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John Stevens @Jstevens009 California, USA

Education, Math, Technology. Author: @TableTalkMath, @classroomchef; Google Certified Innovator; #MTBoS

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@LSpencerEdD @thenerdyteacher even if it IS from a classroom teacher, be wary. At this point, we know how far a twe…
For those who missed my #ViableArguments session, I will be sharing a link to resources soon. Until next time, fr… @CAMathCouncil thank you to the entire planning committee for, yet again, providing a top rank experience and space… me in Mojave at 1:15 for a conversation about "Viable Arguments for a Viable Future." Practical tasks, deepe… @LBmathemagician @EquityInSTEM Have you seen the work that @mathalicious has done? More and more, this is the model…"It's tough to get school districts to take a stand and do what's morally and ethically right." - @doingmath This… our #CMCmath workshop using only pictures out of context. Come join us during "2nd period" tomorrow and…
Retweeted by John Stevens @DHSHSAcker Only a few short years (20?) away. Think I can coast to the finish line? @saravdwerf It's what a community does. We lean in when people need us to, and are happy to do so. @MathPrincessC @MrVaudrey @ClaireVerti @VbergMath @edcampOSjr @cmmteach Absolutely! Thanks for joining us for the evening, Princess. @MrsJeniseSexton I've got you, JeniseThanks to everyone that came to the CMC Dinner tonight! It was such a joy to see all kinds of math educators in on…
Retweeted by John Stevens @mavenofmath @dhabecker “Anybody but John...” - Jamie, somewhere, probably @DingleTeach @LybryaKebreab @MrsJeniseSexton @DingleTeach @LybryaKebreab @MrsJeniseSexton coooooooosiiiiiiiign
@bobloch Thank you. I'm merely one of many, and happy to serve. Yes, Chicago indeed. @mathgeek76 sliding over to the DM @bobloch "small delivery fee applies (x183)" @edcampOSjr @Desmos @eluberoff @CAMathCouncil Sheesh, who let that guy in the room? @bobloch Want me to deliver the 183+ friends as well?"Who gets to decide the criteria for what it means to be smart?" - @mathgrip There's a reason why I came to Bruce'… @btwnthenumbers @Math_m_Addicts I do I do I do! I’m starting in another session but plan to slide over around the 45 minute mark @btwnthenumbers @Math_m_Addicts Still need one? How soon and where?Yo, @dhabecker is awesome. Ideas are easy to use, presentation is engaging, and I’m excited to share the ideas with… @LogicalPoetry No need to buy if we keep running into each other at conferences :) I was happy to hand them off!Which district got the better deal? #cmcmath #wyrmath @MrsJeniseSexton A pro presenter move that @MrsJeniseSexton uses flawlessly is addressing and thanking every person… @POSitive_MATH @MrVaudrey FAAAAANTASTIC! I would love to hear some of the takeaways that you had from sharing the c… @MrsJeniseSexton And now, we are playing with tangrams. "Before we have students do an academic activity with mani…“Solve the equation using drawings; no equations, no words, and numbers can only be used as labels.”… @MrsJeniseSexton Students leaving class saying "We should do this more often" is such a teacher win, and… @MrsJeniseSexton "Is what I am trying to learn a threat/challenge to my identity, to how I see myself or how I see… three of these people had opportunities at a young age to be change agents. Put every child you serve into that… just got really real. This quote has us all thinking, and reflecting, on how it relates to our work. #CMCmath @MrsJeniseSexton puts up pictures of her daughter and brings context (and “awwwwww”) together. But this session is…, y’see, we are over here playing with Barbie dolls as @MrsJeniseSexton has us trying to give the doll locs. Ca…"Start with an image and let students draw their own conclusions, make their own connections." - @MrsJeniseSexton i… you’re at #cmcmath and want a sticker, find me before they run out! I’ll make sure to have a few for my 1:30 Sa… @DingleTeach @MrsJeniseSexton I’m ready @DingleTeach @MrsJeniseSexton I’ll do my best, but it’s SOOOO hard because I get caught up in the moment and I just… @serratore4 @PalmSpringsCA That fake moon glow was well worth it ;) Thank you for being such a great host, president, and person!126k retweets on this atrocity. How is this humanity at its best when this boy is forced to find a mall tablet to…
Retweeted by John StevensHey #cmcmath come visit ⁦@LindaSaeta⁩ and I at 330p tomorrow to learn more about a 4th course that uses @desmos to…
Retweeted by John Stevens @MrsNewell22 @MikeFlynn55 I was waiting for that, Newell. Y'know, I'll let Mike explain himself if he so chooses :)I've been given a sneak peek of @MrsJeniseSexton's session and if you're at #cmcmath-South tomorrow at 8:30, you *n…’m gonna say this now because it’ll end up being harder later: Thank you, #cmcmath and #MTBoS for being so welcom… the market for good conversation & possibly free parking? #MathGals shirts are 20% off thru Saturday!…
Retweeted by John StevensSide benefit of wearing my #mathgals shirt is a conversation with the hotel staff turning into waived parking fees.… @POSitive_MATH @AMTNYS @joboaler Looking forward to hearing how this goes. You’re going to crush the session.Hey #cmcmath! Come to the hub w/speakers and authors - see schedule in the pics @joboaler @Virtuouscm
