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Professor of Medicine and Surgery @GWSMHS @GW_MFA, Interventional Cardiologist, @CNN Medical Analyst, @ScribnerBooks author

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This is why I have been advocating to remove the vaccine priority restrictions. terrific addition to the Biden team. Thank you @ASlavitt for taking on this crucial job. wheels roll through fields Where sunlight streams Meet me in a land of hope and dreams president has committed sedition, and in so doing he’s violated his primary mission to preserve, protect and de… the US we don’t rent people to do nothing. We elect people to do nothing. may be seeing the earliest signs of a peak. Hospitalizations are down a tick today for the 1st time in months.
A patient in his 70’s told me that 5 of his friends have died from COVID in the last month. All I could manage was a meager, “I’m so sorry”.He should also take the 60 million doses of hydroxychloroquine. Bottom. about doing violence to this country, Peter Navarro is the guy who privately warned the admin about the virus… has made impeachment part of his brand. Like bankrupt casinos, defunct airlines, bogus universities, science… whether any of the House members who refused to wear a mask during the Capitol lockdown have ever visited… @cardiobrief Exactly!Coronavirus is brutal. The vaccine is a gift. for a new GOP PAC to support primary challengers for all the members who chose Trump over the Constitution.
And also lost almost 400,000 Americans.’m getting tired of all this winning. @Jamesmarroquin It’s been more than 3 months.At 12:01 PM Jan 20, the outgoing president will no longer have the White House Medical Unit to look after his healt… @amemp Thank you very much.Streets near the Mall in DC are gridlocked.Took care of a soldier who has spent 3 decades defending this country. When we were done he said, “I appreciate you… dog. Seems about right. the CDC reported that 9,327,138 Americans have received a 1st dose of one of the 2 vaccines. That’s only an i… @tomfriedman tells @AC360 that when we know the full scope of Trump’s involvement in the insurrection “we’ll want t… @sarasidnerCNN I’m proud of you.Here’s the statement from ⁦@RepLizCheney⁩. These are the words of a patriot.
@ethanjweiss @notdred @Jamesmarroquin I’ll take that drink. Hopefully when the pandemic is over and we have national meetings again!Here’s Ronald Reagan after being inaugurated inside the Capitol Rotunda on a frigid day in 1985. Let’s do it this w… members who refused to wear masks should have been asked to wait outside the room. Their unmasked brethren mara… @drsanjaygupta What’s truly sad about the barbershop pic is that it was taken before the haircut!A mask is mandatory in my workplace. Why is it optional for members of congress? @danielsilvabook sorry for your loss. We’ve lost about 12k Americans in the last few days. Fairfax, VIrginia COVID vaccine hotline is open 9am-7pm. We’re in a once in a century medical emergency and the… @CMichaelGibson I’m actually encouraged that we did 766,000 shots today. It’s not close to where we need to be whic… @CMichaelGibson Actually using a 2 dose strategy it would take 2.6 years.
@buckeyebanker @drsanjaygupta Thank you very much.My 2nd dose of vaccine was a week ago, so today I did something I haven’t done in 11 months. I went to my barbersho… periodic reminder that @RepMattGaetz brought a Holocaust denier as his guest to the US Capitol for the State of… would be great to see the outgoing president get a COVID vaccine shot in public. Many of his followers doubt the… is key. Reconstituting the vaccine with 1.8 cc yields six 0.3cc doses, not the 5 on the current label. That’s… a tight ostial LAD today. My nurse Kate often matches the music to my mood. Today was “Pictures of You” by The Cure. Perfect.Maybe masks work after all. @gregggonsalves Agree. We need to take the vaccine to our most vulnerable groups. Not just the elderly. Our most ec… the vaccines to all groups. Allow people >75 to make reservations at pharmacies, etc and have walk-in first co… myriad failures during the pandemic should get the same type of investigation. mean he just happened to break into the United Stares Capitol wearing a helmet? asked why the freshman congresswoman refused to wear a mask when congress was locked down, a spokesperson for… @CMichaelGibson Just as restaurants should be giving food away to local food banks at the end of the day rather tha…
@NCSherry35 I do not agree with delaying the booster. I agree with releasing as many doses as we can get into arms… @AttendingAF Or 98% of people will NOT have a severe systemic effect of the vaccine. You are trying to vaccinate more people, not less? @AttendingAF You bet I’m angry. Almost 400k Americans are dead. I’ve had both doses of the vaccine but who cares ab… @AttendingAF Yes. The vaccine doesn’t make you feel terrible. The coronavirus makes you feel terrible. And exaggera… Trump still planning to give Jim Jordan the Medal of Freedom this week?Sophistry is too polite a word. is the saddest line from this brilliant essay. “A 42-year-old Capitol Police officer named Brian Sicknick sur… million doses of Covid vaccine have been "allocated" to the government, less than 7 million used. We're in a rac…
Retweeted by Jonathan Reiner @mmelgar09 I used to feel the same way Michael but priority groups are just slowing down vax distr & the virus is b… Mar 6 @KellyannePolls chided a reporter who suggested the virus wasn’t contained. "It is being contained, do you… need large drive through vaccine events every day in every community. We also need to bring vaccine to our commu… million doses given. 22.1 million doses distributed. Time to remove all restrictions and allow vaccine to all groups.This is bullshit. The 2nd dose of the vaccine does not make you feel “terrible”. It makes you feel very lucky.
