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Orthodox Christian. I'm interested in logic & history and I work in tech.

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@MorlockP I definitely agree there are a bunch of deranged people with a sense of entitlement who are constantly de… @MorlockP I understand your reaction to, and part of me wants to affirm it unreservedly. But I don't apologize bec… @MorlockP I'm very torn on this. Sometimes the mob is right and I am wrong, and it seems wicked to withhold an apol… @thespandrell @RokoMijicUK @Urbit_Asia Each urbit has its own http server, %eyre. So anyone can see whatever you're serving.
@BennettJonah broke: living in govt issued trailer, smoking weed and playing video games all day woke: participati… @CityBureaucrat This is a trick. I don't want to be inhabited by daimons, "eu" or otherwise.
"People –your own fellow Christians too – will look at the refusal to pinch incense for Caesar the same way they lo…
@FireTowerView I forgive you for being French, but the writer you should be reading and defending instead is Pascal."Who ever became more intelligent by reading Voltaire's writings?" -- Kurt Gödel
@MorlockP I would think people who want luxury space communism would understand the importance of developing advanced robots.
@chc40 Link to proposal? I've never heard of skew and I can't get google to tell me. @eye_idol @L0m3z This is a good tweet that shouldn't be wasted on a reply.
@mao_inhibitor @robert_mariani @Salondotcom Please don't be rude to Rob.
@robert_mariani ""Yeah I know the guy who did @Salondotcom, you could say I'm pretty well-connected." @GuilleAngeris @browserdotsys Can confirm this happened to me occasionally as well: students come in for office hou…
@BennettJonah Modern Moral Philosophy by Elizabeth Anscombe is by far my favorite. It's controversial in part becau…
@s_r_constantin I certainly want them to be good at computing answers to problems. But my higher priority is develo… @spiderfoods <10 y/o right now, but I'm happy to plan ahead /w material for later.Also seriously considering blocking off a year and working through a standard course in mathematical logic (we *wil… considering blocking off a year and working through as much of Euclid as we can. @nmgrm Not at the elementary level. The high school stuff seems decent, so I'll check out the earlier stuff too. @tylershuster Story of my life... @tylershuster I definitely think that's a good hook for a lot of people. My preferences is probably toward pure abs… @tylershuster I guess I want new stuff introduced fast enough to maintain the exciting quality of math. You know it… @tylershuster When I look at other texts they take way too long to cover simple stuff, they just assume tons of pra… @tylershuster I just made up a quick-and-dirty curriculum for my oldest daughter's first year of school and she lea… @tylershuster I think I may have idiosyncratic preferences here, in all fairness. I need to think more about what I… @tylershuster I used Saxon math as a kid and I hate it a lot, tbhI don't want my kids to grow up hating math. My parents had me use Saxon when I was homeschooled (& I used whatever… is a longshot, but I'll give it a try-- We're homeschooling our kids and I want a better math curriculum for…