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Teeming! @jonathonio @bencjenkins also recall there was some conservative commentary half heartedly trying to argue that it was normal to do @jonathonio @bencjenkins kind of became lame through repetition but you can’t lose sight of the fact it really was… season 2 of Blown Away. there’s an episode where they have to make a cartoon character out of glass and on… @cup_of_chino that’s Failure MindsetSure, I’ll eat 1kg of bread, no problem @sweet_crabby so entitled, millennials expect they can just walk into a shop and there will be products to buy @someofmybest oh tony abbott? he's sort of a funny little man who shows up on the telly every now and then. he was prime minister for a time @LeftHandStu that's a great question @joshdivision it's a perfect job... a reward for a lifetime of being a weird guy @eigenvectrix see at least there's real culture war meat in that, which he would get. literally nobody except tony abbott wanted knighthoodsstill really funny. tony abbott ruined his own life by implementing some stupid pet obsession everyone was obviousl… @edzitron @USSRdad that one rocks @USSRdad i watched one of these and now its the only thing youtube recommends me. my whole homepage is Dhar Mann @jonathonio [hands in pockets, whistling] whoah. that the pfizer you got there? pfizer and biontech? been looking a…
Retweeted by henno @brah_dawg unfortunately Mick rolled his ankle running the circuit in Coonabarabran and has been put downI would love to go to the pub and man racing was on the tv in the gaming room, exactly same as the dogs now. One ra…
Retweeted by henno @newievuitton_ i told you to stop shredding so hard @VSBassoon Brides generally delivered by air cargo to secret location now, to avoid scenes like this
You just don't see Greek men swarming overdue bride ships much these days, to our great loss @prawn_meat Bad ass @christianmccrea me! Gimme that jab!#breaking Pfizer vaccine approved by TGA - but delivery has slipped from mid to late Feb to late February, and the…
Retweeted by hennoI'm going "ape" for Godzilla vs Kong! (In cinemas and streaming on HBO Max from March 25.) #spon
Retweeted by hennoHoly shit, can’t believe I’ve never seen this before
Retweeted by henno @DavidLeyonhjelm @JayWeatherill @laurelirving7 Normal human reply David!When I find a beer in the crisper
Retweeted by hennorare zoom aesthetic
@JamieLeftPeg @mathaiaus That’s true, an eternal gift spanning the world’s most beautiful harbour @mathaiaus This sucks man. I’m also a stoic Australian who crushed covid, where’s my parade? @puppy_eggs @IainND @luxlazuli Be the change you want to see in the world Iain @luxlazuli @IainND Seems like a toy for the idle rich. At a time of unimaginable income inequality. @IainND I dunno man. There’s a pandemic on, I think there are different priorities at the moment for the eggheads w… Triple J Hottest 100! *starts humming a few bars from a forgotten and ill-regarded Broadway musical* Ah we love… @IainND Whats the most indictable crime you’ve ever committed? I remind you that you are under poster’s oathBREAKING: Biden signs executive order that limits drone shots in documentaries to establishing and concluding only
Retweeted by hennoNow this is rock and roll all the obits are going to read like LinkedIn.
Retweeted by henno @ThisisAlexei this is what movies are all about @ThisisAlexei @ThisisAlexei throughout the trilogy elijah wood makes some of the most unique faces ever caught on film(seeing a victim get out of a trap incorrectly) hey stop that come on man
Retweeted by hennoinstant hall of famer @ChuffedChief yeah i’ve been down in summer before. climate is pretty similar to a lot of far northeast Australia @bjannan love the robicheaux books @snatchfeder I haven’t but it has been on my listlooks like the twitter main character just deleted his account after being cancelled — and he looks remarkably like you, 47 @stupidoldandy @mrmsutton THANK you @tbati exceptionally well in fact, he’s an extraordinarily good writer @tbati yes indeed, and likewise! revisiting them now @missambergee Going through a few John D. MacDonald books currently @Paul_Karp that’s very hot. too hot even @DCpierson Would you believe I’m reading John D. MacDonald right nowIt’s okay. I’ll keep reading that garbageCrime novels set in Florida have a lot of different ways of saying “it was very hot”Also GRIMMISH introduced me to this wonderful Antonin Artaud quote:
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@daro_website It was about preserving freedom and liberty, nobody gets that @OkMuggsy no paywall for me! maybe it’s a location thing @jason_a_w I think it’s more primal than that, the WallStreetBets guys are fully in the grips of the death drivethere is no greater boon for ‘money isn’t real’ accelerationism than reddit guys pumping stocks for meme reasons @garflyf have you been watching How ToHaha, I just cornered Jackie Chan on some scaffolding. I’m about to kick his ass.
Retweeted by henno @ben_hr I’m listeningglad to see the Australian honours system being used for its original purpose: to piss people off @lexgallagher I hear that little bouncy GameCube launch tune I go crazy end of story @mrgracemugabe THREE units of art? reckon you might have bitten off more than you can chew mate @verynormalman hoping the next generation of consoles are less fraught @verynormalman also when ivan milat cut his finger off because he wanted a PS2. challenging timesand now it’s joe biden? sorry, i don’t find this plausible @Mesut_Ausil he gave it a red hot go and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all aboutdonald trump was president for four years. the guy from tv. what was the go there? @SEIFFERTOVAL vote Hillary. it’s the safe option. you have to do it otherwise trump will be elected @camtyeson You seen Ghostbusters yet Paul? Muncher. Everyone’s talking about MUNCHER @Papapishu i don’t think anyone does cool luxury spaces in games as well as IO does in hitman, that level is so goodHere he is... @tomwalkerisgood I’m around the centre (he shouldn’t be shot, but he should have to pay taxes) @tomwalkerisgood Things get pretty heated when the subject of shooting Bigfoot comes up, which it does ofteneach day on twitter there is one british person. the goal is to never be it
Retweeted by henno @cameronwilson @DavidAdams_AU that's monday cousin @jack_vening Plenty more fish (tweets) in the sea (website) @jack_vening Not reallythis is obviously just a huge lie @RHT_ebooks Needs work @cameronwilson Thank You Mark! @Paul_Karp Jeeves, this is a matter of utmost importance which requires total discretion
As a DuckDuckGo nation we will become more powerful than Google could ever imagine...Google says it will have no choice but to disable Google search in Australia if the media code becomes law
Retweeted by henno @cushbomb they waited until trump was out of office to show muncher. they knew he would never allow it @Trillburne I'm not scared. I'm just remembering pictures like "Gone with the Wind" and "Chinatown"I just don't think they should be putting things like this in movies – sue me! @FugeusExMachina 👌 @Serrels The truth cannot be changed. @USSRdad forgive me if ah come off arrogahntthats monday cousin. new wig. new opportunity. get that bag