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Nadia means hope. He/Him Eisner Nominated writer Princeless, Raven Pirate Princess, Unstoppable Wasp, Future Foundation, Rainbow Brite, Rep'd by @inthesestones.

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@michaelharriot After years of discussions about people my wife (black) has great affection for and I (white) have… the Future Foundation reels from a death, things look to be going from bad to worse for them in "Future Foundati…
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@julesrivera @michaelharriot Yup @julesrivera Yup @michaelharriot You know, Pebbles! *shakes head* Pebbles? *raises eyebrow* LA Reid's ex-wife? I barely know who LA Reid is @m_moncivais @Sharessan @ryanqnorth This is what I say every morning when I wake up. @michaelharriot As a white man married to a black woman, I recently had a surreal conversation about Perri "Pebbles…'s the German word for the feeling when you go to the school where your wife works and talk to her kids about m… @PowerPackNation I watched one last week. I was coming to it for the first time in a decade at this point. There a… @Dykeules The worst part about Phantom Menace was remembering there was a cool lightsaber battle, getting to it, an…'s interesting in that it breaks rules I usually have for myself in other stuff, but it comes part and parcel wit… new thing I'm working on at the moment is a horror/revenge thing done from the point of view of the monster.… have always identified with Fozzie Bear. y'all watching Star Wars prequels tonight, huh? Good luck with that.PREVIEW: 'Raven the Pirate Princess Book Seven: Date Night' by Jeremy Whitley, Xenia Pamfil, and Christine Hipp…
Retweeted by Jeremy Whitley @agentfitz777 Psst Pssssst Pssssssst . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .… @BrendanHykes @Castallan Yeah,I guess I was also thinking of weird supernatural pregnancy stories as well.
@Castallan I mean. An argument could be made for Rosemary's BabyIs it a controversial opinion that there has never been a good false/trick pregnancy story in a superhero comic?ICYMI: Yesterday's Advent Calendar entry was THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP
Retweeted by Jeremy Whitley @marcelaphane @MaineLibAssoc @TopshamLibrary @MaineStLibrary @lplonline @OOBLibrary @AlexAthenaeum @KatKramer12… know what, I have a thing coming up soon that's on deadline, but I put that on hold because I really wanted to… @brihutch2021 @JoshScherping @Immostlynick It's mostly just confusing because one of them has their account locked,… @rzochoa I don't think so. I mean, that's also a hard call to make because one of the first "evil" things he did w… @JoshScherping @brihutch2021 @Immostlynick no She-Hulk yet, just that He-Hulk guy. I guess Gammora and Mantis are c… up: How any writers out there write the first five pages of something and instantly go: "I want somebody to r… @LetsSuperFoes if only @Chaoticmuse And with the Sinister Six you have a ton to choose from, just add somebody! We have Shocker in here bu… has the bonuses for all of your characters being from the same group/team/etc (like you do). My semanti… @brihutch2021 Yeah, Sue is kind of weird because the mission to get her stuff requires you to have souped up Sinist… @Sharessan Yeah, I feel like this is a bit more common. Outside of Squirrel Girl, it's usually attractive villaine… know, I really would like to see fewer "heroes fighting heroes" stories and more stories where great character… think this may be the one place that comics writers have the edge on novelists. We always assume that our thing i… question: How is it that there are tons of female heroes that have no good looks/costumes and storm has at… update on this one: Hero editor goes to the mat, has conversation with giver of notes. Relationship wil… @SongbirdDiamond I tried Future Fight, this one has a smaller roster but I like the game better. @illusClaire @jrome58 It is shocking how well Kevin and Brian of the Backstreet Boys map to Kraven and Sandman
Retweeted by Jeremy Whitley @jrome58 Ock is the Joey Fatone of the group.
