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@irushtheworld @rammie none this time 🙂but maybe next @Its_Jawsh @rammie o.k. :-) @theyungjeff @rammie i literally give you a salary and benefits fuck off @Ninja hyper light drifter @cyr @FedExHelp I hope they never deliver that shit @matthwatson Spoken like someone who gets no bitches and stacks no paper @matthwatson You good man ? @dotColinn dotColin will never hit 10k @CouRageJD @LandoNorris You need to see the bats before you leavfe @TubboLive @dotColinn @rammie of course u can have a plushie tubbo. we are great friends @Retrora @dotColinn @rammie only if u keep it in the background of every stream @Stonepa_ @rammie nice photo ill send uyou a plushie @dotColinn @rammie congrats on 5k followers. still not giving u one. i just dont like you @pokimanelol ever done Heroin @rammie last giveaway before the drop tmrw. giving one away every 1k likes gl @ofeliabear @rammie @youtooz Only if you promise not to eat it out you fucking weirdo @ofeliabear @rammie @youtooz Wow this really wasn’t the first thing I wanted to see today
@nopeifyaltalt @dotColinn @rammie Sorry bud. When you have more clout talk to me @Wheatskins_ @rammie u gotta stop this shit bro @Wheatskins_ @rammie i don’t see anything @rammie giving one away every 1k likes @emmalangevin Sorry. What
@APompliano No comment @Wheatskins_ @rammie you suck @Wheatskins_ @rammie ok ill bite what did you change @adeptthebest Tf is an earwig @hasanthehun @xQc @Airbnb We know @AlbertsStuff @Hooverr Enjoy your new iPhone 5C hoover!!
@JustaMinx @Asmongold @Krinios @rammie happy to, blocked @JustaMinx @Asmongold @Krinios @rammie i have not seen a single image of this fkn thing where it doesnt look like i… @RubberNinja @rammie he looks polite @stalsoot @TubboLive the fall @TubboLive @JustaMinx @Krinios @rammie this plushy literally looks better than both of your cats. it would make them jealous @weesterner im sending you a very tiny one @AltriveEpic @rammie @Grunkkkk grunk u need to stop doing chewing tobacco. we are all very worried @smaIIguy @rammie you’re so small @JustaMinx @Krinios @rammie nah LMAO @Michaelmcchill @Slimecicle @rammie ok @portilho there is no way ur filling all those cabinets bro @Slimecicle @rammie i just sent 10 more @Scottposts @dotColinn @rammie in fact, i am @JeffSwiper @rammie i hope its sakura beach 2 @LightTophat @dotColinn @rammie aloha @hunter_hhhh @dotColinn @rammie hey hunter how many jambos do u want @Wheatskins_ @rammie i guess so @IndieRedede @dotColinn @rammie consider it done @Class @rammie deal @Slimecicle @rammie im sending u 10 of these. just for u to have @dotColinn @rammie sorry you need 5000 followers :( @Krinios @rammie you have clout of course you can @paricyte @rammie ok @bearbubb @rammie yeah ill send u one @rammie ima give one away every 1k likes this tweet gets @tommyinnit me when gi-hun @tommyinnit @CrazySlick_ I told you this would get more likes than anything you've ever tweeted and you didnt believe me L @Hard_Images Is this an NFT
@VelvetIsCake Honestly such an L @JackManifoldTV Biggest bag fumble of all time @Wheatskins_ @schlatt OH MY FUCKING GOD @Wheatskins_ @schlatt U didn’t even edit the photo @LudwigAhgren snazzy af @Wheatskins_ @rammie @youtooz WTFSCHLATT + JAMBO PLUSHIES ARE BACK! GIVEAWAY TIME! 🐐🐈 Like this tweet + follow @rammie for a chance to win a plush… @hasanthehun lets chat
@verge @michaelreeves what are we thinkin
@nmplol @OTKnetwork @cyr Wait im in this??? @justaminks @Minecraft Ur so dumb blocked @justaminks @Minecraft Are you dumb? Are you that fucking dumb that you need a flying pile of shit to tell you when… @jambopaws @junophobic_ @Minecraft I made a typo and didn’t care enough to type it again leave me alone @junophobic_ @Minecraft No bro nobody cares. Use a shulker if u need more space. Button man W @TTwobad @Minecraft Bro im literally Button Man what do u expect @Minecraft Copper golem🐐🐐🐐🐐 @Wheatskins_ @MrBeast baba booey @riftskeen @schlatt @schlattupdate @riftskeen @schlatt I’m losing patience @MrBeast Let Me Play @theyungjeff @schlatt You suck bro @riftskeen @schlatt @incantatasomni @OTKnetwork @schlatt @OTKnetwork @schlatt @youtooz THE RICH GET RICHER 😈😈😈 @SchlattFacts whats that @JustaMinx whens he coming over @minecraftfancam Send me shoes
@PapaPoob @nopeifyaltalt Whyd you have to tweet this part @Shuploc @OTKnetwork @EsfandTV @Asmongold @REALMizkif @RichWCampbell @nmplol so handsome @nopeifyaltalt Holy shit lmfaooo @Slimecicle Whats up forum
@MrBeast @OTKnetwork Fuck you minimum wage social media employee @imaSpaceboy Don’t remind me
@OTKnetwork @cyr Welcome Home
@ConnorEatsPants @OTKnetwork