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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Skip the first part if you have covid-19
Please remember: The idea that when disaster strikes people panic and social order collapses is very popular. It is…
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @disco_socialist Why's he posing with Pete Buttigieg
Everybody making a steely, savvy, utilitarian argument about “balancing” a few million deaths against a few (imagin…
Retweeted by What's-His-NameAs much as I try to keep my spirits up it's hard not to feel lonely and depressed these days
*Morrissey voice over a jaunty guitar line* 🎶And I don't ca-a-are if coronavirus kills me That would be a good thing really🎶I need to see Joe Biden hold up today's newspaper on camera @Millerheighife By most people's standards I'm a loser compared to my relatives and the people I went to school wit…
Option 1 is pointless; ain't no half-steppin'. Pick #Option2Bernie #StayInBernie
@crulge Wussy is my favorite band around, sort of a mix of alt-rock, noise/drone, country, and other sounds too. So… @SmarterSharks @cocksaiIor Try getting mad at the people who aren't doing their job to stop those federal court picks. @RespectableLaw"we are the problem. We are the disease" who's "we" fucker. Do you mean you. Do you own a fucking airline. Get out…
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None of you are allowed to go all black pilled on me. This isn’t the time for nihilism. Your friends and family need you. Stay strong.
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @TRAPTOFFICIAL @UweBollocks It's Been Awhile since anyone cared what you say @JoeBiden You literally did the opposite of all of those things THIS WEEK
@MattBors @cushbomb The real truth is that the Joker is becoming Cushified @pawgbertREAL I know, you're right :-( @melimel521 @daveanthony Part of me really wants to vote for Trump out of spite and I have to keep reasoning with m… @BethLynch2020 Count me in. Unless something crazy happened and he endorsed a 3rd party candidate @RPat360 @cocksaiIor @special_fish @TheDemocrats Watch out Nazi, your mask is slipping
@cocksaiIor The Darwin Awards is such a nazi concept @willmenaker I think we need to figure out a way to pressure Bernie not to support Biden. I respect his sense of ho… @bourgeoisalien I've been thinking this lately and can't convince myself it's a bad idea. It's not like it was that… @michaelleung It sounds like the start of a real life Burn After Reading @HarryLiberman @ahrabik On this lovely row trying to make it home, doing your mama's oats- pissed off. You want som…
@cocksaiIor 🍳Love in the Time of Corona
@augustdesmond @LLW902 You also had to read the manual to learn the weird interface and controls
@DogiPunchWalls @disco_socialist I remember once in college I had a bad cold so I started walking around the floor… @victoriaxxviii Less, but if they share a name with one of my brothers I'm inclined to like them more
In 2008, the MDP violated party rules, so Obama withdrew his name from the ballot. He got zero votes. 2 counties we…
Retweeted by What's-His-NameThe real Sanders campaign starts hereIf it is this easy for Sanders folks to descend into despondency clearly you were not prepared for the attack by th…
Retweeted by What's-His-NameThey’re going to try to guilt you into voting for Joe Biden. Don’t fall for it. Obama and Biden deported and drone…
Retweeted by What's-His-Name1) Election fraud against Bernie is indicated in CA, VT, TX, MA, NH, SC. Researchers took Edison exit polls & compa…
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @allahliker I gave $27 after Super Tuesday but I don't think I can afford anymore because of, everyone will love th… Biden's dementia is the least objectionable thing about him and it makes me feel sorry for him more than anythi…
@KimletGordon @ninaturner @WaywardWinifred At first I thought this was directed at what Nina Turner was saying and… troops
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @healthcarefixit @SpectreProXy Better vote for Bernie in your primary then! @SpectreProXy No, I think the idea is to send a message when they add up those votes that the party lost.Biden will never get my support. @statelessprncss You might be better off not knowing but basically he's infamous for cooking and eating someone's d… @statelessprncss @pawgbertREAL Notification: Armin Mewes followed youI am tired of defeatism. I think it would be easier for a lot of us if it was over, because it's an uphill battle m… RACE ISN'T OVER UNTIL WE SAY SO. #ByeByeBernie MY ASS.
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If Bernie loses, what about a #demstrike? A couple of demands to start with: Fair, UN monitored primaries and Tom Perez out @feraljokes Sounds like something from Kentucky Route Zero @PissJugTycoon Bauhaus is better than Joy Division but not New Order
@Millerheighife People need to get over the fact that she's kind of normal and not jaded the way the rest of us are.
