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Conservative opinion writer at @WashingtonPost, MSNBC contributor. “If right doesn’t matter, we are lost.”

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he will suppress his own voters - older voters afraid to go out.
@DavidPepper @jwgop he literally has no idea what he is talking about @stuartpstevens and the super rich, for whom we also wiped out the death tax @danpfeiffer Next reporter should ask: What the hell did you just say? @Timodc followed the 69 pg playbook left by Obama team had competent people in top positions not trusted President… @jentaub Area man seems to have gotten dumber since COVID-19 @ddale8 The dumbest president ever. Of any country. @CapehartJ @AmbassadorRice @AmbassadorRice brought the receipts. 69 pages of them."We left behind a 69-page playbook, which was sort of pandemic for dummies.....And apparently, if they weren't thro…
Retweeted by Jennifer Rubin @KevinMKruse well it's not like he figured out HIV/AIDS. oh, wait. @ddale8 He has been president for 3 years. His failure. His willful blindness. His incompetence. @RonaldKlain @TheLeadCNN Each time I see you I feel better and worse. Better, that competent govt is possible. Wors… @sahilkapur @SecAzar but if you were already unemployed and looking for work (now impossible) or if you had to quit… @TheLeadCNN @RonaldKlain We could have an administration with @RonaldKlain in it and Jared Kushner not in it. Or we… @CHueyBurns How? Under what law? @SpeakerPelosi We are all in this together. How presidential. @crampell anti-family, anti-life company @atrupar This should be a stand alone Biden ad. Just this. @JoshSchwerin They don't care. We could use a pro-life after birth party. @joshtpm heart breaking @funder They do not want him saying the country should have a stay at home order @StuPolitics area man needs to be directed to the unemployment benefits office @ddale8 So utterly useless it is depressing @jdawsey1 would turn orange? @StuPolitics Heck've a job...when it hits home: A 400-bed field hospital is being set up at the University of Kentucky’s Lexington campus. .. A… was quick - must have got some internal polling from Ky great read: "Tone" deaf — how Trump coverage keeps marring pandemic reporting by @EricBoehlert @stuartpstevens @RadioFreeTom PS She did humiliate him..@ewarren still hasn't endorsed in the 2020 race, but had some praise for @JoeBiden on @SignalBoostShow: “You know…
Retweeted by Jennifer Rubin @GeoffBurgan @mfonderkaye @American_Bridge Every state. Every single state. @axios to no one's surprise @Lis_Smith But Larry Hogan.. @rorycooper beautiful example of death cult of know-nothingism: @mayawiley We are all New Yorkers. Stay well. @RachelBitecofer @FDRLST +100 @Lis_Smith a favorite topic of mine! @Lis_Smith This is SO true. On the upside he is destroying the notion there is a viable socialist element in the Democratic Party.Just a lovely piece on the holiday i now look forward to but also anticipate will be quieter, emptier @shannonrwatts Facts, schmacks. These people do not care. @sahilkapur @AliVelshi @BernieSanders has NO path, no a narrow path. NONE. @NYGovCuomo @NYStateofHealth NY is doing it why can't Trump admin on ACA? @mkraju @andersoncooper Oh please. Does any D outside his cult favor him staying in? The man is incapable of getting off the stage.Decade of Job Growth Comes to an End, Undone by a MISHANDLING OF A Pandemic for her to focus more strictly. Now R's have no excuse via @politico @edokeefe @adam_brew @GovEvers EXCELLENT- should have been done weeks ago: one party and its base decide that living in the 21st century without respect for 21st-century science is sui… right’s anti-intellectual bent and its hostility toward independent sources of information (e.g., media, univer… directors of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Emergency Management Agency should,… a permanent inspector general and congressional oversight body empowered to monitor and report to the public o… @brianstelter @BrookeBCNN A speedy recovery!Well worth your time: @JimPethokoukis Social distance but be prepared to have her tell you to work in the hall @MaxBoot @FDRLST They are a death cultDangerous. Conspiratorial. Why is he on the air? via @mediaiteBravo. via @mediaitecannot even admit to egregiously slow governor's action. why is he perpetually so timid? via @mediaite @MikeGrunwald electing a Trump sycophant is never a good ideathat didn't take long -- and wait until the delays and snafus with UI, SBA loans, etc. via @politico @matthewjdowd @BillKristol @SykesCharlie have lost control of our lives, and those supposed to lead us through this ordeal are deepening our national tra… Crozier learned the military under Trump can forgive war crimes, just not pleas to save men and women in un… chaos, confusion and delays surrounding the Small Business Administration loans might make the unemployment ins… they are failing to remedy the dire medical crisis that their negligence brought on. Kushner said the federal s… Kushner broke the irony meter as he — not someone qualified, such as Anthony S. Fauci — took over the daily c… @stuartpstevens and because a bunch of people were crabby they did not hear "Merry Christmas" enough - the irony is… is and will remain beloved @MCaruso_Cabrera The. Best. @JamesFallows Ironically his work on the deadly floods was a model of disaster managementthe party that embraces government and thinks it needs to lead the way on recovery has the edge, especially when th… pandemic and an economic crisis is no time for a presidential blunderbuss with little interest in learning how go… an injection of management skill and infusion of concern for good government, implementation of the stimulu… is one thing to pass a $2 trillion relief bill but quite another to get the money out the door when state unempl… far back as March 12, the Democratic front-runner put out a plan for fighting the coronavirus, which he invited… is nuts. he's abdicating his role. If he doesn't want to or doesn't know how to do his job he should resign… best ad may be: Do you want to trust your life to Jared Kushner? @MeetThePress We will see train wreck upon train wreck @stuartpstevens Mutiny time. @sahilkapur @SenSchumer @AOC He is insane. Literally and seriouslyexactly - ->
important piece via @BulwarkOnline @Mediaite Good for them @markknoller @SecAzar it is TOO LATE for many states. NY needs them in 7-30 daysA far better approach would have been to use Wisconsin’s primary as a test run for an election-by-mail-only in Nove… a result, the election, regrettably, may be chaotic and actually undercut the argument that voting by mail shoul… @CNNPolitics following Trump is political disaster and illness/death for your voters @StuPolitics Yes! and you're hardly aloneTrump and his Republicans are vulnerable on three counts: failure to act to head off the pandemic, failure to respo…, the politicians who resisted warnings (from Warren) and favored a Wild West deregulated financial ind… worst is yet to come: As businesses find they can no longer hold out, declare bankruptcy or shut their doors, m… @mitchellreports @kwelkernbc This would be a health disaster and a political debacle @Lis_Smith and since these draw on law enforcement officials from many different states and the feds, holding it wh… terrible idea here with @JRubinBlogger, conventions are not really relevant anymore - and definitely not worth risking you…
Retweeted by Jennifer RubinYes. Hosting an in-person convention in August when medical experts like Dr Fauci are predicting a second wave of c…
Retweeted by Jennifer RubinWho's worse? @realDonaldTrump A LATE START?!? You did nothing for two months @realDonaldTrump Are you nuts? They have 1/2 the cases in the country.