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Alright my MIL said she's paying for my wedding dress so that means ... @JReneex I need a custom gown!!🥰
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴 @Nicolioli1128 Oooouuu! 😭Dm me when you’re ready!
Nap? Nap....strip club dates are valid idc
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴I fucking HATE aguacate
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴when you identify with your people and not your class >>>
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴😂😂😂 @Enrique_arroz_ Yes🤢This why you can’t eat everybody food @myway_always74 Always thought of MA as a nigga so she wasn’t included lolI can eat a whole bag without realizing it smh @Starting5Nick Kiss my ass @_celinefien I low key do too lol @GrannMierda Lmaooo yes , proudlyIf the cebolla ain’t grilled it shouldn’t go on anythingTHANK YOU!! Get that bullshit outta here“Hot girlth againth abortion”
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴 @_DonnCee MAYYYYYbe @FranCdatsme Yeah but freestyle wise She not seeing Meg @FranCdatsme NopeMe the last week lol @Twiz56PGR I said mainstream lolDick detective on duty yall another current mainstream female rapper that would wash Meg in a freestyle“The Truth” OUT NOW‼️👇🏼
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴 @GianniResto Thank you!♥️Can’t wait to design a new bag @badassfrench_ You did 😭😭😭 and I hate remaking it lmaoWork✨ Netflix showed me is that these hit Black Sitcoms were all robbed of a proper series ending .3 chapters in and i love this book @DubHoncho Could never date a nigga wit nails like thatFirst of all, why is his air fryer that fuckin nasty. florida Cuban tweet blowing up and niggas arguing in my mentions lolGone be in serious work mode come November 1st.. gotta release my holiday collection @KingOfNegro Gotta align my goals lolI love when i see a girl they i once seen so hurt and heart broken find love. Like yes girl , you trusted the process , go you 🥺
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴Debating if I want a physical copy of this book or an ebook/audiobookMen: “I miss you” Me in my head: “now niggas miss me” Also me: “I miss you too”
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴LMFAOOOOOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 all the NY realtors and followed FL😂😭They have Weezy. But WE have Jeezy.
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴 @killabari0 I already know who it is......Idk wtf going on but my phone keeps telling me to update every minute when there’s no update .. this pop up getting annoyingGirl he’s not on the ballot
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴 @killabari0 He don’t actuallyWaiting for the loml.. it’s ghetto out here .. and i want out😋
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴these last 3 months just been weird idk if yall feel the same
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴Im😂 @PUSHATIFF LMFAOOO I FEEL IT @PUSHATIFF That shit don’t be stopping traffic after lmaoWhoever says D needs prison @PUSHATIFF BBL? You want more ass ? LmaoFlorida cubans think they’re white that’s why
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴Nahhh i gotta try this my man don’t take fire pics of me like this smhhhhhhh’t wait to get my nails and toes doneeeeif you turn the lights off and pull up your camera on your phone and scan the room slowly, you’ll see a red dot app…
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴What an exciting night! The design, engineering and production of the #GMCHummerEV has created a new benchmark in…
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴I like this truck but not the price fillers have aged her
That brother starving remember mase texted me some shit and I had to Google it before I replied lmfao 😭😂😂😂😂The fact that you really talk like this in person lmaoooo 🙄 you watch The Office, we’re automatically friends.
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴I need these why you can’t let niggas drive yo shit ladies lmao year really fucked with my mental man
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴Mans open the little flap like “who’s knocking on my door like they pay rent in this house” Lmaoo
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴 @aloewaterpapi So you basically childish.. got itOnly hot thing you need is a hot comb.. next a great value knock off Celine dion have to perfect these damn armholesBacks >>>> toned backs>>>>>’m in tears cause this how y’all sound forreal 😭
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴You look like an aborted fetus don’t see nothing wrong lol😂😂😂 I was hoping for this year but I’ll wait 🥺 @summermaplewood Please shut the fuck up and let greatness continueSome of y’all need to hear this!!
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴just in case anybody need to see this today lmao
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴Accurate took the picture sir ? Smh niggas @MontyRob3 Damn thought you were an 8 I was gone steal ya shoes lolYOOO THIS
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴 @nbhsoflo Yeah incoming are but leaving out are notThis is a prime example of the ignorance and delusion embedded within Trump supporters. Once they realized she was…
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴Me reading all 106 comments under a post of people arguing😂
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴I just seen a post about if it smells like burning plastic or popcorn then to stop smoking it because it has fentan…
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴Oooouuuuuuu Im def flying out for my bday at these prices lol shut the fuck up“ ThEyRe tAkiNg OuR JoBs” shut up you gonna do this ??
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴I HAVE to visit Egypt before I’m 30 or for my 30thAlthough I LOVE history and learning the facts , I hate that you white bitches desecrate SACRED TOMBS for your fina… @therenatural Where's your mom buried? I wanna put her jewelry in my museum.
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴A 3300 year old wig. Yes you read that right! This is the wig of Merit, wife of Kha, found in the tomb of the coup…
Retweeted by Jasmine🇩🇴