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@JZulver @meganjanetsky @OliGGriffin Potomac, @DannyPellegrino says we're sleeping on Potomac!I mean thank God for the new series of Unsolved Mysteries:
We're all doing just fine 😬😬😬
Coronavirus mortality rates on Colombia's Caribbean coast are nearly double the national average, as @OliGGriffin r…
There's no country on earth that values immigrant labor enough. Great story by @Simmoa
Colombia says it will contest a court order suspending advisory/training activities of U.S. troops
Colombia’s confirmed coronavirus infections tipped over the 100,000 case threshold on Wednesday, as the country’s q… than 100 Colombian soldiers implicated in sex abuse of minors, @ACOSTALUISJAIME reports @WSJForero Noooo, then the Locombia joke won't work anymore. @JIPenC @MinSaludCol Claudia López has tweeted about 300 ventilators.
Bogotá's mayor said over the weekend she was ready to put the city under stricter quarantine if more ICUs weren't h… @matyoukee It sounds vaguely menacing.
Venezuela is a public health "time bomb", Colombian President Ivan Duque told myself and @ACOSTALUISJAIME today. Ph…
You could hear the groans of resignation echoing off the Andes.
@diegozambrano88 @washingtondc @Bogota Hey Diego - so sorry about your family's experience!
@sarah4nabj @washingtonpost Done. Effective immediately, @Reuters will capitalize the “B” in Black when describing…
Retweeted by Julia Symmes CobbFunding for implementation of Colombia's peace process is not at risk amid coronavirus budget crunch, the governmen…
If you're interested in the Wayuu, check out our story from March (the far distant past) about inter-clan conflicts…, the latest salvo in long-running disagreements between major coal miner Cerrejon and the Wayuu indigenou… the army freed two foreigners - a Brazilian and a Swiss - being held hostage by FARC dissidents: - Colombia's economy contracted by 20% in April amid ongoing coronavirus lockdown, by @BocanegraNelson and… day in the Colombia bureau. First up, the U.S. offers $10 million reward for capture of former Colombian rebel…
Given Colombian military intelligence has been repeatedly accused of spying on journalists, peace negotiatiors, pol… myself, with photos by @LuisaFGphoto, on Colombia's ever-fuller COVID ICUs: @OliGGriffin on confirmed coronavirus cases rising above 50,000: in case you missed these stories over the weekend (the first of three consecutive long weekends here), here's…'s beleaguered President Ivan Duque has had low approval ratings basically his entire term, but he's gotten…
“This is really going to get out of control” - @JSymmesCobb reports for @Reuters on the grim challenge facing medi…
Retweeted by Julia Symmes CobbGran trabajo en equipo con @JSymmesCobb pasen a ver!
Retweeted by Julia Symmes CobbY acá en español, traducido por @ACOSTALUISJAIME: as Colombia's quarantine is drawing to an end, its COVID ICUs are filling up. We visited one in southern Bogot…
Cracking story from my colleagues @cohenluc and @mariannaparraga
“Although the situation is worse there, we will have somewhere to live. We won’t sleep like this” @OliGGriffin
@CaimanValores @SergioGuzmanE @ACOSTALUISJAIME Off to change my Twitter bio to "regurgitating hack"! Have a nice day! @SergioGuzmanE @CaimanValores @ACOSTALUISJAIME Last time you accused us of propaganda I did a whole thread that hig… pilots are taking to the sky to ferry coronavirus tests from isolated Colombia, writes @ACOSTALUISJAIME
A nice story of talented chefs using their skills to help others during Colombia's coronavirus lockdown @OliGGriffin Americans! Buy stock in kitchenware companies now!Colombia's supreme court says it will investigate ex-President Uribe's alleged ties to hacking:
@ruedareport @CaimanValores @sjgrattan well right, that's why I specifically directed the tweet at people who are e… @paisanopaisa Eso!Gente de estratos 4, 5, 6 y mas allá: les acuerdo que es tu responsabilidad pagar a sus empleadas, los paseadores d… @mhmilliken Jeez. Glad he's ok and please thank him for all he does.And we've got back-tracking: still means you have to be "accredited" to go do your shopping or to the bank, with this form as an option. No… @miweintraub83 @ClaudiaLopez Right?! First a badly-implemented pico y género and now this.Widespread confusion last night over a form that Bogotá's mayor wants people to fill out before they go out. I've r…
@dvdwyer Welcome back Mimi!
