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I'm getting used to my follower count going backwards :)
Retweeted by JavaScript TeacherDark Mode does matter.
Retweeted by JavaScript TeacherNo and Dark Mode Matters can be combined into one bar.Phase 1 – HTML (DOM.) Phase 2 – CSS (CSSOM, flex, grid.) Phase 3 – JavaScript / front-end. Phase 4 – git / linux cl…
Retweeted by JavaScript TeacherThanks everyone for the 55 new patrons last night! 😃 Hop on board if you want all my coding books for $1. The insta…
Retweeted by JavaScript Teacher @conservativecdr Have you seen 300.If I make it to 100K everyone who follows me gets a full stack of coding books in PDF format. I’ll also send as man…
Retweeted by JavaScript Teacher @kenpham4real What was the last mistake you made?People switching careers to software: Drivers. (Uber, bus, truck.) Writers. Nurses. Cashiers. Teachers. Musicians.…
Retweeted by JavaScript TeacherI created a Medium page with links to my book bundle. I know most of you already have a copy, but just in case anyo…
Retweeted by JavaScript Teacher @trusted47 Maybe for you. @alara_joel That's another first. @bwest But you've never said anything false.The complete CSS Flex tutorial.
Retweeted by JavaScript Teacher @bwest @getify Why do you have to slander people? There are consequences to that. @bwest @getify No it's just there's nothing you can do to earn it. @bwest @getify vs. $2M in product value given away for free. @bwest Let me know if you need more followers. @ProductHunt @Corlaez The one on the right looks unnatural, like a doll from an abandoned building in Chernobyl. @TheFog310 And it has to be a joke. @MohamedELAYAD19 Got cancelled.For those who still have a sense of humour, follow me:)
Retweeted by JavaScript Teacher @glengineered @manuelmaximo17 That's you you're speaking of. You have nothing good to say about anyone other than yourself.I'm getting used to my follower count going backwards :)Resuming regular programming. @p_gbologe @masenmatthews But I am worse than Trump. I don't have an elevated and morally pure image of myself. @olusamayor If that's true, most protesters wouldn't be white, young, teenage and bored college students who play F… @js_tut I’ve always loved the idea of creating things through code, and I want a remote way to work so I can help take care of my family.
Retweeted by JavaScript Teacher @Jtonna_ @Nasr_23_ That looks a lot like "This is what their flag looks like. This is who they are, and what they d… know you don't believe it but you are qualified.
Retweeted by JavaScript Teacher
@srkr_me I respect other people's privacy. But this is basically the same thing I would say to anyone who is genuin… @WiwiwjB @Dennis_AMenace Police serves a civil function. Without it your safety would be compromised. You see one e… @JordanMichaelEd I know it's how you feel and it's what makes you feel good. But reality is not measured by feelings. @JordanMichaelEd You're one of those who can't communicate without the use of sarcasm. Read up on it. Sarcasm is ro… @RealNaro Most of these people are college students and young adults whose reality is determined by how they feel.… @JordanMichaelEd Well you seem like a peacefully serene man. @miramontezluis I guess it's because they're calling the shots. Not saying I agree or disagree with it but this isn… @Kojo_ben1 @codesciple It's the bevel on the 0 though, lol. @WellPaidGeek I don't get it on my account yet, but, There are 3 "Who can reply" options. 1. Everyone. 2. Peop… @akmsh5 here's the grid one @Joe_fetti @avatar_dev @olusamayor Being educated is less important than reason for learning it and intent for usin… @RealNaro You made a wrong statement that is simply not true in general. Chaos is not always the outcome when there… @Joe_fetti @avatar_dev @olusamayor Are you saying you are unwilling to educate others about something you understan… @Joe_fetti @avatar_dev @olusamayor I don't know, I'm not really an authority on the subject. But I appreciate your input. @_KyleAaron That's good to know. @Joe_fetti @avatar_dev @olusamayor Tell me what the issue is, and I'll tell you what I think of it. Nobody can auto… @CorpusPeccatum Can you give an example of a free country? @BlackIsTheNewAu