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I say things louder for the people in the back. Tweeting all things Social Media and digital marketing in Higher Ed . Co-host of @ThoughtFeedPod . he/him

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Me when a social media “thought leader” ends their Tweets with a bunch of generic hashtags... @SumoFondue So many...but I remember there was a Batman game that was really good. @Codishaa Yes! Brilliant!
@CinderSlays Ha! Great minds, right? I’ve been hooked since I got to try out Bob Moog’s personal theremin at the N…'all...I want this. (Thing you might not know about me: I'm a theremin enthusiast. I can't play. I just really thi… case you were unaware, Ella is awesome and you should support her and her writing on Patreon. @ImSt3ph @raidhyn Pretty much sums it up...This photo of Shigeru Miyamoto holding a Game Boy in 1989 lives rent free in my head. wouldn't expect one mechanic to know how to fix a car, a plane, a helicopter, a tank, and a train. Then why wo… @RivaRBrown I'm always happy to chat about best practices for social media accessibility! @Adweek I was a theatre minor in college, and there's hardly a day that goes by that the skills I learned (public s… @RivaRBrown All of the social posts from the primary UCA social media accounts contains alt-text for screen-reader… @ChrisYandle This is epic.If you're looking for a social media job, I really can't say enough good things about @jenncrim and her work. She'd… @scharpling @CFBNJ @scoopgirl LOL. I learned audio editing by cutting audio tape with a razor blade. You can get back on Photoshop! @scoopgirl Once you figure it out in Photoshop, it takes almost no time at all to do basic animations. Here's a rea… @tstahle15 Thanks! @suzyskaphotos Those look awesome! I love the hand illustrations! @brianne2k That GIF is our university president, btw. 😅 @brianne2k me add, that all these sticker were designed by our graphic designers for other projects. Turning them into GI… some GIF stickers today for our university's 1920's themed virtual homecoming and to get out the vote! Give… @ImKatherineAlex Sigh... @vanbaird @lizgross144 because it's fun to do...I love this Tweet, and I really hope more than one person runs the McDonald's account and all of them are doing wel… @lizgross144 😅Most of my contributions were "This is great! I really love this! Can I please Tweet it now?!" or "Wo…! I co-edited a book for my friend, @lizgross144. It's called "Fundamentals of Social Media Strategy: A Guide f… @JuiceboxCA A lot of my favorites have already been mentioned. But I'd like to add @thejennyli. She's a solid scrol… @nhs_chappers @Access_Rhodes Thanks so much, Mark! @kdupins Greetings from Conway!It’s a two sticker day! about the fact that a the start of each day @NolanBushnell numbers the items on his to-do list and then ro… @macbethdc 🙌🙌🙌Getting the job done!We voted today! This was Annie’s first time to vote in a presidential election since becoming a U.S. citizen and I… bears repeating: Just because someone is critical of your brand on social media, it doesn’t mean they’re a hat… lie. I just got served this ad on Instagram “Lincoln bio.” 😅
@AmandaChanguris When I still taught at our university students would ask “I have a question” and I’d always reply… someone sends a message to the brand account on Facebook and just says "I have a question" and nothing else... @lizgross144’m selling this book on Instagram, “Lincoln Bio” @shiraz @ambpersand Looks good though. @CinderSlays We just figured out how to drop eggs from a ladder without them breaking...the solution I found? Just… @bkrudy Most of them! @BriVongvilay Honestly, I think a B.S. in Psych would be a major asset for a social media manager. @stephmaxw I once had a professor compare Lord Byron's "Manfred" to PeeWee's Big Adventure and it shook me to my core. @jenncrim Hang in there, friend. @markvanbaale You’re really not that far off... @MargaretsAWitch One would think...but no. @cferrucci Yup. I’ve run government social media accounts before. My jaw dropped when I first saw the weak password…*screams in social media manager* @donnadb *screams in social media manager* @joelgoodman @eddiefrancis @astarrynight @ThoughtFeedPod Allen is an incredible person...and a fantastic D&D player too 😅Looking for the video I just scheduled in Facebook Creator Studio like... @lizgross144 @joelgoodman @jensplarson @ThoughtFeedPod Yes! @JosephJMaster @DrexelUniv Glad to help! anyone looking for a social media job in higher ed, @JosephJMaster would be amazing to work with and the team a…
