. (brick) Is. (brick) MARCH (brick)It sure looks like @afternoondelete used FOIA to catch John Engler’s attorney lying into the same restaurant as Rarren Dovell, AMA
Didn’t expect to see any Liberty fans in Vegas but here we areGee I wonder if Triston Cole calling PFAS “a non-issue” will be an issue in any campaigns next year are speaking out against the #GM plant closings to ensure that decisions made about #jobs serve the…
Retweeted by Joshua PughAG Dana Nessel: John Engler dodges my investigators, but finds time for basketball games via @freep
Retweeted by Joshua PughNah bro it was ALEC’s
@DavidEggert00 Is he a big fan of John C. Lodge’s career of service to our stateOh okay sure why not the hell did this guy spend $1200 on a weekend in Chicago Pistons choke job
Trump’s angry, blatantly untrue tweets and false promises about the @GM plant closures won’t do a thing to bring ba…
Retweeted by Joshua PughLansing Locos #MiLBesDivertido who calls a bouquet of flowers a “bouq”: jackass or irredeemable jackass? @LeBatard_Reddit
@thecaptain1919 Now there’s a level headed take @thecaptain1919 Accept your nice year and your elite eight matchup with overrated Duke okayLittle guy is big mad I love this brackethow many draft spots is Zion gonna fall after mcquaid hits 3 after 3 in his face
Retweeted by Joshua PughComing up next on News 10 at 6, we find out if East Lansing is burning to the ground @bauncechill I had to check the box score to see if he missed any threesI believe the Big Ten refs now get a banner for their share of the championshipjust started watching Russian Doll, a netflix show about a character who dies gruesome deaths over and over again i…
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @bauncechill Welp you’ve ruined this nickname for meNo second half scoring drought on three#PureMichigan @Cheyna_R @breinapugh @LorneEC3 Thank you for reminding me I hadn’t blocked him yet
Wisconsin probably shouldn’t have let MSU get out to a 20-10 lead, huheveryone please rise for a moment of silence on the anniversary of this tragic event
Retweeted by Joshua PughTag yourself I’m Austin Davis @saminglot We’d better act fast to protect that blue gold by…weakening protections for it? @nickrmanes Fun fact: my office in Southfield overlooks a river through the woods and i often see deer (and a local feral cat)The best part of these ncaa tournament selection rules is that Penn State and Indiana count as Quad 1 winsThe Big Ten won’t let us have anything nice
Congrats to the Pistons on getting me to attend their home game that night photos of Trump supporters outside Build The Wall event vs. what actually happened have you done @nickrmanes @sbell021 This is a really #nice tweet 👀 point by Shirkey. This explains why Whitmer and Schuette only campaigned in places like Detroit, Grand Rapids… @nickrmanes Dick St Joseph was recently fired as coach of the Sexton Big Reds after leading the JV basketball team… J. Demas: Business leaders should call GOP’s bluff on Whitmer’s gas tax
Retweeted by Joshua Pugh @darth Paws says hello fran
@maramacdonald I’ve been there after Pistons games and been blown away that it’s not packed @AyeVeeGee That gate is hilarious but well worth not dealing with parking + driving to and from DTW. @ChadLivengood @crainsdetroit They’re only boxed in as long as they continue to not come up with an alternative. Wh…> @DetroitChamber CEO Sandy Baruah: Business community " much more amenable" to @GovWhitmer's 45-cent fuel tax hi…
Retweeted by Joshua PughThe anti-Green New Deal message Republicans are obsessed with won’t work because their brains are broken by Fox New…