@stanstallman1 No. @NikonDSLR63 No. I mean 47.Congress should act quickly and make Joe Biden the 47th President of the United States.Earlier this year I took a group of fellows and residents to see an old patient who has lived a life dedicated to j… video shows criminals essentially torturing the police. These are brutal traitors not “patriots”. The person w… @MDaware Rep Mary Miller actually quoted from Hitler.The US is the only place in the world where a gunshot wound to the scrotum isn’t the unusual part of the story. @drdevireddy I hope so. I was stunned by the video from the secure location where members of congress were sequeste… Fox has made this look like no big deal. The rest of the media has literally been shouting about the risks sin…
Want to know why there are 4,000 deaths per day? These people have a lot to do with it. Secret Service. yourself during an impeachment seems like a bad look.Was @GOPLeader working to “lower the temperature” when he voted to object to the vote? Hypocrite. to hear, “How can you impeach someone after a perfect rally?” @PeterHotez We should follow former congressman Delaney’s idea and offer an additional stimulus check to people who… the Speaker of the House feels compelled to report this, then the VP is negligent if he does not convene a cabin… be fair, it would be awkward for an impeached and convicted former president to attend. think this is fine. Unfortunately we don’t yet have the infrastructure to get so many shots in arms that this sho… is why he must be removed from office. I don’t care if there’s only 12 days or 12 secs left. to say that the “woke mob” at @simonschuster was the publisher several years ago of my book written with coau… @SandeepNathanMD @saraceciliamtz @DocSavageTJU @mmamas1973 @nolanjimradial @mirvatalasnag @SVRaoMD @fischman_david @DocSavageTJU @mmamas1973 @nolanjimradial @mirvatalasnag @SVRaoMD @fischman_david @SandeepNathanMD @djc795 reason most of these traitors aren’t wearing masks is that their beloved leader told them the pandemic was a ho… is good news. Now let’s get these vaccines into everyone. one of these cabinet members and West Wing officials has always known that the president is unstable and unfi…
West Wing staffers are depressed? Imagine how we all felt when the President of the United States filled a crowd of… @Jamesmarroquin @ethanjweiss It actually can occur quickly. The House is discussing a process to skip the committee… @ethanjweiss The man is unfit for office. In my opinion he has always been unfit. The difference now is his despica… our department mourns the loss of Dr. John W. Larsen Jr. A mentor, educator and gifted Obstetrician who meant…
Retweeted by Jonathan ReinerFormer Trump chief of staff and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly just told @jaketapper the cabinet should mee…
Retweeted by Jonathan Reiner @DavidLBrownMD The constitution states the VP plus a majority of the cabinet officers or of “such other body as Con… bet is the president will resign and in an attempt at “national healing” Pence will pardon him like Ford did Nixon.#BREAKING: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says the 25th Amendment should be invoked to remove President Trump from offi…
Retweeted by Jonathan Reiner @DavidLBrownMD Congress would have to create a panel to assess presidential capacity. Apparently that would require a law.Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is resigning, per two officials. Cites yesterday’s events as reason in email t…
Retweeted by Jonathan ReinerAs the president has demonstrated both his psychiatric unfitness for high office and imminent danger to the republi…’s the plan for the inauguration?