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Jared Rabel @JradRabel Maryland, USA

Christian. libertarian 🇺🇸 Salisbury University '19. Aspiring Lawyer. Love writing, theology, history and politics

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I said I could be very wrong crap entry-level job requirements vs millennial entry-level job requirements
Retweeted by Jared RabelI saw this in my freshman year of high school lol Brady is gonna mouth kiss every single person that calls him over-rated when he wins the Superbowl.
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@streettacolobby!! @Guloforprez Actually just found out he was president until 1921 lol I thought he left in 1919 @Guloforprez By a few years lol come on @WilliamStoner20 @LucaHCacciatore Fact check: TRUEWho’s the worst president in the last century? Comment for otherNeocons are deeply unserious people who seem to live in a world of delusion.
Retweeted by Jared Rabel @jolawsci’s policies have been far more anti energy and jobs than I imagined previously. His protectionism combined wit… patriot party sounds like the modern day know nothings @LucaHCacciatore Same time too haha @LucaHCacciatore LOL!Brady is incredibleImagine being an adult and judging what makes other people happy.
Retweeted by Jared RabelNEW - Amazon and Jeff Bezos do not want their workers voting by mail-in-ballots on unionization. An Amazon spokespe…
Retweeted by Jared RabelMy picks for today are the packers and bills in the super bowl. I could be very wrong but that’s what I’m going withLOL say no was one of the dumbest public service campaigns ever, and to top it off, the president who was leading… Your leadership is needed now to denounce those like John Brennan & Rep Schiff who are advocating for ta…
Retweeted by Jared RabelThe times is evil and covered for Stalin + downplayed the holocaust, actually journalism boy hours commencingHer: “So I’m a Libra and I have a little dog named...” Me:
Retweeted by Jared Rabel @VOLUNTAREE Don’t know who the other guy is actually lolBeing a hawk and stanning concentration camps are a package deal I guess @fleather98 Utz lol @Mr_Clutch888 F @BenPossehl You have to learn more about the mystique of Richard smitWow the guy on the far left is wearing @_alex_joshua Congrats man!!Republicans for Biden, any thoughts on grading his performance thus far?? Would love to hear from you!
Retweeted by Jared Rabel @ByzCat @apostolaich He’s just awful haha @Viktor4Liberty Lol I appreciate that
@ByzCat @LaurenWitzkeDE @NikkiHaley Incredible haha @Mr_Clutch888 Wow way to reinforce heteronormativityThe corporate press is the enemy of the people @PatrickMKealey Very cool, thanks!Biden's 1M shots-a-day COVID-19 'goal' was already reached — by Trump
Retweeted by Jared Rabel @Jacob_Walters39 Thanks! @Jacob_Walters39 Sounds cool @PatrickMKealey 🔥I don’t know where to begin here
@ninetyfeetaway LolThe one accomplishment of the Biden admin mad bitch @MyBasedBlog @ThomasjBombadil Do you think I don’t do that regularly? @Juulius_Pleaser Good points! @MyBasedBlog Deleted the tweet. Sorry haha @derrick_4realz Protectionism is bad because the costs of tariffs are passed to consumers just like higher taxes on… is only possible through submission about him saying there won’t be any new free trade agreements. Protectionism is what his neoliberal backers… @ThomasjBombadil He whipped the votes and played a key role in getting Dems on boardLet’s sum up Biden’s first few days: - Kills thousands of union jobs by canceling pipeline - says there’s no way t… has tapped retired Army General Lloyd Austin to serve as his #SecretaryOfDefense. There are many reasons…
Retweeted by Jared Rabel @MattTravisMedia @ThomasjBombadil Just his foreign and economic policy? Is that all? Lol jk @Rifleman_1776_ Yes @zachsparrowe Nice!!I could say “you’re as big as a house” on Twitter and one person would reply, in all seriousness without any hint o… @LFTWCracker No it’s the jokeThe reason there was so much unity between administrations in the last 20 years is because they were all largely in… @BrianBensimon Seriously what lol @AmanDavis5 Obama extended the Bush tax cuts and I believe Biden supported it too. And I believe Biden is against partial birth abortion too @BrianBensimon What lol @ThomasjBombadil He gave bush a blank check on Iraq, supported every major foreign intervention just like Bush, sta… confirms weapons contractor and former architect of the disastrous Iraq War. The permanent war party and man… @ThomasjBombadil Because he has the same foreign and economic policies (largely) as bush but he can’t form coherent thoughts @streettacolobby He’s already called for increasing troops in Iraq so the sentiment still appliesBiden is George Bush without the coherence.A return to normalcy = return to disastrous middle eastern policy that kills thousands and bankrupts the country.
Retweeted by Jared RabelBiden: “There’s nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” Haven’t we…
Retweeted by Jared RabelI understand a conservative not voting for trump, but did he vote for Biden? I honestly don’t know @MyBasedBlog ITS FUCKING DOCTOR TO YOUToday is the anniversary of Roe. Just a reminder that killing a fetus is biologically indistinguishable from killin… I messed up now. **erectionsDoes Biden get impeached for inciting the elections of members of the Lincoln project? one likes knock off brands when they can get the real thing for the same price. us more dependent on foreign oil while destroying union jobs in the name of some environmental justice and e… wonder if this will signal Biden’s commitment to immigration restrictionism going forward are on to this gameAnything I don’t like is either nazism or white supremacism fun of Chuck Schumer is fun, but let’s be honest. We could name some people on the right for whom Trump mos…
Retweeted by Jared Rabel @ROssT25073507 @melbataj @wbbcctv @Goodtweet_man @EcoTechBro Thank you! @PoliticalPeyton Thanks! @PoliticalPeyton LBJ also created the great society and was a terrible person on a human level. Goldwater was the b… @PoliticalPeyton Goldwater @AmanDavis5 @realjudgemiller Buchanan @steenekampcarl Al gore @edtofe01 True lol @NWCartography The LP is run by very cowardly people at this point in time @AmEaglePatriot I fully understand the social contract theory, and reject it as absurd, so I don’t appreciate you i…