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“Part of good teaching is not just hitting kids in the head, but hitting them in the heart, too.” - @MikeFlynn55 @danluevanos @Audrey_Mendivil +1 to this one. Alllll day.Every time I watch @Audrey_Mendivil present, I am incredibly grateful to have had an opportunity to work alongside…
Retweeted by John Stevens @Mr_Robinson_23 @mr_mchambers @ddmeyer @TracyZager @Math_m_Addicts @robertkaplinsky I didn't require it /always/ bu… @maggieleemchugh Then you *definitely* need to listen to that podcast. It is well worth the time. Fascinating how a… @LSpencerEdD @maggieleemchugh you're... welcome? But seriously, there is some great psychology going on behind your conversation… Would You Rather... Make $50k per year or $100k per year? #mtbos #iteachmath
On this #worldkindnessday, which shouldn’t really need a day unto itself, I’m going to give out some classroom sets… you can fit this @mathalicious lesson into your pacing guide, make it happen. This crisis is real and risin… have some room at the dinner table for anyone who wants to hang with 150+ math folks this Friday night after the…
This is a friendly reminder that parents want to help their kids, and oftentimes are looking for ways to do so.…
Retweeted by John Stevens @LauverCassondra @howie_hua Thank you, Cassondra. I had great people around me to help me become the best version o…
@averypickford Thanks, Avery. And yes, I would really enjoy that, as I do all of our conversations. You push me to think every time. @mrosvhs I'll be doing a version of it at #cmcmath next weekend as well. Saturday afternoon!Update here: All went really well. Whodathunk that teachers want to bring more meaning to their curriculum? Aaaaa… @howie_hua It was such a pleasure to chat this evening, Howie. You are an incredible person, and I'm honored that y…
@cluzniak @drjeffshih @bobsonwong @mathillustrated @kateburstein31 @hpicciotto @sarahbbush @MrDaveEbert 100% agree @cueinc @k_shelton This is the right move. Ken is dynamic and inspiring, and all in attendance will benefit from his message. Wellllll done! @lisapedia_edu OK, so then why don't we refer to it as a dolphin's πτερύγιο? And dolphin in Greek is δελφίνι, with…"Galperin recommends the city use data analysis to determine when additional hires would save money." Well hello,… @ClaireVerti @mathmamaoftwo At this point, I fell like you’re trolling me. And enjoying it.In my keynote this weekend, I'll be addressing: ✅A problem with the "Fight for $15" ✅Sleep deprivation ✅School food… @outsideofadog07 Why are you trying to mess with me? That's it; I'm teaching my kids how to speak WingDings and be done with it.Why is the fin of a dolphin spelled differently than dolphin itself when it has fin in it? Spelling makes no sense… @DerrickLoop Doing well, my friend. I hope the same applies to you! Keep doing great work out there!
@rawrdimus @cluzniak But, Sometimes, it could be Toxic. @ClaireVerti Totally in dad mode. It was great running into you as well! Yes, things are fine over in my neck of t… @cmmteach I'm trying. It isn't easy, McTeach, so all I can do is try. @brandon_edu That's where I was living yesterday. It felt /really/ good. @AndrewYang Side effects may include heartburn, hives, nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, death, and hypochond… dias, mi gente. It's the most wonderful time of the year: parent-teacher conferences! I'm of the mindset t…
Retweeted by John StevensThis isn’t deep, or witty, or funny; it’s simple. Check in on some friends this week. Reach out. Let them know you…
@MrsNewell22 @dhabecker @MrsKubasek @rebeccacpoon @ALittle_Math @mavenofmath @Stacie_Doss @CAMathCouncil
It's days like these where I sincerely miss the classroom (the interactions, the ah-ha's from students, the teachab… know that there is still a lot of work to be done. Concepts need to be introduced, spiraling needs to come in, a… has been a great day. While supporting 12 teachers going through performance tasks, I heard outstanding conve… is a friendly reminder that parents want to help their kids, and oftentimes are looking for ways to do so.… @STORK_principal @AltaLomaHigh <me, waiting on an invite> @Jstevens009 I often greet my kids by saying “come join me on a mathematical adventure.” Now some of them come in a…
Retweeted by John Stevens“Don’t think of this as an assessment; think of it as an adventure. It’s like an escape room. When you figure out t… of these things matter to the success of the lesson, to the culture of the classroom, and to the students. “Do… keep reflecting on yesterday’s lesson and how @MathRchs was able to get her students to engage so well. It comes…, I get to work with @AltaLomaHigh math teachers as we help students explore performance tasks. Math is more… @CScounselors Eh, that means you need to figure out trash duties, clean up after yourself, and split bills... you sure about that one? @MathRchs You crushed that lesson. The conversations we heard from kids were more than math; they were about life,… @austenroellig @MathRchs Hmmm... why?
@rawrdimus 'twas an awkward pivot. Still, they wanted that guarantee. Please do not tell the cable companies. the way, high school students are willing to spend $435 for guaranteed WiFi. "Or I can go to my parents' house…"Ughhhh, I hate that this class is so short." - student Yeah, we're taking that as a W. OUTSTANDING conversation j…