@sherrifflucy Yeah maybe. Though if you do get stopped and identify yourself as a journalist, police might be more… @sherrifflucy Mark it with PRESS if you can @EthanSwopePhoto Apologies for my terrible handwriting/random notes @Vanessa_Swales No problem! You too! @Vanessa_Swales Last pages. This may also be a useful resource: @Vanessa_Swales @Vanessa_Swales First aid section is pretty sparse because that was mostly hands-on: @Vanessa_Swales Sure thing. Will take a few tweets so here goes: @AMartinezWSJ @Reuters @business I did mine with Hawthorne Proactive. They were great and I learned a ton.Here's the table of contents. Happy to share/post any other sections people are interested in. the section on gases. know many journalists haven't been fortunate enough to do HEFAT training, so in case useful here's some photos of… I was shot in the arm and the back of my neck with rubber bullets in the middle of covering the Minneapolis…
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@rodrigocampos @amelendrob @JulioCesrChavez That, ladies and gents, is the diplomacy of a UN correspondent. @pluiedautomne Jaja, la ternura colombiana es muy única! @amelendrob @JulioCesrChavez I'm sorry, you know I love Colombia, but reina pepiada is the best.Another example of the Latin Americanization I hope comes to the USA. Got a call the other afternoon from someone l… @JulioCesrChavez And arepas! Venezuelan ones though (sorry Colombia) @mattelle Por eso mi país no progresa. @skueffner @GaripChile But that implies the US is importing those things or taking examples from elsewhere. We've h… @mattelle But that makes it sound like the US hasn't had shitty policing practices/populism/racism all along. We do… @skueffner @GaripChile I think his populism is homegrown. Don't think his voters were looking to LatAm for examples. @skueffner @GaripChile Police misconduct/brutality is Latin American? Funny, I thought the entire history of the US… @CaimanValores Dude the original tweet is racist trash - putting down terrible policing practices in the U.S. to "Latin Americanization"Oh my God USA, get stoked! Latin Americanization is coming! Soon a nice man will be selling avocados on your street… @mat_charles_ You can read @ACOSTALUISJAIME's story (which naturally can't touch on every topic because word count)…
This has been happening for weeks amid a nationwide lockdown that is supposed to keep people in their homes.'s ELN rebels would back a global, three month U.N. ceasefire and want the government to join in too, they…'s our updated story, by @OliGGriffin: (fin)Will add that Duque did not announce the extension during his hour-long nightly television show. The government qui… afternoon, Claudia announced Bogotá would stay in lockdown under current restrictions at least until June 15.… way back in the halcyon days of mid-March when we'd all spent way less time staring at our ceilings, Bogota mayo…
@ruedareport Totally - like 70% of businesses could theoretically re-open now with the right permits.Bogota's quarantine will continue for at least another two weeks has a cool graphic comparing re-openings around the world, in case you want to get lost in it for 20 mins l…
Parts of Colombia's economy are slowly reopening and businesses are reinventing to stay afloat, by @BocanegraNelson
@ritobog @IvanDuque For what it's worth, testing numbers have also doubled - from 3,000 or so daily tests to 6,000-7,000. @ritobog @IvanDuque The number of daily confirmed cases? Not exactly - over the last week confirmed daily cases num… recorded its highest-ever daily jump in confirmed coronavirus infections today: 1,046. On his weekend Q&A,…
@meganjanetsky Atta girl!
@Giles_news @CassLGarrison @OliGGriffin That's also because she literally never carries money. There's a lackey for that. @Giles_news @CassLGarrison @OliGGriffin As long as you have a monarchy you automatically lose all arguments about w… @CassLGarrison @OliGGriffin I find opening tabs at bars in the U.S. mystifying. They take your card away! Also thos… but not least, coal output was down 7.2% in the first quarter. Bad news for royalty income, which funds...ever… are attacking coffee trees and growers say corona might make perennial labor shortages worse, writes…, the central bank is set to cut the interest rate to a historic low of 2.75% to try and boost the economy… raft of not-so-great news for Colombia's economy this morning. First, from @VargasCarlosH, the finance minister s… would possibly help beleaguered private oil producers, but could affect the bottom line of Cenit, which is an…
Colombia's quarantine will last through the end of the month and there's no hope yet of regular flights in or out:
Colombian director films quarantine 'Bathroom' comedy with mobile phones
Retweeted by Julia Symmes CobbThe ESMAD riot police, who are notorious in Colombia for what many see as excessive force, are involved in the evic…
Local authorities in Bogota have decided its an appropriate time to evict people from their informal houses and des…