@DSewellMFA recently had a meeting with someone using a Facebook Portal...and I'm not going to lie. The way the camera follow… @XochitlLauren It's soooo annoying!Facebook: “Business Suite is single place across mobile and desktop for businesses to access the tools they need to… have thoughts on this...but getting out my popcorn to read the responses first... @astrosjeff @jMcBee84 @nikkisunstrum And I'm honored to be on this list with you, Jeff! @EjoleeM excited about tomorrow’s episode of @ThoughtFeedPod. @jsstansel and I talk to @StephenApp about something that af…
Retweeted by Jon-Stephen Stansel @Clarissa_Laskey I see so many job descriptions for administrative assistant/ social media manager and I'm just lik… @JuiceboxCA I really really want a Twitter notifications widget... @JuiceboxCA Exactly. @NatalieZfat Yes! I've often said that restraint is the most undervalued quality in a social media manager. @JuiceboxCA This is a good point that I had never considered being in higher ed. Our numbers always skyrocket in Au… @TheJimmyHart OMG YES! @AKnightleyMKT Truth! @todmeisner I can't remember who first said it, but "social media is free like a puppy is free." @TothsTweets Good one!One thing that I wish more people understood about social media marketing is _______.
@GigemNick @TAMU @krista0955 @JMG_III @francesca_g27 Congrats! You slay it day in and day out! You and the A&M team should be proud! @rebecca7roberts @lizgross144 @embrooksy8 @CampusSonar @jMcBee84 @davemusson Let’s make it happen! @cheneryemily Exactly! @mhames I think this will my first time seeing you at a conference... @HashtagHeyAlexa I’m not going to lie. I listened to that with the #HEWeb20 lobby music in the background and it ma… @lizgross144 @embrooksy8 @CampusSonar @jMcBee84 @davemusson OMG. I just heard and I’m blushing! Thanks so much… @meaghanfikes @drury_abby We’re in a dry county, Meaghan...😅 @meaghanfikes I’ve been trying to get our physical plant to repaint our roofs for this reason. 😅 Maybe paint a bear logo on one?Helen Clarke Ebert: "Students want this: NOFILTER. What we're giving them HELLOKIDS." #HEWeb20
Retweeted by Jon-Stephen Stansel @nlbclark YES! @embrooksy8 @lizgross144 @CampusSonar @jMcBee84 @davemusson Can’t wait to listen!"The donor just gave us a lot of money." -- this is not a story, @mjpowers -- YES YES YES YES YES YES. Alumni magaz…
Retweeted by Jon-Stephen Stansel.@mjpowers dropping some truth at #HEWeb20! 👇 “Not everything has to be a story. You’re still going to have lots of… @SippinSocialTea aren’t enough Red Staplers in all the world for all the amazingness that is happening this week at #HEWeb20... @Steeennaaa @SippinSocialTea Yup. “Why can’t we post flyers on the brand account? I post them for my small business… @SippinSocialTea Flyers on social media beget more flyers social media. Every time a social media manager gives in… @volthighered @dear_preferred @dear_preferred is the best..@West_Syed is a top-notch social media pro and any company would be smart to hire him as soon as possible. @joelgoodman @donnatalarico Truth. Those are for the one’s I REALLY want to send but know I shouldn’t. It’s like “P… @donnatalarico I do the same all the time. @SvenAas @drgabewillis I make a lot of use of my drafts folder…sometimes for those really hot takes that I feel ver… drafts folder is such an underutilized tool and a great way to give some hot takes a little time to cool off.