Retweeted by Jeremy Whitley @SongbirdDiamond Not yet, but she's in the group they're rolling out right now along with Sif, Heimdall, and Black Bolt.My favorite thing about writing stories with conflict and adversity is writing characters and relationships where t… @braineek I'm more familiar with American boy bands, but you do you. @yamainu @illusClaire @Jacob_deNobel I like a good archetype @mallory_yu It may have made me cry in the library. At least that's a rumor I heard. @Jacob_deNobel @illusClaire I was sure that Otto was gonna be the brainy one who's always reading and Sandman was g… After getting thwarted again by Spider-man the Sinister Six have decided to pursue their dream of becoming… @tgshepherdvan Same. I'd like the whole team of Champions in fact. @williamaximoff I basically hate every Wanda costume, but this at least feels functional if a little athleisure. @NewWarriorsTalk It's turn based fighting final fantasy style. There is a story and lots of mini-stories, but the f…, a bit hyper focusing here, but just look at America's face. LOOK AT IT! @LetsTalkMAC feel like @NotLasers would appreciate the sheer majesty of this steak knife chandelierAnd look at the sneer on this glam mother fucker. He's about to clone your mother just so he can buy her a nice ste…, look at this fucking industrial kitchen appliance of a helmet. He's fucking perfection. mean, look at the power! has been my favorite Marvel mobile game generally, but my favourite thing is how much personality and d… @lightlybow YepWas watching Rudolph and had a revelation that broke my brain. Critters bring this snowman a banjo for this song. T…, we share an exclusive preview of "Future Foundation" #5, out next week from @marvel.
Retweeted by Jeremy Whitley @COMlCMAXIMOFFS The line that comes after this is even better, if you can believe it.
Every year, I turn on this movie and think: "Oh yeah, this asshole" @Dykeules I'll save you one of those reclining seats. @Dykeules It's constantly playing in hell. @emberquade nopeHey, all of twitter, could you please report this extremely fucked up shit before it goes any further? Thanks there's a many page preview of Future Foundation #5 floating around out there (I rt'd) but it's a little spoiler… HA HA HA HA Where this preview cuts off, man. It's just rude. Also, the resolution to last issue's cliffhanger…"Excuse me, sir, are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm just watching the trailer for In the Heights on my laptop." "That's fine… you've sent one issue/chapter of a comic and there are no notes 🥳 vs When you've sent three issues/chapters of… is an empty inbox Despair is an empty inboxOn Day 12 of the WMQ Advent Calendar, @christieddleman shares her love for THE UNSTOPPABLE WASP by @jrome58…
Retweeted by Jeremy WhitleyComic: Unstoppable Wasp (2019) An joyous ride that is bolstered by important representation of neurodiversity, gen…
Retweeted by Jeremy Whitleyare you female and a colorist? get at me!
Retweeted by Jeremy Whitley @RobertPRoehm Korean BBQ, yes. With a grill, no. But I'm a sucker for getting things cooked at my table hibachi styleI am fascinated with the masked singer show, not because I want to watch it, but because it's the perfect intersect…, I love that @tlynnr85, she just sent me a long list of potential science murder methods for a comic I'm workin… @MyNameIsKingdom Hey, Gone with the Wind is one of the most acclaimed movies of all time, but I'll watch The Rock a… @MyNameIsKingdom @MST3K Better, no. But...if you asked me which one I'd rather put on right now and sit through, th… made mushroom tempura banh mi sandwiches to night! I burnt the piss out of myself frying tempura in a pan, but it…
@MutantMusings I don't think I have whatever you play it on? Also, it's got some wild RP accounts that just tweet t… by writing Future Foundation, a list of things that are also called Future Foundation: - A group in a vi… @marktspence That's actually the one I was using today. @HeroicGirls It's okay. I held it until I got home. @Cait_Greer @syleegrrl It is a very good word.This guy is arguing with me that if store employees don't stop shoplifters, Sears will die. I'm trying to have a g… is important to me that my children not confuse my love of the word "avunculicide" as an endorsement of the practice.Why is it that patricide, matricide, and fratricide are pretty popular as words, but I've never heard anyone use the word "sororicide?" @noveltybest There are people whose job that is. They are called police officers or even security guards. What you… it's the English major in me, but I am delighted by little anomalies that show up in languages like: 1) When… @noveltybest Unlikely. Also, it doesn't matter what company you work for, Sears ain't gonna show up to stop a dude from robbing your home. @noveltybest Not everybody can. And I'm not saying that deciding not to steal can't be a principle you value person… @PlanetofFinks It's been a very nice compliment to the podcast because, like the podcast, I can afford to buy an ex… @PlanetofFinks I know you're not hunting for it, but this seems like a worthwhile time to say how much I've appreci… @noveltybest Yeah, dude, call the cops. Report a theft. Your responsibility to your employer ends there. @noveltybest No, you don't. Those aren't your things and you are not a police officer. If you injure one of them,… @agentfitz777 @agentfitz777, one more time for the people in the back, don't get shot for a corporation. They don't love you and they won't… the reality is, that corporation ought to be paying you better. They ought to be providing you better insuran… and corporations are so involved in middle class white folks thinking that everything is fair and attac… still people do it. Honestly I've seen it most prevalently in lower middle class white dudes. I've had bosses w…