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@okayeimi NO WAY ! @okayeimi Aren’t you 5’0 @gianalexiss LMFAOOOO“I think I’m really cool” will get me through all of this @okayeimi Split itNAH FR cus i don’t want them to be put in an uncomfortable situation but at the same time i don’t wanna lie abt how…
Retweeted by Meither my body hurts or my mental health sucks i don’t ever get to feel good or normal
Retweeted by M @digitaIwaifu Gn Bridgettehahhha
Retweeted by MFollow me personal @miserym4tt @peachmesweettea fly to the moonshe don’t love u bro focus on yourself 😹😹😹
Retweeted by M @babeyIina BRO THEIR MVS ARE SO GOOODt-ara's songs have always been good 🙏🙏
Retweeted by M @drmgrljk Are you okay @drmgrljk Hey man !Listening to what is love cause it’s the closest I’ll get 😍 @digitaIwaifu So fucking finekinda missing the short blonde look
Retweeted by M @thekidvocal Do I need to type this out again @asia6521486 Such a good show @thekidvocal WhoreI have a huge crush on him but don’t say anything @OnintheBoy You need to be on a watchlist @sojeuce Key their cars @sojeuce This is a every week occurrence @jenmxnh The only red I’m receiving is some damn envelopeslunar new year>>valentines day
Retweeted by M @annabbly Check what I texted you @annabbly @peachmesweettea You are evil @teriyakvy carry her then ask for some skinsthe girl who only gets headshots when u crouch
Retweeted by M @athennessy He’s gonna reward you for that @drmgrljk Bro ?hyunjin makeup bc i love him so much
Retweeted by M @NuocWater Ty for lunch
Retweeted by Mmy parents gave up on me lawl
Retweeted by MNvm just ruined my day by thinking lol whateverAnother day of not looking myself in the mirror @vyleraa Your fav is probably wasteland @vyleraa Nah you’re tripping for this one @vyleraa Ty Ty I’m boosted 🤠 @vyleraa Yea @vyleraa My fault I just wanted to hit a clip @ashleykxtee I love that viewpoint it’s my fav spotu don’t look like levi ackerman ur just another boy with badly parted hair
Retweeted by M @izayahdaplayah Cause they end up being your cousinYea I hate myself alot day of not knowing what I actually look like 😹😹😹
Retweeted by M @annabbly Gn Anna @annabbly Yea therapyWhat’s your favorite seven deadly sin? Mine’s gluttony. ꒰ ˘ ³˘꒱♡
Retweeted by M @OnintheBoy @okayeimi Hit 100k only to be suspended @wasianwap3000 If u wore socks it don’t countGM I WANT TO GO BACK TO BED“I’m free February 14th” no shit you stay inside and play games all daydropped my cashews
Retweeted by M @annabbly Ya meI want to spend money on genshin again @okayeimi Cause we’re validMENTAL AGONY finally beat teen pregnancy :-) welcoming my 20 somethings
Retweeted by MJust barked in my Val game ama @Akameval1 Cant wait to buy it and drop you every game @Akameval1 Oh myRGX VANDAL DADDY>> 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️✌✌🌹
Retweeted by M @ybbuii NAH @vampahri fun and games till you realize she’d give her life for bts before you @mvtchatea Holy shit @nguyensell mom didn't raise me to be a quitter but i'm quitting
Retweeted by M @izayahdaplayah @nguyensell On hater shit 💯 @mochiopia Gmkek
Retweeted by Mone of these days we're gonna figure out what's wrong with me. not today though
Retweeted by M @okayeimi Remind him he’s from Sacramento @nguyensell Yea yea @annabbly Pay up @annabbly No @annabbly Send me 100 the. @annabbly POUR UPdating a girl is fun until you find out she loves her plushies more than you
Retweeted by M @nguyensell Welcome back @kevinhighh @MooseZizak You’re my reason @j1nsoyoung @thekidvocal ABAHAH it’s a mouse @j1nsoyoung God when @okayeimi We’re making a pact @okayeimi YOURE SO SMART FOR THIS ONG I CANT WAIT FOR THE 13thgot a new top and i am obsessed 😋
Retweeted by M @thekidvocal @okayeimi Nah @okayeimi Yes he’s very nice @Akameval1 NOT MY DAY ASK K Y I INTED EQUALLY @jasonnnkham You are the meal 🤤forgot to take a pic of my kbbq 🥲
Retweeted by M @MooseZizak Idc abt losing I’m playing with my idols @MooseZizak I’m not her man don’t change the name again @MooseZizak Oh wait I get it now @MooseZizak I don’t even queue with you anymore