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@JshadaiZ @LaSeletzky @kim Without the Oxford comma, it sounds like they are my parents. With the Oxford comma, there is no such confusion.2020 is turning out to be a really great year if you're a demon. @revmagdalen The Republican PR team is in Moscow. @jay_jensen2 I think my tweet already answered that. @MySahrona Let me explain how hypocrisy works since somehow you don't know. If a person says something and then la… after a school massacre: Do not politicize deaths. Republicans tonight: #FillTheSeatTonight, people are hoping that Lindsey Graham will live up to the principles he expressed in the past. Sit down a… McConnell sent a letter to all Republican Senators tonight, immediately after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsbur… @washingtonpost Cliffs Notes: Donald Trump (R) Mitch McConnell (R) Barack Obama (D) R=R R≠DJoe Biden is the right person for this moment in American history. @HKayeEsq If you see someone running to get to a bus stop, they think the bus is about to leave. @HKayeEsq If they think nothing will change after the election then they have no reason to hurry and do things before the election.Silver linings: If the Republicans try to ram a new Supreme Court Justice through in the next few weeks, then they… opponent of any Senator who votes for a Trump-nominated replacement of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is getting a donation from me.Mitch McConnell is among the most vile, hypocritical people ever to have lived on the planet. That’s the tweet.
Retweeted by JRehlingI've never seen a movie villain more evil than Mitch McConnell.Twitter autocomplete right now: "rom" brings up "romney collins murkowski" @SarahGrynpas Voter turnout.This is an exact Mitch McConnell quotation from February 13, 2016.'m filled with dread that the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not only a personal tragedy but could also tip the co…
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RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. That is something I never wanted to write. @Dracogen @LaSeletzky @kim Nontraditional families are families too! @LaSeletzky @kim I learned about the Oxford comma from my parents, Edgar Allen Poe and Dorothy Parker. @kim A terrible man is quoting a better man: all winter: Mail isn't safe for voting Trump all spring: Mail isn't safe for voting Trump all summer: Mail is… that can ruin your lifestyle: • Customers wearing masks in a bar. • Being literally dead. All Trump sees from Park Avenue is Wall Street. That’s why the only metric of the American prosperity for hi…
Retweeted by JRehling @studenthumanjim Yes, there are millions of American citizens who cannot vote a Presidential (or House or Senate) e… @DAVEDUK24522966 Hahaha. It's happening already. @CasseroleFood He makes Danny DeVito look like Jason Momoa.Besides saving us from Fascism, a Joe Biden Presidency will have people laughing nonstop about words like "malarkey." @kopper Injecting.This is what the kid from the Dutch Boy paint cans looks like now. Feel old yet? Democrats are in favor of biting people's heads off and having a wizard curse their headless bodies so that… you don’t like a candidate saying that he’s campaigning against Park Avenue, where he has absolutely zero Electo… It's fine if all blue states die of covid Media: Speaking directly to the heartland again, I see Biden: I'm…
Retweeted by JRehling @studenthumanjim Puerto Rico doesn’t vote in Presidential elections. At all. That’s how bad the current system is.Guys .@realDonaldTrump is having a REALLY bad day
Retweeted by JRehling @Crys0604 That's fine with me. Let the people of Puerto Rico decide. That's how the game works. @faithn99 @realDonaldTrump Trump's voice on the recording that Woodward made shows that Trump knew he was lying.The United States is 35% White men. Republicans in Congress and serving as Governors are 87% White men. I think t… idea that people should be represented in the government is why this country started. It's why the events in 17… 3.9 million people of DC and Puerto Rico are predominantly Black and Hispanic. The 3.9 million people of Wyomi…, the 3.9 million people of DC and Puerto Rico are represented by ZERO Senators. The 3.9 million people o… McConnell's nightmare, as he describes it today, is that the Democrats will win in November, then admit DC an… @ryanstruyk Mitch McConnell is trying to make me happy.Racists in Ohio will be like “tHiS iS aMeRiCa sPeAk eNgLiSh” and live in a place called Chillicothe or Cuyahoga or…
Retweeted by JRehling @turquoise777 They hate that Bill Clinton was successful. They hate that Hillary Clinton was so qualified. They hate winning. @NikkiHaley Trump ran up astronomical deficits and imposed tariffs and had federally funded bailouts of the industr… O'Reilly thinks that Joe Biden must have cheated by preparing for last night's CNN Town Hall. So he's capable… @RobertPDean1 For a long span, Governors and VPs kept beating Senators. But Mondale and Gore both lost.Wilbur Ross wants the Tiktok kids to stop hitting their ball into his yard.! Thank you, Bill O'Reilly! Clearly, Biden is so senile he had to memorize all the questions in advance fo…
Retweeted by JRehlingIt's almost as though Joe Biden spent… years… shall we say, caring about how government can solve people's problems… @Potbellyslim1 @JENFL23 Good luck with your English language insults, bot.Bill Barr needs to explain why two cameras outside Jeffrey Epstein's cell malfunctioned. Two. Let me say that again. Two.
