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Intelligent smartass that thinks we can all do better. Every person should feel loved, respected and supported. 🚫 DM’s! Bring my Sonics back!

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@EunLinda Not true at all. @CanadianReports It was very difficult. I missed having them around so much it hurt. It was also when I realized th…
@KitsapSun 🙄 @ImSpeaking13 I wasn’t aware that diarrhea was physical harm? 😂 @landessarjes I’m so sorry... @LornaAJ70 I’m so sorry...
@Schumann786 Yes!
@Zac68567379 @kathygriffin @HowardStern 😂 Bless your heart. You seem really swell. 🙄 @Lisa_LetMeBMe Im so incredibly sorry... @hinapatelRx I’m incredibly sorry for your loss. @KayaJones This must be parody... 😂 @charliekirk11 Can you stop whining every day? You lost, be gone now. We are on to bigger and better things. ✌️
@daparsonspumper @FedupMama84 @kayleighmcenany 👌😂 @daparsonspumper @FedupMama84 @kayleighmcenany You just small? Seems like it... 🤷🏼‍♀️ @charliekirk11 Why don’t you just bug the eff off already? Stupid people don’t need more encouragement to kill othe…
@JumptyTrumpty Yep! Our Costco was completely out of paper products. Thank goodness I invested in a fancy bidet last time we did this. 🙄 @janicebonsu I don’t even know what to say, but I’m very sorry. @bamableu I’ve resigned myself to mine not going down until his a$$ is out of our house. @TeeBiggs Fried potatoes or hash browns.
@RedTRaccoon Congratulations! No greater joy than a child. I had a 9lb 9oz boy 27 years ago, you’ll need something… @FearlessPATR1OT @ThomasGWatts1 @davenewworld_2 Doesn’t mean you can’t get it again, so you better hope karma isn’t… @dstiddypop43 Nope... @Bill_Maxwell_ Thoughts and prayers... That’s how it goes, right? @SheriAWilkinson Absolutely a homemade wild blackberry pie! Have to make my own pie crust also. 😋 @Carmen50 @davenewworld_2 Nah.... Then they’d have to admit that they are a bunch of dumbasses. @davenewworld_2 F these people! Close their business and refuse to treat and of their asses for COVID at any medical facility!! @go_ACC_ What??? I disagree, sorry. I think it’s good movie and I watch it every year.
What kind of dipshit asshole president skips a G20 virtual summit on pandemic preparedness when the country is reel…
Retweeted by Jamie (🏡🦋🌏🌊) @mattgaetz Don’t you get tired of spewing BS? Asking for everyone that is tired of your BS! Just go away already... @lawindsor @LeeChatfield @RepJimLillyMI How is this not illegal? Or, treason? Or f**cking something? Why are they a… @ida_skibenes Sounds like a doozy of a hangover. 😂 @H_MitchellPhoto Don’t forget golfing, lots of golfing. @Bill_Maxwell_ Agreed! Probably doesn’t have it...I don’t think tRump had it either. They are just trying to make t… @Jim_Jordan So, don’t give a crap about others? Got it, you selfish POS! @davenewworld_2 Okay. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @EdgePointLegend Congratulations! @pozvibes4u Congratulations! @MysterySolvent Thoughts & prayers... Did I do that right? @cjensen_MT Me too... I may be 99.9%. Winning! @HSlaughter1979 Just do it! Cold turkey is the only way!! @ImmoralishMe The ends are the best!
@HomeDabrave If you’re interested in not getting it in the first place, drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (… @HappyBitchFace @davenewworld_2 Ooo... I’m SO bummed. 🙄It’s Mr President birthday today!🇺🇸 Retweet to wish Our President a Happy birthday🎊
Retweeted by Jamie (🏡🦋🌏🌊) @dontlickchalk Of course. @ImmoralishMe Expect my man/woman to put a stop to it. If not, I would walk my happy ass on out of wherever we were. 🤷🏼‍♀️
@DaxGigandet Staying home. While a very difficult decision, my adult sons understand. I miss them so much but hurts. @charliekirk11 So is voter suppression! You know what else is real? Legitimate absentee and mail in voting due to…
@StuartTyll @cjensen_MT She’s already made money by using her position, and the knowledge she receives as a result… @spacequeenruby @davenewworld_2 I live in WA and it really depends on the area. East of the mountains, Bonney Lake, Marysville apparently... @Cori__P @davenewworld_2 This was my first thought! No words at all, just coming on out with my hose while packing. @davenewworld_2 He’d have gotten really wet when I got my hose out to wash that chalk off. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @OScottHartman @allymayn Bless you heart “dear”. @allymayn Good one! @cjensen_MT I’d add Kelly Loffler to this list. @nathaliejacoby1 Yep! I actually had to go in for horrible pain in my stomach, that I also put off for almost two w… @varindersingh24 Every single time I leave my home. @cjensen_MT I hope you’re right. I never want to see him or hear him speak again. He literally repulses me.