@nashwakay Yeah maybe but I remember people getting themselves mad at her saying she'd endorse Warren instead of Bernie
Here is my #1 hot take as a newly-free Warren staffer: THE FUCKING CO-AUTHOR OF THE GODDAMN GREEN NEW DEAL MIGHT L…
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trying to understand why an endorsement from michael bloomberg is ok but an endorsement from joe rogan is not 🤔
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @ByYourLogic @daveanthony @joshuarolson Didn't think he'd be into Christmas music but I'll take your word for it
@awailleBernie @breadpilled @peterjgowan @uhshanti Immigrants are 8% of the population, and then another 7% are chi… @breadpilled @awailleBernie @peterjgowan @uhshanti Well there is a huge immigrant population in MN, it's just still a small percentage @kierongillen Wow, great post! @opnmindtexas Actually let me back up a little on that because I do have a concern that it might be a betrayal of F… @MattBinder @ByYourLogic @IlhanMN I would have gotten that wrong too. Most of the people I live near and work with are immigrants @feraljokes I've had some things like that. Nier: Automata, Twin Peaks Season 3, MGS VLet's find out @opnmindtexas Our project will require us to work together with worse people than Warren. As long as it's on our te…
Dana Bash said tonight that the moderate lane “organically” fell into place behind Biden today. No it did not. What…
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @MoviesSilently Frankenstein is an incredibly brisk read for the time and from what I remember it begins by retelli… if you are not voting for Joe Biden in a general election.
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @benigma2017 Read your own bio! @benigma2017 C'mon, it's disappointing but it's not time to be defeated yet. Let's fucking force them to steal it f… @IdahoBones @IPM_HQ I'm glad he's inspiring hope in prisoners! One of the items on my Bernie wishlist is an end for… @Millerheighife I think the emphasis on Strong Women is part of the problem. It's not about the strength and power… @NathanJRobinson Instead of being scared we need to figure out how to use this movement we've built to exercise our… is the water and this is the well. Drink deep, and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes, and the Dark…
Retweeted by What's-His-NameI don’t understand how y’all are losing faith right now. You thought it was gonna be that easy? Just go vote? I’m h…
Retweeted by What's-His-NameBREAKING: Maine polls are NOT closed yet and the media called it early for Bernie erroneously. If you are in Maine…
Retweeted by What's-His-NameI wonder if Julian Castro regrets tying himself to Warren now
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Those of you contemplating voting for Elizabeth Warren, please read this. In 2015, I was living in Massachusetts…
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @LLW902 What annoys me about this is I know a huge David Bowie fan who is an insufferable Warren fan. I hope they don't see this @FloydBOtter @MayoPete2024 @ByYourLogic Ugh I meant Stinson
@LevyPants07 @deathbymonkies @BethLynch2020 Bernie himself seems to have an infinite patience and capacity to swall… @FloydBOtter @MayoPete2024 @ByYourLogic Westerberg? @evilcheeba @banalplay Thanks for the serious answer. For some reason I thought Griff rejoined. Had no idea Termina… @banalplay I wanna know what's up with Terminator X and Professor Griff
@Imanorc @OfBrioche
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @realjoetalley @TheSocietyDude Yeah I think he'd listen to at least one of his friend Killer Mike's songs so he cou…
@skenigsberg Leonard Cohen if he was still alive. I'd want to hear the song he'd write about it.California for Bernie !!! Please !!! Bernie is for the people !!!
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @trapmasterrick @GotJbenny @randypaint The story I heard was that it was because people wore hats to keep dust and…
@cocksaiIor Yrev very good tidings to you @RoseEmojiTico @Millerheighife @chick_in_kiev I had a stretch where I deeply wanted to go into a coma for a decade or so @feraljokes They tend to mean the specific WOC they follow on Twitter. Academic and media class people
@ebruenig Says the Baby Threatener!I want to see the Cohen Brothers do a movie about the life, death, and attempted cremation of Gram Parson.
Bernie needs to step up and fix this ASAP
@bluemeanders @mechapoetic Oh I forgot that part :-/young pete buttigieg confronting his parents
Retweeted by What's-His-Name @mechapoetic Ugh. I always thought it spoke well of him that he was against a Cooper-Audrey romance in Twin Peaks b…
@LackingSaint Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs is more like: * Hey, I'm probably just mentally ill * WHAT THE FUCK