Well said. @RealNaro That statement is wrong. And showing a random picture of some recent events doesn't validate it. You're d… @rashank7 Saw a few nurses so far:) @greegborges Welcome to the world of code. @Bea09358215 Welcome to the coding community of the Twitter:) @BounceGlamazon Haha, wow what a journey. Free Code Camp has a good curriculum, it's good for starting out. @lubrind You're in the right place then. Coding problems are basically infinite, and there is always something new to learn. @donukr_ptnxuy That's interesting...probably compatible with coding in some way. Putting things together and problem-solving and everything. @wonderluzt1 Nice, that's what Elon Musk / @elonmusk studied, lol @border_1pxRed @maxui Naw. That's a first. @MzaAugusto Your English is fine. I've met people who were born here whose english was worse, lol. Welcome to the c… @NeutronAhmed Nice:) @ridbay Haha, welcome to the Twitter coding community:) @_KyleAaron That list actually looks very legit. @jerrystevens Haha, interesting answer. @SogideJesus Welcome to the coding community:) @SalathielGenese Welcome to the world of code:) @Dolby_Baby That's how I started too. @topeogunleye21 No it didn't. @Joe_fetti @avatar_dev @olusamayor It's your personal interpretation. And that's fine, you're free to believe anyth…'s not absolute freedom. Everyone is still subject to authority regardless of your preferences and belief system. @Joe_fetti @avatar_dev @olusamayor Is that your answer to how riots are sparked? That you *feel privy about it? Or… @olusamayor @Joe_fetti @avatar_dev I agree. @trusted47 You are the one saying it. I never thought of myself that way. @trusted47 You sound violent. And you do care enough to respond. @olusamayor @avatar_dev There isn't any one single reason for violent protests. It's more complex than that. It's not just about race. @topeogunleye21 Oh so when I talk about Dark Mode Matters, it's wrong time to talk about code. But when I talk abou… @Joe_fetti @avatar_dev @olusamayor Are you? @trusted47 In response to my opinion that United States is a free country, which you seem to disagree with, you are… @trusted47 I know what my name is. @ahm_Mohy_elDin And still you are not saying anything meaningful.The very reason protests and riots are even allowed is you live in a free country. Yet, when you start causing chao… @sayalook @thefakescript Just a suggestion, you are making it difficult for yourself to agree with what you're sayi… @Nasr_23_ maybe your results show location based images... @Nasr_23_ type pakistan in google images and see what happens. this shows media footprint not realityI feel bad for all these palestinian and middle eastern countries painted as chaotic war zones by some well known b… @realcoinfox I don't have a dog. @js_tut Age in not indicative of experience level. Silly humans
Retweeted by JavaScript Teacher“It’s not the time for comedy,” is like saying, “it’s not the time for life jackets” as the Titanic is sinking. Act…
Retweeted by JavaScript TeacherJust finished @wesbos beginner-javascript course. I filled my wall with the notes so I can stare at these suckers (…
Retweeted by JavaScript TeacherJust because things didn't go as we wanted doesn't mean things are not the way they shouldn't be. Good night beautiful people.
Retweeted by JavaScript TeacherIt's unnecessary and somewhat illegal to discriminate against age. I generally look lot younger and people mistake…'m not conservative or religious because love knows no borders, but due to the events of past 3 days, I welcome al… @kvlly And yet you don't appear to people who have conscience as an authority on reason. I never saw you befre but… @Iam_David_John @iCodeVK Unless you block me, I can’t follow you 🤧 @annwitbrock It's just something I saw someone say on Twitter, about a year ago. It was probably a contract job, no… @iCodeVK Just followed back:)For those who still have a sense of humour, follow me:)People switching careers to software: Drivers. (Uber, bus, truck.) Writers. Nurses. Cashiers. Teachers. Musicians.… @sea_celt Thanks for the follow, Sergio! Follow back unlocked 🐱The Complete CSS Grid Tutorial @tarunspartan1 Started working on that but haven't finished yet.