@hotdiggityDR I no longer give a crap what they think when I avoid them. I think they’re selfish and stupid, so... 🤷🏼‍♀️ @PeteDominick Is it just me or, do those raccoons look a little chunky?
@calico_heart_ DSW online. @RCampbellmc58 I’m incredibly sorry... @davenewworld_2 She seems swell. I’m sure the kid will end up being a very productive member of society. 🙄 @keithboykin @EmmaVigeland @TheYoungTurks That’s a lot of ignorance and unwillingness to hear actual facts. @Connie_Pisces11 Forgiving is not the issue, forgetting is. I don’t think I could ever trust that person again, so… @Goal__Diggah That’s cheap where I live in Washington state. @nathaliejacoby1 I have extrinsic asthma so have been working from home since March. I’ve to go in on about 12 occa… @CanadianReports I agree, I would not allow my child to have an exam alone. It’s hard enough to hand my pup over at the vet! @ubnsrvd I wish you a full and speedy recovery. @cjensen_MT I feel like not having anyone over from outside my home is the only responsible thing to do. While it is sad, I feel it’s best.
@QuancyClayborne Nope. Bought an Echelon Bike so I can work out at home. @AjCross15 I’m so incredibly sorry... 💔 @brlowder69 Nope. However I have none, so I may not be the best person to ask. 🤷🏼‍♀️ @cjensen_MT My OCD is usually around my job or something I can do to improve or clean around my house. @susiemcdonnell @NuggetCrt @davenewworld_2 Typical non-response when there is no proof. 👍
Yes, a massive landslide. Feels good. Don’t let the 306 electors hit you on the way out the door.
Retweeted by Jamie (🏡🦋🌏🌊) @ANDREW1ALBERTT Cheerio... I kind of like it. @TheRichieWilson @davidmweissman @travisakers @ChickfilA Never been there and never will for this exact reason. Yucky hateful chicken! @BoganIrish @davenewworld_2 Propaganda Barbie has no brain. 🙄 @mmpadellan That’s some serious mental issues right there. 😳 @BoganIrish Because NIO is kicking its A$$. And, I mean... Elon?? @elosoblanco69 I do! I’ve got spaghetti sauce, chili, lasagna, beef stew, banana bread and two types of chocolate c… @SteveOnSpeed Yes, several people and we live in a community that hasn’t had a lot of cases.
@Metsmania1 Nope.... First time in my life I will@not be with family on Thanksgiving. @sstopshere I’m incredibly sorry for your loss. @criticalthotcop Agreed. Just can’t get into them. @travisakers @maggieNYT I just want him to go the F away! I’m tired... @nypost I’d never watch it again! @ubnsrvd I’m very sorry and wish you a full and speedy recovery. @cheryllynmartin Nope! I’ve made it 55 years without one and am not going to start now. @stphnsmth777 As you go you filthy animal. 😂
@ChaiVida @davenewworld_2 It also could’ve been avoided if the grown ass man in the truck just kept driving. 🤷🏼‍♀️…
@TeaPainUSA Okay, we were already feeling like you aren’t too bright, have put on some weight and are definitely br… @mmpadellan Hand recount? Because people counting millions of ballots will be more accurate than a machine? Seems nuts!Hysterical! @ImJohnEli A vile narcissist. @rodlikey @MeliMels99 I love living in WA state. It’s beautiful, progressive, and while not perfect, I think we hav… @fake_biden @katiekateland As someone that has been through divorce, I know that it feels like failure. It’s okay t… @fake_biden I felt the same way and I was the one that wanted it. When it was final, I cried my eyes out because I…