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@MyMommaNotAThot @sadhugold @NicholasCraven_ @_jlvsn @BenjiSocrates @757doofus @nephewhesh @gnashper @mondieumusic are cool but my world don’t spin without people like... @sadhugold x @NicholasCraven_ x @_jlvsn x @jrswiftz
Retweeted by IG: JRSwiftz327s are fire ! tell @RickRoss , here’s a crazy joint for him ! Hit record vibes
This light skin vs dark skin argument is stupid. Learn history.
Retweeted by IG: JRSwiftzBought a new cologne today....Same man death still fucks me up...this day, a year was on a Sunday ...i was at homie was workin wit… lol laws of book?
2021 A @KidArtNyc MOVIE “LIZ LOVES LUGER” ft @ArmaniCaesar prod by @Alchemist off @ShadyRecords
Retweeted by IG: JRSwiftzShe be PUNCHIN! good ?!! Thank you 🤲🏾🤲🏾🤲🏾 u bro looks to everyone that sent encouraging words....a nigga needed thatWord ? Better than pod pros ? in to this new @HusKingpinCorded Apple headphones > AirPods ...change my mindThank you bro !, salute to you bro ! what i can, and thats music @jrswiftz still goin in on ig live check him out!!
Retweeted by IG: JRSwiftz
posted a beat in a fb group..and got told i should i change my snare in my beat.....maaaann i left that sht on read Gman i had no words..that man was speakin his truth....that always gonna be a on goin thing G looks bro , a nigga been wild distant....uninterested in shit...I be tryna grind, stay busy...hit a few people to do projects wit....then boom! All motivation out the window .Salute thank you, listen looks G got me mentally fucked up, not even gone hold y’all . Depression creeping day by dayYou know we already had this convo awhile back against it was decent listen, Aye Verb penmanship... fire @jrswiftz on ig live rn cookin👀
Retweeted by IG: JRSwiftzchilla!!!
Just thought about can play old Xbox games on the new Xbox etc etc....where the hell is 50 Cents “Bulletproof “ ??ODEEEE!! 2ND CHILDHOOD..THAT BEAT..I WISH I COULDA MADE THAT
just gotta wait n see i appreciate that. learned from tha greats what he did she givin you that gawk gawk 3000 and you tryin maaad hard not to bust quick lmao
listen to me, YOUNG BUCK HAD THE BEST VERSE ON " GANGSTA SHIT" ON BEG FOR MERCY ALBUM“Catch & Shoot” prod by @MANHE_VA directed by @Sun_Zulu BABY JORDAN 1/27
Retweeted by IG: JRSwiftzwho gone head bro lmfaAAAOO. yall on yall mike tyson back, my back is broken..spinal lol i just do what i feel..fuck what everybody else talm bout . different things inspire people differently
lmao yall know i had to be a dickheadguess what diggin from youtube.....thats a good observation doubt and i realized i f up on a plug in name smh kontakt player* how i be functioning drunk smhmaaaan smh but i do sample lol nah but to create your own..theres so many vsts..kontakt plater, omnisphere..theres alot m… so?, KD, harden, ibaka, reggie jackson, maaaaaan listenyoung okc was a damn problem
Twitter is a weird space, STGThey on that time again? EEEEVVVVEN convinced.....alot of ppl dont overstand boom baplmfaaao already
funny AF
A nigga be feelin wild outta placeI swear , Some of these CH Rooms don’t be fittin UNDERGROUND HIP HOP SHIT!!That’s what I’m doing bro...haven’t been Cookin lately...I’m enjoying my time off...gettin my personal right...but… oh lol JRSwiftz !! @jrswiftz
Retweeted by IG: JRSwiftz @therealredman REDMAN Nigga for 1000th time...@sadhugold or @jrswiftz or @_jlvsn or @nephewhesh or @757doofus or @gnashper
Retweeted by IG: JRSwiftz @laREIZ716 Basically self depreciation
EXPLICIT LYRICS: The Bad Seed “Daddy Dearest” #InsomniacMagazine @NiggalisCage @jrswiftz
Retweeted by IG: JRSwiftzbouta flip my Yeezy "Analog" .....bouta have a closet full of NBsnot supposed to be drinkin cuz im dieting but, here we areits a list of things.... can get a genesis mad cheap like 50-60 bucks probably less can agree’t worry about that...i think some niggas know who to play wit and who not to is that get one bro ! cocaine documentary...firewhy tf didnt i cop streets of rage!?!?!bong bong! @MKUltraLabel word, ive never heard of ranger about to check it nowdef gotta have a balance but for the longest time..i wouldnt speak my mind...fuck that, fuck lettin shit slide. def...i wouldnt say im humble..just laid back...its always the quiet ones..yktv a curse is that