Retweeted by JRehling @Donna_Milner_ They'll be blaming the Democrats for every death from every illness, every nickel of national debt,… @JENFL23 Progressive candidates should run in Republican primaries in 2022. @realDonaldTrump And Trump said… • The wall will be concrete, not a fence. • Will replace Obamacare the first month… @realDonaldTrump "If I decide to run for office, I’ll produce my tax returns, absolutely." @realDonaldTrump Mexico will pay for it. @realDonaldTrump Trump Jan 22: "Totally under control." Trump Feb 26: "Down to near zero cases in a few days." Tr… the federal judge's ruling stands that Louis DeJoy willfully acted to impair the Postal Service in order to inte…
Retweeted by JRehlingTrump and Barr are planning a Coup d'état. If you don't think so, you're either profoundly naive, you've been fully…
Retweeted by JRehling @jrylryl @Tsar_vseja_Rusi @MarshaBlackburn It's a Russian troll. @BennerJonathan People don't spend enough time gruntling their employees. @thehill Kevin trusts this guy: Trump Jan 22: "Totally under control." Trump Feb 26: "Down to near zero cases in… @realDonaldTrump I look at you as grossly insecure and hateful. However, unlike your opinion, mine is right. @Farmgir11475590 If Trump can prevent people from voting and the votes counting.I like employers who don't have disgruntled former aides.
@RBReich Or vote and don't ignore the polls. Don't ignore anything. If someone looking at the polls makes them not… @realDonaldTrump Your mouth opens. Let's see if it shuts.Hardly even surprising anymore: A testing guideline from the C.D.C. was written not by scientists but by political… appears to be on a path where he either prevents a fair election from taking place and ends our system of gov… the federal judge's ruling stands that Louis DeJoy willfully acted to impair the Postal Service in order to inte… @ivychat @MarshaBlackburn No, we leave in portions that no longer apply, but we don't physically erase them and wri… federal judge has ruled that Trump and DeJoy have made a "politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the P… Wing trolls: Hitler banned guns! Apparently, nobody told the Hitler Youth about that. took advantage of the country's bankruptcy laws, runs a building with inadequate fire protection, tries not t… Gingrich actually used the word “verboten” while attacking George Soros on Fox News. Verstehen Sie?1776 Commission? Trump is the kind of person that the patriots in 1776 were rebelling against.What happens next with Chad Wolf represents whether we live in a republic of laws or an authoritarian state. He be… @ProudGayVet In the same conversation I heard an older Republican talk about how terrible the Democrats are and how… @mmatessa There is no crying in baseball!If someone gave him 60 seconds of Hollywood roast treatment, Donald Trump would have big tears rolling down his ora… @Brucedz1 @MarshaBlackburn "Is far different." You chose to use the word "far." There is no justification for it. You just chose to use it. @xombious I care for the same reason why one should care when German generals surrendered at the end of WW2. If you… primary season, we have candidates debate which policies will help the citizens the most. Right now, many Am… @shelldash He was getting down to his favorite Moby song. @thehill @Jim_Jordan Is it like the hypocrisy of investigating Benghazi but not the raid that killed 4 Americans in Niger?Leaving these here. #TrumpIsALoser @MarshaBlackburn Slavery is illegal because we did. You are able to vote, Marsha Blackburn, because we did. @thehill Does he know what the Attorney General job is even about? @thehill @GOPLeader Trump was golfing. Maybe Wuhan should have been on his mind instead of the ninth fairway. @SarahEPoindext1 It's going to be a crazy quilt of different procedures. Some states will start counting the mailed… should get ready for the possibility that heavy mail-in-voting could mean that we won't know the result unti… FBI Director Christopher Wray, appointed by Trump, today confirmed that Russia is "denigrating Vice Pres… @realDonaldTrump You are too out of touch to know this, but the places affected in the Blue States have people. You…'s FBI Director Christopher Wray confirmed that Russia IS interfering in our elections by attacking Biden, and…
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